Big Agnes Fly Creek HV Platinum Tent

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Big Agnes Fly Creek HV Platinum Tent Review Facts

The Big Agnes Fly Creek HV Platinum Backpacking Tent made for two people is an updated model from previous products with added interior space and a higher volume. With modern pole advancements and fabrics, it is one of the lightest, if not the lightest, personal tent you will find currently offered. Depending on the parts that you choose for assembling the tent, the weight can be from 2 lbs. 5 oz. to 1 lb. 7 oz. the durable body is constructed of polyester mesh material and the floor and fly are of nylon ripstop with a silicone treatment. Taped seams and the waterproof fabric make it very protective in rain to keep the inside dry. Best used for backpacking, it can also be enjoyed for long biking trips, the backcountry, mountain climbing, and any other outdoor adventure you can think of trying. This terrific item has been successfully used in winter, but it is best used only in the other three seasons. There are one vestibule and door and one single support pole for easy set-up. Velcro tabs connect the poles to the fly, and the tent corners sport reflective webbing and guylines for safety in the dark. Three interior wall pockets give you a place to put small gear items for quick access. Depending on where you look, this Fly Creek Tent has mixed reviews from buyers. We explain why in the sections below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Free-standing, modern, and very light
  • Good for three seasons and two people
  • Fly connects to the poles with Velcro tabs
  • Footprint weight is 1 lb. 7 oz; packed is 2 lbs. 5 oz
  • Floor is 28 sq. feet; peak height is 40 inches
  • Lightest tent with great technical features
  • Pole architecture is high-volume for steeper walls
  • Corner construction makes living space roomier
  • For biking, climbing, backpacking, and the backcountry
  • Set-up and break down is fast and easy
  • Can be tight for two people to be comfortable
  • Winds blow right through the mesh material (made that way)
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  • This tent is impressively lightweight.
  • The compact design makes it ideal for minimalist backpackers.
  • The set up is easy, fast, and intuitive.
  • Reviewers have found it to be a reliable part of their backpacking gear for short or multi-day hikes.
  • It helps to hold in enough body heat to keep you warm in low temperatures.
  • With proper care, this tent can last a long time.
  • It provides good protection from rain.
  • It can withstand strong winds.
  • The vestibule gives you space to store your gear.
  • It is thoughtfully designed.
  • It comes with a splint for field repair in a pinch.
  • There is enough ventilation so that you don't overheat or feel stuffy.
  • It provides adequate protection from insects.
  • There are one and two person options available.
  • For the size, it is an expensive tent.
  • Saving on weight also means losing space. It can feel cramped inside. Some reviewers prefer using the two-person tent for one person.
  • People over 6 feet feel it is too short.
  • Without proper set up, the rain fly can build up condensation that will leak through the ceiling of the tent.
  • There are mixed reviews on the functionality and size of the vestibule.
  • One reviewer notes that it is a few ounces heavier than advertised.
  • There are a couple of complaints of the stakes breaking within the first couple of uses.
  • The walls slope in steeply from the floor.
  • The zipper can easily get stuck or snag on the mesh.
  • It must be properly staked out to get the most space and protection.
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Of the 36 reviews we found in total, 22% were negative, and 78% were positive.


Named for the water body in the Little Snake River in Wyoming, this incredibly light tent is constructed of colored mesh for a very modern look and feel. The body is made of polyester mesh for maximum ventilation, so there is no reason to be hot or humid inside. As we discuss in the next section on comfort, this increased ventilation was an issue for some buyers because they could feel the wind right through the material. This light material and the unique pole construction are what make this terrific product so light for backpacking and carrying when outdoors.


The company states that the Fly Creek Tent has plenty of room for two people inside to sleep. they show a diagram in the product information with two people being able to sleep side-by-side. Many customers were not comfortable sleeping in twos or even being in the tent together with the minimum space. They agreed that it would be best for one person to use it with their gear inside, rather than fitting two people inside. The vestibule is for the gear, and two people do fit inside for tight quarters and minimalistic sleeping. The mesh material of the tent was another concern for some people that purchased this item. When the wind blows, there is nothing to stop it from breezing right through this material. you will feel it if you are not covered with clothing and blankets. A heavier or thicker material would add weight to this product. It protects you from rain, and some buyers were even protected from snow. That is the purpose of this tent.


The walls of this Big Agnes Tent are doubled for durability with taped seams of solvent-free, waterproof PU material. it has a PU waterproof coating of 1,200mm and does not contain VOCs or PVC substances. Nylon ripstop that is silicone-treated makes up the floor, rain fly, and tent body. This prevents the usual tears and wear that is experienced with tents of this nature and purpose. With the proper care during and after using this product, this backpacking tent should last for years of use for the great outdoors. Drying it fully when it is not in use and packing it away loosely adds life to the item. Keeping it clean in use and in storage is a must for long life and durability.


Being able to use this product with or without the tent body gives the user much versatility in how to set this tent up. If weight is an issue and the intended weather is not a problem, then the minimalistic set-up would be best. The design is free-standing and very light, although some users and reviews say that this unit is too light to be free-standing. It is good for the three best seasons of the year in the outdoors with one vestibule and one door. The vestibule zipper has storm flaps to help with blowing rain or hard downpours from entering the tent interior or vestibule. You have a few options when using this incredibly adjustable item to best suit your protective needs.


The entry front remains dry thanks to the vestibule at the door. This is important in rainy weather that could blow inward. You can enjoy added covered space for storage and gear with the vestibule addition. For two people together, this will be the only place to put gear or additional supplies. One person alone can pull gear inside and just use the vestibule for a nice covered entrance. The tent corners have reflective webbing and guylines for safety if you need to be detected in the dark or become separated from the tent at night. being waterproof, you will remain dry inside this tent, which is surprising when you consider that the majority of it is comprised of mesh material.


There is more stability and enhanced pitch since the fly connects to the poles with Velcro tabs. You can see in the online photos how taut the rain fly is to create a waterproof structure with the Velcro. These tabs also make assembly and break-down much easier and quicker. This is a quick ready-to-go design with tensioners and guylines connected to the rain fly for the user’s convenience. Even the zipper pulls are easy to grip and find to make the construction of the tent much more enjoyable and simpler. This will eventually be appreciated if you must ever assemble this item quickly because of approaching bad weather or nightfall that is near.


Since the small size and low weight of this tent model are its main attributes and selling points, we address these terrific features in this section. The total weight is just two pounds for all of the parts. The actual packaged weight is 2 pounds 5 ounces, and the minimum trail weight is 1 pound 15 ounces. The footprint or fly pitch weight is 1 pound 7 ounces. The different quoted weights of this item left some buyers confused when they see the various amounts in the description and on the product. For all of the pieces to make the tent, the weight is the higher one. if you just use the parts without the tent body (just a footprint and the rainfly with the poles) then it is the lesser weight amount. So, therefore, the weight of the product depends on the parts that you use to construct the tent. Now, for the dimensions, the height at the peak is 40 inches, and the entire tent covers only 28 square feet. The back width (where the feet go) is 42 inches and the front width (where the head would go) is 52 inches. The entire product assembled is 86 inches in length. From the door to the vestibule edge is 27 inches, and the width of the vestibule edge is 32 inches. It is possibly the lightest tent you will find available.


As an updated model with a design of a higher volume, the Fly Creek Tent has significant changes without the added weight for these improvements. The interior room is enhanced with more volume and space that is usable. Now there is plenty of interior space for changing clothes, moving around, sitting up, and sorting your belongings. It was created to be the absolute lightest tent offered currently that does not skimp on technical features. The engineering dynamics kept the qualities of a lightweight tent that users like best and maintained the weight that makes it ideal for backpacking and toting on long trips on foot. It is a shelter that you can depend on for much use.


The pole architecture is strong and high-volume with the Angle SF DAC Hub resulting in steeper walls for additional interior space. The corner construction is shape-holding for a living space that is roomier also, so with these two aspects combined, this updated model has greatly improved for a roomier tent. The single support pole is made of DAC Featherlite aluminum with the product sporting the most modern pole advancements and fabric. It comes with aluminum stakes for securing the model in stronger winds and rainy environments to keep you dry and protected.


Perfect for any type of outdoor adventure, the Fly Creek model is olive green in color to blend in well with most natural surroundings. Although it is best used for backpacking because of the minimal weight, it is also terrific for long biking trips, mountain climbing, and the backcountry excursions. It is a great choice for traveling very light, especially with the options to use it without the tent body for the least amount of weight possible. A footprint is not included with the tent, so if this configuration is one you think you will be using to make it the lightest, you will need to purchase one separately.

Ease of Use

For a backpacking tent that needs to be quick and easy to set up and tear down, this is a great one to choose. You have a few choices of the parts to use for assembling the item, depending on the protection needed and the weight you want to carry. It is at its lightest with just using a footprint, the rain fly, and the poles. If you decide to use the tent body, it is connected to the frame with plastic clips for fast operation. There are three mesh pockets on the inside walls for small gear to be placed for convenience. The manufacturer did incorporate some nice qualities to make the use of this item much more pleasant than just the basic tent. It is certainly one of the easiest tents you will find to use for outdoor trips with the least amount of weight.

Bottom Line

We have discovered that the negative reviews for this terrific tent are mostly from a misunderstanding of the product. The manufacturer clearly states that the material of the item is mostly breathable mesh material. It should be no surprise then that it will not protect you from the wind. Some customers complained that they could feel the wind through the fabric, and this is why. The dimensions for the tent are given online for anyone who is interested in purchasing this product. It is hoped that before you would spend hundreds of dollars on a piece of gear that these numbers would be considered. Knowing the exact size and weight of the tent beforehand would eliminate the disappointment of it being smaller than expected when the item is received and used. More than just a few people said that it is uncomfortable for two users inside. They said it is better for one person. This is a minimalistic tent for basic coverage in a lightweight form. It is not meant to be roomy with ample space for moving around inside or storage of plenty of gear. Taking the negative and positive buyer reviews in consideration along with the intentions and construction of the manufacturer, we believe that the Fly Creek Backpacking Tent is a durable, flexible, protective, lightweight, and comfortable product very worthy of recommending to others. It presents and performs as stated in the product descriptions.