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Petzl Tikka XP Headlamp Review Facts

Many times in life we would love to have a light for dark areas we are in that does not have to be held. Headlamps are perfect for this need because they fit on the head with a headband and can light our way as we do our tasks or participate in activities in dark circumstances. This headlamp well-liked by customers, leaving them happy with their purchase. The weather-resistant Petzl Tikka XP Headlamp will shine to a maximum distance of 65 meters and has a maximum brightness of 180 lumens.

It is offered in the bold colors of orange, black, and turmeric. This headlamp is perfect for all outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, backpacking, and climbing. It contains several lighting colors and modes that you can adjust easily to many types of outdoor or indoor situations. Beam patterns include mixed, wide, and focused which you can set simply. One of the best features of this fantastic headlamp is that the brightness will not decrease as the batteries lose their power. Let’s take an in-depth look at all of the qualities of this product.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Includes a lock function to prevent it from turning on by itself
  • Weather-resistant
  • Operates easily with a push button
  • Includes various modes for different lighting situations
  • Headband is adjustable for multiple positions
  • Headband may lose its elasticity after several months with constant use
  • Battery compartment is not waterproof because it is not protected with a rubber seal


This headlamp is durable since it can last for many years even with constant use. Numerous online customers attest to the longevity of this great weather-resistant headlamp and the many ways it can be used. The headband is stretchable, adjustable, and washable. The Tikka XP was made specifically for dynamic activities outdoors and indoors where strong lighting is needed. To prevent the lamp from coming on in backpacks and bags, it has a lock function. This will save on battery power because it cannot be turned on accidentally without you knowing it. Another feature of this remarkable headlamp is that the strobe light will go to the reserve setting whenever the batteries are decreasing in power. It will eventually go to red lighting as they empty. It can be used in most weather conditions because of its resistance to adverse conditions but is not waterproof and cannot be submerged in water. However, for the many times that a bright beam of light is needed to illuminate an area, this is the one piece of equipment that can save the day.


Being average in price in the category of headlamps and having a very high rating among customers online, the Tikka XP is an outstanding value. Consumers rave about its many uses and ease of operation in their overwhelmingly positive feedback online. It is a long-lasting model that you can trust and depend on for years for all of your lighting needs. This beneficial headlamp comes with a warranty from the manufacturer to ensure your satisfaction with their product, plus three AAA batteries are included with the item to get you off to a quick superb start. Petzi is one of the foremost leading brands of headlamps that you can rely on for greatness because of their high-quality items.

Design and Build Quality

The design of this item was made for flexibility and ease of operation because of the many features in such a compact form. It operates simply with a push button to control the lighting modes and beam patterns, even if you are wearing gloves. This reliable headlamp uses one LED light in red and for power is compatible with lithium or NI-MH batteries. There are two kinds of lighting possible with this product. Choose from proximity lighting or direct lighting depending on the circumstances of your environment and situation. For proximity lighting, you can use the wide beam, and direct lighting is given off with the focused beam. Use these functions either separately or together as you wish or prefer.


There is an unbelievable number of situations that you can use this headlamp to light up dark areas where you work, play, or explore. It is perfect for all outdoor sports and environments such as camping, hiking, hunting, and climbing. This impressive lamp is designed in particular for rapid movement activities in the outdoors but can also be used indoors when lighting is scarce or obsolete. Use it whenever you need your hands free to work or tend to duties in darkened areas. Keep one of these in the attic of your house, basement, or cellar just to have a trustworthy light available when you need it. don’t forget to bring it along for those outdoor excursions when you adventure to go ski touring, backpacking, mountaineering, trail running, and trekking. The possibilities and uses are endless for the Tikka XP.


Since this ideal headlamp has the features of the latest technology, you can enjoy constant lighting wherever you need it with such a lightweight model. The remarkable beam patterns possible are mixed, wide, and focused, which can be altered easily with the push-button feature. This first-rate model is offered in the bold colors of black, orange, and turmeric for variability in style and choice. The maximum brightness of this helpful product is 180 lumens, and it will shine for up to 65 meters. This is one of the longest distances and brightness levels that is offered among the top brands of headlamps online. Even in the darkest places, you will be able to see extremely well because of this powerful constant headlamp.


The Petzi headlamp contains several lighting colors and modes that can be adjusted for various situations. There are two modes for the vision proximity. These are a uniform beam and a wide beam. The wide beam would be most helpful for areas where your vision needs to pan around in large open areas, such as for hiking, hunting, and camping. When you are scoping around for a place to make camp and it is getting dark, you can use this handy headlamp to light your way with the widest beam possible. The uniform beam would be best utilized in smaller closed-in places such as in the backyard, basement, cellar, tent, or in camp. When you just need some light hands-free to do small chores, find something in the night, or put things away before calling it a night in camp, this is the perfect headlamp to have. Its versatility mostly comes from the fact that it is so lightweight and easy to customize with the various settings of lighting colors and beam size. This is a very trustworthy headlamp because the brightness of the light will not diminish as the power of the batteries dies down. The light will simply turn to red to let you know that you are low on the battery power.

Ease of Use

While some other brands are hard to understand and operate, this model is one of the simplest that manufacturers are currently supplying to the market online. It does have a few lighting modes to give you a choice of how much light you want in front of you and the type of beam you need. There are several movement modes that permit users to comfortably move around with the mixed beam component. In this way, you can customize the lighting you get for the particular place you need to view. It is adjustable, so you can look at things even in a downward position for tasks such as reading or finding something small in the dark. For night climbing or dawn patrols when outdoors, this trusty headlamp is a necessity. You can concentrate on the task at hand instead of worry about handling a light too when you have the Tikki XP. It allows you to have your hands free for anything you may need to do or carry as you move around. The brightness will adjust in relation to the distance because the lamp is reactive. In this mode, you will experience the correct amount of light for the area you are in because it reacts to the level of darkness in the situation.


The whole point of having a headlamp is to make things easier for yourself. If you do not have to carry a light or lantern, then your hands are free to carry other items or do the tasks you need to accomplish. Many brands of headlamps try to make their products quite sophisticated with unnecessary features that can make operating a headlamp very difficult. There are three types of lighting possible with this ideal item. You can use reactive, constant, or red lighting for the various tasks and duties where a free-hand light is needed. Each of these functional lightings has different maximum times of operation and varying strengths.

The reactive lighting burn times are ten hours for maximum autonomy, five hours for standard, and two-and-a-half hours for maximum power. With the constant lighting, the burn times are fifteen hours for maximum autonomy, six hours standard, and two-and-a-half hours maximum power. For the red lighting, the burn times are thirty hours at maximum autonomy and sixty hours for strobe lighting. The red light mode will protect the night vision of the eyes when used in extreme darkness. The voltage on this model is regulated.

Comparison to Other Brands

When you compare the Petzl Tekki XP Headlamp to other leading brands, it comes out on top in many ways of comfort and ease of use. For its compact size and weight, this headlamp is one of the strongest, lightest, and easiest to operate on the market currently. Manufacturers are expanding the options for this type of product as new technology advances, but currently, the Tekki XP is one of the best. Three of the top headlamp brands are the Black Diamond Spot, the Coast FL85, and the Black Diamond Storm. The Black Diamond Spot has fussy controls making it hard to operate and the light is not as powerful as the easy to operate Tekki XP. With a battery that drains quickly and a bulky, heavy form, the Coast FL85 is inferior to the marvelous Petzl brand that has a long battery life and a lightweight design. It also outperforms the Black Diamond Storm that has extra batteries in its interior, making it heavy and uncomfortable. The Tekki XP has fewer batteries and is very comfortable to wear. For the best headlamp among the top-selling brands, the Petzl Tekki XP is the best for comfort, ease of operation, strength, longevity, and lightness.

The Bottom Line

There are so many uses and advantages for having the Petzl Tikka XP Headlamp that they cannot all be listed, but you get the general idea from its list of wonderful features that it is a vital piece of equipment. If you participate in outdoor sports and activities or have a tendency to need lighting in dark areas of your home or business, this is one item you do not want to be without. For camping, backpacking, hiking, and trekking, it is a necessity that you should always carry with you. What makes this amazing headlamp better than most other products in this category are the many ways it can be used and its high-quality attributes. One, in particular, is the lock function that will prevent it from coming on in a closed place such as a bag or pack. Another is that the brightness adjusts according to the distance that needs lighting. For the reasonable cost and value, you just cannot beat this product.