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Leatherman Micra Multitool Review Facts

The Leatherman Micra Keychain Multitool is the most popular mini-tool that the company makes that is 2.5 inches long and weighs just 1.8 ounces. It contains ten tools all in one item of a ruler, nail file, tweezers, nail cleaner, bottle opener, extra-small screwdriver, medium screwdriver, Phillips/flat screwdriver, knife, and spring-action scissors. Perfect for repair and maintenance work, emergencies, home improvement projects, job tasks, automotive work, workshop, and the workplace, the Micra is a high-quality tool made of long-lasting stainless-steel. Due to its petite size, this product can be kept in pockets, purses, tackle boxes, backpacks, and on keychains very easily. It folds up compactly with all tools except the scissors folding into the handle of the scissors. All of the parts click into place well time and time again and move very smoothly. The spring mechanism and the hinges are well-designed and durable for years of reliable use. The Leatherman Micra has over 1,500 online reviews with a large positive rating of satisfaction from buyers.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Stainless-steel metal is thick and durable
  • Spring mechanism and hinges are sturdy
  • All parts click well into place and move smoothly
  • Knife keeps a sharp blade; corrosion-resistant
  • Lightweight, long-lasting, easy to carry, and compact
  • Ideal for pockets, purses, tackle boxes, backpacks, and keychains
  • For maintenance work, gifts, home improvement, and on the job
  • Most popular model of mini-tool for the company
  • Good for hobbyists, anglers, hunters, backpackers, and campers
  • Has ten tools all in one item
  • A few people received scissors that were loose
  • Scissors cannot be sharpened (small)


The Leatherman brand has a long-standing reputation among buyers and their relatives. Many people remember relatives of their father’s generation using the tools of this well-known maker and have come to cherish its fine high-quality products. The Micra Keychain Multitool is one of those exceptional pieces of work to come from this company.


In the tool category, it is not often that the customer gets a choice of color for the handles of an item. However, with the Micra Tool, you do. It comes in an assortment of vivid solid colors including stainless steel, dark stainless steel, black, blue, green, and red. This makes it appealing to women, men, and even teenagers who find this unique product quite useful in their daily life. If you purchase more than one of these, the various colors could be used as a code as to where you like to keep them. the nice colors certainly add some appeal and charm to this incredible little fancy tool.


Since this item comes with ten different tools in the one product, we wanted to briefly discuss each one to give you some pointers and ideas of what others are using them for on a regular basis. We don’t really have categories for each one, so we group them in these sections that we normally use. this one on comfort is concerning the ruler and the tweezers. They are not considered the main tools of this item and are comfort or nice additive to the ensemble of gadgets. The ruler is 4.7 inches or 12 centimeters at its longest length and runs along the handle of the scissors. It is ideal for map reading when measuring the inches of miles and when measuring small items in a pinch. Everyone loves the inclusion of the tweezers for eyebrow maintenance and pulling out splinters, plus they are great for picking up delicate small things such as fish hooks, needles, and slivers.


Loyal customers stick with this model and brand of multitool because it is a good one. The metal is thick and durable, and the spring mechanism and hinges are well-designed and sturdy. Made to last for plenty of years and use, the parts on this stainless-steel, high-quality tool click well into place and move smoothly. We did not find any negative comments online from buyers of the failure of this product to work as it should other than the few people who received scissors that were a bit loose. it is interesting to note that they either had them replaced or they simply purchased another tool because of the product. Not only does Leatherman manage to combine some very useful gadgets in this one small tool, but it has managed to position them in such a way as to be the most effective.


The knife and the scissors will most likely be the most used item on the Micra Multitool for everyone who buys it. The terrific knife keeps a sharp blade for a long while before it needs sharpening, plus it is corrosion-resistant. It is great for whittling and the cutting of small things. Unlike the knife, the scissors cannot be sharpened because of their small size. They will cut thick plastic, cardboard, a paper, and 20 to 22-gauge wire easily. The scissors are of good quality and not disappointing to use. They are easy to manage and won’t have you fumbling with them, as some competing models do. We would like to pass on a tip from a happy buyer about the scissors. Years down the road, if the scissors tend to stick or rust somewhat, put them in a cup of peroxide for several minutes to remove it. Another customer warns to not bring this multitool with you when traveling on an airplane because it will be confiscated quickly. It contains a knife which is prohibited to carry on airlines, so don’t bring it.

Key Features

-Includes a ruler, nail file, tweezers, nail cleaner, bottle opener, extra-small screwdriver, medium screwdriver, Phillips/flat screwdriver, knife, and spring-action scissors
-Ruler for map reading and measuring small items
-Tweezers for eyebrows, fish hooks, slivers, needles, and splinters
-Scissors cut plastic, cardboard, paper, and 20 to 22-gauge wire
-Knife for whittling and small cutting
-Extra-small screwdriver for tiny screws on eyeglasses
-Ruler is 4.7 inches or 12 centimeters
-Entire tool weighs 1.8 ounces; 2.5 inches long
-Knife blade is 1/6 inches or 4.06 cm


Plenty of people bought these multitools in multitude for gifts for family and friends and because they lost their own. They like them so much that they could not just be satisfied with one. once you get used to having one, it will be hard to ever be without it. The reason that these can be purchased in pairs or more is because of the reasonable price. The economic cost is wonderful for the handiness and convenience of having so many tools in one product. It is lightweight, durable, easy to carry, compact, high-quality, and high-functioning, and everyone finds plenty of uses for them all the time.


When the multitool is opened, it is the spring-action scissors that is the first item available. all tools except the scissors fold into the handle of the scissors for the compact design. There are three separate pieces on each side with various purposes. When an item is pulled from the handle, the scissors are used closed to give the alternative tool the handle of the scissors for greater leverage. One buyer noticed that the tools will possibly fold in if you push on the product in the wrong direction when using one of the screwdrivers. Be careful to not do this and damage your own tool. The scissors were not tightly pinned together for a few people to cut efficiently, which was only mentioned by a couple of customers. As many users have said in their feedback online, they have come to depend on this handy incredible tool for their daily needs.


Its small size makes the Micra Keychain Multitool ideal for pockets, purses, sewing kits, tackle boxes, fanny packs, gifts, backpacks, and keychains. It weighs just 1.8 ounces with a closed length of 2.5 inches. As some women remarked, it is as small as their ring fingers. The overall dimensions are 3 x 2.1 x 1.3 inches, and the blade length of the knife is 1/6 inches or 4.06 centimeters. It is really incredible how many useful gadgets that Leatherman has packed into this superb product.


Some people find that the screwdrivers and the nail cleaner are the most used tools for them. There are three various screwdrivers and one nail file and nail cleaner. The nail cleaner is at the end of the nail file, and the extra-small screwdriver is at the end of the bottle opener. The bottle opener is the most unused of all the gadgets included according to buyers. The extra-small screwdriver is perfect for tiny screws that are on the frames of eyeglasses. These several tools are best used for repair and maintenance work, gifts, home improvement projects, and on the job tasks. They are a stable part of this multitool and are highly depended on by users for daily tasks.


The Leatherman Micra has sold over 1,500 products on Amazon alone, with a good review rating from hundreds of satisfied customers. It is the most popular model of mini-tool for the company and is used for everyday tasks which need spring-action scissors. Many buyers choose this model for the scissors alone because they are so superior to other versions that are being sold by other manufacturers. It is the excellence of the Leatherman craftsmanship and the marvelous materials used that results in such an outstanding product.


Appreciated by hobbyists, anglers, hunters, backpackers, and campers, the Micra Multitool is used for automotive work, workshop, the workplace, emergencies and away from home problems among other things. It folds up compactly to fit anywhere and has an attachment for a keychain. This superb product comes with a 25-year warranty from the maker for almost anything that can wrong with the item. There is no limit to the many uses of this product from opening boxes to pulling out a splinter. Anyone can benefit from having one because you just never know when you will need a small tool for a job. Of course, it is highly valuable for any type of outdoor activity such as backpacking, hiking, hunting, fishing, climbing, trekking, and camping. It saves much space in not having to bring along all of these tools separately or to have to do without them. we noticed that scores of people just carry them in their pockets just in case they need them. as a matter of fact, they felt lost without it each day.

Ease of Use

The ten tools that are all in this one item could not be any easier to use than how the product is set up. You just unfold the scissors to use them or pull out any one of the other gadgets for their use from the handle. It all folds back together in a compact form that can fit anywhere and even hanging on a keychain. The Micra includes a ruler, nail file, tweezers, nail cleaner, bottle opener, extra-small screwdriver, medium screwdriver, Phillips/flat screwdriver, knife, and spring-action scissors. It is just amazing how the manufacturer has uniquely placed each one of these items in this easy-to-use tool.

Bottom Line

You will not be able to sharpen the scissors on the Micra Multitool, but since it comes already sharpened, this will not be a problem. This is the only substantial complaint that we found online from buyers who have all seemed to fall in love with this efficient and handy gadget. Not only does it have its own loyal followers and fans but so does the highly-reputable company of Leatherman that makes it. When people are buying something again and again because they are giving them to friends and family or they have lost their own and want another one, it has to be a superior product. You cannot go wrong with the included ten tools in the compact and highly-usable form of the Micra Multitool. It is so and easy to put almost anywhere for daily use, that it is hard to understand why everyone does not have one. this terrific product is durable, long-lasting, flexible, and is offered in many wonderful colors. Gets yours today. We want some too!