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Columbia Mighty Lite Hooded Jacket Review Facts

The Columbia Mighty Lite Hooded Jacket is perfect for casual use, everyday wear, hiking, camping, trekking, and backpacking. Made of regular and recycled Ripstop polyester material in baffles with fill and a plush lining, it is water-repellent, compressible, warm, and weighs just one pound. It has an Omni Heat reflective thermal lining that makes the jacket get warmer as you move about. There are three deep zippered pockets on the Mighty Lite, thumb holes on the cuffs for warmth, and a two-way zipper down the length of the front. This two-way zipper allows the top half of the jacket to be zipped shut, while the bottom half is open to free the legs for walking, sitting, and driving. This Columbia garment is durable, abrasion-resistant, and very comfortable. Part of the comfort is the sizing that is accommodating to full-figured women, who often find longer jackets not so forgiving of their more-shapely bodies. We give you the full details of our research of the Mighty Lite Jacket below in our complete review.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Thumbholes on the cuff to seal in the body warmth
  • Features Omni Heat technology
  • Baffling is in a beautiful geometric pattern
  • Very durable and tear-resistant
  • Easy to move in with the two-way zipper
  • Made of recycled and regular Ripstop polyester
  • Weighs just one pound with a plush lining
  • Three deep zippered pockets for hands or items
  • Ideal for everyday wear, hiking, and camping
  • Is water-repellent but not waterproof
  • Hood does not have a drawstring – does not stay on the head well
  • Has less fill than some other popular brands that are similar


This Columbia jacket is one of the most comfortable winter garments that you will ever own. This is according to online buyers who say it is as comfortable as a sleeping bag in the cold temperatures. It keeps the wearer dry and warm all day in cold weather with its plush inner lining, Omni Heat reflective lining, and baffles with fill. The jacket warms up the more you move in it because of the Omni Heat technology incorporated into it. There are nice thumb holes on the cuffs to seal in the body warmth when outdoors. Combine this with gloves and you have a nice seal against the cold at the end of the sleeves. Plenty of women online are raving about this lovely jacket because it fits so well for plus-sized women and has cozy features and feel that they love. You may end up buying more than one yourself.


The Mighty Lite is a durable garment that is resistant to abrasions and tears with the Ripstop polyester fabric. Even when you are outdoors in areas of twigs and branches, you will not have to worry because this jacket will rarely show signs of wear and tear. It is a tough garment that can withstand some abuse. One thing that makes it very durable for the body heat retention element is the Omni Heat reflective thermal lining. This is an excellent technology that works in connection with your own body heat to keep you extremely warm outside. if you put the garment on indoors and keep it on for about ten minutes to get it warm, you can then go outdoors and be toasty warm in very cold temperatures. This is the secret to getting such a light jacket to be so warm. One buyer stated in her online feedback to wash the Mighty Lite only sparingly to keep this lining intact. She has purchased three of these jackets over the years because she loves the model and the brand. Using fabric softener when you do wash it seems to break down this lining also, so do not use that on this item.


There are two main aspects of the Mighty Lite that make it incredibly flexible and versatile. It is super compressible so that it packs easily into tight small spaces when not in use. it will not stuff into one of its own pockets, but it can come really close. It is that lightweight and easy to get into a small package. this is what makes is so perfect for commuting and even backpacking, camping, and hiking. It is a lot of warm jacket in a little bitty space. The other incredible feature of this remarkable garment is the two-way zipper. This gives the jacket the ability to be zipped up on top and to open down below. This makes walking, sitting, and driving much easier to do with a longer jacket on. You do not have to be cold on the top of your body just because you need your legs to be flexible in their movements. The two-way zipper solves the flexibility problem with this jacket, as you can be warm with your required mobility level at the same time. One problem that buyers did discover about this lovely jacket is that the lined hood does not have a drawstring to tighten it to help keep it on the head. It has a hard time staying down because of this problem.

Another great product we reviewed is the Columbia Heavenly Long Hooded Jacket, so make sure to check it out as well.


With the baffling in a beautiful geometric pattern and the variety of offered colors, this Columbia model is quite stylish. It is also very protective of the body too, especially to temperatures in the 20s and 30s. While it is not for harsh winter weather, it will keep you toasty and dry in rainy cold temperatures. It is resistant to water and light precipitation but is not waterproof. The filled baffles, the Omni Heat reflective thermal lining, and the plush inner lining all work together to keep the warmest that you can be with such a lightweight and flexible jacket. As one happy online customer aid about her Mighty Lite Jacket, it makes you feel like you are wearing a stylish, lightweight, comfortable sleeping bag outdoors. Well, you just cannot get any cozier than this, now can you?


The Mighty Lite is very responsive to your needs of light yet very warm jacket. It will not hinder your mobility, will not snag on things and tear, and is very durable. It is easy to drive in, sit in, and clean. The mobility is increased with the double zipper that can be closed at the top and open on the bottom. You can sit, walk, and drive much better with the jacket open because of the double zipper. The warmth of the mighty Lite is one of the most talked about topics online by users. Some say it is very warm in the lower temperatures, while others state that it cannot be worn when it is below 20 or 30 degrees. One person had the secret to getting the most out of this jacket for the warmth. She said that it must be worn indoors first for several minutes to let your body warm up the inside. Go outside and you will be very warm in the colder temperatures. This is the Omni Heat technology at work for you.


Unlike most regularly-offered jackets for females, this Columbia product is great for plus-size women as it fits large women well with plenty of room underneath for layers or a sweater. It has a good length, is not too long at just above the knee, feels light, and is not bulky. The sizes may run small or true to size depending on the user, as some women said they purchased their normal size, and others bought a size up. If you want to be able to wear layers underneath and not have the jacket tight, then get the larger size. From the many comments we saw, the area of the hips seems to be the determining factor in how this jacket is going to fit you. The bigger the hips, the bigger the size needed.


The Columbia Mighty Lite is made of recycled and regular Ripstop polyester material and weighs just one pound. It creates a long silhouette with seam details that are flattering to the feminine shape and a back, center length of 34 inches. It is designed more for the full-figured or plus-sized woman who normally has trouble fitting into some of the sleeker designs that are popular today. The shape of this jacket celebrates her curves and gives her plenty of room to layer underneath and be exceptionally comfortable. The available colors are wonderful, making it very hard to choose just one color. They include astral, bluebell, black, camellia, chalk, dark plum, light grape, gray ash, nocturnal, Tradewinds gray, red camellia, and pond. The satisfied online buyers who purchased some of the more non-traditional hues are so pleased with the colors they received. The Mighty Lite is very stylish, trendy, and modern for the busy woman who loves her comfort.


There are several supportive features of the Mighty Lite for the user to enjoy. It has a chin guard that is abrasion-resistant to the face when the jacket is zipped up to the chin. Your face can become irritated easily from rubbing against the rough material if this were not in place. There are two exterior hand pockets with zippers and one internal pocket with a zipper. These are all quite deep for the hands or items you want to carry along with you. The inside pocket is ideal for a smartphone and can accommodate even a large phone. There is a small hole to use for the earphones too. You will enjoy added coverage in the length of this garment with the drop-down hem. Although this product is highly compressible, it would be more compressible if it were not for the soft plush lining on the inside. This is what adds to the warmth and body heat retention of the jacket though, so it is not a big loss.


Most of the people who purchased this terrific jacket online use it for casual or everyday wear in the city. They use it to get to school and work each day of the fall and winter season that does not become too cold or have downpours of rain. It is equally at home on the city sidewalk as it is on the mountain slopes for activities. The Mighty Lite is great for hiking, camping, trekking, and exploring in the great outdoors or for just taking the dog for its daily walks. You will be toasty warm and dry to be free to enjoy whatever your day brings along.


While the Mighty Lite is not waterproof, it is water-repellent. Ideal for rainy and chilly weather, it will shed sleet, snow, and drizzle. That makes it perfect for rainy areas that do not get below zero temperatures. It will keep you dry and warm in most winter climates that do not drop into the teens and below in the temperature. Its water-repellent properties are not only ideal in the city, but also for any outdoor activities or sports that you participate in. the Mighty Lite is very durable and resistant to tears and rugged wear.


As the name suggests, this garment is very light and does not take up much space in suitcase, backpacks, duffels, or closets. It is valued for commuting because the weather can be very different when you leave work or school. If it was cold in the morning but is not so cold in the afternoon, you can stuff this lovely jacket into a bag easily. You will not have to carry it around like you would have to do with a larger bulkier coat or jacket that has the same level of warmth. The Mighty Lite would be even more compressible than it is, except for the plush lining that inhibits this. The warmth that it adds though is well worth the loss of compression.

The Bottom Line

When the only substantial negative comment we could find about the Mighty Lite Jacket is that the hood does not have a drawcord, it is amazing. This jacket that is accommodating to full-figured women is warm, comfortable, lightweight, water-repellent, and durable. It features thumb holes on the sleeve cuffs, a two-way zipper down the front, three deep zippered pockets, a beautiful baffle pattern on the exterior. The Omni Heat lining and the filled baffles make it quite warm for winter outdoor use and compressible. The majority of online customers love it so much that they often purchase more than one because of the huge array of gorgeous colors it is made in. We love it too and highly recommend it for wear this winter.