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Deuter Speed Lite 20 Review Facts

The Deuter Speed Lite 20 is a lightweight hiking backpack that is a go-to hiking pack not only for hikers but climbers, cyclists, and skiers as well. Because of the pack's several equipment loops, you can be prepared for a number of different activities based on how you choose to outfit yourself. The pack is also one of the most comfortable on the market. This is thanks to its adjustable design making it compatible for a variety of different heights, and its premium designed padding that keeps you comfortable but doesn't sacrifice support. As one of the more affordable options out there it's going to serve buyers well in several different areas and its ability to cross markets makes it ideal for those who like to enjoy the outdoors in several different ways.

Editor's Pros & Cons



Decent Storage

Great for short distance hiking


Waist Belt isn't padded

Not good for multiday hikes


This hiking pack is built to feel comfortable even when you find yourself out on the trail all day. The shoulder straps use a padded design that helps to cushion the weight of the pack as it rests against and on your body. If you've used any pack that has been equipped with drawstring or less than comfortable shoulder straps before then the pain of being able to feel the weight digging into your body as you work your way along the trail is one you may be familiar with. By having the padded shoulder straps on the Deuter Speed Lite 20, you'll hopefully be able to avoid this incredibly uncomfortable sensation and be able to enjoy your time outside all the more. The hiking pack is also equipped with a Goldilocks-style padding that runs along the back of the pack. With a padding firmness that is neither too stiff or too soft, it should feel comfortable against your back all day without any complaints. This is important because much like your shoulders the back padding is something you'll have in direct contact with you whenever you wear this pack, meaning that the more comfortable that it is and the better it feels the more you'll enjoy using it for your outdoor adventures and subsequently the better you're going to feel about your investment. This hiking pack is also going to be great for a wide array of individuals with different heights. It's adjustable straps and chest strap means that it can be tailored to fit you as best as possible. Rather than a generic one size fits all or highly specialized sizing technique, the adjustable strap design means that whether you're short, tall, or someone still growing you'll be able to get the most out of this hiking pack. Simply adjust the straps to where they feel comfortable and fit the best and you'll be able to spend whole days, hiking, climbing, or skiing without feeling uncomfortable with how the pack fits you.


This lightweight hiking pack comes with plenty of different features designed to make your day out on the trail or scaling a cliff face as enjoyable and effortless as possible. The athletic V-shape and adjustable chest strap provide an easy way to customize the feel of your pack while wearing it and keep your range of movement as open as possible. These features are important for guaranteeing your comfort when you're out using the pack and will be very appreciated when your hikes start going from just a quick two hour trail to the longer portion of a day, allowing you to enjoy the natural wonder and beauty of the world with the necessities you need close and easily accessible. This hiking pack also features several different kinds of equipment and periphery loops you can use to hold items you may need throughout your activities. The shoulder straps are equipped with sunglasses loops so that you can keep your favorite pair of shades handy on the trail. For anyone that's experience changing weather patterns on a five-hour hike you know, it's always better to be prepared for what the change might bring. It could mean an overcast day becomes surprisingly sunny by noon or maybe you won't need that pair of shades as much after two o'clock. The other equipment loops featured on the pack are ideal for hiking and climbing equipment you may be bringing with you as well as a safety light loop. These other loops are capable of carrying helmets, ice axes, and hiking poles as well as many other things that would fall in between. This offers different ways to use an enjoy this pack and pretty much guarantees that you'll be able to use it for more than just a couple of hikes a month. The Deuter Speed Lite 20 is also equipped with a few ease of use features designed to keep you moving without having to haul anything extra with you on the trail. Glove-friendly loops on the zippers allow you to open the pack up with relative ease and access any items you may have stowed inside for while you're out and about. And while the packs also have side water bottle pockets too there's a built-in sleeve that you can place a hydration pack into. This sleeve allows you to run your hydration tube from the pack and get your water directly without having to reach back every time and hope you that you don't fumble around and drop a water bottle down a nearby ridge or cliff face.


Priced very affordably, this hiking pack is going to be a great price and one that's hard to beat. At a time when most drawstrings bag and school bags cost you an arm and a leg, this reliable, comfortable, and durable hiking pack is well worth the price. This price tag brings a lot to the table in regards to usefulness and comfort, and this bag is definitely designed as an all-around economic option for the hiking and outdoorsman on a budget. Being able to carry the supplies necessary for more aggressive hikes like poles and ice axes is a great feature that shouldn't be passed up on if you see yourself pushing the limits in the future. If you are someone more oriented towards light hiking where the enjoyment is the experience out in the natural world then buying this pack is still going to be the right choice. The comfort and support this pack has to offer are going to help keep your hikes light and breezy and you able and willing to keep pushing forward throughout the day. There are definitely packs out on the market that will have more to offer and are specialize in different ways but you'll be hard pressed to find them in such an affordable price range. This pack is fantastic for the price and an investment that is well worth it if you're someone who enjoys day hikes and moving quickly along the trail.


This hiking pack is going to be a premier option for short hikes and day-long hiking trips. Because of how light it is and its versatility, it's best suited for those situations where you won't need to be carrying an extra change of clothes and a single person tent. The ability to carry equipment with it though does mean that you can use it for some more challenging hiking experiences and as a climbing pack when scaling cliff faces. It's best used in ways that would be considered one-day activities or activities where you'll have the main place that you're leaving from. This means that the pack is going to be acting as a secondary pack on camping trips, primary pack for when you may be skiing or climbing, and a great primary pack when you're doing a hike on a local trail or nearby state park. The pack can still be used for longer and more challenging hikes, but this will be primarily as an emergency or backup pack. Because of its lightweight design and ability to be compact when not loaded up with gear and supplies, it will fit effortlessly in the bottom of your main pack. It isn't going to be able to ever fully replace the main pack on a multi-day hiking expedition, but it will still be useful in an emergency situation, and it's always better to be prepared and not need it rather than to need it and not be prepared in those types of situations.

Key Features

The features that are going to get the most use from you and are by far the ones that draw buyers in the most are the hydration sleeve, equipment loops, and adjustable straps. The hydration sleeve is ideal for anyone that has become accustomed to being able to use a hydration pack. Anyone that has transitioned into using one of these packs knows that the ease of access and ability to use them without having to fumble around or make a stop is something you start to not want to live without. While this hiking pack doesn't have its own hydration pack you're still going to be able to either use the one you already own or purchase one if you don't and slide it right into the sleeve. This style of hydration is one of the best and it'll keep your hand free for the most part. While water bottles are still great, and no one is saying they're about to become the technology of the past, there's just something different about being able to drink hands-free while on the trail or doing something else. The equipment loops are phenomenal and probably the most well thought out in regards to boosting the diversity and usefulness of this hiking pack. Being able to gear up with your hiking poles, ice axes, or helmet and pretty much anything in between that will fit in the loop is invaluable. This makes the pack pretty much an anytime anyplace kind of hiking back it's that type of flexibility that's hard to beat. Being able to avoid three separate packs in exchange for the one is a great investment and easy money saver. The adjustable straps are pretty much an added bonus in regards to comfort. It makes the hiking pack compatible with you or pretty much anyone in your family and if you have a kid that's just as enthusiastic about getting out as you are but you know they're still growing the ability to adjust means that they can use this pack for longer than just a year. This saves you time and money shopping and also means that you'll be able to grow to love this pack as a dependable hiking pack and product as you use it time and time again.

Bottom Line

Bottom line this is going to be one of the best hiking packs available, especially for the affordable price. The design is tailored towards comfort for the wearer regardless if they're going to be doing a one hour hike, a day-long hike, rock climbing, or enjoying fresh powder on the slopes. The equipment loops compliment this multipurpose style and you'll be able to carry, enjoy, and use pretty much any piece of equipment you'll need to do these activities. This is all while the pack itself stays lightweight and ultra compact. Due to this pack's size and material you can still keep it handy as an emergency pack on longer hikes, simply packing it up with the rest of your gear inside of the main pack. This pack's hydration sleeve is also a difficult thing to pass up on simply because of how much easier and streamlined it makes your activities. Rather than pull yourself out of the zone, make a stop, fumble around, and then get some water you can enjoy hands-free hydration with the hydration pack. There's a lot of packs out there on the market right now that are all designed for different things, but for a pack that you can use in multiple situations and get the most for your money, this is going to be it. It's an affordable hiking pack with an array of uses, that fits comfortably and works great.