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Hennessy Hammock Expedition Review Facts

Get back to nature and enjoy an unparalleled night’s sleep with the Hennessey Hammock! The Hennessey is the perfect set up for the camper who likes to spend time in variable weather conditions and terrains, and this lightweight and innovative shelter solution will take your camping experience to the next level. The hammock is super versatile and highly durable. It is easy to set up and take down and can be used in variable conditions. Plus, Hennessey has filled their signature product with tons of features that aim to give you a restful sleep.

It is so important to have full trust in your gear, and ultimately the Hennessey Hammock can be relied on. If you are looking for the perfect lightweight hammock for your next outdoor adventure, this hammock could be the right choice for you. Check out our review of the well-rated Hennessey Hammock for a breakdown of all the highlights and lowlights of this product.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Premium comfort
  • Ideal for uneven grounds
  • All-in-one package
  • Asymmetrical Design
  • Exceptional Protection
  • Limited storage space
  • Material can feel rough


Hennessy is one of the most highly regarded brands in the outdoor world, and they are leaders in providing shelter that will give you a great night’s sleep; wherever you are in the world. Tom Hennessy, the founder, and Industrial Designer has been committed to improving the hammock experience for over 60 years. The first ever Hennessey Hammock came to the market back in 1999, after a six-year design process. It was originally modeled after a World War 2 US army hammock, and there are now 14 different versions to suit the needs of every camper. With the development of the a-symmetrical design, patented bottom entrance, snake skins, OverCovers, accessories and more, Tom has been evolving the Hennessey Hammock ever since.

Hennessey Hammock was founded on strong company values and a passion for innovation. They have revolutionized hammocks as an affordable, protective, and comfortable shelter, with a wide selection of hammocks that have been designed with the adventurer in mind. This review focuses predominantly on the original Expedition Hennessey Hammock, but there are lots of different versions available.


There is a variety of different Hennessey Hammocks to choose from, and the one that you select will depend on the conditions that you intend to be camping in the most. With options for both beginners and seasoned pros, single campers and couples, adults and children, there is certainly a Hennessey for everyone! All of the models feature the fit and finish of quality that is synonymous with the brand but has different features to suit the needs of different campers, including:

Hyperlite: The lightest option with a total weight of 1lb 10oz. Suitable for campers up to 200lb, it offers slightly less protection but is the perfect compact shelter if you need to carry your gear long distance.

Expedition: This is the original Hennessey design. It is relatively easy to set up and suitable for people under 6’ and 250lbs.

Jungle Expedition/ Deep Jungle: Designed for particularly bug-infested conditions, with double proof mosquito protection and can be incorporated with the Radiant Heat pad for added insulation.


On most typical hammocks, it can be difficult to sleep sideways due to the line and support suspension. However, the patented Hennessey hammock features their classic asymmetrical design for premium comfort. This is the perfect choice for anyone who prefers to sleep diagonally or would just appreciate the pleasure of having more space around your shoulders and legs. This also eradicates the risk of the hammock flipping, with no reviews seen online reporting that their hammock had flipped over during the night.

If you struggle to sleep on the hard ground, the Hennessey Hammock is an excellent way of transforming your sleep experience when exploring the great outdoors. Molding to the natural contours of your body, the Hennessy Hammock will ensure that you get the rest that you need. Some reviewers did note, however, that the material used to create the hammock is quite rough. However, this is not an issue when used with a sleeping bag or under quilt. Plus, using an under-quilt will also add extra comfort and insulation, as it can get colder sleeping up high.


It is important to consider the cost with regard to what you are actually getting with the Hennessey. Unlike other hammocks, this is almost a complete shelter solution and really should be compared with one-berth tents to gain a full understanding of the price.

Ideal for a beginner backpacker and seasoned pros alike, the hammock is ultra-versatile and has been designed for a whole host of different weather conditions and terrains. The price also includes the rain fly and mosquito net, as well as ropes, stuff sack, and webbing. Plus, the excellent quality and incredible durability would indicate that the Hennessey is investment for the veteran camper.


The weight of the pack has to be one of the biggest issues with the Hennessey Hammock, as it is much more substantial in comparison with other models. Weighing around 33 ounces on its own and 49.3 ounces with the rain fly and stuff sack. Although, it remains that the Hennessey is still an excellent alternative to carrying a one-person tent. Offering a similar amount of protection, the Hennessey Hammock is comparably feather light, taking up very little space in your pack and easy to carry. If you are looking for a lighter option, the Hennessey Hammock Hyperlite A-Sym zip weighs in at less than 2lbs. The weight capacity of the traditional Hennessey Hammock is 250 lbs. (114 kg), although there are different versions to suit heavier campers.


The Hennessey Hammock offers increased support and stability in comparison with other brands. It is bug proof, waterproof, and wind resistant, providing an excellent option for shelter if you plan to be camping near trees. It is made using a highly durable 70 Denier Oxford Nylon. Plus, it has ultra-tough double stitched seams for extra protection.

There is nothing worse than hearing that all-familiar mosquito sound as you are drifting off and the No-See-Um integrated mosquito net will keep away the bugs while you sleep. The Hennessey Hammock has two entrances, the traditional side entrance and a unique bottom entrance. This is sealed with hook and loop fasteners and means that you will easily be able to enter and exit your hammock without letting in any pesky insects. This also allows for increased balance, as this patented design makes it much to enter and exit. Additionally, due to the way in which hammock is weighted, the hook and loop fasteners will shut automatically when you lie back down. The Hennessey Hammock is also designed to protect the environment, reducing the footprint that you leave behind. Nylon webbing straps are fitted around the hammock support rope to protects the bark of the tree and extend rope length.

Many reviewers suggested that the weather protection was particularly impressive, although some did suggest that an under quilt was necessary for colder conditions. Hammocks are less likely to retain heat in comparison with a tent, and you may need to insulate underneath your body in colder temperatures. Admittedly, the original hammock may not be quite suitable for a heavy downpour, but it will keep you warm and dry in mild-to-moderate weather conditions.

Ease of Use

One of the best things about the Hennessey hammock is the ability to control and design your own sleeping situation. Take off the rain fly and appreciate the stars or hang it low for extra protection from the rain. Plus, unlike similar models, the Hennessey can also be used as a lounge chair during the day; providing the perfect spot to relax and chat with friends after a busy day on the trail.

There is a lot of flexibility in how you set up the Hennessey Hammock, particularly with regard to the type of knots that people use. Several customers have noted that you may require some knot knowledge to put the Hennessey Hammock up. However, there are clear easy to follow instructions. These are even printed onto the stuff sack itself, so you will never have to worry about leaving them at home. Plus, if you are looking for further help and support in erecting your Hennessey Hammock, there are so many videos online that break it down step-by-step.
Always choose your spot carefully and make sure that the tree that you tie your Hammock to a tree that is fit and healthy. The Hennessey Hammock does not come with tent stakes, and it is advised that you tie the ropes to surrounding trees, bushes and rocks. However, a set of tent stakes may help you to feel more secure in inclement weather.

It is reported that you can erect the Hennessey Hammock in just five minutes. However, this is definitely with practice, and we recommend trying it out at home before your trip. Soon you will be able to get the Hennessey Hammock up in no time at all!

Key Features

-Hammock: 120 × 59 in (305 × 150 cm)
-Spectra reinforced ropes with tightly braided polyester cover
-20D Polyester no-see-um bug netting
-30D high-tenacity nylon ripstop fabric
-Side and Bottom Entrance
-Detachable Rain Fly
-Stuff Sack with logo and Instructions

Bottom Line

The Hennessey Hammock will leave a lasting impression. It truly is an innovative shelter solution that will provide you with all the comfort and protection that you need. Whether you are going on an extended trip through the rainforests or just camping out in the back garden, this is a tent/ hammock/ shelter solution that has been designed to protect you from the elements.

While it may seem that the Hennessey Hammock is expensive, this should be considered with regard to what you are actually getting for your money. Yes, in comparison with other hammocks on the pricey side. However, it is not expensive when compared with solo tents that offer a similar level of protection without the comfort of sleeping in the trees. Some reviews did suggest that the hammock is a little cold, particularly underneath the body. However most reported that was easily fixed with the use of an under-quilt. If heavy rains are forecast, you may wish to leave your Hennessey at home, or opt for one of the models with increased protection.

The Hennessey Hammock is versatile and easy to use, and the sheer durability, clever engineering, and exquisite attention to detail mean that it should be seen as an investment that will be used for years to come. Enjoy elevated hammock camping, with 3-season protection and top quality comfort with the one and only Hennessey Hammock.