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Black Diamond Mercury Mitts Review Facts

The Black Diamond Mercury Mitts Cold Weather Mittens are made of a four-way stretch outer shell of Pretext Shield and include an insulated and removable liner with high-loft fleece. The soft flexible palm is made of goatskin to give the durability and ruggedness needed in an outdoor mitt. The lining is constructed of durable polyester fabric and has a split-finger for added dexterity. This liner can be taken out to dry, as it is waterproof and attached to the mitt with Velcro. The mitt itself is filled with Primaloft insulation to make them some of the warmest mitten you will ever own. They are ideal for freezing temperatures, heavy snow, and high winds. Those with lower blood pressure or normally cold hands in wintertime will be surprised and pleased with these mittens that will keep them toasty warm outdoors. Even though they are mittens, you still have a good range of motion and capabilities in doing outdoor chores and tasks and even participating in sports. They are perfect for use during skiing, mountaineering, and snowboarding to keep the hands very warm and dry. Even if you are just outside to shovel snow, the Mercury Mitts do an excellent job of keeping the extremities toasty. There are wrist pulls and large gauntlets to cover jacket and coat sleeve endings and cut off the cold, wind, and snow from entering the sleeves. Straps to attach to a lanyard for keeping up with these mitts are included, which is ideal, especially on ski lifts. These mitts are so roomy that handwarmer packets can be used to warm the hands even more. Lightweight and resistant to scrapes and abrasions, this Black Diamond product will give your hands the outstanding protection they need this winter. In this beneficial review, we explore in greater detail the listed features and qualities of these Mercury Mitts from Black Diamond.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Good for people with poor hand circulation and low blood pressure
  • Are abrasion-resistant, long-lasting, rugged, and lightweight
  • Has a four-way stretch shell of Pretext Shield
  • Liner attaches with Velcro and can be removed for drying
  • Are roomy enough to allow hand warmer packs
  • Has a good range of motion for snow chores and duties
  • Liner is removable and insulated with high-loft fleece
  • Keeps the user warm even in below zero temperatures
  • Leather palm increases the durability for hard use
  • Great for snow sports, mountaineering, and use year-round
  • Just the liners are waterproof and not the outer material
  • Can be bulky for some outdoor activities
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  • There is a lot of high praise for these Mitts from people who struggle with cold hands.
  • These have performed well in cold weather hikes, snowshoeing, snow shoveling, skiing, and other activities.
  • Buyers have used these at high altitudes and were impressed by the warmth they provided.
  • The liner is soft and comfortable.
  • The liner design has the option of having your index finger separated or together with other fingers.
  • The high quality construction and stitching is made to last.
  • Many buyers agree that these outperform other winter mitten designs.
  • The price is lower than other, similar mitts from different brands.
  • These have stood up to to zero degree temperatures and even lower wind chill for many reviewers.
  • The liner is removable.
  • After a little break-in time, the flexibility and fit improves.
  • The length reaches over coat sleeves for extra warmth and protection.
  • The material on the fingertips and palm provide a good amount of grip.
  • Despite the thick insulation, these are designed to not interfere with using ski or hiking poles.
  • Buyers who suffer from cold hands due to poor circulation are impressed by these mitts.
  • Sizing is small. Most buyers have had to go up a size or two.
  • Due to the thick insulation, these mitts are bulky.
  • There are no straps to secure the mittens when they are off.
  • These are a bit clumsy and lack the dexterity of gloves.
  • It may take some break-in time to get through the initial stiffness.
  • These mitts can lead to sweaty hands when active in temperatures in the upper 30s or higher.
  • Some buyers are not impressed by the changes Black Diamond has made from their earlier mitten designs.
  • Having a separated index finger in the liner decreases the warmth.
  • Although less expensive than some other winter mitts, the price is still a bit steep.
  • If not sized to fit correctly, some fingers may feel squeezed which will decrease the warmth.
  • The liner wears out faster than the outer mitt.
  • Reviewers have not been able to find replacement liners from Black Diamond.
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Customers that know and trust the Black Diamond brand know that they make only excellent products that you can rely on for your outdoor activities and sports. They use the best materials and the latest engineering to create their one-of-a-kind items to make your life more enjoyable and comfortable. When compared to other leading brands of mittens, buyers say that these are the best and they beat the competition hands down for comfort and warmth. When bought as replacements for older products, the Mercury product is surprisingly warm even in the coldest and most frigid conditions.


Perfect for those with poor hand circulation and low blood pressure because they are filled with warm and lightweight down filler, these mittens are some of the best you will find on the market. Many comments can be found by happy buyers who love this product because of the comfort, flexibility, and style. People that must work in the snow either have to settle for working with numb hands and fingers or keep trying to find something to wear on their hands that will protect them even in below zero temperatures. The Mercury Mitts will do just that. They are warm even in temperatures that mittens are not normally warm. Customers with usually cold hands all winter long outdoors said they were very warm with these mittens on, allowing them to do their work comfortably and endure the freezing temperatures in their areas.


Rugged and made to last, these Black Diamond Mitts have a four-way stretch outer shell of Pretext Shield. This allows much movement for what you need to do in the snow with the dependability and long-lasting comfort that you have come to expect from this reputable company. They are resistant to abrasions and lightweight making them suitable for almost any type of activity or sport outdoors in the winter. As one satisfied customer said in his personal review of this incredible product, they are a good investment because these mitts will be in fantastic shape for years to come. The strong and high-quality materials paired with the excellent technology of their manufacturing result in a durable pair of mitts that you can depend on for many winter seasons of comfort and protection for your hands.


Several flexibility features are available with this Black Diamond item. They are roomy enough to permit the use of hand warmer packets in them for the fingers. The large gauntlets in the cuffs slip easily over the sleeve endings of jackets and coats to cut off the wind, snow, and cold air from entering the sleeves. Wrist pulls can then be tightened to ensure that the cuffs stay tight and secure. There is a good range of motion for the hands in these mittens for the many things you want and need to do outdoors. Also flexible is the liner that attaches with Velcro and can be removed for drying. It is part Velcro and part spandex to give you the versatility you desire in a mitt. The included straps for attaching a lanyard to keep the mitts near when on a ski lift are great too. Many times, it is so easy to misplace or drop mittens and gloves, so this addition is useful and beneficial for the active person.

Key Features

-Has a stretch shell of Pretext Shield and Primaloft insulation
-Has large gauntlets to go over a jacket or coat cuffs
-Includes durable straps for attaching a lanyard
-Liner is removable and insulated with high-loft fleece
-Features a split finger for enhanced dexterity in the liner
-The shell is nylon and spandex with a palm of goatskin
-Is 100% waterproof with the dry insert stays and liner
-Inserts give protection from moisture even if used alone


The protection of the Mercury Mitts is to keep the hands warm even in below-zero temperatures and with the liner inserted, to keep them dry. They include plenty of Primaloft insulation in them to keep hands the warmest, even in impossible temperatures. The removable liner is insulated with high-loft fleece as well, plus it includes a split-finger to increase the dexterity of the hand. You have more functional ability with this feature, but still not as much as you would with a glove. However, a glove will not keep you this warm either. That is the beauty of mittens. Manufacturers could not possibly get the amount of down that is in this mitt successfully and comfortably in a glove that has the fingers separated. Because the fingers are all together in a mitten, these products are usually much warmer for the hands. Several online buyers commented about their usually cold hands in winter being so toasty and warm in these Mercury Mitts.


The sizes of this Black Diamond item run true, according to the manufacturer and most of the customer feedback online. They are even large enough and plenty roomy to accommodate hand warmer packets in extremely cold weather and climates. The several sizes available fit well and allow the fingers the room to be balled up into a fist to increase the hand warmth inside the mitt.


The shell of these Mercury Mittens is made of nylon and spandex with a palm of goatskin. The leather palm increases the durability for hard use. it is also more flexible and pliable that another fabric would be for this section of the mitts. The waterproof lining is constructed of polyester fabric and can be used alone, as it detaches from the mitten. Made of a Pertex Shield fabric with four-way stretch and a big gauntlet, the outer shell of this product is tough and long-lasting but is not waterproof. The mitt depends on the liner for that function. The Mercury Mitt is stylish to use for outdoor winter sports, chores, and tasks that do not require the dexterity one needs from a glove.


There are so many uses for these terrific mittens that it is impossible to name them all. Most of the online customers say in their feedback that they use them for outdoor chores, tasks, and playing with the kids in the snow. Many people use them while shoveling snow because you do not need gloves with fingers for that. Any kind of outdoor task that does not require much dexterity of the fingers can be accomplished with these wonderfully warm mitts. You can use them year-round but are really only necessary for skin protection and warmth in the colder weather and northern climates. They are perfect for mountaineering, camping, hiking, and backpacking to stay warm. Any type of snow sport can be enjoyed more with these on such as snowboarding and skiing too. The possibilities are endless for using these fabulous Black Diamond mitts to protect your hands in the cold.


The only part of these mittens that is waterproof is the removable liner with the dry insert stays. The outer shell is fairly water-resistant and repellant to snow. The amazing liner gives enhanced protection from weather moisture, even if you use the liner without the outer mitten section. Using it this way would give you more flexibility and dexterity with your hand movements. This would not be advisable in extremely cold weather but could be comfortably done in normal winter climates. You would not normally submerge these mittens in snow or water, even if they were completely waterproof, so it is great that they do have some resistance to precipitation.

Ease of Use

The Mercury Mitts from Black Diamond are easy to use with the draw pulls to close them around the wrists. The gauntlets fit over any jacket or coat wrist cuffs to provide a solid barrier to the cold and wind. Use the trigger finger split in the liner for added dexterity when doing chores, tasks, or performing in sports and activities outdoors. These terrific mitts could not be any easier to use than they are. There is even a strap to attach a lanyard for when you take the gloves off and do not want to lose them. This is ideal for skiing and getting on ski lifts. You certainly do not want to drop your mitts from one of those. It is so easy to lose gloves or leave them places you go. With this attachment, you won’t misplace them anymore.

The Bottom Line

While we do agree that mitten can be bulky for some outdoor chores and activities, the Mercury Mitts do what they can to give you a great range of motion and dexterity with the split-finger in the liner. The outer material could be waterproof as the liner is to make the whole item very protective. Even so, we think that the majority of the online satisfied customers are right in saying that this Black Diamond product is quite excellent. The waterproof liner and the down filler are the features that protect the hands the most on this model. Almost anything that is filled with goose down will be the warmest and the lightest that you can find. If you suffer from cold hands all winter and could do what you need to do with mittens on, then these may just be the ideal protectors for your hands this season. Some people were hesitant to spend the extra dollars for mittens, but when they tried them on, they were glad they purchased them. For skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering, and shoveling snow, you will be warm and comfortable with these Mercury Mitts on your hands.