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Marmot Tungsten 2-Person Tent Review Facts

The Marmot Tungsten 2-Person Backpacking Tent w-Footprint features a Zone design of curved Velocity HD poles to maximize interior space, two D-shaped doors, and a footprint to keep the floor dry. The doors provide easy entry and exit for each person separately, plus they have their own covered vestibules for storing gear. Two people are comfortably suited in this lightweight, well-constructed, tent made of waterproof polyester taffeta and no-see-um mesh material. The inside height is 42 inches, and the trail weight of the item is just 4 pounds and 13 ounces. Best used for backpacking because of the minimal weight and compact design, it has a mesh interior top to keep out the bugs, to ventilate the interior, and to provide a great lookout point for viewing the night sky. Perfect for the best three seasons of the year, this excellent unit has taped seams for added durability and weather protection, plus it sets up quickly in just five minutes. Users will love the added small gear pockets and the Lamp Shade Compartment on the inside for holding a headlamp for interior lighting. Marmot seems to have thought of every little detail in building this marvelous tent that has gained a high positive rating with happy online customers. We think you will be pleased with it too!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Suits two people comfortably
  • Perfect for a change from camping to backpacking
  • Each person has their own door
  • Footprint allows the bottom to stay dry
  • Well-constructed and lightweight
  • Best used for backpacking
  • Ideal for three seasons
  • Sets up in around five minutes
  • Gear can be stored in the vestibules
  • Some people found it hard to pack with the bend and length of the poles
  • Mesh fabric can inhibit airflow on hot and humid nights


This exceptional tent for backpacking suits two people comfortably with plenty of interior space and two D-shaped doors with vestibules for gear and easy entry. If it is just used by a single person, then the interior space is greatly increased for gear and stretch room. It combines a living design that is intuitive with loads of room and a low cost in an incredible tent. Great for those who want to move from camping to simple backpacking, it is the ideal lightweight shelter for your outdoor excursions and adventures. Many customers have positive comments in their feedback online about the comfort level of this Marmot product. They are shocked when they see how much room the curved poles provide with the special design and durable construction. You will also be quite pleased with the covered space that this incredible tent affords the backpacker and camper.


It has two doors that are D-shaped with one on each side that is operated with strong zippers for the closures. The main support construction has Velocity HD poles that are sturdy to withstand strong winds even in exposed terrain. The seams are fully taped for added protection and durability to give you long-lasting use from plenty of rugged wear. The thickness and superior fabric of this tent will surprise you as it has many buyers already. The canopy, fly, and floor are comprised of a tough polyester taffeta material, plus the canopy also has a no-see-um mesh fabric for the top ventilation. Polyester does not pose a problem of condensation or sweating of the fabric like canvas material does, so you should not have problems with mold or moisture inside.


While most people think that this is the best tent they have ever bought or owned, there are others who are not completely satisfied with this camping item. Because the poles are bent for maximum interior space, when the unit is broken down, some of the poles are longer than the others and have curved sections. This made it difficult for a couple of buyers to pack it up for carrying and storing. That concern is not expressed by many people, but we felt it was worth a mention for those seriously considering the purchase of this great product. The flexibility of this item comes in the form of the two doors for easy access, the mesh top for stargazing and ventilation, and the rain fly sections or vestibules for entry and gear storage. By having a door on each side of the tent, both people using it can come and go separately, as if they each had their own tent. Neither one is bothered by the actions of the other in this way. you can have the top covered or leave it open for aeration of the interior or looking at the night sky as you drift off to sleep. in the covered exterior sections, you can store lots of additional gear that you want to be protected and kept dry for the night. this is on both sides of the tent for each person.

Key Features

-Has two doors for easy exit and entry
-Both doors have additional storage space vestibules
-Velocity HD poles that are sturdy for strong winds
-Seams are fully taped for protection and durability
-Made of polyester taffeta and no-see-um mesh
-Features the curved Zone design
-Has an inside height of 42 inches
-Floor dimensions are 88 x 54 inches
-Trail weight is 4 pounds 13 ounces
-Lamp Shade compartment pocket for a headlamp
-Small gear inside pockets for organization
-Mesh interior good for looking at the night sky


Much has been said online to positively attest to the superior protection from the weather elements that this splendid item gives to the backpacker or camper. The strong material is waterproof and has an additional protective coating against water and the seams are taped for durability and protection. These taped seams provide complete coverage for the whole unit with even the seams on the floor and rain fly taped too. You will not have to deal with the weather elements once inside this product as it can hold its own in downpours of rain, strong winds, and even extreme hot and cold temperatures. For its size, this is quite an appealing option. It is thanks to the excellent construction and durable materials that comprise this item that makes it so durable and tough. The included footprint, or floor, allows the bottom of the tent to remain dry. The rain fly is also waterproof with terrific working doors to keep the rain from entering. The marvelous weather protection is one of the most frequent feedback comments from buyers because it is so pleasingly unbelievable.


For the small size and the minimal weight of this Marmot Backpacking Tent, you will be shocked at all the interior space you have to relax and unwind. It features the Zone design which uses the best of the allotted space inside with a curved build from the sturdy poles. The inside height is 42 inches, and the floor dimensions are 88 x 54 inches. The overall dimensions are 17.3 x 15 x 6.7 inches that nicely accommodates two people and their gear well. When the unit is compressed and packed for carrying and storing, it also takes up minimal space in the backpack. The weight of the whole tent in its carry bag is 4 pounds 13 ounces with a size dimension of 21 x 7 inches. This is incredibly small and lightweight for the excellent protection and comfort that it provides for the user.


The Marmot Tungsten Tent is a sturdy and stable product that you can depend on for all of your backpacking and camping needs. Many people purchased this two-person tent even though they backpack alone just to have the extra room for stretching and their gear. It is so light and well-constructed that it is amazing how well it can shelter the person or persons inside. Whether you are in an area with strong wind, torrential rain, or an onslaught of mosquitoes or bugs, you will be so happy inside your snug cocoon of protection. Even in 20-degree temperatures, users remained nice and toasty inside this marvelous product.


The Tungsten has a free-standing style that includes a footprint to keep the interior bottom dry and vestibules at both doors. It features a zone construction of curved poles for a sleeping and lounging area that is roomier than some larger tents or regular build. It is best used for backpacking, but can also be used for camping, hiking, or fun in the backyard. Anyplace you want to spend some wonderful time outdoors just taking in all Mother Nature has to offer, this superb two-person tent is ideal. It has a new updated color of the light green, plus the other vibrant orange color, which can be seen much better outdoors.


The main support for this remarkable product comes in the form of the curved design of the poles that give the user or users much more room on the inside. They make the most of the space that the material affords to make you feel comfortable and not tightly enclosed. It comes with Easy Pitch color-coded clips, a fly, and the poles, so setting this item up and breaking it down is simple and quick. Breaking and setting up camp just does not get any easier than this. For a nice touch, the manufacturer has even added in the extras of small gear inside pockets to keep you organized and a Lamp Shade compartment pocket to hold a headlamp secure for indoor lighting. You just need to add some bedding material, and you are set for a comfortable night in the great outdoors.


Best used for backpacking in the three most suitable seasons, excluding winter, you will find yourself wanting to take more trips just to use this item. The zone construction of the curved poles makes for such a roomier tent that almost all customers rave about their pleasure in purchasing this product. It has a trail-worthy weight and provides spacious sturdy shelter for one person or two in some of the most adverse weather and outdoor conditions. For groups of more than two people, just purchase more than one tent. It is great to backpack and camp with others nearby, and this great tent makes it that much more enjoyable.


We did not find one single customer review about this Marmot Tungsten Tent that complained of the interior getting wet from rain or condensation. It will hold up even in downpours of rain as the fabrics are strong and treated for waterproofing. Tested to withstand 90-degree nights with 100% humidity and 10-degree nights with downpours of rain, the users never got wet inside and are excited and thrilled to own this long-lasting and durable product. On mountains in 60mph winds, the poles did not break or bend, nothing was torn, and the tent stayed pitched the entire time. You just cannot beat this kind of outstanding performance in a rugged tent item.

Ease of Use

As you can probably guess, this small but spacious product is quite easy and quick to set up and break down. Users say it goes up fast in five minutes and that the poles are far superior in durability than rugged Coleman tents they have used and owned. You will love all the space it affords you and your gear with the covered vestibules. The mesh interior is ideal for looking and gazing at the night sky, while the bugs are kept at bay with the protective, well-ventilated layer. We want to mention that some people found that the mesh fabric in their high-humidity area actually prevented good airflow for them. The only other alternative would be to have this top space open, which would let in the more emergent problem of the bugs, mosquitos, and other wildlife to enjoy your dry and cozy space inside with you. Not a good idea.

Bottom Line

When you cannot find any substantial negative comments about a product, that means that it is of excellent quality. This is true of the Marmot Tungsten 2-Person Backpacking Tent. It is durable, comfortable, lightweight, highly-protective, weatherproof, strong, long-lasting, easy to use, and spacious. We love it, previous buyers are excited with its superiority, and we think you will be pleased with it too. It is an outstanding piece of outdoor gear worthy of the highest praise.