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MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Tent Review Facts

The MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent is best used for backpacking and all types of backcountry adventures. Made of ripstop denier and mesh denier nylon materials, it is perfect for summer, fall, and spring camping in the outdoors. Large enough for two people to sleep side-by-side, it sets up fast, is easy and lightweight to carry, and stands on its own when erected. Enjoy two large doors, two vented vestibule sections for gear and supplies, and a vented flexible rainfly for the top. The protective rainfly can be removed for nighttime viewing of the sky with the mesh material in place to hold back the insects. These breathable panels give good ventilation, and the solid panels provide privacy and warmth when needed. The construction of this product has a unique geometry because the poles bend to give the users the maximum interior space of 29 square feet and an interior peak of 39 inches. These poles are already positioned and connected together, so there is no fumbling for instructions or placement in the field. Just click them together for fast and easy set-up. Included is a stuff sack to compress the parts into a lightweight pack that is ideal for travel. Flexible, protective, comfortable, and lightweight, the Hubba Hubba NX is great for outdoor camping.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • A free-standing model of tent
  • Packs small when on the move
  • For summer, fall, and spring outdoors
  • Plenty of room for two to sleep side by side
  • Vestibules and the rainfly are vented
  • Best for backpacking and backcountry trips
  • Easy, lightweight, and sets up quick
  • Plenty of space for gear and supplies
  • Buyers reported visible effects of wear and deterioration after several years
  • Space inside might be tight for two people
  • Did not stand windy areas when other brands held well
  • Aluminum tent poles split and broke after a few uses said several buyers


Perfect for two people to sleep side by side inside, this Hubba Hubba Tent is lightweight living in the rough outdoors. It has breathable mesh panels to increase air circulation and venting, especially on hot humid nights. This valued netting prevents mosquitoes and other insects from entering the tent. The added vestibule areas give extra space for gear and supplies that will not fit inside with two people. One person alone can bring their gear inside comfortably. Because this is a smaller model than some competitor brands, it does not have as much space to offer the occupants. This would be okay if it were a lighter model than those, but it is not. According to buyers, this is not the easiest product to set up in windy or raining environments. Also, some people complained that the inside space is tight for two people to comfortably get around and move.


This is a free-standing model of tent, like many others of its type for two people. The pole material is aluminum, and the rainfly is coated with a silicone protector substance. While this tent does have a floor of nylon material, it does not come with a footprint to protect it or give you extra comfort when lounging on the ground. A separately-purchased footprint is necessary to keep the floor dry and clean, prolong the tent’s life, and keep the floor from wear and tear. One of the answered questions on the company’s site concerning their tents addressed the longevity of their products. It says that tents will not last long at high altitudes, in conditions that are extreme, under heavy use, or exposed to UV radiation. They may only make it for a couple of months this way. Used occasionally, under normal conditions and well taken care of, they will endure for many years. This may be the reason there are many complaints about the tent breaking down after a few years of use or storage.


The great flexibility of this MSR item comes from the compressed and lightweight form, the color-coded clips, and the rainfly usage. The Hubba Hubba is lightweight and packs small when on the move, as it compresses well into the included stuff sack for the best storage and portability while backpacking and camping. For those of you who do not like to assemble tent poles and having to match up pieces, you will love this excellent design. The clips are color-coded for easy identification, plus the poles are already connected together. All you have to do is to snap them in place because they are joined with a thick elastic cord inside. This prevents losing parts and also makes set-up and break-down quick and easy. The protective rainfly can be rolled up for nighttime viewing of the sky and stars on clear and rainless nights. You can still enjoy the bug-free interior without the rainfly because of the mesh material of the tent.

Key Features

-Breathable mesh panels for good air circulation
-Rainfly is coated with a silicone protector
-Clips are color-coded for easy identification
-Comes with a stuff sack for ultra-compact compression
-Solid panels give privacy and warmth needed
-Pole design maximizes floor area to 29 square feet
-Inside peak height is 39 inches
-Whole product weighs 3.8 pounds
-Has large StayDry doors
-Made of nylon ripstop denier and mesh denier


The Hubba Hubba will protect users outdoors in the three best seasons of the year of spring, fall, and summer in most climates and conditions. It can be used in winter, depending on the environment. The solid panels will provide the privacy and warmth needed to keep you safe from the weather elements and wind. To make it more waterproof and weather-resistant, the nylon material is coated. It is this coating that some buyers reported that became messy and sticky after storing the tent for extended periods of time. We did find several comments from customers that said they experienced leaking with this tent while trying to use it. The weather conditions seemed normal with regular usage.


Because there were numerous negative comments concerning the extended durability of this item, we will address them here in this section on responsiveness. Buyers reported wear and tear visible effects after several years of regular use. this included tent poles breaking and splitting even with just a few uses. The waterproof coating started to deteriorate after a few years of storage leaving a sticky mess of substance on the surface. A few users experienced the seams ripping and the mesh material beginning to tear after some time. This model has a two-year warranty from the manufacturer, while some competitor brands have lifetime guarantees on their products. This may be the reason. One customer had an experience in a high wind area with fellow backpackers who used other brands of two-person tents. His tent did not hold up and collapsed in the middle of the night. The other, cheaper brands stood the wind throughout the experience.


The geometry of the pole shapes and design maximizes the interior space to a floor area of 29 square feet. This is plenty of room for two people to sleep snug side by side. The inside peak height is 39 inches, which is enough height for a person in a squatting position. It has an additional 17.5 square feet of space with the covered vestibule section for supplies and gear. The floor dimensions are 84 x 50 inches, and the floor area in square footage is 29 feet. The whole product weighs just 3.8 pounds for carrying and becomes a small 18 x 6-inch compressed package. Without the vestibule area for a minimalist option of setting the tent up, it will weigh 3.1 pounds for just the rainfly, poles, and footprint (that is not included).


The protective rainfly, large doors, and the vestibules are the best aspects of this tent model from MSR. It has large StayDry doors to prevent water from entering the interior when you enter and exit the item. The vestibules and the rainfly are vented to decrease moisture build-up and condensation. A footprint is not included with this model, but this is a part that you will need to purchase for the best comfort in using this tent. It will protect the nylon material and give you added comfort on the ground. While it may not be the best tent on the market, it has pleased many buyers with its great features to protect them during their outdoor adventures and trips.


Made of ripstop 20-denier nylon and nylon mesh of 15-denier, the MSR Hubba Hubba NX is red and white in color and will accommodate two people inside for lightweight outdoor weather protection. This product includes guy lines, stakes, a rainfly, the hub-and-pole unified system, and the tent. It does not come with a footprint, as you must buy that separately. it can be used without one, but the wear and tear will take its toll quicker on the floor material and you will be less comfortable inside. Several makers are marketing their version of a two-person lightweight tent concept for backpacking purposes, and this model is the craftsmanship of MSR.


Ideal for all types of backcountry adventures and excursions, but best for backpacking, this great two-person tent sets up quick and is easy and lightweight to carry and pack. You will appreciate having it when you are outdoors, and rain or nightfall is approaching quick. You will not be bothered by insects because of the aerated mesh material and the protective coating on the nylon fabric will do its best to keep you dry and comfortable. The two vestibule sections at the doors give plenty of space for gear and supplies that will not fit inside. There are two doors for the best versatility for the two occupants to use separately without bothering the other person. It is almost like having separate tents, but with the company of the other person.

Ease of Use

Easy to set up and break down, this terrific item is spacious, sturdy, and becomes a small pack for travel purposes. While it is not the lightest model on the market, the elbow space and headroom are maximized with the unique configuration of the poles. One great feature of this product is that you will not have to figure out where the poles go, as you just snap them in place. They come joined and remain joined together with a shock cord that is elastic to make set-up and break-down very easy and fast. For a lighter tent solution, you can use the parts with the addition of a footprint, leaving out the tent. This gives the lightest possible option for outdoor shelter.

Bottom Line

We have reviewed competitor two-person tent models of superior quality previously, but this one from MSR leaves much to be desired in performance, size, comfort, longevity, and durability. While plenty of buyers are satisfied with their purchase of this product, it is the customers who have owned it for longer than a few months that are having most of the problems with it. Reports of deterioration of the seams and the protective silicone exterior are many. Pole breaks and splits happened to more than one user when the items were still brand new. The limited space inside was not adequate for some people to be comfortable, and withstanding high winds is not a strong quality of this tent. A good tent must be durable, long-lasting, weather-resistant, and protective of the occupants inside to be a great product worth purchasing. This is not a low-priced item, so the many flaws are not acceptable to those who spent their well-earned dollars on it and are left with a defective product. They intended to use this item long-term for their only protection on enjoyable backpacking trips. The reviews are mixed for this MSR two-person tent, but considering the numerous cons and negative buyer comments, we cannot consciously recommend this item to our dedicated loyal readers and possible future tent buyers.