Osprey Aura AG 65

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Editor’s Conclusion
Hey adventurous ladies, this one's for you! The Osprey Aura AG is the female version of the well-loved men’s Atmos AG. While these packs are almost identical, the Aura has a wider hip belt that sits comfortably on a woman’s iliac crest and S-shaped shoulder straps for a more comfortable journey.

This hiking backpack can comfortably fit between 30 and 50 pounds of gear. It features an anti-gravity mesh back panel that does wonders for weight distribution and also provides incredible breathability.

While there are a couple of things I would change about this pack, it’s not enough to keep me from buying this item again.
Osprey Aura AG 65 Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Anti-gravity suspension for comfort

Three sizes available, depending on the length of your torso

Great ventilation

Holds up to 50 pounds of gear comfortably

Hydration sleeve compatible

Whistle on sternum strap


Rain cover is not included

Hip belt pocket access is difficult when wearing the pack

Floating lid does not double as a daypack

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  • In my opinion, this is the best bag for women. And you can't go wrong with the lifetime warranty. I shopped around for a little bit but by far Osprey Aura AG 65 is the best.
  • This bag is exactly what I was looking for and the delivery came super fast. this bag is perfect for long backpacking trips.
  • Because it has Superior technology I finally can go on extended hikes. I can't stop raving about it.
  • I compared mini backpacks and this one was the most comfortable. I could barely feel the weight of the bag because of the antigravity setup. I love all of the pockets it helps me keep everything organized.
  • I borrowed my sister's bag first before buying my own. Even though I haven't used mine yet if it's anything like my sister's it will be great. It makes carrying 50 lbs of all my stuff not an issue.
  • As a new backpacker I knew I have to spend money on a good backpack. I tried several different backpacks before choosing be Osprey Aura AG 65. price was a little shocking at first but I'm thankful that I found this backpack on sale. I like how the hip belt wraps around.
  • I got my aura for a backpacking trip in Hawaii. So far I love the fit and I got the small size. Love that it' feminine and love the color.
  • I am in love with this backpack. and the antigravity system is genius. It has room for everything in this pack.
  • I've only taken this pack on two trips so far but it is amazing.
  • I bought this pack for my wife for a birthday gift and she says it's perfect. She said she loves the fit and the color and I love that it's a quality brand.
  • I recommend that anyone thinking of purchasing this backpack that they try it on wear size at a local retailer. Because I did that mypack is a perfect size. I intend to go backpacking, camping and hiking with this pack.
  • Everything in my backpack fits just fine. it's an amazing backpack. Osprey brand is very popular and that speaks volumes.
  • I purchase a small that since I am 135 lb and 5 foot 5. I took it to Thailand and everything was great. This pack kept everything organized. I would have gone crazy if I didn't have it.
  • In terms of size, you can't go wrong if you go in to try the backpack on. Great backpack!
  • I tried on another brand before purchasing this one. Love, love. love this backpack.
  • I love everything about this backpack. I can't think of anything that I don't like. I would advise you take time to get to know your bag. Once you do you will love it too.
  • This backpack is really comfortable, breathable and I love how it fits around my hip and waist area.
  • This backpack is awesome. It fits so much of my stuff and it didn't appear to be too heavy. I would highly recommend this backpack.
  • I've grown to respect the brand so of course the backpack is great. I highly recommend this bag. Able to fit a ton of stuff in it.
  • I learned that a ton of stuff can fit in the bag. It feels like it is well made.
  • Pricey
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Key Features


This pack makes it easy and comfortable to carry between 30 and 50 pounds of gear. It comes in three different sizes (XS, S, M), depending on the length of your torso. The size small weighs 4.34 pounds. The extra small weighs eight ounces less and the medium weighs eight ounces more. While this is in no way an ultralight pack, it does distribute the weight evenly, which helps to lighten the load.

The measurements of the small bag are 33” by 16” by 15”. This means that unless you barely pack it and possibly fold it into itself, it is not standard carry-on size.


Perhaps one of the most important features of a pack is its comfort. If it’s not comfortable, you’re not going to want to use it. There are many thoughtful touches that make this bag feel lightweight and comfortable on your back.

First of all, the antigravity mesh back panel that spans from the top down to the hip belt provides great ventilation and contours to your body for a great fit. It also helps to evenly distribute the weight and makes your pack feel about one-third as heavy as it actually is. The shoulder straps are well-padded and also have a mesh exterior for ultimate sweat-wicking.

One downside is that the hip belt is quite stiff. Perhaps this is something that will loosen up with time but I can’t yet speak to that. It is possible that no matter the fit, it might rub your body the wrong way.

The straps and anti-gravity harness are easily adjustable, but it is important to choose the correct size. As with many bags, it’s often easier to back up into the bag instead of trying to lift it up with all of your heavy gear in it.


As I mentioned above, there are 3 sizes available and the size that is right for you depends on the length of your torso.

How do you find out the length of your torso? It’s easy, but you’ll probably need a friend to help. First, lean your head forward. The bone that sticks out at the top of your spine/base of your neck is your C7 vertebra. From here, measure down to your iliac crest. To find the iliac crest, place your hands on your hips. Feel for the highest part of the bones and this is the spot. Measure the length between these two points to find your torso length.

The extra small is intended for people with a torso length of 14”-17”. The small is for torsos between 16”-19”. The medium is for torsos between 18”-21”. Each pack has a comfortable hip belt that is well-padded and adjustable between a five-inch range.

Even though this pack is marketed mainly as a 65-liter bag, it varies slightly by size. The extra small is 60 liters, the small is 62 liters, and the medium is 65 liters.


Your soon-to-be new hiking buddy is full of features that will keep you organized on the trails. There are a stow-on-the-go trekking pole attachment and ice tool loops.

There are 11 exterior pockets, not including the main pocket. The mesh side pockets are ideal for easy access to a water bottle. On the hip belt, there are zippered pockets. As convenient as these are, they can be difficult to open and close while you are on the trail, especially with only one hand. The stretch mesh front pocket is great for storing an extra jacket or rain gear. It’s easy to access and separated from your other gear.

The sleeping bag compartment has a removable divider and holds about 25 liters. Outside of this area, there are removable sleeping pad straps. There are two main access points- at the top and at the bottom. There are multiple compression straps that will keep your gear in place and help to stabilize your load.

One area that could use a bit of improvement is the 9-liter floating lid. It connects to the pack with web attachments and can be detached to save weight or to use separately. However, it does not double as a daypack. I would love to see a strap or two added to this in the future. Underneath the floating lid is a FlapJacket that covers the top of the pack and protects your items when the lid is detached.

As far as color choices, there are only three at the moment. You can choose from Vestal Gray, Challenger Blue, or Gamma Red.


Like all Osprey products, the Aura is built to last. The main area is made from 100 denier and 630 denier nylon dobby. The accent sections are made from 210 denier high tenacity nylon. The bottom of the bag is reinforced with 420 high denier nylon packcloth. The nylon makes the backpack inherently water-resistant but would not do well in a river crossing or a downpour. I suggest purchasing a rain cover for extra protection.

Of course, this product is backed by Osprey’s lifetime guarantee. If there is a problem, they will fix it. If they can not fix it for any reason, they will replace the item.

Comparison to Similar Backpacks

The Gregory Maven 65 is a similar option that weighs about one pound less than the Aura 65. It is available in two sizes and made to contour a woman’s body. What makes this option stand out is the removable daypack (with straps) and the included rain cover. There is slightly less organizational capability because there are only six pockets. The Maven is slightly cheaper than the Aura but does seem to have questionable durability.

Coming in at a similar weight but a very different design is the REI Traverse 65. Like the Aura, it has eleven compartments plus the main compartment. The layout of this pack allows you to access gear from the top, bottom, or side of the bag. It has a nice, breathable, contouring trampoline mesh back that helps to lighten the feel of the load. While it is a nice option, this option also doesn’t match up the durability of an Osprey.


For the avid hiker who is looking for a one-time investment, this is a great choice. The Osprey Aura 65 combines comfort, functionality, and durability into one great-looking product. The price is undeniably high but I believe I’ve made it pretty clear that it’s well worth it.

I recommend ordering a couple of different sizes and trying them on with a decent amount of weight in them. Wear them around the house for a few hours before deciding how each one feels on your body. The size guide is a suggestion, and usually correct, but it’s important to be certain before heading out on your journey.