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KEEN Whisper Sandals Review Facts

Walking sandals are packed with the latest technical features, providing you with on-the-go comfort and premium protection that you need for your adventure. These sandals have thousands of 5-star reviews online, with many customers highlighting the premium comfort and versatility that you get with these fashionable and functional sandals.

KEEN is one of the most popular brands amongst the hiking community, creating outdoor shoes, boots, and footwear. They are committed to the use of innovative methods and the latest technology to create shoes that will take you wherever you need to go. The Whisper sandals are typical of their commitment to quality and are certainly worth the investment if you are looking for footwear that lasts. Whether you are having fun in the water, scrambling over rocks, or enjoying a day at the beach, the KEEN Whispers are a fabulously versatile choice. Perfect for the warmer summer months, the Whisper sandals will keep your feet secure and comfortable. Lightweight and easy to pack, these sandals would undoubtedly be ideal for a camping trip or backpacking adventure.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Impressive grip performance
  • Spacious yet protective toe box
  • Allows full flexibility
  • Stylish and versatile design
  • Toe protection
  • Heel feels like it is slipping out of the shoe
  • Narrow toe box
  • Tread not as aggressive as previous models


Walking sandals are becoming more and more popular as a direct result of their sheer versatility. Whether you are trekking in the jungle, exploring the sights of the city, or strolling along the beach, the Keen Whisper women’s sandals will hold up to the mark. The Keen Whispers are an all-around adventurer’s shoe that will take you where you need to go.

If you are going on holiday, they could be the perfect travel shoes to wear for your sightseeing adventure. These sandals are designed with mid to light hiking conditions in mind, and better suited to the summer months. You could pair them with socks on a chilly day, but consider a fully closed shoe for sub-zero temperatures or a particularly muddy trek. Also due to the strappy design of these sandals, they may not be suitable for walking in areas of long grass, and you may need to be careful as debris could find its way into the shoe.
Overall, KEEN Whispers are ultra-versatile footwear. While perhaps not as stylish as other options, they can easily take you from the trail to town. Plus, the sandals are machine washable, so it is so easy to keep them looking their best. Merely wash on gentle cycle using a mild detergent and air dry.


The KEEN Whispers are ultra-comfortable and lightweight and will make sure that your feet feel stable and secure. They are so easy to adjust, offering a specific fit that promises exceptional levels of comfort.

With comfort sustained even after hours of walking, these sandals for women will feel like you are walking on air. They are sturdy and durable, while still being lightweight and maintaining maximum flexibility. If you are looking for a tough performance driven sandal that does not compromise on comfort, they could be the perfect option for you.

The majority of the review suggested that the KEEN Whisper sandals were true to size and offered straight-away comfort, with little breaking-in time required. However, some customers did indicate that the rigid seams at the ankle or toe spots caused blisters and pressure points the first time they wore them.


The style is a subjective quality and whether you consider the Whispers to be an attractive shoe, or not, is up to you. We have to be honest; there are definitely more stylish walking sandals available on the market. However, try to think of it as functionality before fashion. Love is blind, and we are confident that you will eventually fall deeply in love with your new KEEN Whispers due to their genuinely remarkable levels of comfort and support. In no time at all, they will fast become your favorite walking sandal.

Plus, these versatile shoes are available in a huge choice of colors, from the traditional black to more bright options. Whatever you are wearing, there is sure to be a pair of Whispers to match! Also, these sandals do appear much slimmer than other models, offering a neater finish to your look.


As part of their research into making the best footwear, KEEN identified metatarsal injuries as being the most common hiking injuries. The footbed design on the Whisper sandals has been engineered to accommodate the anatomy of your feet, providing effective metatarsal support. It has been designed to mold around the anatomical shape of your foot, with particular emphasis on the metatarsal joint on your big toe. The midsole on the Whisper sandals also features a TPU Stability shank. TPU stands for thermoplastic urethane- rubber, and this is a highly resistant and durable material that provides ultimate levels of flexibility and support. Plus, the sole is textured which allows for improved underfoot grip.

The Compression Moulded EVA (CMEVA) offers the right level of cushioning and support for your trek. This is considered more durable than regular EVA, with the additional compression increasing the integrity of the material. Plus, the midsoles feature Cleansport NXT™, which fights odors on a micro level, and results in fresh feet through the day. The footbed of the sandals has also been created using Microban™ technology, which is odor resistant and can help to prevent the build-up of bacteria.


The Whisper sandals are relatively flexible, with the outsole effectively following your foot’s natural bend. With a 1.35 inch heel, the shoes will feel natural and secure- even for the most fool-hardy of outdoor adventurers. The outsoles are made from a single piece of rubber, providing a sturdy grip and exceptional traction on a wide range of different terrains. The soles are also made from a non-marking rubber, which is highly abrasion- resistant.

The rubber of the Whisper’s sole curves up towards the toes, in KEEN's patented toe protection; this serves as a protective barrier and helps to reduce the risk of a toe injury. Stubbing your toes will always be painful, but with the unique toe design on the Whisper sandals, at least you have some protection.
The multi-direction lug pattern provides exceptional grip and offers top class ground feedback. However, some reviewers have stated that the tread pattern is less aggressive than other KEEN sandals, with some reviewers suggesting that the grip of these sandals is not quite as effective when compared with other models, such as the KEEN Newport.


The upper part of the Whisper sandals for women is made from Aegis microbe shield™ washable polyester in the dominant color of your choice. The straps mold around the feet, due to the adjustable fit provided by the quick draw elastic cord lacing system. The elastic cord goes through the loops, is tightened until your feet feel fully secure and then fastened using a clip mechanism.

At the back of the sandals, KEEN has also provided a pull tab which makes it easier to put on and take off shoes. The material and design of the sandals mean that they are ideal for fun in the water, and your feet should not slip around, even when the sandals are wet. Plus, the closed toe construction allows for increased protection and provides you with more support.

Whilst the vast majority of the reviews for the Whisper sandals are positive, some have noted that their heel often comes out of the shoe. It is suggested that this is due to the stretchy nature of the material used for the ankle straps. If you are looking for a closed sandal with improved traction and support, the Teva Tirras may be better suited for the more serious hiker.


The Whisper sandals are definitely at the higher priced end of the market, but for the quality, these shoes are extremely cost-effective. A lot of the online reviews have highlighted the excellent durability of these sandals, with many customers stating that they have had the same pair for a long time. Your new Whisper sandals are likely to last for years to come. Plus, the Keen warranty covers your back for any faults with manufacturing.


The Whisper Sandals are highly supportive. Cradling the natural contours of your feet, the sandal's midsole has been purposely shaped to provide ergonomic support. Throughout the reviews online, it has been noted that the sandals offer effective support for people with plantar fasciitis. Plus, one reviewer even stated that the sandals were comfortable despite arthritis in the foot.

The Whispers offer a secure and supportive fit, and the shoes will not feel slippery or uncomfortable, even when wet. The adjustable quick-draw lacing system also means that you can customize the fit of your Whispers, allowing for increased support. However, several of the reviews did report that their foot slipped out of the shoe. This could be due to the reviewer picking the wrong size. Yet, a lack of heel support may stop you from feeling comfortable when going up or downhill. If you are planning on climbing steep inclines, you may wish to consider a different pair.


To get the best fit, it is vital that you pick the right size. We recommend trying your Whisper sandals on before you purchase, if possible, and this will help to ensure that you get the perfect fit.

The reviews are pretty split, with some suggesting that they are true to size and others proposing that they run a little small. This could be due to the fact that the shoes are fairly narrow and may not be suitable for people with wider feet. If you do have wide feet, the Keen sandals are available in both whole and half sizes- so just go up by half a size.


The Whisper sandals have been created to be great in the water, and their high level of water resistance and specific fit make them an excellent choice for wearing while you are doing water sports. Whether you are kayaking or just having a paddle, these sandals will stay put and protect, in and out of the water. However, some reviews did suggest that the sandals took too long to dry after they had got wet.


The Whisper sandals offer an excellent level of breathability, with a cooling airflow encasing your feet. Keeping your feet fresh even after hours on the trek, the polyester webbing on the upper has lots of ventilation holes for maximum breathability. The hydrophobic mesh lining is also highly breathable and has moisture wicking properties. The Cleansport NXT™ technology helps to improve breathability further, as well as repelling odors and keeping your feet feeling fresh.

Key Features

-Aegis microbe shield™ washable polyester upper
-Water resistant
-Cleansport NXT™ odor repellent
-Compression Moulded EVA midsole
-Metatomical Eva Footbed
-Patented Toe protection
-Quick-Lace system
-TPU stability shank

Bottom Line

Overall, the Whispers are high-performance sandals and all-around slipper that provide premium comfort and security. Protecting your feet from bangs and scrapes and providing impressive grip performance, while still being stylish enough to wear to dinner.

Some reviews have suggested that there is a need for increased support at the heel of the shoes. It has also been noted that it does take quite a long time for these sandals to dry after getting wet and that the shoes are slightly narrow. However, Whisper sandals are popular around the world, and the fact that they are machine washable is definitely a plus!

Offering excellent ground feel for finding your footing, the Whisper sandals are suitable for use on a whole host of different terrains and for whatever activity you like. Whether you are searching for the perfect pair of sandals for your next summer adventure or just looking for comfy sandals to walk the dog, these sandals are popular with people from all walks of life.