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Black Diamond Storm Headlamp Review Facts

The Black Diamond Storm Headlamp performs well for all types of activities and weather environments. It is used for hunting, climbing, running, skiing, backpacking, cooking, searching, reading, and hiking among other adventures. This is an improved model with a fully-sealed, waterproof housing that is lighter, brighter, and more economical. A latch replaces the screw on the battery compartment, making it easier to access this part of the lamp. The peripheral vision is better, and it is now dustproof and lighter to wear and carry. This Storm model can be immersed in water without any issue for as long as thirty minutes to a depth of one meter. It has a simplified operation with the PowerTap technology and eight setting for the light modes. There are now green, red, and blue night lights to help you navigate in the darkness, which is only on one other Black Diamond headlamp model, the Icon. It is only the Icon also that dwarfs the Storm’s lighting range. The Storm light cone is longer and more powerful than all other of the company’s headlamps. There are five LED lights of various single, double, and quad power to light your way in any dark environment. These all operate with just one button that is easily accessed on the headband for simplified operation. Many loyal Black Diamond customers are happy with the changes to this model and are glad to own this newer version (you can also compare it with Black Diamond Spot Headlamp). We discuss all of the excellent features and qualities of this Storm Headlamp model in this full product review.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Access to batteries in the waterproof casing is easy
  • Is lightweight, waterproof, dustproof, and sleek
  • Can withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Housing is waterproof and fully-sealed
  • Transition in power with the Power Tap Technology
  • Includes eight different light settings
  • Used for climbing, skiing, hunting, sorting, and jogging
  • Desired settings are stored in the memory mode
  • Features five LED lights of various power abilities
  • Has green, red, and blue LEDs for vision at night
  • Battery life is long and straps adjust easily
  • Shines farther than all others except the Revolt, Spot, and Icon
  • The several settings can be confusing for some customers
  • More than one button for the many light types may be better
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  • This headlamp has a surprising number of light settings.
  • It is brighter than earlier models of Black Diamond headlamps.
  • It'll keep working well in the rain.
  • The strap is easy to adjust.
  • Despite the secure casing, it's easy to access the batteries.
  • The dimming feature adds convenience.
  • Padding behind lamp creates a comfortable fit.
  • It has an S.O.S. signaling function for added safety.
  • Considering all of the light settings, this headlamp is reasonably priced.
  • In addition to white light, there are a variety of LED colors.
  • It's possible to switch between flood and spot light.
  • Black Diamond's good workmanship is evident in this headlamp.
  • The broad light increases field of vision at night.
  • Instructions on activating different light colors and settings are included.
  • There is a button lock setting to prevent the headlamp from being accidently turned on while packed away.
  • Many buyers who claim they extensively researched other headlamp options, are satisfied with the performance of the Black Diamond Storm.
  • The color filters are more durable than some other brands.
  • The memory feature is helpful to navigate through light functions.
  • The red LED is a little weaker than on some other headlamps.
  • Learning and understanding all of the light settings takes some time and practice.
  • The instructions are basic and too simplified for some buyers.
  • The durability is decent but a drop or two will crack the casing.
  • Some buyers have claimed quality control issues from faulty units.
  • There are multiple reports of a buzzing sound when the headlamp is on.
  • A lot of settings are controlled with just one button which can be difficult to control. Having multiple buttons to control different settings would be an improvement.
  • The included batteries are low quality.
  • Although waterproof, if moisture does get into the unit, it will malfunction.
  • The strap quality is subpar.
  • This headlamp is heavier than some other brands
  • Although rare, there are some reports of a pink or purplish hue in the center of the white light.
  • A common complaint is that this headlamp tries to pack too many settings into one device.
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Founded in 1989, Black Diamond began as a backyard business and is now a global organization that operates on three continents. They create products that concern skiing and climbing and are made by adventurists for adventurists. Black Diamond sets the standards for outer gear in many product lines. This improved model of the Storm Headlamp has more lumens that the Black Diamond Cosmo, Revolt, or Spot and is one-third the weight of the Black Diamond Icon. It features two more light modes of green and blue that the Cosmo, Revolt, and Spot models, but has less burn time than the Icon, Cosmo, Spot, and Revolt. Many Black Diamond enthusiasts are excited about this new model of the Storm and the great improvements the company made.


The Storm Headlamp is lightweight to wear and carry in a pack, plus the straps adjust easily. You will forget that you even have it on if you wear this headlamp for long periods of time because it is so comfortable and lightweight. There is a pad behind the lamp to make it cushioned on the head. The access to the battery compartment is an improvement over the previous model. The older model had screw access, but this new one is much easier with a latch attachment. Even without an over-the-head strap to help support the weight of the light, the improved Storm from Black Diamond is a comfortable light to wear.


One of the most-noticed adjustments Black Diamond made to this model of headlamp is that the whole piece is completely waterproof with durable sealed housing. Even the battery casing is now able to be submerged without any problems. It can be immersed in water for as many as thirty minutes in one meter of water. this terrific lamp is also dustproof for those arid outdoor areas and can withstand demanding adventures and extreme weather conditions anywhere.


You are able to push the limits of light in the outdoors with the Storm Headlamp. You can keep going at twilight or begin early in the morning darkness before sunrise. This excellent model has strobe and dimming settings that activate without going through the white light mode, as other models make you do. You can transition from dimmed to full power instantly with the Power Tap Technology that makes this piece of gear so great. Having this incredible light extends your day, so you can fit in all that you do, even when it is dark outside and there is no light to be found. Your activities and excursions do not have to end when the natural light goes down if you have the powerful Black Diamond Storm.


Great for signaling to friends in the dark or daylight, the Storm has an SOS function that is easily accessed. In any setting, you can simply tap the power button three times in succession to make it go in the SOS mode. Sometimes such light can mean the difference between safety and harm, as it can possibly save you from dangerous situations. This is one of the strongest headlamps that Black Diamond makes with a long light range of 85 meters and a maximum luminosity of 350lm. It is IP67 classified and has a burn time of 120 hours. In our comparison with other Black Diamond headlamps below, you will see that it stacks up quite well in the headlamp category. Customers are really happy with the improved form and functioning of this model.


With a design that is smooth, the Storm Headlamp functions superbly in the rain and looks great anytime. It has eight light settings to keep your surroundings lit in the way you like it best. There are day and night settings to help you in your activities and work in the dark, both indoors and outdoors. The various modes are distance, proximity, strobe, lock, dimming, blue night, green night, and red night visions. The colored settings of blue, green, and red are for nighttime vision in different settings. The secure lock mode keeps the light from coming on when packed away in a backpack or bag. As we explain a few of the uses below, you will see when the red, green, and blue lights would be best used at night. all of these settings operate easily with one button on the lamp. This one button has caused some controversy among buyers because some get easily confused with having just one button to use. others find it easier with just the one button. This is an individual preference, as the company tried to simplify the use of the product, especially when it may be the only light source you have to function.


Offered in several solid colors, the Storm is a robust headlamp that is waterproof with eight various options for lighting. This is an updated version of an already excellent product that is perfect for night and day activities outdoors. The design is now low-profile, sleek, and weighs just over three ounces empty and 3.9 ounces with batteries inside. It has a good price for all its capabilities and features, as the value outweighs the cost according to buyers. The many uses for this outstanding lamp cannot be all mentioned, but anywhere and anyplace you require a light where it is dark is the ideal time and place to use the Storm.


Performing well for all types of adventures and in bad weather, this Black Diamond model is simple to use for any activity where you need extra light, such as hiking, reading, cooking, or sorting and searching for items in the dark. It is also great for climbing, skiing, hiking, backpacking, or at the campsite. Use it for jogging, to get an early beginning on training, or start a climb in the early morning hours. The possibilities are endless for the many uses of this incredible gear. Hunters use this light for cleaning and trailing deer and checking deer stands. The green light is stronger for seeing at night when walking than the red light. This handy knowledge is courtesy of one deer hunter who loves his new Storm Headlamp for his sporting needs. We found his advice in our research of this remarkable lamp online. It just goes to show that the uses are many for this much-appreciated piece of outdoor equipment.


This improved version of the Storm Headlamp has many people thrilled with the changes. The battery compartment is now waterproof and not frustrating to access as before, and the peripheral lighting is better. This model is more comfortable, brighter, and more economical than previous versions. A latch replaced the screw for the battery compartment that was not waterproof before, and the light is well-focused and can be dimmed easily on the side. The instructions are great with pictures to educate about the light settings and buttons. The one button with the many options confused some buyers, as we stated previously, and a few think it is still too heavy without the top strap. Some buyers say the Storm is bigger than the Spot model and much heavier too. All in all, the majority of customers are pleased with the efforts of Black Diamond to make a great product even better.

Ease of Use

This Black Diamond item has a simplified operation with the PowerTap technology. The desired settings that you prefer for brightness are stored in the memory mode, so you can use them again and again without having to spend time finding them again. With just a simple click of the button, you can go from dim to full light easily. It does not have a strap that goes over the top of the head, as some other models, but it wears well with just the side headband without being heavy. With the added improvements, a headlamp could not be any easier to use that this version of the Storm Headlamp.

Power Source

This remarkable headlamp model comes with the required AAA batteries it needs for power. The battery life is long permitting a powerful light distance with long operation time. The Storm has one LED of double-power, one LED of quad-power, and three LEDs with single power that emit lumens of 350. It features green, red, and blue LEDs of single power for vision at night. The lighting distance on high is 85 meters and on low is 8 meters, and the burn time on high is 40 hours and on low is 120 hours. It shines farther than the Strobe, Wiz, ion, Astro, Iota, Sprinter, and Cosmo of the Black Diamond brand name, and shines just the same distance as the Revolt and the Spot. The Storm is only dwarfed in range of light by the Icon, which is the most powerful headlamp of Black Diamond.

The Bottom Line

With its new improved form, the Black Diamond Storm Headlamp has changed for the better, according to the buyers who love this brand. We agree that it has made the alterations that bothered customers the most with previous versions. From our extensive research of customer rating s and reviews, we can tell you that the Storm Headlamp is well-accepted and much appreciated for the many trusted features and qualities both old and new. The completely waterproof body and the easy latch on the battery compartment are major improvements that truly bothered customers. The light is stronger with longer battery life for a dependable source of light you can use anywhere and anytime. It is so versatile and useful for many types of activities, jobs, sports, and adventures that it is hard to go without it once you have enjoyed having one. It is wonderful to see that manufacturers are paying attention to the wants and needs of their customers and making the changes to make them happy with their products. Well done, Black Diamond!