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Nemo Hornet 2P Review Facts

Nemo is committed to designing the best shelters and camping equipment, and the Hornet is typical of the premium quality standards that are associated with the brand. The tent is highly liveable, with enough space to store your necessary gear and a place to relax if the weather turns on you. It is a pretty intuitive setup, and compact enough to easily stow away. The Nemo Hornet 2P is the ideal backpacking tent for anyone who is planning to spend time at the camp, with enough space and protection without compromising on the weight. Whether you are backpacking, base camping, river rafting, touring your bike or exploring the outdoors from your canoe, pick the only 2lb freestanding backpacking tent with two doors and two vestibules!

Although the Hornet features an ultra-light design, Nemo tents, in general, are tough, and this one has been packed full of intelligent features. Blending the protective features of a traditional tent but still being lightweight, you are sure to enjoy the increased comfort and weather protection with the Nemo Hornet 2P tent. If you are looking to invest in a new shelter for your backpacking camping adventures, check out our in-depth review for a breakdown of the Hornet 2P.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Two doors
  • Two vestibules
  • Super light construction
  • Exceptional packability
  • Y-shaped pole system
  • Tight fit for 2 people
  • Poor waterproofing abilities


From humble beginnings in a mill in New Hampshire to become one of the top-rated backpacking tents and camping equipment manufacturers on the market, this award-winning camping company provide everything that you need for your next adventure. Nemo was first thought of on the side of Mount Washington after Cam Brenzinger had spent a frosty five sleepless hours in a bivvy tent. His experiences with the poorly designed shelter inspired him to go on to found the New England Mountain Equipment.

Whether you are looking for tents, pads, showers, camp furniture or anything else, each of their products has been designed with the original philosophy in mind. Plus, Nemo is characterized by their belief in minimizing the impact that we have on our planet, and their design philosophy reflects a commitment to sustainability and their respect for nature.


The Nemo Hornet 2P is pitched as a lightweight backpacking tent that offers increased liveability and can be used on a whole host of terrains and varied conditions. While I have yet to experience a full-on storm or tundra conditions in the Nemo Hornet 2P, the tent is reported to be effective for three season usage. Plus, on sunny days, you can also roll up the rainfly flaps and lie back and appreciate your surroundings as you relax, with the inner tent’s no-see-um mesh working to keep mosquitoes and other pesky flying insects from spoiling your beauty sleep.

Some people have suggested that backpack camping has moved away from the traditional tent, with bivvy bags and hammocks growing in increasing popularity amongst campers. However, being able to roll up the doors and the vestibules helps to improve liveability, and it is an ideal option for when you are relaxing around the tent during the day or just want to air it out. Also, the two-door feature on the hornet certainly makes the space more liveable, so you will not need to clamber over your sleeping buddy if you need to leave the tent during the night.

One of the biggest complaints of the previous model was the lack of proper instructions, and Nemo has definitely addressed this. With the current version having clear easy to follow instructions included in the stuff stack. This ten’s one pole system is super easy to set up, with the Y-Shaped poles attaching to the tent using a straight forward ball and socket system. The ends of the poles are then easily clipped into a grommet at the bottom. It is relatively easy to set up and should be done within 5-10 minutes, although we do always advise that you practice at home before you go out on the trail.

It has also been noted in several reviews that you do have to set the inner tent up first, which could be an issue if you're setting up camp in the rain. Many other commenters have highlighted the useful features that are placed throughout this tent. For example, the pocket on the roof is particularly well designed, and it is so convenient to have a spot to fix up your light, the small pockets are ideal for storing essentials such as your phone or sunglasses, and the two exits make it easier to get easy access to your gear.


The Nemo Hornet 2P is made of 7D Silicon, polyurethane-coated nylon for the fly, and for the floor, it has 10D ripstop. The use of super thin nylon to create the tent does mean that it is ultra-lightweight, but also means that it could easily snag or tear if you catch it; reducing the tent’s overall durability. It is advised that you are super careful when you are choosing your campsite, and make sure you clear the ground of any rocks or debris before putting your tent up. Moreover, due to the 15D flooring being relatively thin, it might be wise to consider using a footprint.

However, while the fabric may not be durable, the pole system features excellent durability. The DAC Featherlite NGL pole system features an ingenious design and will ensure that your shelter stands up to the elements. To be honest, though, the tent may not offer the same durability as other backpacking models, and it is certainly not bulletproof. You will need to take care of the material in particular, but Nemo offers a lifetime warranty and will replace or repair the Hornet if there are any issues due to a manufacturing fault.


The useable space in the Nemo Hornet has a height of 102 cm and a length of 216cm. The interior height is slightly below average, and due to the sloping roof, only one person will be able to sit up at any time. Furthermore, some reviews have suggested that the slanted walls cut down the amount of useable space in the tent.

The 2P tent is the ideal size for one person and their gear but can get a little cramped and be a bit too close for comfort with two people sleeping inside. Moreover, it has been suggested that the tent is a bit short for anyone who is over 6'2''. If you are planning to share the Nemo Hornet 2P, remember that it is relatively small. Your sleeping pads will have to be narrower than normal, and you may prefer to sleep in opposite directions (top to tail) for added space and comfort
However, the volumizing guy outs can actually increase the interior space by up to 15%, which is a fairly significant increase. Also, at 19” x 5”, the pack is undoubtedly kept to a minimum and can be split between the two sleepers.


The Nemo Waterproof is pitched as a 3-season tent, and the outer layer of silicone helps to prevent moisture soaking into the fabric. The rain fly on this shelter has a hydrostatic head of 1200mm. This measurement means that the material used to create the tent would be able to withstand a column of water that is 1200mm tall before the liquid began to seep through. In comparison with other models, this is fairly low and may indicate that the waterproof protection on the Hornet is not up to par.

This is echoed in several of the reviews online, with various customers reporting that this tent does let water in, and it is the best option for torrential downpours. One commenter noted that the rain fly does not come all the way to the ground, resulting in water dripping inside. Whereas, one reviewer stated that after the tent offered no protection in particularly rough weather.

Wind Protection

The Hornet holds up surprisingly well in windy weather, and the Y-pole system is much stronger in high winds compared to other designs. Also, the shape and size improve the shelter’s chance of standing up against the gales.

Some reviewers have noted that the rear of the Hornet is more vulnerable to strong winds. The placement of your tent is important, and you should always pick the right site carefully. If you are looking to increase ventilation, place the tent head-facing into the winds. Alternately, if you are looking for more wind protection, look at natural shelter and windbreakers in your camp environment.


While it may be slightly heavier than other ultra-light backpacking tents, the Nemo Hornet 2P features an excellent weight to performance ratio. At 2lb, this has to be the lightest tent on the market with this much liveability and functionality. Most ultra-light tents are not double walled and the Nemo trademark DAC Featherlite pole system is a lightweight pole option available at this present time. Plus, the Divvy Sack dual-stage drawstring pack means that you can actually split the weight between you and your camping buddy. This means that you will only be carrying an extra pound each!


The asymmetrical tripod y-shaped pole design offers increased stability from the Nemo Hornet. The Hornet is billed as being semi-freestanding and although you can erect the Hornet without stakes; this is not advisable in any sort of wind. Plus, the useable interior space would be minimalized, and the freestanding option is only really suitable if you are only planning on sleeping one. If you are looking for increased stability, we definitely recommend using the guy points and stakes.

There have been several updates to the Nemo Hornet recently including the use of Flybar Volumising Pole Clips which increase the interior and widen the canopy at the top. Furthermore, the reinforced guy points maximize the tent's overall strength and stability to pole, and the hook and loop tabs help to keep things lined up.


If yo plan on investing in an ultra-light backpacking tent that has space for you to relax at the end of the trail, the Nemo Hornet could be the right choice for you.

Price wise the Nemo Hornet is relatively high, particularly when you compare it to those at the more expensive end of the market. The Nemo Hornet Elite is definitely on the pricier side of the market, and perhaps not suitable for the casual camper. However, if you are looking for a cheaper model you could consider the regular Hornet 2P from Nemo, it is around forty bucks cheaper and only weighs around 50 grams more.

Bottom Line

If you are in the market for a 3-season, 2-person tent that is lightweight, secure, and stable, then consider the Nemo Hornet 2P. Whether you are a keen hiker, fisherman, or just like to explore the great outdoors, this tent is on the radar as one of the best ultra-light backpacking tents on the market.

As with most ultra-light tents on the market, you do have to sacrifice some levels of comfort and protection to save on the overall weight. Reviewers have indicated that the waterproof protection is not up to scratch, with several comments stating that water had got inside in the tent. However, whilst perhaps not suitable for more inclement weather conditions, it could be an ideal summer tent. The ventilation on the Nemo Hornets is nothing short of fantastic, and it will certainly keep you cool on those hot sticky nights.

The Nemo Hornet manages to combine clever features and a lightweight design, yet it may not be quite as comfortable as the more heavy duty options. Overall, it is an award-winning tent, which is easy to set up and transport as you explore the outdoors.