Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite Sleeping Pad

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Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite Sleeping Pad Review Facts

The Therm-a-rest NeoAir Xlite Ultralight Backpacking Air Mattress is possibly the lightest and most compressible camping and backpacking air mattress offered currently on the market. It comes in three sizes of small, regular, and large with all of them being just 2,5 inches thick. The regular product is 12 ounces in weight and has the dimensions of 20 by 72 inches. It becomes the size of a water bottle of one-liter size when compressed and packed down for storage and carrying, which makes it ideal for all sorts of outdoor adventures such as alpine excursions and mountaineering in the three best seasons of the year. With an internal baffled structure and a non-slip, textured fabric cover, it is perfect for side sleeping on the ground. No more discomfort with pressure points of the hips and shoulders with this sleeping pad! The baffled construction combines with the Reflective ThermaCapture technology to capture and retain heat for the user. Marigold in color, this is a unisex version of air mattress that has an R-value of 3.2 for great warmth. It only takes less than two minutes to inflate the NeoAir by mouth with about 20 air blows or you can use a stuff sack pump for a quicker response. The product includes a repair kit and a stuff sack to keep it clean and compressed while traveling. There is much controversy concerning the NeoAir Ultralight online from buyers, and we explain why in this review.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Warm and comfortable with the trapped heat
  • Ideal for side sleeping on the ground
  • Eliminates pressure points of the hips and shoulders
  • Takes just under two minutes to inflate
  • Three different sizes of small, regular, and large
  • Fabric covering is no-slip and textured
  • Ideal for mountaineering, backpacking, and alpine
  • Good for the three best seasons
  • The minimal weight is 12 ounces
  • Noiseless after some use
  • Does make some noise when moving on it at first
  • Was not wide enough and slippery for many people
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  • Most reviewers are impressed by how comfortable this sleeping pad is.
  • The design is lightweight and compact.
  • It works well as a 3 season sleeping pad and keeps you warm on cool nights.
  • It's available in different widths.
  • Many buyers agree that it lives up to their expectations of Therm-A-Rest products.
  • It works better than self-inflating sleeping pads.
  • This is a reliable option to make wilderness camping comfortable.
  • The packability is impressive and makes it a great option for bikers and minimalist hikers.
  • Although more expensive than some other sleeping pads on the market, reviewers agree that it is worth the price for getting a good night's sleep.
  • For thru hikers, this has been a great option to save on weight and space.
  • Reviewers say the comfort of this sleeping pad compares to their mattresses at home.
  • The shape makes this easily usable in both tent and hammock camping.
  • This sleeping pad keeps side-sleepers' hips and shoulders comfortable.
  • It can be used in a pack raft as a floor liner.
  • It's easy to inflate.
  • A few reviewers complain of small leaks forming at the seams over time.
  • Some buyers have had bad experiences with Therm A-Rest customer service concerning this sleeping pad.
  • A common complaint is the length to width options. Although many reviewers like the width options, the widest size is too long for people under 6 feet tall.
  • The lining makes this a little noisy with movement.
  • The stuff sack isn't tough enough to last.
  • This sleeping pad requires using proper precaution to avoid punctures.
  • The price is fairly steep compared to some other models on the market.
  • For back sleepers with broad shoulders, the width options are limited.
  • Complaints of tears in the lining and outer are reported.
  • Although rare, there are reports of mold forming on the inside.
  • Some buyers complain of having to refill the mattress after a few hours of sleeping on it.
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Considering the minimum weight of this product, it is quite warm with the reflective technology incorporated. This technology of Reflective ThermaCapture secures radiant heat for the user to be much warmer and comfortable than lying on a regular pad or on the ground when camping. Many buyers were pleasantly surprised with the warmth that generated from this seemingly thin mattress. It provides a restful night’s sleep, so you can experience refreshed hiking and camping the next day. Just a normal pad or hammock will also allow a night’s sleep, but you will be much more rested for a full day with this great NeoAir Mattress. Marigold in color, this is a unisex version of an air mattress, although the company does make a women’s model of this same item.

Ground Feel

How you feel lying on the ground with an air mattress or pad during camping is the most important aspect of such products. If you are comfortable and relaxed, then it is doing its job well. since this model was created to be one of the lightest and highly-compressible mattresses you can find, the focus of the construction is on the weight of the item. The internal baffled structure gives maximum comfort and support with a mattress that is just 2.5 inches thick. It is ideal for side sleeping on the ground as it will not create pressure points for the hips and shoulders. Side-sleepers need a pad of this sort to not experience this discomfort during the night. many people were happy with the comfort level of the cushioning that this model provides to the user. Some customer comments online addressed the narrow size and the slickness of this item, which will be discussed in sections below.

Key Features

-Reflective ThermaCapture Technology for heat
-Takes just two minutes to inflate
-Includes a repair kit and a stuff sack
-Three sizes of small, regular, and large
-Regular size is 20 x 72 in.;2.5 in. thick; weighs 12 oz.
-Size of a water bottle of one-liter size when packed down
-Baffled construction of Core Matrix that is triangular
-Has an R-value of 3.2
-Fabric covering is no-slip and texture


Taking just under two minutes to inflate by using the valve to blow in air, this ultralight product sets up quick and breaks down just as fast. For longer trips with many nights use of this mattress in a row, this inflating can become tiring and time-consuming, according to some buyers. When all things are considered though, those same people stated that it is worth the effort for the comfort and little weight of the item. It can be hard for users to inflate this mattress by mouth every time, as it takes about 20 good blows to inflate it fully, most customers claim. You can use a stuff sack pump as a few buyers did to inflate it quickly and easily. You get a repair kit and a stuff sack for convenience in using this item for all of your backpacking and camping needs. It may take a few tries to roll the mattress just right to remove all of the air and fit it perfectly into the sack.


Offered in three different sizes of small, regular, and large, we will refer to the regular size when we mention size or weight in this review. It is the most common size purchased by users, so it is only fitting to choose that one for the best comparison of products. The regular is 20 x 72 inches in size in contrast to the small of 20 x 47 inches and the large of 25 x 77 inches. After using the NeoAir regular, many people were not pleased with the size and how well they were able to stay on the pad. It was too narrow for many people, as they could not comfortably have their arms by their sides when lying flat on the mattress. They regretted not buying the large size for the added room. The best aspect of this product and the main reason why customers are attracted to it is the compressed size and weight. When packed down for storage and carrying, the unit becomes the size of a water bottle of one-liter size. This is quite remarkable when you consider that it is a mattress that is the size of a human body. The added reflective features and comfy baffles are a great bonus!


Stability is provided with the baffled construction of the Core Matrix that is triangular. This technology also decreases heat loss. With an R-value of 3.2, the NeoAir Ultralight is considered warm with the baffles and heat retention qualities. A higher R-value indicates the insulation of the item is good. Sleeping bags will remain in place while sleeping, according to the manufacturer, with the fabric covering that is no-slip and textured. This is not what plenty of buyers experienced when using this mattress during their camping and backpacking trips, as they had to struggle to remain on the pad when turning over or moving. It was even slippery for a few users, as they had to work to keep their sleeping bags on the mattress during the night.


When sleeping around others during a camping outing, you worry about disturbing others with your movements or noises in the night. we all know that air mattresses, in general, can be very noisy with crinkling sounds when the user moves or turns over. There are numerous comments about how noisy this mattress is, but there are also testaments about how quiet it is too. The noisy remarks outnumber the quiet ones, but several people explained why this item makes noise in their feedback. At first, it will make some noise, but with use, the sounds will decrease to eventually no noise at all. Those who have used this product for some time say that this is true. Breaking it in makes it more pleasurable to you and everyone around you. This is a good excuse to go on more camping trips and enjoy the great outdoors.


Mainly used for mountaineering, camping, and backpacking, the NeoAir Ultralight is perfect to use for any type of outdoor sleeping you must do. It is perfect for alpine adventures in the three best seasons, as most people avoid camping in the dead cold of winter. In our research of customer comments and reviews, we came across people who used this item in hammocks and tents, using extra pads or nothing at all. The flexibility for combining it with other sleeping items is great, and you are only limited by your imagination. For long trips outdoors, when your gear must be carried on foot, the minimal weight of this terrific mattress makes it perfect for having in the backpack.


The weight of this air mattress is even expressed in the name of the product twice. It is very light, even remarkably light, which was the desired effect of the manufacturer. The small is 8 ounces, the regular is 12 ounces, and the large is 16 ounces. The materials and design are tapered for optimum performance in a lightweight product. Bulk is eliminated with this construction, which makes it ideal for expeditions that require minimal weight gear. The tapered design does not compromise on warmth though, as this product is quite warm with the added qualities worked in. if a nice pad with the least amount of weight is what you want, then this is the item for your backpacking, hiking, and camping needs.

Ease of Use

Besides being light and compressible, the NeoAir is quite easy to use also. It sets up fast in a tent or bivy, so when a storm, bad weather, or nightfall is approaching fast, you will not need much time to get this mattress inflated and in place for the night. When stored, it should be rolled tightly with the valve left open and placed in the stuff sack. It will guard against sharp objects and dirt from contacting the mattress, which could decrease its useful life. We want to comment in this section of a highly discussed issue in the customer feedback online. The matter of the UltraLite losing air during the night as you sleep to wake and find that your product has deflated by morning to a good degree. If you blow up the mattress by mouth with your hot breath, then you will experience some deflating. It is a matter of the hot air you put in it cooling down and lessening the air amount in the item. The night temperatures, especially in cold or freezing environments, drop causing this to happen with an air mattress. This is not a flaw or problem with this particular product. You can inflate early and then add more air right before sleeping to combat this issue.

Bottom Line

It is not wide enough. The surface can be slippery. This product makes noise when moving or turning on it. These are the most common complaints about the NeoAir Ultralight online from recent buyers who would possibly buy another model if they could redo their purchase. When you consider the goal of the manufacturer to create a minimally-sized air mattress that is the lightest in weight and compressed greatly, then the result is not disappointing. It is a pad to give comfort to side-sleepers and not a full-sized twin item that allows turning over without touching the ground. The dimensions of the product are clearly given in the product description, so the size is not a surprise. There is a non-slip fabric coating on the item to prevent slipping, and we addressed the remarks about the noise of the new mattress. With use, the sounds become non-existent. Depending on your level of tolerance for these mentioned qualities, you will either love or dislike the NeoAir Air Mattress. Many people are greatly satisfied and appreciative of its comfort characteristics that they enjoy during their outdoor trips. We think that despite its small size and initial “new” noise, it is an excellent product that is durable, lightweight, compressible, supportive, stable, warm, and easy to use with a good ground feel. We think that you will like the NeoAir Mattress too!