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CamelBak Rogue Review Facts

If you're on the lookout for a barebones hydration pack designed with simplicity, you may want to put your money on the CamelBak Rogue. With its 85oz reservoir, a top zippered pocket, leak-proof On/Off valves, and an additional pocket at the pocket, suitable for a multi-tool, car keys or anything small, the CamelBak Rogue can certainly be your go-to bag when planning an outing. Where does it stand as compared to other popular hydration packs in this crowded category? Let's find out more!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comes with a nice on/off shutoff valve to ensure that you don't lose water accidentally through the valve
  • Equipped with a clip on the harness that helps you adjust the size to get a better overall fit
  • Uses the new Crux delivery system to offer 20% more water in each sip
    Features an ergonomic handle that really helps make refilling easier
  • Nice design with reflective accents that promote visibility even in low-light conditions.
  • Stretch overflow storage compartment that you can use to stash an extra layer or keep a rain shell handy
  • Would have been better to add a waist belt to the pack to prevent excessive movement while moving downhill
  • Does not come with removable siphon tube that can make cleaning a little difficult at times
  • Hard to put the full reservoir back into the pouch, and it can be a bit tricky to fill it up without removing it from the pack
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  • This pack is a good balance between a hydration pack and a small backpack.
  • The slim design makes it great for active use.
  • Reviewers like this for running and cycling.
  • Although it is small, it has plenty of storage for essentials.
  • Reviewers have used it for half marathons and Spartan races with success.
  • It is worth the price for its functionality.
  • It holds enough water to keep you hydrated for long runs or rides.
  • It's easy to clean.
  • The compression straps add to the storage capabilities.
  • The bite valve is easy to use.
  • The material dries quickly.
  • The bright color options add some safety for runners and bikers.
  • The mouthpiece has a shut off valve to help prevent accidental leaks.
  • It has a large reservoir opening for easy filling.
  • It has an elastic stuff pocket for easy access storage.
  • You can put ice cubes in the reservoir to keep water cool.
  • The materials and construction are durable.
  • The mesh backing can cause some shirt material to pill.
  • The plastic chest strap clasp is difficult to manipulate when hands are wet.
  • It does not have a waist strap.
  • There are some complaints about CamelBak customer service.
  • The hose is a bit long making it susceptible to kinks when trying to get the reservoir and hose back in after filling.
  • There is no quick release for the hose.
  • Although rare, there are some reports of leaks.
  • The reservoir lid can be tricky to quickly seal.
  • Securing the top pocket latch has caused some loss of precious time during races.
  • Although the hose is removable, it requires a lot of effort and pressure to take off and reattach.
  • The internal netted pockets are small.
  • There are mixed reviews on the design of the top zippered pocket.
  • The hose is not insulated.
  • The straps are too snug for some broad-shouldered people.
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Mainly because it is a lightweight pack, the Rogue is quite comfortable to wear and carry on your back. If you take the bladder out, the weight is no more than a pound. With the bladder inside the bag, it weighs around 4 pounds. Add some more supplies and the weight may still be less than 6 pounds. It means that you will not feel it on your back, which really helps make it a lot more comfortable to use on longer rides.

Ease of Drinking

All hydration systems should be easy to drink from, it is their one job, but there is one that definitely comes out on top for avoiding dribbles down your chin. It’s the CamelBak Rogue with its good-sized bite valves and a locking mechanism to guard against spillage on even the bumpiest of terrains.

Compared to other models, the CamelBak’s Crux reservoir means 20% more fluids per sip. Users like the extra, declaring the flow rate of the CamelBak Rogue is better than that of the old CamelBak H.A.W.G.
Whilst drinking is easy, there were users who had concerns about the length of the tubing from the valve to the bladder being too long. Short people have to stuff the excess away in the pouch, which is a little irritating when a shorter tube with a quick disconnect could solve the issue.

Ease of Filling

Filling the Rogue is a straightforward process. Simply lift the back flap to access the hydration bladder. The large ‘Easy Open Leak-Proof Cap’ is exactly that, easy to open and easy to close in a few twists. This handy cap saves removing the entire bladder when filling up.

If you're used to filling up your hydration bladder from your refrigerator, you may have to deal with some mess. But, it is certainly not going to be as messy as with some older hydration packs that would make you tear your backpack to get the bladder out to try filling it up through a pinhole-sized opening. Not cool really!

That said, you might find it difficult to un-press the water dispenser mainly because of the large size of the plastic around the cap. Using the leak-proof cap may also be a bit challenging in the beginning, mainly because it does shut tight in just a few twists. You have to be precise in getting the threads lined up correctly. It takes a bit of practice.


No problem in this area! The Rogue is a tough lad and everything from the fiber to the stitching is solid. It has the ability to withstand some heavy use. In fact, many users have found it holds up extremely well with those tough mud rides. If it is your go-to pack for all your rides, it will stand up to the task and serve you as well in the future as it does the first day you bought it.

However, if we really have to find a flaw here, it would be about the placement of the reservoir in the pack and that it is secured by an elastic strap. Most premium quality packs come with a zippered pouch to hold the reservoir. Because of that elastic strap on the Rogue, it becomes a tad difficult to install the reservoir back into place after filling it up. It feels as if the strap could break, which is something that affects the overall durability of the Rogue.


The CamelBak Rogue comes with a breathable mesh back panel, which adds to the overall comfort. However, it is worth noting that the back panels become deformed when you fill the bladder past 2 liters. It affects the comfort level to a certain extent, but it is nothing serious and feels as if you're carrying a semi-soft 2L bottle on your back. Moreover, when you start drinking and the water level drops, the Rogue regains the same level of comfort that you expect from it.
A good feature is the presence of a tube on the harness that is designed to keep the drinking tube in place so you don't have to worry about losing it while running. It will stay in place and that also gives you easy access for drinking whenever you want.

The CamelBak Rogue will suit most users. There is a harness attached to the pack that you need to put over your back. It comes with a clip that makes the harness quite adjustable. You can easily extend it to fit you just right. While it certainly makes things easier, you may still find the fit to be a bit restrictive if you have very broad shoulders.

An important thing we noticed was the absence of any waist belt. You're less likely to feel any performance issues when on a casual hike, but the pack may not perform well on rougher downhill sections with no belt to prevent excessive movement of the pack.


Many users have mentioned that the Rogue performs reasonably well with the water bladder filled to one and a half liters and some tools, like tire lever, a spare tube, a light ripstop wind shell, and probably a multi-tool squeezed in the bag. You won't face issues on non-technical downhill terrain and it stays fine when riding flat, uphill terrain.

However, it changes when you hit a rocky downhill. If your wheels become airborne, you will notice the Rogue do the same. It seems the pack has its own mind and moves wherever it wants when you lean into corners and back. With an increase in the momentum, there’s an equal uptick in the intensity at which the bag moves. It’s a little unnerving.

It means you can certainly put your money on the Rogue if you're a trail rider and in for a smooth, comfortable ride. It performs efficiently while training running, but that is usually the case when the hydration pack is not entirely filled. But for more serious trail riders, the Rogue may not serve as the finest choice out there.

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The Rogue offers reasonably good storage options. Don't expect anything special though! There are two external pockets for small essential items, like keys, a wallet, a smartphone, or some food. For additional storage space, the pack comes with side panels that expand when needed. On the lower portion, there’s a stretchy overflow compartment that can be used to store leg warmers or light rain jackets. There’s a useful tab on the reflective back strip that you can use to clip on a rear light for safety. And that's very much it, but it would be unfair to expect too much in terms of storage. After all, it has a minimalist design with 2.5L of storage space.

Ease of Cleaning

As mentioned already, the hydration bladder is removable, which means that you will not have to go through much hassle to clean it up properly. The outside of the bladder is completely washable and that helps keep nasty smells at bay. Moreover, its wide mouth design makes it possible to insert your cleaning device into the bladder for thorough cleaning.

However, it is important to point out that though the reservoir is removable, the siphon tube is not. That can make cleaning a bit more complicated as compared to other hydration packs currently available on the market. Some people believe that it is possible to remove the tube from the reservoir by soaking that end in hot water for about 5 minutes. The plastic will expand and you will be able to pull it off with more ease. It may help, but doing it repeatedly can cause other problems.

Best Applications

In the lightweight category, the Rogue is certainly the frontrunner, and with the kind of durability it has, you will find it perform well in most settings. You can always put your money on this hydration pack if you usually engage in activities like hiking, cycling, or non-technical trail riding. Many people have also confirmed that the Rogue is an extremely comfortable pack for mountain biking, but that will work only if you prefer a smaller pack. Also, it does not offer any protection in case you end up taking a tumble.

The Rogue is equally suitable for people looking for a pack for mud runs and marathons. You need a hydration pack because it is usually difficult to find a water station at a mud run race, and the Rogue works great to keep you hydrated.


With its impressive durability, ease of drinking, and reasonably good storage, the Rogue is a good buy, especially at the price it charges. It is a bit expensive as compared to the CamelBak Classic, but its extra functionality makes amends for that. Similarly, the Teton Sports model costs less, but the Rogue has a higher quality as a whole. The Rogue also comes with a limited lifetime guarantee, which certainly adds to its value.

Comparison to Other Brands

For ease of drinking, the Rogue is well ahead of the pack. Its flow rate is much better than the Deuter Compact Air EXP 12, and the bite valve is easier to drink from. As far as the ease of drinking is concerned, it also outperforms its relatives, including the CamelBak Cloud, CamelBak Classic, and CamelBak MULE.

The carrying capacity of the Rouge is good but nothing impressive or out of the ordinary. Nevertheless, it is much better than the CamelBak Classic, which is heavier than the Rogue and has a significantly lesser carrying capacity. The Rogue has the same weight as the Teton Sports Trailrunner, but the Rogue manages to perform better in other areas, such as comfort and durability.
If you're more interested in carrying a lighter pack with reasonably good storage capabilities, the Rogue is a good bet. For a bag with a better carrying capacity though, you can put your money on something like the Wacool 2L.

The Rogue may not be the easiest hydration pack to clean, but it certainly performs much better than many of its competition, including the Osprey Syncro, Osprey Raptor 10, and even the Deuter Compact Air EXP 12. The Teton Sports Trailrunner is another immediate competitor, but it is significantly more challenging to clean it properly.

The Bottom Line

The CamelBak Rogue is a highly durable hydration pack that keeps you from spending multiple thirsty hours when riding. Being a lightweight pack, it does not affect the quality of your ride. The storage capacity may not be that impressive, but it can carry more than enough water to keep you hydrated. For people interested in a larger storage capacity, Lobo or Rachet may suit more, but the Rogue certainly offers a better balance of performance, storage, and price.