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Primus Omnilite TI Stove Review Facts

The Primus Omnilite TI Stove can be used in any weather conditions and season. It is perfect for camping, fishing, hunting, climbing, and backpacking because of it durable, compact, and lightweight form. This cooking stove has a large heat output and can burn many types of fuel. It operates well on butane, kerosene, petrol, aviation fuel, and propane, while most other outdoor cooking stoves will only accommodate propane tanks. Larger pots can be used because of the wide supports, plus this terrific model has a few settings for the strength of the flame. You can simmer foods instead of having to boil them rapidly if you choose. The many accessories that come in this camping kit are marvelous. Besides the stove and the carrying case that holds everything neatly, you get a foldable windscreen, an Ergo pump, a fuel bottle, a multi-tool that has a cleaning needle, a heat reflector, and a gas cartridge. ThisĀ cooking stove has a boil time of just under three minutes, does not take much maintenance to keep it in good shape, and burns the fuel clean. This is a workhorse of a stove that you can depend on and trust to work when you need it and wherever you need it. Let us now look at some of the ideal features in better detail, so you will know if the Omnilite is right for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Can be used with regular cooking pots and pans
  • Operates on many types of fuels
  • Comes with many accessories including a case
  • Works effectively and efficiently
  • Can accommodate larger pots than most models
  • Does not come with a pot and is loud according to buyers
  • Carrying case was large, heavy, and bulky for some people


The Omnilite is the winner of several outdoor equipment awards for its excellent design and superior dependability. It is lighter, smaller, and more efficient than the OmniFuel according to the manufacturer and is the most advanced stove for camping and backpacking ever. The Omnilite is also more stable than the OmniFuel model and operates on less power. This model was created for the new wave of pots that are fuel-efficient that include a fuel exchange says the maker. It is superior to any other model of its kind in many ways. Campers and backpackers that have bought both models will attest to the superiority of the Omnilite over the OmniFuel. It is a new breed of stoves to better meet the outdoor needs of the Primus customer.


When you are picking out your camping gear you want to make sure you have not only the latest technology that manufacturers have to offer but also the most durable items they can create. The Omnilite is such a piece of equipment that you can depend on for reliable durability. It is tough and can take plenty of rough use in harsh surroundings. This ideal stove can be utilized in any season and in any climate. It is awesomely stable, long-lasting, and dependable in the most rugged weather environments. Customers have used them on hikes in the mountains and in the treacherous conditions in Alaska. Wherever you need a trustworthy stove for your cooking and heating needs, the Omnilite is ready to serve. It is an improved model that has the advanced technology that others do not. One great feature of this stove is the strong titanium construction of the supports and windscreen. This gives the overall product increased lightness in weight and stability. Even though it is not the smallest or most compact stove on the market, the Omnilite can be trusted to be the best.

Key Features

-Durable, long-lasting, compact, and lightweight
-Operates in rugged weather environments
-Weighs just twelve ounces with the pump
-Kit includes many accessories and a carrying case
-Great for any outdoor activity such as backpacking and camping
-Has a wide support and a large heat output for larger pots
-Can be used in any season or weather environment
-Has a fast boil time for water and liquids
-Can simmer foods easily on lower heating setting
-Will burn on six kinds of fuel
-Burns clean and has little maintenance
-Simple to clean and maintain with the cleaning needle


A compact size is certainly what you want in a camping or backpacking stove because of the limited space you have in duffels and backpacks. Although the Omnilite has a compact form, it is not the smallest of stoves. That was not the intent of the manufacturers. The purpose of this model was to create a product that was lighter in weight, more efficient, and more stable than previous models. This incredible stove can also accommodate the larger pots, which most of the smaller models cannot support. it just breaks down to the type of stove you are looking for to suit your particular needs. This is a workhorse of a stove that is compact like the others but just was not built to be the smallest stove they could possibly make. One buyer even complained about the heavy bulky case this stove comes in. this is probably because he knows it is not the smallest stove available. The Omnilite weighs just twelve ounces with the pump and eight-and-a-half ounces without it, so it is not heavy by any means. It folds into a compact size and is 6.8 inches by 4 inches and 8.5 inches tall when ready to use. as you can see by the dimensions, if tiny is what you are looking for then this is not the model for you. Dependable, lightweight, well-built, strong, fuel-efficient, and long-lasting are the better adjectives to describe this excellent outdoor cooking stove.


The terrific Omnilite includes several accessories besides the Cordura storage bag. The kit includes a gas cartridge, a foldable windscreen, an Ergo pump, a heat reflector, a fuel bottle (without the fuel), and a multi-tool that has a cleaning needle. Each piece fits neatly into the storage case. One buyer said that he thought the bag was too big for the stove, as he could fit everything in the case and had room left over. We do not see this as a problem because if you have ever been on a camping trip, you will know that there is no such thing as wasted space. If you do indeed have extra space in the case, then by all means, put some other gear in there to make use of every inch you have. The durable windscreen does just what the name says, it protects the flame while you use the stove from strong winds that would douse the fire. It is truly a valuable asset in the windier places. The fuel bottle, of course, comes without the fuel and is to be used for types of fuel such as gasoline. The multi-tool is a nice addition, plus it has the cleaning needle used to keep the cooking stove in its prime condition. The one accessory that some other compact outdoor stoves come with is a custom pot to cook with, but any regular cooking pots that can fit on this burner without being a problem of tipping over or falling off is ideal.


The stability of the Omnilite comes from its manual ignition, its Primus Ergo pump, and its flexibility to operate well in any season or weather environment. Some other models of similar stoves have their own mode of ignition, but because the Omnilite can use multiple sources of fuel, the best way of igniting its flame is by a handheld lighter or matches. Being able to function in numerous surroundings is a huge plus that you will soon appreciate should you choose to purchase one of these remarkable cooking stoves. It is a stable stove that will not disappoint no matter where you are. Even in the coldest of climates, it can put out a strong source of heat to handle all of your cooking and boiling needs. The wide support for larger pots also adds an element of stability in securing the product for a heavier workload. This impressive stove is so advantageous for trekkers, backpackers, campers, hunters, fishermen, and mountain climbers.


For whatever your cooking stove needs are, the Omnilite can handle it well. It has a quick boil time of 2.5 minutes and a burn time for one fuel cartridge of 100 minutes. According to the manufacturer, it is terrific for one or two people, but some customers said it worked well for three or four people too. This really depends on what you are cooking with the product. A group of four people could do well with dehydrated foods and just using the stove for boiling water to reconstitute the foods. The fuel you have will last longer also, even with additional people. The Omnilite works well with regular pots that will fit on the burner. Nothing special needs to be purchased to use with this item. One of the most noted features of this excellent stove it that it can simmer foods easily on a lower heat setting. Sometimes stoves just give you the option of on and off without being able to set the strength of the flame. You can adjust the flame as you like with this amazing stove.

Power Source

The many fuel types that can be used with the Omnilite is the most outstanding quality. While most models of outdoor cooking stoves only run on propane tanks, this piece of equipment can use the fuels of diesel, butane, propane, kerosene, aviation fuel, and petrol. It has three jets to accommodate these fuel types and is faster to heat than some other multifuel systems on the market. This wonderful stove has a large heat output, burns clean, and has little maintenance. The knob on the flame control is even very easy to use with gloves on the hands. This means that you do not have to freeze in the frozen tundra to turn your stove on and off by taking off your much-needed gloves. As you can see, plenty of thought for the user and his or her needs went into the making of this incredible stove.

The Bottom Line

If you prefer to cook in the outdoors with multiple fuel types and use your own pots and pans, then the Primus Omnilite TI Stove is just for you. It uses almost any fuel type you can think of for a stove, except firewood, and will work well with regular pots, even larger ones. This cooking stove has a wide support base that can handle the extra weight and size, plus it can be adjusted to simmer instead of cooking at a full boil. This terrific stove will outlast and outperform most current models with which you are familiar. It is an improved model of the OmniFuel that the manufacturer made for enhanced efficiency and functioning. It can take rough treatment from travel and fold into a compact size for simple transport. This product is lightweight, durable, and has a fast boil time. With the incredible stove comes several wonderful accessories to make using it so easy. There is a foldable windscreen to keep the wind from blowing out your flame and a fuel bottle for those various fuel types. Keep your stove clean with the cleaning needle on the multi-tool and reflect the heat away from you with the helpful heat reflector. Anyone who enjoys trips in the outdoors, either near home or away, would benefit greatly from this terrific cooking stove. It is light enough to take in any backpack or duffel and will be worth more than its weight in its ability to provide you with hot food and beverages. According to the satisfied online customers who bought and are using the Omnilite, it is a reliable piece of equipment that they are so glad they own. Maybe it is the perfect one for you too?