Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Iii Mid-Calf Boot Reviewed

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Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Iii Mid-Calf Boot Reviewed Review Facts

The Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Iii Mid-Calf Boot is ideal for multi-terrains since it can adapt to certain harsh environments with its special treads and compounds. The Omni-Grip traction rubber combined with the dual-zone tread pattern gives it a solid footing in almost any environment. Whether it is snow, ice, rocks, mud, or water, the Bugaboot can handle them all. Outdoor adventurists and climbers will enjoy these super-warm boots with liners that are thermal-reflective and 200g insulated. This excellent Columbia product is rated at -25F or -32C degrees to withstand extremely cold weather use outdoors for prolonged periods. The platform is .75 inches, and the shaft to the arch is about 8.25 inches. Engineered with the best technology, construction, and materials, it is made of durable metal hardware, webbing, nylon, rubber, and leather. The leather upper is waterproof and high-profile, and the overall construction is seam-sealed and waterproof. With the superior cushioning of the Techlite midsole, it provides the wearer with dependability and comfort that is long-lasting. This tactical boot has maximum absorption from impacts, a high return of energy, and a warm snug fit in climates of cold weather and hostile environments. The Columbia Bugaboot is one of the best pieces of footwear on the market currently for an economical price that really delivers when you need it most. We will now look at these outstanding features and qualities in greater detail for a closer look at all this terrific boot can do for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Allows maximum absorption from impacts with a high return of energy
  • Super-warm boots rated effective at -25F or -32C degrees
  • Construction is seam-sealed and waterproof
  • Omni-Grip traction rubber is non-marking
  • Can adapt to specific environments with the treads and compounds
  • Has solid footing with the winter dual-zone tread pattern
  • Ideal for snow, wet conditions, and ice in any environment
  • Able to withstand cold weather for prolonged periods
  • Made for outdoor enthusiast and climbers
  • Is a tactical dependable boot
  • Are considered narrow and not great for those with wide feet
  • Sizing was a problem for some buyers having to return for a larger size
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  • Most buyers praise the warmth and comfort these boots provide.
  • These will keep your feet warm and dry in snow or rain.
  • The traction is great and holds up in different weather conditions.
  • It's not necessary to wear bulky winter socks to keep feet warm in these boots.
  • These are lightweight compared to other mid-calf boots buyers have tried.
  • The price is reasonable and they can often be found on sale.
  • The construction is sturdy and has a good level of craftsmanship.
  • It's easy to clean off mud and dirt with a soft brush.
  • Even after long hours of wearing these, your feet will stay comfortable.
  • There are no reports of blisters or hotspots.
  • The ankle provides a lot of support.
  • They look rugged yet stylish.
  • The design of the outsole prevents a lot of mud and dirt from sticking.
  • With a little break in time, these will stretch a little and adjust to your natural foot shape.
  • Most buyers say these live up to their expectations of Columbia quality.
  • There are few reviews on how these perform on long hikes.
  • Sizing runs small. Most buyers say it is necessary to go a half to full size larger.
  • The laces are a little short.
  • There are limited colors.
  • The warmth hasn't held up in extreme cold for some buyers.
  • The lacing loops may not last as long as the rest of the boot. A few buyers report them ripping after a year or more of wear.
  • These are not recommended for wide feet. The build is a little narrow.
  • The closed top lacing eyelet is inconvenient. A hook would be better.
  • One buyer notes that the material on the side of the upper can crease and pop in and out while walking.
  • There are a few complaints from buyers about the overall quality of materials.
  • The stiffness of the ankle make them a little harder to get on than lower cut boots.
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Columbia is a well-known brand for using top-quality materials and superior construction. They offer a large variety of high-performance outdoor sportswear, footwear, outerwear, and accessories that are engineered with the best technologies and processes. They have always given and still continue to give their customers stylish and innovative products for a terrific value. These men’s boots are just one of the prime examples of their fine work. Columbia is a trusted brand that means value and excellence in the outdoor gear world. They make dependable items that you can trust to deliver the best performance you need in the great outdoors.


With built-in superior cushioning, the Bugaboot gives comfort that is long-lasting with the lightweight Techlite midsole. It allows maximum absorption from impacts with a high return of energy that pays off well when you are on your feet for hours at a time. Made to keep your feet out of the weather elements and safe from the surface areas, this Columbia product is one of the most durable on the market currently. Not only are they warm, but they are also waterproof to keep the feet very dry. Even when you are trudging through water, sleet, ice, or snow, your feet will remain dry and warm inside. As a matter of fact, they are so good at keeping the feet warm that they are not comfortable to wear in the summer or in very hot climates. They will become unbearably hot in those conditions causing the feet to sweat and become moist. They are best kept for cold climates and winter environments that would threaten harm from the low temperatures and icy surfaces.

Key Features

-Includes top-quality materials and superior construction
-Engineered with the best technologies and innovation
-Lacing is tough, long-lasting, and thick
-Features a lightweight Techlite cushioned midsole
-Liners are thermal-reflective and have 200g insulation
-Platform is .75 inches and the shaft is about 8.25” from the arch
-Leather upper is high-profile, seam-sealed, and waterproof
-Omni-Grip traction rubber is non-marking, durable, and long-lasting


As one buyer stated in their feedback online, you can usually catch these on sale most of the time, and they are boots for the price. There are better boots available for a much steeper price, but when the price is considered as a major factor, this Columbia product is hard to beat for style, warmth, comfort, and quality of build. They last a long time also to give the user much wear and dependability in a good boot that can take the punishment of extreme weather climates and conditions.


Your feet will remain warm in climates of cold weather with the Bugaboot on them. They are super-warm boots that have liners that are thermal-reflective, rated effective at -25F or -32C degrees, and with 200g insulation. This excellent Columbia item will protect the feet from exposure to cold weather, so you can carry on with your work or activity that has you out in the harsh weather. The Bugaboot keeps the toes and feet warm and dry when treading through snow, even for long periods. Many online customers confirm the outstanding performance of these incredible boots during their outdoor excursions in wet and freezing environments. The durable rubber outsoles and heel will allow you to traverse very difficult surfaces that regular boots cannot handle. The marvelous tread they have permits good grip for wet, muddy, rocky, soft, icy, and hard surfaces. In the process, your feet stay dry, comfortable, and warm no matter what the boots must contend with during your outdoor trips.


The manufacturer and most of the satisfied online buyers of this Columbia boot say this model is true to size and that potential customers should get their regular size. Like most boots, they are tight at the beginning, but they break in quickly after just a few days of wearing them. We noticed quite a few comments though from online purchasers who have had to return theirs once or two times in order to get the correct size for their feet. Each time they go up a size hoping that the next one will be the ideal size they need. So, for some people, the sizes run small requiring the purchase of the next larger size for an adequate fit. A few others claim the Bugaboot is a narrow boot and not best for those with wide feet. There is plenty of padding on the interior which takes up some of the fitting room for the foot. This could be the reason that they have a narrow fit and require others to need a larger size. We would certainly recommend that if you are a regular half-size that you should buy the next size up at least.

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Available in three basic colors if gray, black, and brown, this Columbia boot is a comfortable and classic boot of military style that is made of excellent materials. It is designed for comfort, warmth, and longevity for the outdoorsman or climber who is often in tough winter conditions. Made of metal hardware, nylon, webbing, and leather, it has a rubber sole, strong laces, and durable loops for lacing. The shaft is about 8.25” from the arch, and the platform is .75 inches. For tough terrains and excellent traction, it is one of the better boots available at a great price. Because it is waterproof, warm, and tough, the Bugaboot is a highly-sought piece of footwear that many outdoor enthusiasts depend on for their foot protection.


The durable construction of the Bugaboot is seam-sealed and waterproof with Omni-Grip traction rubber that is non-marking. The leather upper is high-profile and waterproof to give the user a boot they can trust to remain warm and dry on the inside, even in snow, rain, and sleet. It will give the user a sure-footed ride in sub-zero conditions on uneven terrain because of the advanced traction and superior cushioning. The midsole of this footwear is highly supportive of the long hours of standing and walking that users must do in these boots in harsh weather conditions.


Great for multi-terrains, as it can adapt to specific environments with the included treads and compounds, this superb Columbia footwear is fantastic for any surface area. Solid footing is obtained because of the winter dual-zone tread pattern that covers the whole exterior of the outer sole. It will catch wonderfully on twigs, rocks, mud, bog, ice, snow, pebbles, and hard, solid surfaces every time. The Bugaboot performs best in cold, wet, and icy conditions with great grip for almost any climate and environment. Of all the customer feedback we have researched, everyone agreed on the excellent ability of this great boot to handle any terrain they had to cover and maneuver.


The Bugaboot has excellent traction on many types of surfaces but does best in cold, wet, icy locations that are multi-surfaced. The sturdy rubber sole that is non-marking gives it this terrific traction to allow the wearer to cross difficult areas easily. It will be hard to find any terrain that this ideal boot cannot handle well with its thick rubber soles that are highly-grooved to take on the most daunting surfaces. The outsole has advanced traction and is made to grab onto all surface and environment types that you must conquer.


Able to withstand cold weather use in the outdoors for prolonged periods, the incredible Bugaboot is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and climbers. It also great for those who just want a tactical dependable boot for their adventures in the outdoors. If you encounter harsh winter environments in your daily or occasional trips outside, then why not be as comfortable as you can with these economically-sound boots from Columbia. Whether you like to hike, explore trails, fish, hunt, or backpack, or camp in the great outdoors in winter, this impressive boot will keep your feet warm, dry, supported, and comfortable throughout the whole time.

The Bottom Line

As we all know, there are not many boots or shoes of a regular size that will accommodate the person with a wide foot. So, it is not uncommon to find some complaints about this regular-sized boot from Columbia concerning the narrowness of its form. It will fit the normal-sized foot well, although there may be some issues with the length of the sizes. We did find that some buyers had to return their orders for sizes that were larger because they were either a half-size to begin with or the boots were just not a good fit at their normal foot size. In any case, it may be best to purchase these at a larger size to accommodate for the extra padding that the boots have inside to comfort the foot. The return policy seems to work well, as buyers were able to return their boots more than one time to get the ideal fit. You certainly do not want to have such a boot that will be used in very uncomfortable environments to be uncomfortable on your feet for any reason. They should be snug, but not tight to cause pain or problems when you walk or stand for long periods. This is high-quality boot with much going for it in terms of comfort, style, and durability. It is completely waterproof with excellent tread to conquer almost any type of surface area you may encounter in your excursions and adventures. Because of its warming properties for the foot, it is best to not use these in warmer climates or conditions, as they would cause the foot to sweat too much and be overly hot. They excel in ice, snow, water, mud, rocks, and hard flat surfaces that would be difficult for most other types of boots to handle well. as buyers have said, there are more expensive boots being offered that can perform slightly better, but for the economic cost, the Columbia Bugaboot is an outstanding piece of footwear in our opinion.