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Garmin Oregon 750 Handheld GPS Review Facts

The Garmin Oregon 750 Handheld GPS is for those who love to travel and know their location and destination points along the way. this is one of the latest models of GPS devices from Garmin, who keeps improving and adding the features that you want and need the most. The Oregon 750 is faster and more accurate than previous models, so if this was an issue for you, then maybe an upgrade to the 750 is needed. This is a rugged outdoor design that will take much punishment and is even water-resistant. It will provide you with active weather, geocaching abilities, ABC sensors, a compass, and a camera besides the GPS capabilities. You can track your location and share it along with photos with others through the Garmin Connect community online. Using the many maps and tracking features, you can retrace your path and view everything on the wide touchscreen. This touchscreen has both portrait and landscape views for your comfort. Choose your mode of power, as the Oregon 750 will accommodate Lithium batteries, AA batteries, or the included NiMH rechargeable pack. You also get the USB cable for recharging too. The features and possibilities of using this wonderful device are many because of its improved technology. Wherever you travel, it will be a much-appreciated piece of equipment for your navigation use. Let’s now take a better look at these fine qualities in greater detail.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Has a durable design that can withstand rough treatment
  • Is water-resistant with a rating of slpx7
  • Includes a wide touchscreen with two ideal views
  • Permits sharing of locations and photos
  • Is an improved model from previous versions
  • Features TracBack to retrace steps and paths taken
  • Entering data can be tedious until you are comfortable with it
  • When it is in a backpack or pocket, screen touches may be made by the device


The Garmin name is notorious for excellence with its many devices for independence and information on the go. As new technology emerges, they enhance their products and grow their business to give you the devices that you desire and want to use. the Oregon 750 is their latest masterpiece for a handheld GPS that can be taken into tough territory in various weather elements. When compared to other Garmin GPS models, this outstanding device is more expensive than the previous model, the Oregon 700, but is cheaper than the 750T edition. It has the same screen size as both the Oregon 700 and the 750T and the same dimensions. However, it is more stable and faster than these two previous Oregon models and has better connectivity. Garmin continues to make improvements on their devices periodically, so their products satisfy you more and give you the freedom and possibilities you want while traveling.


This Garmin model is more rugged than most previous Garmin devices and other current models on the market currently. It includes a rugged outdoor design that is ergonomic and will withstand dirt, dust, and humidity in some of the roughest places you dare to adventure. It is water-resistant and slightly waterproof, as it is rated slpx7 for waterproofness. This wonderful device can take the punishment from the outdoors, as you use it for trail riding, kayaking, hunting, climbing, backpacking, camping, and hiking. Whatever environment you take it to, it will provide you with all of the information you need to help you along the way.


The many features of the Garmin Oregon 750 allow you much flexibility wherever you go. It has a three-inch touchscreen display that is sunlight-readable with the two mode of orientation of portrait and landscape view. With geocaching live, you can use the Bluetooth links and Wi-Fi links to enjoy a geocaching experience. Set the device to remain current with the most recent caches from the Geocaching website. The active weather rugged navigator is prepared for anything. You can get a multilink wireless connection, support from Active Weather with radar animated overlays, and a one-year subscription for BirdsEye Satellite Imagery. It has ABC sensors of tilt-compensated three-axis electronic compass, including barometric altimeter and accelerometer sensors. There is also an autofocus 8-megapixel camera that has LED torch and flash. The many options and possibilities of the Oregon 750 give you so much flexibility in what you can do with it and enhance your travel experience.

Key Features

-Includes geocaching and location tracking that can be shared with others
-Has access to active current weather in any location
-Includes an 8 MP camera with geotagging, flash, and LED
-Has ABC sensors for navigation and weather
-Features a three-axis electronic compass to guide you better
-Rugged, durable, long-lasting, and dependable anywhere
-Allows sharing of photos and locations with the Garmin community
-Has a wide touchscreen with portrait and landscape views
-Includes TrackBack for retracing your path and steps taken
-Has enhanced accuracy and speed over previous models
-Can be powered by three different batteries sources for convenience
-Contains almanac-like information for hunting, fishing, the weather, etc.


There are so many things you can do while traveling with the Oregon 750. You will never feel lost or off-course because of the many maps and location features it has. Download software wirelessly and share you your location or discoveries with other devices because it is compatible with other mobile devices. You can share and upload photos with Garmin Adventures, plus mark locations on the map such as your vehicle, campsite, and interesting points to visit and explore. It has the TracBack feature to aid you in navigating back to the starting point using the same route you came. There is also a digital 8-megapixel camera to capture memories and locations from where you go. These photos are instantly geotagged, so you can find them later in the terrific device. Once you have a handheld device such as this one for a trip, you will never want to be without it again. this is the reason that many buyers have several other Garmin models. Garmin is one of the leading makers of such tracking and navigation products that seasoned users depend on.


One of the major improvements to the Garmin Oregon series with this enhanced model is the accuracy and speed of the service. It has a very quick startup time and will start reliably every time. Several online buyers were pleasantly pleased with the speed of this improved model. Even those who have the other models and are experienced GPS users were very satisfied with the performance of this latest version. The Oregon 750 has a great accuracy of the coordinates, like previous models, and the live geocaching works excellently. Live geocaching permits you to get caches on the go as you travel. With the barometer, you can predict weather changes, and there is better performance with this superb device than with just using a GPS alone in such challenging environments. The weather can change so quickly and catch you off-guard if you do not keep up with the latest reports. With the Oregon 750, you will never be left out in the cold or caught in unexpected downpours of rain. You can check on every aspect of the location you are in, such as the temperature, wind currents, humidity, and rain volume, to never be unknowing of upcoming weather or location issues. The altimeter gives elevation information to precisely monitor descent and ascent as you move through your itinerary. You will be right on target with this Garmin model for location and tracking in your travels.


The Oregon 750 is compatible with the Garmin community, so you can categorize, analyze, and share data. This device gives comprehensive tracking and navigation to guide you along your path using the capabilities of GLONASS, GPS, and ABC (an altimeter, a barometer, and a compass). Another improvement is the trusty antenna. The antenna has been redesigned for enhanced performance and satellite reception, a simpler menu than previous models, and a shaded base map. It is compatible with Connect IQ for customizing with widgets, data fields, and apps. You can discover your favorites or create your own. The maps are in full-color, and it has built-in Wi-Fi. The satellite reception is high-sensitivity dual GLONASS and GPS, and there is expanded connectivity for wireless with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and ANT+. Your access automatically uploads and can connect to smart Bluetooth-enabled notifications to Garmin Connect community online.

Ease of Use

The setup on this Garmin model is simpler as well as using it afterward. The colorful touchscreen display is sunlight-readable and bright, so it can read in almost any location and surroundings. It supports the mapping options of BlueChart for navigation on water or City Navigator for driving directions. Whether you are in traffic on land or navigating on a boat through water canals, you can always know your location and see your destination clearly. The BaseCamp software allows you to organize and view waypoints, maps, tracks, and routes. It has automatic routing and includes area calculation, a hunt and fish calendar, a picture viewer, sun and moon data, and a flashlight. It is just like having an almanac with you for the crucial information you need in the great outdoors. The Oregon 750 weighs just eight ounces, so it can be packed in any bag or pack and even fits well into pockets. It is certainly worth its weight and more in gold when you are away from home anytime.

Power Source

The mode of power for the Oregon 750 is versatile, as it can be powered with several battery options. You can use a rechargeable NiMH pack for power, which is included with the purchase of the device, or you can also use Lithium or AA batteries. The battery life is sixteen hours in general for a single charge, and the memory is 4 GB. It has a memory of 10,000 favorite locations or waypoints and 250 routes. With the GPS device, you get in the pack a USB cable for charging, a battery pack that is rechargeable, a carabiner clip, an AC adapter, and easy instructions for setup and use. if you do not want to bring a lot of AA batteries with you for long trips where you may not have access to plug into recharge, you may consider getting a solar pack. This would work splendidly, especially if you will be in a sunny location with clear skies. We review several solar packs for travel purposes on our site, so check them out.

The Bottom Line

We believe this new version of the Oregon line of Garmin handheld GPS devices is a real winner and so do most of the online customers who are happily using them for their many travels. It was chosen as the best model yet because of the wonderful changes from the manufacturer. The Oregon 750 is a dream come true for those who love to do geocaching and plotting their own navigation routes. You have so many other features on this device to enhance your outdoor experiences, such as active live weather, ABC sensors, location and photo sharing, a camera, and a compass. You should never get lost or off the beaten path with the Oregon 750, but if you do, you can always retrace your steps with the TrackBack feature. With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi links you are connected for the qualities you want most from a GPS, such as several map types, coordinates, and tracking enhancements. It allows both water and land tracking for wherever you decide to go. It is quite versatile in powering the Oregon 750, as it will operate on three different types of power. You choose which one suits your needs, capabilities, and location the best. When you travel and do not have the connectivity you would at home, you must rely on dependable devices like the Gamin Oregon 750 for your navigation and tracking needs. It beats the competition in accuracy, speed, screen size, and included features with its enhanced format and design. If you travel a lot and want the best to keep you current on weather, locations, and tracking, then give the Oregon 750 a try for your next outdoor undertaking.