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Burton Covert Jacket Review Facts

Whether you are treading the slopes at Sugarloaf, Aspen, Lake Tahoe, or any other popular skiing and snowboarding destination, the right jacket us a must in order to ensure maximum comfort while on your trip. The cold and snowy weather would require a jacket that is weather resistant and breathable in order to protect from outside as well as inside moisture. A jacket that is specifically catered toward cold weather with features such as a powder skirt and cinched sleeves is a necessity in order to keep the snow out. If you are searching for a jacket that can do all of this for you, then look no further. Below is our review of the Burton Covert jacket: a popular choice for novice and seasoned snowboarders alike.

Editor's Pros & Cons



Water resistant

Not too heavy


Runs large 

Slim fit


The Burton Covert Jacket can confidently boast as being one of the warmest snowboarding jackets money can buy. Firstly, it has Burton's LivingLining feature, which is a complex system of weather resistance. LivingLining starts with a water-resistant shell, to keep everything on the inside safe and dry from the snow. The second layer has quick-drying breathable insulation for optimal adaptability in a range of cold weathers. Buyers can expect to be comfortable and warm even through daily temperature fluctuation. The third layer of LivingLining is smart fibers that open up as the wearer gets warm in order to maintain breathability, and contract as the wearer cools down in order to conserve the heat. This thermoregulating technology awards the Burton Covert Jacket an excellent system for keeping patrons warm. Secondly, this jacket also touts Thermolite insulation, which is a system of hollow-core fibers that work to move any moisture build up inside of the jacket to the outside in order to keep the wearer dry and warm. Burton also had the foresight to make the Thermolite thicker around the torso, where it is more needed. Another feature of Thermolite is that it provides warmth while eschewing the bulk of down, so wearers can enjoy a close fit that can also double as streetwear. All in all this jacket excels at keeping its wearers warm as they enjoy their ski and snowboarding trips.


As compared to other snowsports jackets, the Burton Covert is fairly lightweight. At two pounds and one and a half ounces, this jacket falls in the mid-tier in terms of weight in comparison to other jackets of its kind. If space is a concern for your trip then this jacket does a good job of keeping you warm without the volume of down stuffing, so packing and traveling with be easier with this mid-weight jacket.


Most people who participate in snow sports know that in order to keep safe and comfortable, your jacket needs to have waterproof capabilities to protect you from the snow as well as your own perspiration. Getting wet for any reason while in inclement weather can bring an onslaught of issues, discomfort being a big one. Luckily, Burton also has a technology called Dryride, which this jacket is equipped with. Dryride is a fabric that has microscopic fibers that draw moisture away from the skin of the wearer and pushes it toward the outer layer of the jacket, keeping the person wearing the jacket warm and dry. As well as keeping the moisture from the inside, wearers get protection from moisture on the outside, for an all-around dry experience. The Burton Covert jacket is rated 10k waterproof, meaning that one inch by one-inch column of water could be stacked 33 feet high in a 24 hour period before the water started to seep through the other side of the jacket. When put into perspective, this shows that the Burton Covert will keep you warm and dry through it all.


This jacket does a fair job of being comfortable. Due to the many features that protect from the cold, there is always the risk of things inside becoming too hot and causing discomfort. This jacket does come with measures to protect from inside heat, but in outstanding circumstances, you may still get too warm. If the sun unexpectedly comes out or the wearer is engaging in an exceptionally rigorous activity, there could be trouble. Furthermore, the fit of the jacket is slightly slim, so people who are bulkier around the midsection may find this jacket uncomfortable to wear.


The Burton Covert jacket is made out of solid, durable material that will last a buyer for a long time. This jacket has a one hundred percent nylon shell, with insulation being comprised of fifty-five percent polyester and forty-five percent recycled polyester. Nylon is a fabric famous for being tough and lightweight, so as well as having longevity, it also travels well. Polyester is also known for being strong, so these two material together will ensure that your money is well spent.


Flexibility is an important trait to consider when buying a snowsports jacket. Perhaps a buyer would want to use the jacket while not on the slopes, and in order to save money, is in need of a jacket that can provide that. Luckily, the Burton Covert has a removable waist gaiter, so it can double as both a snow sport as well as a regular winter coat. A waist gaiter, or a powder skirt, is a piece of fabric found inside the jacket at the waist that cinches together in order to prevent snow from getting up your back should you take a tumble. A waist gaiter is a staple among snowboarding jackets, but what sets the Burton Covert from the others is that this one is removable. If you are in cold weather and no risk of getting snow inside your jacket, feel free to take it out and go about your activity. On the slopes, the waist gaiter can easily be reattached in order to say warm and dry during your trip.


While keeping in mind that this jacket is water resistant instead of waterproof, it is safe to say that the Burton Covert does a fair job at keeping its wearers safe from the wet and cold of the ski slopes. As previously detailed, this jacket comes with a few water-resistant mechanisms such as LivingLining, Thermolite, and Dryride, which all come together to give a wearer optimal water resistance. After combining the qualities of design, features, and materials, you can rest assured you'll never get wet and cold while wearing it.


A properly fitting jacket is a necessity when dealing with cold and snowy weather. Being exposed to the elements because of an ill-fitting jacket can be uncomfortable, as well as create serious problems like frostbite and hypothermia. This jacket is straight and slim and has been reviewed as being a good fit for tall and thin riders. However, if that description does not fit your body type, despair not. The jacket also runs big, and buyers are suggested to purchase a size down in order to get the best fit. Furthermore, this jacket comes with Burton's SigFit option, which is Burton's most relaxed fit, best described as baggy but not loose.


From looking at the Burton Covert, you can tell that it is a stylish jacket. The front is nice and sleek with the pockets are neat and orderly. It is not bulky, so there is no need to worry about looking overstuffed and puffy while on the slopes if you are not a fan of that look. Moreover,  this jacket boasts a wide selection of colors and patterns to choose from, so if you are the sort of person who likes all of their gear to be color coordinated, you can easily find a hue that works for you.


The materials this jacket is made out of are all breathable, which provides versatility from terrain to terrain. If you start skiing or snowboarding in the morning and the sun peaks while you are still out, then the breathability will help keep your regulated. However, it is important to remember that this is a cold weather snow jacket that is water resistant, so it will most likely not fair well in rain or cool weather. Cold and snow are where this jacket is put to the best use.


In order to get the most value out of your money, your gear should come with good features. Rest assured that the Burton Covert does. The first feature is that the hood is contour and helmet friendly. The contour helps to keep the snow out of your face and away from your ears, which is imperative because frostbite can be a serious issue if you are not properly protected. Also, being helmet friendly is of the utmost importance. Helmets protect you from injury while on the slopes, and a hood that can accommodate a helmet ensures your safety even if you take a bad tumble. One of the best features on this jacket is the sheer amount of pockets it has. The pockets on the Burton Covert are numerous and spacious. Some of the pockets include an exterior chest goggle pocket, for if you need to take them off for an extended period of time and do not want to hold or lose them. Goggles can be placed in this specific pocket and then retrieved when needed again without worry of misplacement. The bottom two hand pockets are lined with microfleece, a soft and warm fabric that will keep your hands snug in the face of snow and cold. This jacket also has an interior stretch mesh dump pocket for items you wish to bring with you but do not want to hold on to. The dump pocket is large and can fit various things depending on your needs. In addition, some of the pockets are interior which provides a place to store valuables without worry of them being lost or stolen because they will stay on your person. You could bring items like your phone, wallet, or a room key if you are on a ski resort. The interior pockets zip up for additional security. Under the armpits, buyers can find zippers that can be opened in order to ventilate your core in case you start to sweat under your jacket or otherwise get too warm. In addition, the sleeves on the Burton Covert are tapered in order to keep snow from weaseling up your arm.

Lastly, the Burton Covert is blue sign approved, which is a rating based on the manufacturing process. A positive blue sign rating means that this product is safe for the environment, which is a bonus for environmentally conscious buyers. There is a lot of information here, but the take-home message is that this jacket comes with many features that are sure to please anyone who buys one.


A lot of money goes into planning a trip up to the slopes. When things such as lodging, food, and transportation come into the mix, costs can quickly pile up. In the wake of all this, buying gear that has the most value is an excellent way to save money, especially if you frequently go on snowsports trips. The Burton Covert is a mid-tier jacket in terms of price. Especially considering that expensive jackets can cost easily five times the price for a jacket with the same amount of features, the Burton Covert has the best value.

Best Application

This jacket performs its best when buyers are in cold, snowy weather, such as a ski slope or on the side of a mountain. If in warmer weather the wearer may get hot and start to sweat underneath their jacket, which can lead to problems. The contoured hood and cinched sleeves, as well as waist gaiter, all serve to keep the cold and snow out and would be excessive in weather that is not cold enough. This jacket is equipped with many ways to keep wearers dry and warm.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a snow sport jacket that is affordable and does an excellent job of keeping you warm in the snow and cold, then look no further. The Burton Covert has everything one would need in the face of inclement weather, ensuring that the cold is the last thing on your mind while embarking on your ski trip. With the amount of water and cold resistant features such as Thermolite, LivingLining, and Dryride, your money will not be wasted. The layered systems of these weatherproofing applications work together to ensure a wonderful time on the slopes.