Adidas Terrex Swift Solo

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Adidas Terrex Swift Solo Review Facts

[easyazon_link identifier="B0721VGTL5" locale="US" title="adidas Sport Performance Men's Terrex Solo Sneakers" tag="gearweare-20" local-identifier-CA="B01N7ND0OD" local-tag-CA="gearweareca-20" local-identifier-UK="B00GS5HLZI" local-tag-UK="gearweare-21"]adidas Sport Performance Men's Terrex Solo Sneakers, Blue, 12 M[/easyazon_link]There are a lot of things that climbers should keep an eye on when shopping around for a pair of shoes to wear while scaling mountains. You want to make sure that you get something that is comfortable, but you also want to purchase something that will still allow you to really connect to the mountain. This model is perfect for taking climbing, but its design and the materials used also makes it a great shoe for taking to the gym for weightlifting.

It has a lot of features that make it the perfect shoe to wear on the hike up to the mountain, as well as really gripping into the rock as you climb up the mountain as well. Most climbing shoes utilize a type of rubber called Vibram, which is generally a little more forgiving and flexible. The Swift Solo, on the other hand, uses stealth. This type of rubber is just a little bit more rigid, which some climbers might find to be a better material when it comes to various types of engaging outdoor activities. No matter where you want to go, this is going to be a pair of shoes that are going to help you get there as easily and safely as possible.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Utilizes STEALTH material for the sole, perfect for precision climbing and is a little ‘slicky’ to help generate traction
  • Users find that there really is no ‘break-in’ time- they fit great right out of the box
  • After extended use, the materials are resilient according to many past users
  • Top sole is breathable, yet is still pretty stiff and rigid
  • Despite the sole being incredibly thin to promote efficient climbing, the middle offers a great deal of shock absorption so you won’t get overly tired while walking on mountain trails
  • Some users feel that they are a little bit too wide (which could be a pro for those with wide feet)
  • Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer any arch support
  • Users have discovered that they tend to run a little bit small- they recommend that you purchase a half size bigger to ensure that you get a good fit
  • Some users are surprised at how stiff the sole and top sole is. If you purchase this design- be prepared for them to fit a little stiff.
  • It is a little more expensive than some of the other climbing shoes that are currently on the market
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  • Got these shoes for walking and day hikes. These are seriously heavy duty shoes and meant to last. These are just as lightweight and sturdy as any trail boot. Well made and look great.
  • The Swift Solos are very comfortable even having them on for hours. I am buying another pair for sure. These are the best sneakers I have ever bought. They have a somewhat minimalist feel which I like. Not tons of cushion.
  • I've only had these for a week or so but I love them already. I use these shoes for mountain biking to work. They are nice and light. My other shoes were too heavy. A bit pricey.
  • Easy to take on and off. Great shoe for walking the dog, raking leaves or just going to work and I like that they are lightweight. Would buy again.
  • Adidas Terrex Swift Solo is a great shoe. They fit like other Adidas, very comfortable. They hold up with months of use so far. These are my go-to shoes and I wear them every day. Didn't need to break them in.
  • These shoes are awesome on wet rocks and trails with lots of rocks. I love these shoes. They could use more cushioning in the heel area.
  • I love wearing these shoes. So comfortable and lightweight. Designed well and are my day to day shoes.
  • It's been three years since I started wearing these shoes. They are my favorite and I am on my third pair. Expensive but worth the money.
  • He loves them. Got these for my son and he says they are very comfortable. He likes their grip. I bought his normal size and they had a little room.
  • These shoes fit great and I have flat feet. Well made too. I mountain biked two miles in these and walked up and down hills. My feet felt stable and secure. The grip is great too. Keeps debris out.
  • These shoes were certainly made with a purpose. I was going to buy a snow boot but these shoes changed my mind. I used them on muddy terrain, trails, in the rain and they work fine.
  • What's not to like. These shoes are comfortable and built to last years of abuse.
  • On my feet, in these, all day and they are so dang comfortable.
  • Although I didn't get the color that I ordered, I ended up keeping them because my wife liked them. After wearing them I can say that these are the most sold shoes put out my Adidas.
  • Great for the road. These shoes are extremely durable.
  • Cleans up well and love the fit. They can take a beating.
  • This shoe has great grip and is durable. I order a half size bigger and they fit just right.
  • I highly recommend these shoes to wear in rain and on slick surfaces. Great everyday shoes. Well made.
  • I think they are ok trails shoes but I like them more for wearing every day. A little pricey.
  • My husband loves his Adidas Terrex Swift Solos.
  • Runs small for some buyers
  • Lacked the support that some buyers were expecting
  • Too rigid and stiff for some buyers
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The thing that makes this design just a little bit different is the traction that you are going to get from the sole. It makes it perfect for really gripping onto surfaces. It is made from a material called stealth. Whereas many of the climbing shoes on the market have an outsole made from Vibram, stealth makes it more sticky and better for precision. It also has a climbing zone around the front that doesn’t have a tread, so you can really dig into tight spaces.


Despite having a really thin base, there is a lot of talk about how great this model is at shock absorption due to the construction of the midsole. Many users rave that they are able to wear these shoes for hours out on the trails and for climbing and not feel a lot of strain on their joints.

For a shoe that is designed for climbing and really being able to dig your foot into the side of the mountain, the midsole offers superior shock absorption, which is something that you don’t find in a lot of climbing shoes.


When you are climbing, you don’t want a lot of excess weight from your gear weighing you down. These shoes weigh in at just about 1 pound, which is considered to be pretty light for a pair of shoes. The little bit of additional weight comes from the hardtop sole that is made to keep your foot protected while climbing.


This design has excellent breathability. Although the top is a little more rigid than many would expect when taking them for a spin, the mesh fabric allows a lot of air to enter to leave your foot feeling cool and dry on hot days. It has a light mesh material that is positioned under a breathable textile.


These shoes make you feel like you aren’t wearing anything at all. The exterior is crafted from perforated EVA that will feel light and comfortable against your foot. They don’t have a lot of added cushioning and sit pretty low to the ground. However, they are made to slip on with the use of the pull loop on the back of the heel and have a bootie shape design that will form to your foot like you are wearing a sock.


If there is one thing that previous users have said on a consistent basis, it’s that they always get a lot of compliments on this Adidas design. It is offered in neutral tones and has the classic three stripe running diagonally down the side to let you know that it is an Adidas design. In additional to neural tones, they also offer a design in a bright blue with sharp yellow accents. All of the color options available offer a kick of color by using a bright electric red material to line the inside of the shoe.


The top sole might seem like it is made from flimsy and lightweight fabrics, but it is actually very stiff and rigid. This rigidity, in conjunction with the limited seamlines, makes it incredibly durable for difficult mountain trails.

Many past users have raved that this design was able to hold up to many trips to the mountain without wearing out a quickly as some other designs have a tendency to do. This is high durability is due in part because the top sole is constructed from one solid piece of EVA and mesh, meaning there are fewer seam lines where tearing can occur due to overuse.


As we stated above, you won’t have to worry about the top of your foot being exposed because the top of the shoe is actually quite hard. As for the sole, the stickiness of the STEALTH rubber will ensure that you won’t lose your footing.

Also, the climbing zone located at the toe of the shoe will give you a little bit of added protection when you are shimmying into tight spaces on a difficult climb. There is also a braking feature of the heel of the foot that will allow you to lean back on your heel to slow a slide.


This isn’t going to have the same type of responsiveness as a running shoe. The thin sole is designed so that you will be able to feel the ground beneath your feet so that you will always have a good understanding of the types of terrain that you are scaling.


There isn’t much that the shoe can offer in terms of support. It’s made to feel like you aren’t wearing anything at all while engaging in climbing or other activities where you need maximum flexibility. Unfortunately, any additional padding or cushioning would limit flexibility, and that just isn’t what this shoe is about.


The grip on the sole of this shoe makes it perfect for taking it just about anywhere you could possibly imagine. It is perfect for difficult and rocky mountain trails, and it feels right at home climbing up the side of a mountain.

Due to the sticky sole, it can even execute a firm grip on surfaces that are wet and slippery- something even the toughest mountain boots can’t even do. Additionally, due to the fact that they sport such a low profile with a superior grip- they would even be perfect to take to the gym while you are weightlifting.


The price of these shoes is a little on the expensive side, but it’s nothing too outlandish (like the price of some of the higher end running shoes you might find on the market). However, when you consider how comfortable, durable, and effective these shoes are and helping you reach new heights in your climbing- the price tag is actually pretty reasonable.


You might assume that the only want to generate traction is to have treads that run deep- but that would be where you are wrong. This shoe has the benefit of carefully placed shallow tread that will provide you traction where you will need it the most. Also, the tacky STEALTH rubber sole design really grips surfaces- much the way Spiderman grips the side of a building.


This is where this shoe really shines: in its flexibility. It might not have a lot of extra padding, but that’s only because you really want to be able to move with this shoe. It slips on over your foot with the use of a pull loop of the back of the heel, and the laces start all the way down at the base of the toes to ensure a tight and secure fit that will allow your foot the full range of motion that it will need while rock climbing. The thinner rubber sole also comes in handy when it comes to flexibility because the sole of this shoe is able to bend and move right along with your foot.


If you need something that is going to offer your a little added stability for things like overpronation, these are not going to be the shoes for you. They offer very little support in the sole and even less support on the top of the foot. The Swift Solo is meant for feeling the earth beneath your feet, and you can’t do that with additional padding and cushioning.


As we stated before, this model is made for feeling like you are wearing nothing at all. Therefore, it offers absolutely no drop. The heel of this design is just as flat at the toe, similar to a pair of Chuck Taylors. However, this design offers a lot more benefits in the sole than a pair of Chucks.

Key Features

Thinner sole can still offer good shock absorption to be easy on the joints

Sticky, tacky STEALTH rubber sole is excellent at gripping the earth without the need for thick treads

Bottom to shoe offers a braking system on the heel as well as a smooth climbing zone at the tip of the toe.

Fits like a glove while still keeping your foot protected with a harder outer shell

Bottom Line

This isn’t a shoe that is going to offer you a lot of additional support in the heels, or make you feel like you are walking on a cloud- this shoe just wasn’t designed to do that. If What this shoe will offer outdoor adventurers, however, is a something that will allow you to scale even the most slippery of surfaces all while maintaining a solid grip with maximum flexibility. If shoes were cars- the Swift Solo would be considered a Jeep. These shoes are really fun and lightweight and can get you over pretty much any type of terrain without so much as breaking a sweat.

The STEALTH rubber sole it what makes this design stand out from the rest. This type of rubber is known within the climbing community for being incredibly durable, and the perfect type of rubber to be used for edging. What’s really great about this design is that they can be used for just about anything- hiking, climbing, mountain biking, weightlifting, or just doing some shopping at a farmers market. If you can get over the original price tag, you will likely not need to buy another pair for quite some time, no matter how much you beat them up out on the mountain. The Adidas Swift Solo offers a shoe that looks really good, has excellent traction, is made from high-quality materials, and is incredibly versatile.