Primus Eta Lite Stove System

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Primus Eta Lite Stove System Review Facts

The Primus Eta Lite Stove System beats its competitors in efficiency, durability, and technology. It has an automatic ignition, weighs less than one pound, and can boil water in less than two minutes. Included with the excellent stove is a pot with a lid, a strong foot support, a multifunctional strap, an igniter, and a durable case to hold it all in. Everything packs into the remarkable pot easily, which can then be stored in the case for transport. The lid for the pot has several jobs. It is a mug for drinking, a lid for the pot when cooking, a strainer for steamed vegetables or cooked rice and pasta, and a storage top to hold everything in the pot when not in use. Unlike some other popular stove models, the Eta Lite uses a twisting motion to connect the pot to the stove for a stable cooking platform. It easily twists apart for storing it too. You know the pot will not fall off of the burner this way making it a much safer piece of equipment. There is even a foot support to increase the stability of this excellent product. A lower burner makes the Eta Lite safer too and more reliable in windy areas. The included windscreen also helps with this. As a backpacking and camping stove for one or two people, the Eta Lite is hard to beat. Many satisfied online customers vouch for its greatness and reliable service. Let’s take a closer look at how this wonderful stove can improve the enjoyment and flexibility of your next adventure into the great outdoors.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Is lightweight and compact in design
  • Can boil water quickly and efficiently
  • Comes with several terrific accessories
  • Has multifunctional parts
  • Includes an igniter and a foot support
  • Lid could fit a bit tighter on the pot
  • Some people had trouble with the included igniter
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  • This small camping stove boils water impressively fast.
  • The lightweight and compact design make it easily portable.
  • It is very fuel efficient and will support a few days of camping on a single gas canister.
  • All of the parts pack down well.
  • A Primus coffee press accessory can be purchased separately.
  • First time camping stove users say this is simple to use.
  • The included mug can boil enough water for two dehydrated meals.
  • Compared to similar camping stoves on the market, this is sold at a reasonable price and many buyers found it on sale.
  • This is a good choice for solo or couple camping.
  • The boil cup connection is easy and works very well.
  • Many buyers who have tried other brands' compact camping stoves prefer many features of this one.
  • The materials are strong and durable.
  • The lid can double as a cup.
  • The flame is easily adjustable for safety and convenience.
  • It comes with support legs to use additional pots or pans.
  • There are common complaints about trouble with the integrated ignitor not working over time.
  • The lid does not fit snuggly and can come loose when packed.
  • The included mug is small and can only boil up to 2.5 cups steadily without overflowing.
  • There are mixed reviews on the ease of pouring water from the mug.
  • It is a little heavier than similar camping stoves from other sellers.
  • It can be difficult to light in windy conditions.
  • It does not come with a carrying case.
  • The handle can easily come loose when positioned for storing.
  • Although rare, there are a few reports of the pot insulator melting a little when it is too hot.
  • Overall, the base is small so it needs to be used on a flat, steady surface.
  • One reviewer noted that parts were missing when ordered from a third party seller.
  • There are limited reviews on long-term durability.
  • This is a compact camping stove so it is designed for 1-2 people and not group use.
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The Eta Lite has a lower burner than most competitor models. It is due to the technology of the Laminar Flow Burner, which leads to a more compact stove and a lighter than is more stable. The stove and gas cartridge fit snugly into the aluminum pot for flexible and compact fit. This is a highly efficient stove that can boil water in approximately just two minutes. The cooking cup and the stove burner are connected together by hand for cooking and then disconnected for storing. This stable connection is one of the unique features of the Eta Lite that makes it stand out from the competition. The lid of the pot has a strainer in it for use in straining steamed vegetables or pasta and is also the piece that holds all of the other pieces in the pot for transport. You can reduce the flame on this stove for the slower cooking of meals, making it a highly flexible outdoor cooking stove that you will enjoy and be glad you have.

Key Features

-Total weight is less than one pound
-Beats competitor brands for efficiency, durability, and technology
-Includes a pot with a lid, igniter, strap, foot support, and case
-Lid is multi-functional as a cup, storage top, and strainer
-Stove and pot have a good twist connector
-Packs easily into the pot and case for transport
-Can boil water in under two minutes for many uses
-Includes a foot support for stability on unstable surfaces
-Flame can be decreased for slower cooking of foods
-Has automatic ignition to eliminate the use of a lighter
-Burner is lower than other models for compactness
-Webbing can be used as a pot handle


The first requirement of a backpacking and camping stove is that it must actually work and do the job it is intended to do. The second obligation is that it must be compact and also lightweight. The Eta Lite fits this category by being very lightweight at just under one pound and being four inches by six inches in diameter. This small compact form makes it marvelous for camping cooking purposes. The included pot holds .5 liters and has a liquid capacity of 16.9 ounces. Because of the small size, the capabilities are somewhat limited to small meals of vegetables, rice or pasta in individual portions, and making tea or coffee. It is valuable for boiling water for reconstituting dehydrated foods also. Most consumers used it for this purpose, especially if there were more than just two people in the camping group. A little hot water can go a long way with dehydrated meals. The Eta Lite comes highly recommended by buyers who love this little stove and say that it is certainly worth the money. The fuel costs are not expensive either because one canister does last a surprisingly long time. It does the job quick and saves you in fuel expenses.


The manufacturers of this splendid product took their time and came up with a great stove that not only has plenty of reliable features but is also stable and trustworthy in the outdoors. The connection of the pot and burner plus the durable foot support are the stability factors of this stove. The pot connects directly to the burner of the stove for the best convenience and performance on camping and backpacking trips. The Eta Lite is sturdy because of the locking mechanism, making it a sturdy and long-lasting piece of equipment. Efficiency is maximized because of the included heat exchanger and the windscreen that is built into the model. This windscreen can save from many blowouts in windy environments that would normally be quite aggravating to deal with. Attach the stabilizer to the fuel canister to make the stove base wider for more stability on uneven ground. One of the features you really want in an outdoor stove is stability because of the open flame. Customers say in their online feedback that the Eta Lite is well-crafted, well-engineered, and constructed better than the popular JetBoil stove. Some said that it even beats out the MSR Reactor 1-Liter because of the incredible features, boil times, hanging kit, wind resistance, and functional abilities. We can say from all of our research that it is definitely one of the better choices for outdoor cooking.


Several accessories come with this excellent stove. You get a Piezo ignitor, a gas cartridge, a hard aluminum anodized pot with a lid, a durable foot support, and a case that is heat-resistant with a safety strap. Some people had trouble with the igniter, but after working with the stove and becoming more familiar with it, they were able to get it working just fine. The strong foot support gives you a stable place to put the stove on uneven surfaces. Everything packs into the pot, which then can be put in the strong case. The included strap closure has several functions. Use it as a handle, a hanger, and a latch for storing. Although the connection of the stove and the pot is not an accessory, it is one of the ideal features that makes this magnificent stove so remarkable. The mechanism for latching them together is easier to line up than the JetBoil competitor because it is done with a simple twist.


Because of its small size, the uses of the Eta Lite are limited and it works best for just one or two people. It is invaluable though as a source of boiling water, melting snow, making coffee and tea, and cooking small portion meals. It is ideal for backpacking and camping because it is lightweight and stores in a small space. The fuel that is used is a small canister that lasts a long time. Many customers were gladly surprised at just how far one container of fuel really goes. One camper brought three canisters of fuel for a week trip of four guys, but only used one container of fuel for all of their freeze-dried meals and coffee. You can cook meals that only need one pot quickly, such as rice or pasta. The boiling time is fast at under two minutes for two cups of water. This wonderful item comes with a coffee press that can make coffee for two in a few minutes. As many of the satisfied online buyers stated, this great stove works like a champ and is great quality for a good price.

Ease of Use

You can use this incredible stove while it is suspended thanks to the durable webbing strap on the cozy. It is also used as a handle for the pot when used for cooking and as a top strap when packed away. This holds the multi-piece unit together easily. The durable lid too is also multi-functional, as it can be used on the pot while cooking to decrease the cooking times, on the pot in storage to help contain all of the parts in the pot, or separately as a mug from which you can drink. The Primus Eta Lite lights easily and quickly with a piezo integrated lighter. Most campers usually bring a lighter or box of matches just in case it is needed for emergencies, but with this included lighter, there should be no need for a regular lighter. Not only is the Eta Lite easy to use, but it is also simple to pack away and transport because of its compact size and the way it all packs into the pot.

Power Source

The Eta Lite has an automatic ignition and uses isobutane-propane fuel in a canister for its power source. It has the best heat transfer because of the direct connection of the pot and the stove. One canister of fuel will give about one hour of burn time and these can be purchased online too. This terrific model includes a lower burner than other leading models on the market currently. It is easier to cook on a lower burner and the wind will not affect the flame as much. Being low, the stove packs easier due to the compact form. A taller model adds more weight and space used to the pack unnecessarily. Accidents from the pot falling from the stove are reduced or less extreme because of a lower burner too. The included cooking cup has an insulated cozy that stays on during cooking. It increases the efficiency and heat retention during the cooking process.

The Bottom Line

Nothing could be nicer than being out in the woods or mountain area and being able to cook some small meals or make a cup of coffee hot off the stove. Camping stoves, such as the Primus Eta Lite Stove System, make this all possible and enjoyable. It is a compact lightweight piece of equipment that can boil water quickly for coffee, tea, or to reconstitute dehydrated food packs, or it can cook small portions of pasta, vegetable, or rice fast. It is not only compact in size, but the several accessories also compact into the incredible pot and case for transporting. The mug is just as functional with several duties of being a pot lid, storage lid, strainer, and drinking mug. You get a foot support to make the unit stable on uneven ground and an automatic ignition for lighting it. The flame can be decreased to cook foods slower, and the burner is low to make the stove more compact and steadier. It gives the rival stove brands a run for their money because of its durability, efficiency, functionality, and compact form. In order to have hot water, liquids, or foods, while camping or backpacking, a compact cooking stove is a necessity that will make your outdoor experience magnificent. There is nothing like roughing it in the open air, and the Eta Lite can make your trips outstanding and memorable. Plenty of happy online customers think it is one the best camping stoves on the market currently according to their positive feedback and recommendations. Give it a try for your next outdoor excursion, and you will be highly pleased too.