Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Pant

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Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Pant Review Facts

The Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Convertible Pant is perfect for backpacking, trail, hiking, work, school, travel, vacation, and general city life. For unpredictable weather conditions and multi-sport excursions, they excel with their properties of quick-wicking and sun protection to keep your skin dry and shaded when needed. Made of polyester and elastane materials, this item has comfortable zip-off legs to turn the pants into shorts instantly and almost effortlessly. They are breathable, flexible, durable, and lightweight with a slim classic fit and straight-leg cut. With articulated knees, they are offered in the vivid bold colors of black, collegiate navy, fossil, gravel, grey ash, grill, tusk, whale, and cypress. With plenty of pockets for small items you need to carry, this Silver Ridge pant model is outstanding for flexibility, comfort, sturdiness, and ease of use for your everyday and travel purposes.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Fabric is quick-wicking and has sun protection
  • Lightweight, durable, breathable, and comfortable
  • Comfortable zip-off legs to turn the pants into shorts
  • Moisture-wicking material keeps clothing and skin dry
  • Straight leg cut, articulated knees, and classic slim fit
  • Good for unpredictable weather and multi-sports
  • Best used for hiking, backpacking, and trail
  • Look great enough for business casual at work
  • Zippers are not the best quality and they might get stuck
  • Cargo pockets have different closures – the right has Velcro, left has a zipper
  • Belt is plastic and can be flimsy
  • Material is not flexible for bending and stooping
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  • The fit and material are comfortable.
  • These are lightweight yet can protect against cooler nights.
  • Many reviewers recommend these for travel.
  • The material dries quickly.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • They are versatile enough for active wear or dressing up a bit.
  • They have worked well as 3-season pants for many reviewers.
  • The multiple pockets add to the functionality.
  • The material is durable enough to stand up to some off-trail adventuring.
  • Unlike some other convertible pants, the shorts are a normal, comfortable length.
  • The lower part of the pant legs are labeled left and right.
  • The fabric has a little bit of stretch so they don't restrict movement.
  • A belt is included.
  • The elastic-lined waist helps keep the pants in place.
  • These provide good protection from mosquitoes.
  • The material is stain resistant.
  • The material is thin.
  • There have been issues with some of the stitching; especially in the back pockets.
  • There are complaints of knock-off versions being sold online.
  • The belt doesn't live up to Columbia standards.
  • Some of the pockets are mesh-lined which allows items to get caught.
  • These don't provide much protection from wind.
  • A few reviewers complain that the leg zippers can detach unexpectedly.
  • Sizing runs a little small. It's best to try these on before purchasing.
  • Colors between different pairs can be inconsistent.
  • These are slim fit through the rear and thighs.
  • It's easy to snag the zipper when reattaching the lower leg.
  • The fabric has a synthetic feel.
  • The belt buckle is made of thin plastic.
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With a classic fit for the best comfort for outdoor activities, you will enjoy these convertible pants that have been described as cooler than cargo shorts or jeans. However, because of the unique material they are made of, they can be warm in areas where needed. Many people were surprised at the warmth that they felt in normally colder conditions with these pants on. The fabric is breathable, flexible, and lightweight to be the most comfortable and durable for the user. Quick-wicking properties and sun protection are also a terrific feature of this fabric. The best overall aspect of the comfort of this product and the reason why so many guys love them is the capability to turn them into a comfortable pair of relaxed shorts in just seconds. By unzipping the legs just above the knee, you have shorts instantly instead of pants!


Of course, the greatest flexible quality of this item is the conversion from pants to shorts and vice versa, but there are also a few other flexibility perks to these Silver Ridge Pants. The waist is part elastic to give you some extra room in dressing and stretching, plus the hand pockets are made of a mesh material for efficiency and convenience. There is a security pocket with zip closure and a Velcro attachment on the other side pocket. Some buyers complained about this difference in the closures of the pockets because it is so odd. They would have preferred that both be the same. You will certainly love the zip-off legs that turn this incredible pair of durable pants into shorts that have a ten-inch seam.

Key Features

-Made of UPF Omni-shade fabric for sun protection
-Omni-Wick aspect takes moisture away
-Comes with a belt to take up slack in the waist
-Has a straight leg cut and articulated knees
-Made of polyester and elastane materials
-Includes many pockets for small items
-Zipper-attached bottom legs for shorts or pants
-Many bold solid colors to choose from
-Bottom leg pieces are marked for left and right


Because these convertible pants are designed primarily for outdoor use, they will shade and protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Made of UPF Omni-shade fabric for ultimate protection from the sun, you will be cooler in these pants or shorts than you would normally in regular clothing. When it is hot and humid, you will also stay dry and cool with the technology of Omni-Wick that takes the moisture away from your skin quickly. It takes moisture into the fabric from the skin to spread on the surface and evaporate quickly, keeping your clothing and your skin dry. While on vacations and trips away from home, many people were able to wash these shorts or pants out the night before they needed them to have them clean and dry the next morning. They dry that fast with the thin material.


Many online comments were made about these pants from customers that were not always completely satisfied with them or their features. We want to mention these points because they could affect the decision to purchase or not for someone interested in this particular brand and model. The zippers for the legs and the one zippered pocket are not of the best quality, such as YKK zippers, according to buyers. Some guys had trouble with them getting stuck when trying to unzip the leg bottoms or put them back on. This does become a problem when you are out in public and can only get them halfway on or off, which is what happened to a few customers. The cargo pockets have different closures, as we mentioned above. The company does not state a reason for this variation, but it did bother enough people to make it worth mentioning. The right side pocket has Velcro and the left has a zipper. The belt that comes with the garment bothers other people because they said it was not a good quality and made of a flimsy plastic material. If you decide to go with a larger size for added room in the legs, then you will need a belt in the waist. The thin material with little flexibility for movements was another point of concern and disappointment for guys who found bending and stooping in these pants to be uncomfortable. They do have 5% elastane material in them for stretch, but this may not be enough for outdoor active wear.


Getting the correct fit and size is the most commented topic about these convertible pants online. The fabric, fit, and cut make it difficult to fit a good number of guys well. The fit is modern, classic which means it is an easy universal fit for a range of movement that is comfortable. Thinner builds of people will do well with their regular pant size, but athletic builds will have to order a larger size to be the most comfortable. The fit is slim, so the pants will fit most people snug in their regular pant size. Most people ordered a size larger once they read reviews or had to return their purchase for the next size. this is necessary to be comfortable for outings and travel, especially in hot and humid weather. If you do order a larger size because of the leg fit, then you will need to make use of the belt that is included or one of your own to take up the slack you will have in the waist area. If you are a thin or regular body type, you will most probably love these convertible pants so much you will live in them for everyday use.


Offered in the bold and trendy colors of black, collegiate navy, fossil, gravel, grey ash, grill, tusk, whale, and cypress, this Columbia product is made of polyester and elastane materials to be comfortable, lightweight, and durable. The advanced wicking properties and UPF 50 qualities will keep you dry and protected when outdoors enjoying the sites or just hanging around. These pants have articulated knees and a straight leg cut, so they are comfortable for outdoor activities and adventures in many climate types. Convertible pants are valued mostly when you have to be on the go and could possibly need shorts and pants on a trip or on the same day. Being able to zip off the bottoms of the legs is a versatile aspect that can save you time and space during travel. For example, if you are in the city doing some sightseeing or nature hikes, you will want the shorts. Then, if you decide to go to dinner and do not want to go back to the hotel to change, you can just quickly put the bottoms of these pants back on to have pants for an evening out.


Many people were surprised about the warmth and the wind blockage that this Silver Ridge Pant model gives the user. They are perfect for areas where the days get warmer quickly, meaning you would need pants for the cool mornings and shorts for the warm afternoons. Hiking in the spring or fall is comfortable with the shorts option, as these block the wind quite well, plus they dry fast if they happen to get wet or moist from sweat. This product is surprisingly durable too considering how thin and lightweight the material appears. Your needs of wanting to wear pants or shorts interchangeably will be met nicely with these convertible pants from Columbia.


There are so many uses and places that these convertible pants are appropriate and comfortable to wear that we cannot possibly name them all. It is safe to say, though, that you could wear them almost anywhere except to a formal event. Some buyers chose to wear these for their office jobs because they look good enough to be business casual wear for offices. One bicycle commuter uses them daily for his job, as he rides to work with pants and comes home on his bike with shorts. They are ideal for backpacking, trail, and hiking, especially when the lower legs need to be protected. This terrific item is the perfect solution for unpredictable weather environments and multi-sport adventures. When you are places where you need quick ventilation, this Silver Ridge model is a good choice.

Ease of Use

The zip-off legs make these incredible pants so popular that many companies are making them accommodate their customers’ needs. This model is printed with an L and an R on the lower leg pieces to make putting them back on the legs easier and less confusing. When you need to put them back on quickly, this is an important quality. They are designed to zip off above the knee for a good look on a guy. One customer noted that some other brands zip off below the knee, making the shorts much like capris, which he did not think looked particularly good on a guy. The above the knee style is sporty and adventurous for the many places and times that you need a good pair of shorts for your excursions.

Bottom Line

When it comes to clothing items, especially those of a particular cut or fit, it is expected that not everyone will have a perfect fit. This Silver Ridge pant model has a classic slim fit and a straight-leg cut, so many body types will find this product problematic. Athletic builds will need to size up, but regular and slim builds will fit perfectly. Bending and stooping can be an issue if the pants are tight, as the material is not highly flexible. The zippers and included belt may not be the best quality that the company could have used, and the cargo pockets have various closures. These are the issues that we found in our research of this convertible pant item, which depending on your body type, may or may not be a deal breaker in purchasing them. many people are very pleased with these pants and are buying more than one pair to have for everyday wear. It really depends on the fit and the use for which they are intended as to how you will like them. We love the idea of the convertible pant and the craftsmanship, great materials, and design of this Columbia model. The few problematic aspects may swing you one way or another, but we feel that they are worthy of serious consideration in your search for some really cool pants for your outdoor adventures.