Garmin tactix® Delta – Solar Edition

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Editor’s Conclusion
Delta. Tactix, Delta. This GPS watch isn’t made for just anyone. If you are the James Bond of your time, this tactical watch meets smartwatch will be a great addition to your collection of gear. It has a 1.4 inch color display that is easy to see in all conditions, including when you are wearing night-vision goggles.

Keep yourself and your information secure with built in safety features such as a kill switch and a safety tracking feature. If you prefer to go incognito, you can take advantage of Stealth Mode. Any way you want to use it, the Garmin Tactix Delta Solar is full of interesting and useful features for the adventurous.
Garmin tactix® Delta – Solar Edition Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Easy to read in all lighting

Solar charging boost

Built-in safety features

Comfortable silicon band included

10 ATM water rating

Power Sapphire glass is scratch resistant


32 GB memory

Wrist heart rate monitor


Pixel display could be better for price


Doesn’t show underwater depth

No touch screen

Key Features


This lightweight accessory weighs 97 grams. If you are used to wearing a large-faced watch, you will hardly notice it’s there. The overall dimensions are 51mm by 51mm by 14.9mm. The included 26mm silicone wrist strap is comfortable and fits wrists sized between 127mm and 210mm. At first, it may feel slightly stiff, but it becomes more flexible with time.

There are five easy to use buttons around the face of the watch. It is not a touch screen. There is a bit of a learning curve, but once you figure out all of the tricks, maneuvering the watch will be second nature.


Secret night mission? No problem. This watch can be read through night vision goggles. Worried about being tracked? Again, no problem. When you turn on stealth mode, wireless connections, communication, and GPS are disabled, without interrupting the other watch features.

There is also a safety tracking feature. The watch can sense if you have been hurt or fallen and notifies your emergency contacts of your location. Additionally, if you feel like you are in danger, you can manually send out this SOS. If everything goes to hell, there is also a Kill Switch. In the event of a security breach, you can easily and quickly clear the watch of all of its information.

The GPS is exceptional. It has multi GNSS support, satellite connectivity, and a three axis electronic compass. You can use it for driving directions, as well as hiking routes. You can input how far you want to go, and the watch will give you route options. The topographic maps are detailed and easy to read. These precise maps also help when using Jumpmaster mode. When jumping out of a plane, the Tactix Delta will help you find your target and will even notify you when you should open your parachute.


The battery can last up to 24 days in smartwatch mode. In battery saver mode, and with a solar charging boost, it can last up to 120 days. Of course, the battery life depends on how often and which features you use. There is also an Expedition mode that uses the GPS in a specific way and allows the battery to last for weeks.

Additionally, the Power Manager shows you which apps and features are using the majority of your battery and allows you to make changes. To use the solar boost charging feature, you need to have the watch in direct sunlight for about three hours.

Modes & Apps

Like other sports watches, this one is also packed full of sports modes and apps. You can enjoy ski maps, golf courses, climbing assistance, workouts, performance metrics, and notifications about your Body Battery and when it is time for a rest.

There is also Pacepro technology to keep you going strong during a run, along with respiration tracking, sleep monitoring, and more. One minor complaint is that the heart rate monitor seems to be slightly delayed sometimes.

A unique feature for surfers is the connection with Surfline. If you catch a wave while wearing this watch near a Surfline camera, your watch will record your video so that you can review it later and see how you’re doing.


The 1.4 inch color display is over 30% larger than previous Garmin models. You can customize the interface, connect to and download apps, use Garmin Pay, and receive smartphone notifications. However, to have a conversation, you will need to have your phone nearby. There is no microphone built in.


The Tactix Delta is built to last and can withstand just about any adventure you involve it in. It has been tested to military standard 810. It boasts scratch resistant power sapphire glass, which has a hardness between eight and nine Mohs. A diamond has a hardness of 10 Mohs.

The nylon band holds up very well and you can easily detach the DLC coated steel bezel from the band to clean them separately. The watch has a 10 ATM water rating. It can withstand depths and pressure up to 100 meters.


It’s one of the most expensive of its kind. However, it’s also one of the most versatile and powerful. The Tactix Delta is a great sidekick for just about any adventure.

It tracks your vitals and activities accurately. If you are looking for something simple for occasional hiking and step counting, there’s no reason for you to make this investment. It is a tactical watch and you are paying for those intricate features.

It comes with a one year warranty from Garmin.

Comparison to Similar GPS Watches

The Garmin Instinct is like the little brother to the Tactix Delta. It also has solar boost charging capabilities and the same GPS features. The battery can last up to 54 days with lower power mode and solar charging. It has half the amount of storage as the Delta, 16MB. It weighs only 53 grams, has a smaller display, and 128 x 128 pixels. The Instinct is great for an adventurous person, while the Delta is preferable for tactical missions. As you may have guessed, this option is drastically cheaper than the Delta.

Another big-hitter with a similar price to the Delta is the Casio G-Shock GSWH1000. It is outfitted with Wear OS by Google, making it easy to use and it even includes a Google assistant. It is highly customizable and loaded with sports apps. It is thermal, shock, and water resistant up to 200 meters. There is no solar charging included in this model, therefore, its battery life is dismal in comparison to the Delta. It measures 65.6mm by 56.3mm by 19.5mm and weighs 103 grams.


If you will take advantage of all of the features the Garmin Tactix Delta Solar has to offer, it is a great investment. If you will never use Jumpmaster Mode, Stealth Mode, or the Kill Switch, you might be better off choosing a less-tactical watch.

While it seems to do just about everything, it doesn’t have many ocean features. It can not be used for deep sea scuba diving and it doesn’t inform you of the water depth.

Overall, it’s a well built accessory that is built to last. What adventures await you?