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Coleman Sundome Review Facts

Coleman Sundome is a lightweight camping tent that is ideal for warm weather camping and summer days. Designed with lightweight and airy materials that tent's walls allow for the summer breeze to easily blow through the tent keeping the inside cool and ventilated during the day. The tent comes with a prepackaged rainfly that campers can use to help prevent taking in water during light rain falls and storms. The tent's WeatherTec floor helps to keep the tent floor dry through its waterproofing design and raised bathtub style which keeps the material's seam roughly three inches above the ground. The Coleman Sundome also comes with the necessary carbon fiber framing that is used for pitching the tent. The carbon fiber material used for the rods is tougher than its aluminum counterparts helping to create a stronger and more durable frame. This more durable frame makes the tent more weatherproof allowing it to withstand stronger gusts of wind and prevent the tent from collapsing in on itself when being exposed to tougher elements.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Solid Frame
  • Waterproof Floor
  • Electrical Port
  • Only one entrance/exit
  • Can't withstand heavy storms


The Coleman brand was found over a hundred years ago in Oklahoma. Originally specializing in lanterns, the company has yet to stray too far from its roots. Today the Coleman brand uses its century of experience designing and manufacturing an array of outdoors equipment primarily geared at the camper that lives in all of us. While they continue to make their signature lanterns they now manufacture everything from tents to propane stoves and everything in between. They've become significantly larger and even rent out the name license of Coleman to Jonson Controls for their home heating and cooling services. While the nature of the company has changed some and their size is certainly different compared to when they first started with their founder William Coleman, the company continues to be an identifiable source of your camping and outdoors needs. Whether you're looking for tents, sleeping bags, or coolers, the Coleman brand has become a recognizable brand around the world because of its expertise in providing reliable camping equipment that families all everywhere can enjoy summer after summer year after year.


The style of camping you'll be doing in this tent isn't the nature man TV show style you blogger friends are raving about, instead, the best experience you'll have is when you use this tent for a more relaxed version of the highly televised extremes everyone is exposed to on TV. The tent's lightweight and airy design mean that you'll get the most out of it if you're someone who has a bit more of an impromptu style in the summer and wants to get out of town on a spontaneous weekend getaway to your nearest state park. You'll want to avoid wet and rainy conditions most of the time in this tent, even though it comes with a rainfly and has a weather rating it doesn't do much more against rain than if you chose to sleep under your umbrella. However, if you're looking to enjoy a nice sunny weekend out in nature this tent is right up your ally. The warm weather hiking style of person will be able to set up this tent in just ten minutes and enjoy their time out in nature. The breezy design allows for airflow so your sleeping accommodations won't ever get too hot and stuffy while the light weatherproofing and WeatherTec floor can still keep you dry in the event of some light rainfall. For the more hardcore campers who want to portage for a month through the boundary water, this tent won't be the choice for you but for beginners and small families who just want to get to enjoy the outdoors this is definitely going to be the best buy for your money.


This tent is going to have the same durability as most in its price range if not most tents on the market. Because of the lightweight material, it's made of this tent isn't going to be able to withstand you plunging a knife into it or cutting away at its siding with a pair of scissors, but it should be able to withstand some inclement weather and light debris from the surrounding forest. The thin material is very airy and allows for a generous airflow to pass through the inside of the tent, but mosquitoes and other insects will be kept at bay so long as you have the entryway door zipped shut. The tent's skeleton frame is made from carbon fiber poles, a durable and stronger material than aluminum counterparts, you'll be able to assemble the tent and not have to worry about it toppling over or caving in thanks to the material that the poles are made out of. The WeatherTec floor is good for keeping the floor of the tent dry but has shown to peel in some areas and let on water after a while. This has been solved by using a sealant in many cases, but it is something to be wary of. Some campers may wish to put down a tarp or other ground cover in rocky camping areas so that their tent floor experiences less wear and tear and remains as waterproof as possible for as long as possible. If used correctly this tent is going to be a great option for beginner campers who want to experience their local state parks, however campers who anticipate that they'll be heading out for longer durations or exposing themselves and their equipment to more severe conditions should consider spending more money on a tougher rated tent that they know will make it through severe weather and adverse conditions.


For being such an inexpensive option, this tent does come with some notable features that will definitely benefit the more lightweight and beginner camper in you. The tent's electrical port makes it a great choice if there's still some accommodations from home you plan to bring with you on the trip. In an era where everyone is always connected the majority of campgrounds, as well as most campsites, now have outlet options readily available for campers. With the electronics port you'll be able to run a power cord from the tent without having to open the main door, and still be able to enjoy whatever appliance or peripheral you brought with you. The tent also has several gear pockets and loops built into it. These pockets are great for storing small items, such as car keys, flashlights, phones, and glasses when you lay down to sleep at night and will help you to keep your tent tidy and clean while you're using. The loops are good for hanging electric lanterns, or flashlights if you're creative, inside the tent for a light source at night, something that really comes in handy. The company has also included packaged with the tent a rainfly to help protect you and your supplies in case any freak inclement weather arrives during your sunny weekend outdoors. Rated slightly better than your average umbrella you should stay dry but it isn't going to be that type of weatherproofing you'll need in wetter climates that can get pretty heavy storms even in summer. The WeatherTec floor does provide some waterproofing as well and its bathtub style design raises the welded seam above ground level roughly three inches but the tent itself is still prone to take on water if it rains hard enough. That being said the lightweight design does continue to make it a great option for warm arid conditions as it allows the breeze to flow through your tent and you'll be able to enjoy those warm summer days a bit more.


This tent has a phenomenal price range. This is a great aspect for an entry level tent that you don't plan on using in a trying environment or adverse weather conditions. For people who like to enjoy quick weekend getaways during those warm and dry summer months, you're not going to be able to find a much better-priced option that will be quite as comfortable. The tent's lightweight material allows for the summer breeze to pass pretty generously through and that can be enhanced by the screened in a window that can be opened up to allow air in. Though this tent won't be a great choice for long camping trips or in areas you know you'll be expecting stormy weather it is still a fantastic option for anyone that looks forward to backyard fun with the kids or spending Saturday and Sunday in the nearest state park. You'll be hard pressed to find a similar tent in this price range and for the climate, it's intended for this tent will serve you great.


This tent is going to be a great option for an entry level tent. It will be especially helpful and useful if you plan on using it in some light backyard camping adventures or on a quick weekend getaway where you've gotten to check the weather ahead of time. Because of the tent's materials and design, it isn't going to be one you want to take on significantly long excursions, where the weather gets harder to plan around the farther out your schedule goes. Warm and dry summer days are going to be where you get this tent to shine the brightest. The airy light nature of the material of the tent helps keep it ventilated and the screen window allows for the breeze to blow through to keep the inside cool. None of this isn't to say that the tent isn't capable of withstanding some inclement weather but it won't be able to endure as higher-end models will. The rain rating is only slightly thicker than your average umbrella and field tests have shown that it will begin to let some water in. If you do plan on doing some more long term camping or in areas that are known to get very stormy suddenly you may want to consider investing in a higher end tent and spending the extra money to make sure that you and your supplies stay safe and dry while on your trip.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that this product is a great beginner tent and family purchase. The ability to set the tent up fast means that using it during a spontaneous weekend camping getaway or enjoying a night under the stars in your backyard is easier than ever. The lightweight and airy design of the tent will help keep you and your loved ones cool during the warm summer days and you'll be able to get the most out of this tent in those conditions that challenge you or the tent's structure too much. The inclusion of an electrical port is a great way to show how the brand is moving forward with our connected world and will allow you to still enjoy some of those amenities you have at home while out in nature. The WeatherTec floor system is a great feature form Coleman and most campers who have used it praise it. The raised floor design will help keep you and your supplies dry and safe while the equipment pouches and loops will give you somewhere to store them. The tent's carbon fiber frame is durable and reliable with easy setup. Although you can get your tent set up in under ten minutes you won't have to worry about the frame being flimsy. The carbon fiber rods will keep the tent walls supported and even if the wind does pick up you won't have to worry about the tent falling over or collapsing in on itself. Overall this is going to be one of the best beginner and family tents you'll be able to find on the market and its great price point is hard to match. Not many tents are as affordable as this one, with as many good ratings. Even fewer are going to go on sale as frequently as this one does, sinking below even fifty dollars.