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SOG Trident Folding Pocket Knife Review Facts

The SOG Trident Folding Pocket Tactical Knife is constructed of AUS-8 stainless steel, tough titanium-nitride, and glass-reinforced nylon (GRN). Used for survival, hiking, camping, backpacking, hunting, fishing, industrial, tactical, emergencies, and everyday use, it is perfect to utilize anywhere and anytime. The grip is military-style with an ambidextrous design. Open it easily with just one hand with the super-fast spring-assisted aspect. Resistant to peeling and scratches, it is 4.75 inches long closed and 8.5 inches opened. Thin, large, and lightweight, this excellent knife model has a clip point shape on the blade that is partially serrated for smooth cuts. A groove in the handle can cut belts, line, or cord quickly without engaging the knife blade. A lock-and-release feature secures the knife when it is not in use. a special low-carry, reversible belt clip attaches to clothing and pockets easily. It can be placed with the knife on the inside of pockets to hide the knife. Many people have purchased this product and are highly satisfied judging by their positive online comments. The SOG Trident is a superb pocket knife with many uses and characteristics.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Grip is similar to a military knife
  • Thin, lightweight, and large
  • Resistant to peeling and scratches
  • Can be opened with just one hand
  • Opens fast with the spring-assisted mechanism
  • Groove in the handle can cut quickly and efficiently
  • Clip is low-carry and reversible
  • Ideal for emergencies and everyday carrying
  • For tactical use, hunting, camping, hiking, and survival
  • The built-in safety mechanism was problematic for some people
  • Many did not find the handle cord cutter to be of use to them
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  • Reviewers are impressed by the sharpness.
  • For most it has been a durable and dependable knife.
  • Reviewers who have owned various other knives are impressed by this one.
  • Out of the box, it is lightweight yet sturdy.
  • The handle is textured to allow good grip.
  • It's a quick open knife.
  • The quality is good for the price.
  • The tactical handle blade can cut through twine and string.
  • The serrated edge works very well on some materials.
  • The spring assist makes it easy to open one-handed.
  • It opens smoothly.
  • A high level of craftsmanship is apparent in the blade.
  • Many reviewers claim this is a great EDC knife.
  • It is easy to maintain and sharpen.
  • The tactical handle blade does not work well on seat belts.
  • The quality of the handle is questioned by some reviewers.
  • The handle can feel a bit oversized compared to the blade.
  • Several reviewers report issues with blade movement when opened.
  • There are mixed reviews on how well it holds an edge.
  • There are a few reports of defective parts.
  • Some reviewers prefer other SOG models over this one.
  • If the blade is not locked and the knife is stored improperly, the blade may open unexpectedly.
  • According to some reviewers, the placement of the safety lock is a little awkward depending on how you open the knife.
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If you are not familiar with this brand of outdoor gear, then we will tell you a bit about this company. SOG is an abbreviation for MACV-SOG, which is a splendid knife and tool company in the U.S. that was started in 1986. It is named for a special operation unit, the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group, that valued quiet and quick solutions. Their products are long-lasting, durable, and very effective to their purpose, as they are tactical and terrific for everyday use too.


This Trident Knife model gives you a good grip with the glass-reinforced nylon (GRN), which is the same style as a regular military knife. The whole item is so thin, lightweight, yet surprisingly large. Many customers commented about the large size of this knife, as the photos online did not really put the size into perspective. For those who love to carry a pocket knife in their pockets daily for the comfort of having a handy tool at the ready, this product is perfect. Several customers replaced pocket knives they have used for years with this model, depending on it for all of their daily knife needs. The majority of buyers are highly satisfied with the comfort level of this knife’s handle, grip, and flexibility in its many uses.


Made of AUS-8 stainless steel with a hardness of RC 57-58, the Folding Trident Pocket Trident is an EDC knife that is sharp and action-ready. It has a tough finish of titanium-nitride, so the knife is hardened and resistant to peeling and scratches. The durable blade is partially serrated to make cleaner cuts than a completely straight blade would. Since this superb manufacturer creates products that last a lifetime, you can expect to have this incredible knife at your continued service for many, many years. People that had purchased these knives before commented that they bought them again after they had lost theirs after some time. This would probably be the only instance where you would have to purchase another Trident knife.


This Trident model can be opened using just one hand, making tasks and duties much simpler and easier when you are alone. It can also be used by left-handers or right-handers, as the model is ambidextrous for versatility. The mechanism for the piston lock is near where the thumb would be on the knife handle, so it easy to just flip it and open the knife with one hand. It opens super-fast with its spring-assisted mechanism that is a system of lock-and-release which is easy to secure. This automatic lock will click to safety when the knife is put into a pocket. This was one of the most mentioned issues of this model that buyers found that they did not like. We discuss this feature more fully in another section below.

Key Features

-Handle is made of glass-reinforced nylon (GRN)
-Blade has a clip point shape and is partially serrated
-Tough finish of titanium-nitride
-Has a system of lock-and-release
-Blade made of AUS-8 stainless steel
-Belt clip to attach to clothing easily
-Weighs just 3.6 ounces
-8.5 inches long opened; 4.75 inches closed
-Ambidextrous design – good for the left or right hand


The groove in the handle of the Trident Pocket Knife can cut belts, line, or cord quickly and efficiently. Buyers that are first responders depend on such knife qualities for cutting seat belts of those they try to help in wrecked vehicles. For just common use, this aspect of the knife is not commonly used. Some people found that they did not use it at all, but it is always nice to have. The end of the knife handle has a hole, so it can be clipped or tethered with a rope or cord. This may be a better way of keeping the knife secure rather than using the belt clip for some users. It does have a belt clip to attach to clothing easily, which is low-carry and reversible. This makes it where the knife can be put on the inside of clothing to conceal it from others nearby.


The size of this knife model surprised some customers when they received it. The photos online do not show the item compared to anything else, such as other objects or in the hand of a person. It is pleasantly bigger than some other competitor models and even similar knife products of the SOG company. It is 4.75 inches long when closed and 8.5 inches long when opened. The total weight is 3.6 ounces, making it a very lightweight and thin knife that is perfect for pockets, backpacks, and jackets. You want a pocket knife that will fit into a variety of pocket sizes and be lightweight enough to carry every day if needed. This terrific model fits that bill quite nicely.


Made to last a lifetime, the SOG Trident has a black coating of titanium nitride that provides a fantastic shield for camping and survival. Several other SOG knife models have this same finish, as it is superb for keeping the product in great condition. This substance is common on such knives for durability and longevity. Its one-handed style is solid and long-lasting for rugged use and wear. This is one great item that you can depend on for all of your cutting needs wherever you go. The quality of being ambidextrous and usable with just a single hand makes the Trident so flexible and versatile for many situations. This adds to the stability of the item and the confidence of the buyer when they purchase it as the single pocket knife for all of their needs.


We could write a huge section on the many uses of this excellent knife and the many times in your life that it will come in handy. However, we will just mention some of the ways that online customers have utilized this impressive knife. It is ideal for emergencies, industrial, outdoors, and everyday carry. For tactical, hunting, fishing, survival, hiking, camping, and backpacking, it will earn its place in your backpack or pocket. In short, the Trident Knife is great for anyone that usually carries a knife or for use with any type of outdoor sport and activity. You just never know when you will need a knife for situations that come up in life. They are always best to have near.


Compared to other similar company knives, the Trident model has some slight differences. Matched with the 8.3-inch Aegis Knife, they both have the same finish, closed knife length, spring-assisted blade, and steel type. However, they differ in the blade length with the Trident being longer and the weight with the Trident being heavier. The handle type for both models is glass-reinforced nylon, but the Aegis has rubber inlays also. The blade shape of the Trident is clip point where the Aegis is Tanto. The 8.7-inch Trident Elite has a Black Tini finish that is not hard cased like the Trident. It has the clip point blade shape and the same steel type. The Trident Elite differs with the added rubber inlays, a heavier weight than the Trident, a longer closed length, but has a slightly shorter blade length. There is a Trident TF3-CP model, where this review is for the Trident TF1-CP model. The Trident TF3-CP model has all of the same characteristics exactly but with a Tigerstripe finish on the blade, instead of the solid black of the TF1-CP. These are very similar products, so choosing one from the bunch may be difficult.


Unique to this knife model is a clip point shape to the blade, which makes it curved rather than straight on the top. It features SOG Assisted Technology (SAT) plus a partial section of the blade is serrated for tougher items that need cutting or when you want a cleaner cut. The Trident has an ambidextrous design that makes it equally effective in the left or the right hand. For those who are ambidextrous, this model of knives will be a dream. You will not have to change hands if one hand is more comfortable with the knife than the other. This blade is very sharp when you receive it, so make sure when you unwrap it that you are very careful. Several warnings from buyers were given online concerning the sharpness of the blade.

Ease of Use

A couple of aspects of this Trident knife model make it easier to use than other knives. The serrated edge of half the blade allows cuts to have a clean edge, and cuts are more balanced with the clip-point style of the blade. This is because the point is nearer the center of the knife than on other similar knives. We want to mention in this section on using the product that many people did not find that the handle cord cutter was of much use to them. It is true that only people that would use cord or rope would use this quality of the knife much. The manufacturer incorporated it into the knife handle, so the blade did not have to be deployed to cut such items. Another issue for customers was the built-in safety mechanism. It was problematic for some people because when the knife is placed in a pocket, the safety becomes active, thereby locking the knife closed. If they had to use it right away, the safety had to be deactivated first. This was not acceptable in some emergency situations.

Bottom Line

The cord cutter is not one of the most highly used qualities of the SOG Trident Knife, and the safety feature can be a problem for buyers. These are the only two repeated negative comments from customers that we found online to be of significance to potential future customers. It is a durable, long-lasting, dependable, and well-constructed product that is making many users happy. A pocket knife is a valuable tool that plenty of people cannot be without during their daily lives, activities, sports, excursions, or outdoor adventures. We agree with the majority of pleased buyers that this Trident model is a well-made knife worthy of a positive review and much praise. Built tough with great features, it certainly is a leading forerunner in the category of military-style folding pocket knives.