Silva – Expedition 4/54 Compass

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SUMMARY: At a bit of a steeper price this is towards the top end of baseplate compasses, but is pretty much all you will ever need. It is feature packed and easy to use in day or night. The lanyard is a little chafing, and the compass scratches easily, but otherwise it's a top piece of gear.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Easy to read
  • Accurate
  • Lanyard is a bit uncomfortable


I'll freely admit that, when I bought this compass, I had no idea whatsoever what all the measurements and symbols written on it were. It had been a couple of decades since I'd needed to use a compass in anger and the knowledge had leaked out of my head in a foggy beer cloud at some point.

So I sat down with an OS map, a handbook on navigation and the Silva 4/54 and set about re-learning.

A couple of months and many hikes later I'm smugly pleased with myself for buying what turns out to be a top-end compass with all the features I could conceivably ever need.

A brief run through the features:

-Tritium (radioactive) paint on the important parts, so you can still tell where you're going in pitch black
-A measurement scale for 1:25000, 1:50000 and 1:63000 scale maps (OS Explorer, Landranger, inch-to-mile maps)
-A very easy to read dial
-A needle which is quick to locate, and doesn't wobble around
-A nice long baseplate, to make triangulating positions easier
-A lanyard
-Silicone rubber 'feet' to grip maps
-CM and Inch scale rulers
-Magnifying glass, for making out small details on maps and burning ants when bored

It's been a joy to use, and is a constant companion in its own pocket on my backpack. The only downside so far is that, despite never being stored with other items, it is getting quite scratched. I'd have appreciated that, with spending close to £30 on a precision compass, Silva had supplied a cloth case or protector.

The Expedition 4/54 is a precision piece of equipment, and could be perfect for anyone training in the Scouts, Military or other Navigation course (NNAS Bronze, Silver or Gold).