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Coleman Propane Stove Review Facts

The Coleman Classic Propane Stove is a reliable and durable camping stove on the market. With a multi-piece metal build, it will be able to stand up to some abuse while you're out enjoying the natural world. Whether you accidentally drop it while unpacking or it just takes a few bangs while getting move around the site you can rely on it to still work. It also provides a consistent source of heat for whatever you're cooking through its "Perfect Flow" and "Perfect Heat" systems.

These systems are designed to give you a consistent and reliable way to cook your meals and get your coffee ready trip after trip. Shipped with attachable wind blockers you'll also be able to reliably cook your meals even if the weather starts to look worse than you would like it too. When life gets tough this propane stove proves that it's tougher and will continue to work through most conditions. You'll be hard pressed to find a better stove for under this price. It'll likely be one of the only camping propane stoves you buy for the foreseeable future.

Editor's Pros & Cons



Wind Blockers

Consistent Heat


Only two burners

Doesn't boil the fastest


This Coleman Classic Propane is one of the more durable camping stoves on the market. While it's frame is made of several individual pieces and it comes with detachable wind blockers it can still withstand some force and will survive being dropped or falling out of the car when you're unpacking. This is because the pieces themselves are made from rather durable metal and won't bend or break simply from have a little pressure placed on them. For anyone that has gone through some serious camping before the opportunity for outside forces to test your equipment is always there and this stove is able to stand up to those tests fairly well. The stove itself is also one of the most consistent models on the market. While it won't be the fast boiling or longest slow cooking stove you can buy even after being exposed to adverse conditions and being put through the wringer it will still deliver reliable and consistent performance. In the entropic environment of the outdoors where there's no guarantee of always having a reliable fire or another way to cook this is a major plus. Most camping enthusiasts and outdoorsmen will definitely take reliability over flashiness any day of the week, and in regards to that, this propane stove is going to be right up your alley. This isn't to say that it's recommended to toss this stove down a cliff and then test it to see if it works but, it's still going to be a reliable stove if you happen to drop it while setting up or are experiencing some less than ideal conditions when it comes to building a fire.


This propane camping stove has quite a few features, some that may come to mind as basic necessities for an easy to operate stove and others that are luxuries when you find yourself out in the woods cooking up a delicious meal. The propane fuel source is somewhat of a given. At this point in time, many people are aware of the necessity for propane stoves while camping, and even if you're doing your camping in parks that provide electrical power this source of fuel is going to be the best way to go. When you're using propane the worries of how long your extension cord is or whether or not the rain is going to severely damage your stove kind of fly out of the window. A propane fuel source is not going to only be easier to manage in the long run but will also be more reliable as you begin to face more adverse conditions. In rainy and stormy whether your electrical device my short circuit or experience some sort of other power-related events that prevents it from working, because you're using propane canisters for this stove however it won't experience these types of setbacks. And while some people may be worried about the possibility of wind and rain ruining an open flame this propane stove comes with a few extra features that are designed to keep that flame burning and your fuel cooking. The Perfect Flow and Perfect heat systems are both designed to maintain the heat while also maintaining a steady combustion process. This means that while your fuel is running low or you're getting those gusts of wind as a storm front moves in your little propane stove is going to continue chugging along with the same reliability and consistency you expect. These two design features accompanied with the attachable wind blockers will make sure that your flame almost never goes out.

There are a lot of instances where you may not need the wind blockers and that's great, you can remove them and have more space on your burners, but in the event that you do all these features combine to give you a better experience and easier time even if the weather isn't always in your favor. One of the more homebound features that will remind you of your kitchen stove more than it will remind you of camping in the woods is this propane stove's adjustable burners. While this may be considered a given by some there are still burners and stoves on the market that will have a primary focused flame and not give you the option to give your flame the intensity, or lack thereof, that you want. This can be frustrating for a lot of people and if you're one of the more skilled outdoors chefs, it can ruin whatever dish you're trying to make. For a lot of people camping can be a hard and challenging experience, especially if it's their first time, so why make it any more difficult by limiting the foods and dishes their ability to cook and at what temperature when you don't have to?


This stove is priced at extremely reasonably. In an era where everything can be overdesigned to be the flashiest thing on the market and cost you more than an arm and a leg this stove is designed for functionality and priced at a point where buying it is a great investment. It's reliability and usefulness go rather unmatched and the stove has developed a reputation over the years for being able to make through rough conditions year after year. Its wind blockers are going to let you keep the heat going and the cooking happening even when the weather starts taking a turn for the worse and the ability to not have to rely on an electric power source is unmatched even if many campgrounds are continuing to upgrade more site with outlets. It's not the flashiest or fastest stove you'll be able to find on the market but it's going to be one of the most reliable stoves you find and at one of the lowest prices you'll see. There are a few things in the world that will be worth more money and even your weight in gold but why spend a hundred dollars or more when you can get this propane stove for such an affordable price?


This propane camp stove is going to be ideal for, you guessed it, camping. While it doesn't bring the bulkiest frame to the table it's still going to be a great choice for those easy go to camp meals. This means that for the most part even if you're an adventurous chef while outdoors you should consider sticking to some simpler and easy to make meals. This is for a couple of different reasons, first of you're working with a much more limited fuel source than the one you have at home. When you're cooking at your house the burners on your stove are most likely not going to turn off until you tell them to turn off. This is great and it lets you slow cook and simmer a lot of different things right on your stove top, but when you're camping the amount of fuel you have to burn is based on what you bring, and this means that if you run out whether you planned on being done with your dish or not your burner will turn off. The second is because there's only so much workable space on top of the burners when you're working on a camp stove. When cooking at home your space is most likely at least doubles but when putting together something delectable for you and the people at your site you're only going to have those two burners in front of you to work with. This means keeping your meals simple is the best way to go and is going to help you deliver some of the best flavors for everyone to enjoy. Don't let these two things limit what you can expect from this stove overall though.

While it is ideal for smaller groups and simple meals, that doesn't mean that it's fragile or going to give up on you just because there's some rain. This stove was built and designed to stand up to adverse weather conditions and allow you to cook while out in nature. It's consistent and reliable flame will let you keep cooking even when the rain starts to come and the wind kicks up. And because the stove comes with attachable wind blockers you can protect the flame from incoming gust by simply attaching them. This type of reliability is invaluable and most outdoorsmen are going to recommend it over flashiness. It might not come with Bluetooth or a charging port but it is going to be able to cook your food rain or shine and maintain the consistent heat you experienced on day one trip after trip, year after year.

Bottom Line

Bottom line this is going to not only be one of the most affordable propane camping stoves you can find on the market but it is also going to be one of the most reliable. The solid metal frame is going to keep your stove protected when it's stowed away and the casing will prevent it from taking any serious damage if it falls out of the car while you're unpacking or experiences any other unintended blunt force. The stoves reliable and consistent heat source makes it ideal for knowing what you're getting and keeping cook times around the same length no matter how many camping trips you take it one. The different feature's that Coleman has packed into this little stove are also going to be great for keeping you not only fed and satisfied buy for keeping the stove in optimal working condition even when the weather around you is leaving you wanting. The attachable wind blockers will help to guarantee that even if a storm front is moving in and the wind is picking up that your flame won't go out while you're cooking. The Perfect Flow and Perfect Heat systems will help to deliver consistent heat and fuel to the stove even while the conditions take a turn for the worse so that even if everyone in your group gets a little wet and rainy you'll be able to provide a warm friendly cup of Joe.

As far as camp stoves go this one is ultra reliable and durable while using a fuel source that is compact and able to keep burning through some of the worst weather conditions. It's going to get the job done no matter what and when it comes down to it, if you're out in the elements and you need a way to make food then that's what matters.