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Fenix HP25R Headlamp Review Facts

Hikers, backpackers, campers, and any true lover of the great outdoors knows how important facing a dark night or poorly lit area with the best headlamp available is. Sight is possibly the most crucial since you’ll find yourself using it when facing the trails or other adventures. For this reason, many adventurers turn to the Fenix HP25R. This headlamp is one of the brightest on the market and is great for illuminating what awaits in the shadows. Before purchasing any piece of equipment whether it be for outdoor treks or indoor use, knowing what you’re buying is crucial. Therefore, this review will give you both the good and bad information on the Fenix HP25R which will allow you the opportunity to choose whether this is the headlamp you want and need.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Super Bright Light
  • Wide spot light
  • Rechargeable
  • Water resistant
  • Dustproof
  • Heavy and bulky
  • Brightest beam only lasts a few hours
  • Price

Key Features

When choosing a headlamp, brightness is the most important aspect. The Fenix HP25R has this covered in spades. The biggest selling point of this lamp is the ultra-brightness it offers. Using Cree white light LED lighting, the spotlight mode offers four different settings. The turbo beam produces 1000 lumens. The high beam offers 350 Lumens. The mid beam offers 130 lumens and the low mode comes in with only 30 lumens. Offering a maximum beam distance of 614 feet, this kind of light offers gear lovers everything they could want in a headlamp. With the ability to find hidden trails, see easily at night, and take the adventure into the darkest reaches or to simply aid in adding a little extra light for a dim situation, these different brightness levels offer everything a true outdoors lover will appreciate.

The floodlight of the Fenix HP25R is also quite phenomenal. With this feature, users will find they also have four brightness levels to choose and a max beam of 90 degrees, from which makes exploring a truly illuminating experience. For those who use high mode, they will find themselves experiencing 350 lumens, in mid mode features 130, low mode offers 30 lumens, while the Eco mode features only 4. These levels allow users the opportunity to save battery when needed. Add in the additional two levels of red light that is included for nighttime alerting and you’ll easily see the Fenix HP25R offers a wide range of levels and lighting options to choose from.

Another feature of the Fenix HP25R is the fact that it fits over the user’s head. This leaves hands open for carrying of important gear or aiding with the traversing of rough terrain. For many, this is the only type of lighting they will use when out on the trail. Keep in mind, however, the weight of the Fenix HP25R is considered one of its downsides.

The feature that could quite possibly make the buying decision for many adventurers is that the Fenix HP25R is a rechargeable lamp. Yes, this headlamp can be recharged using a micro USB cable, but it doesn’t have to be. For times when you find yourself in a remote location without access to an charging station, this headlamp can convert and run on standard batteries as well. When buying the Fenix HP25R you’ll find the rechargeable battery already included.

The Fenix HP25R also features a battery indicator light that will let you know when the time has come for a charge. When warned of your battery being low, you’ll know the time has come to use your micro USB to recharge the headlamp or pop in fresh batteries, so you don’t lose the light you need.

The Fenix HP25R also features a tilt mechanism. This feature allows wearers the ability to move their lights beam up to 60 degrees for better illumination.

The Fenix HP25R is also considered water resistant. This means you will have the ability to use your light when the weather isn’t cooperating with your plans without worries of ruining your gear. This is especially helpful when you find yourself experiencing a flash of severe weather at night and must find your way back to your camp or to shelter.


The Fenix HP25R is a rugged little piece of equipment. While boasting that this headlamp is water resistant, the HP25R is also dustproof. This adds to the durability and longevity of the product by keeping the interior components safe from the damage debris and dust can do. The casing and headband are also good at withstanding lots of usages leaving you with a durable headlamp for all your trekking needs.


With all the lighting power the Fenix HP25R offers users, it does come with a few downsides. Possibly the most noticeable is the weight. Weighing in at around a half pound, the HP25R is one of the weightiest headlamps on the market. While expert adventurers may not mind the weight or even notice the bulky feel that coincides with it, those who are new to using products such as this may find it inconvenient and awkward.


The Fenix HP25R may not be considered uncomfortable but the weight and bulkiness mentioned above can cause some to experience issues. The headband itself isn’t something that would make a wearer feel uncomfortable but for those who are new to wearing a headlamp, they may find themselves needing a bit of time to adjust to the feel of it on their head.


The price of the Fenix HP25R isn’t something you’ll find yourself highly impressed with. With the number of headlamps available at lower usages, many may find themselves opting to choose a different brand. However, you must keep in mind that although it’s a bit costly, the HP25R does offer one of the brightest lights available. For many, the brightness is well worth the price they will find themselves paying. This is why many who are experts at hiking, backpacking, and camping find themselves choosing this headlamp over the others.


The accuracy offered by the Fenix HP25R rates high among other headlamps on the market. With the range of its brightest setting, this lamp has the ability to illuminate for quite a distance. With a beam that has usages at up to 182 meters, the HP25R offers the accuracy you want in a headlamp for your excursions. You’ll find yourself able to see at a great distance, find the hidden trails you’ve wanted to explore, and possibly traverse new areas that were once considered too dark or remote before purchasing this high beam beast of a lamp.

Ease of Use

Expert gear users may find the Fenix HP25R a bit less than easy to use. This headlamp features two bulbs and two buttons. It also features a cord that connects the front lighting unit to the battery in the back. This cord can be a bit of an issue. When packing your gear, the cord can become tangled which may leave users having to untangle it before they can start their adventure. For some, this may not be a problem, but for others, they may find it a bit offsetting. Once the cord issue is taken care of, users will find the rest of the buttons and accessories easy to navigate and use. Although it may not be the simplest headlamp on the market the pros by far outweigh the cons when it comes to ease of use with the Fenix HP25R.


When it comes to being out and about in the world, facing adventures, and taking on the trails, the size of your gear is very important. No one wants to lug around an oversized piece of equipment that may take up room in your backpack for necessities. This is why the Fenix HP25R is such a logical choice. This headlamp offers a great deal of light in a small package. When not in use, it can easily store in your pack until the time comes to take it out. This is a great way of saving space while still ensuring you have the necessary lighting for your journey.

Power Source

The Fenix HP25R is one of the brightest headlamps available while sporting a great number of features. One of those features is its power source. The HP25R can be recharged using a micro USB cord. This allows users the opportunity to recharge their headset without having to constantly worry about buying replacement batteries. However, when away from a power source, it is possible to use either rechargeable batteries or regular batteries to charge your light.

When it comes to battery life, the HP25R is in the middle of the headlamp pack. This lamp’s battery can last for quite a while until users switch to the brightest settings. When using those settings, you’ll find your battery will only last for a little more than two hours. This is why numerous setting are allowed to give users the option of saving battery life when possible.

Best Applications

Hands down, the Fenix HP25R is best used when you find yourself in need of an ultra-bright light. Although this lamp features a lot of settings, the high beam offers users the ultimate in vision aides. Whether you find yourself traversing a cave in which you need illumination to find your way or you’re hiking at night and find yourself needing to seek out hidden trails, this lamp excels when being used for these types of purposes. Up close or close proximity lighting is not terrible with this lamp, but it cannot be called the greatest quality. Therefore, the Fenix HP25R is best suited for those situations that call for brightness and distance of the light.

Keep in mind, the Fenix HP25R doesn’t only have to be used outside. This headlamp can be used by anyone who needs a little extra light to see by. If you are into crafting or other fun activities that require better lighting, then perhaps this lamp can help with whatever needs you to have.

The Bottom Line

As you’ve read above, the Fenix HP25R has quite a bit to offer a user. This headlamp is considered a beast when it comes to the light it can give off. This ultra-bright light offers anyone who loves the outdoors the opportunity to illuminate not only the trails or roads ahead of them but to easily seek out others that may be hidden in the dark. Offering users several options on brightness, this headlamp not only ensures you can see when complete darkness is upon you but can also offer extra light when only slight illumination is in order.

With all the great features of the Fenix HP25R it’s hard to remember that like any product on the market it does have downsides, the weight being the main one. If you are looking for a low cost, lightweight lamp, this is not the one for you. If lighting is more important than the weight and saving a bit of money, then snatching up one of these headlamps will give you what you’re looking for. If you are more concerned with pricing and the lightweight feel, then checking into other brands on the market may be your best option.

For adventurers who know what they need in a headlamp and don’t mind the additional weight, the Fenix HP25R is a great choice for you. This rechargeable headlamp not only offers great lighting and several modes to choose from but can be recharged instead of having to constantly buy new batteries. The interchangeable option also allows you to pop in batteries when you find yourself out on the trail without a charging station to help you out.

The bottom line when it comes to this headlamp is that the Fenix HP25R is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment on the market. For those who want to enjoy the night, it's just the thing you are looking for.