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Osprey Escapist 25 Pack Review Facts

The Osprey Packs Escapist 25 Daypack has ten various compartments plus the main larger section and weighs just 2.1 pounds when empty. It is lightweight, durable, comfortable, and easy to organize for many purposes and uses. Ideal for cycling, hiking, camping, outdoor photography, traveling, backpacking, rock climbing, school, work, and commuting, it has many fantastic features to make the user excited. Of the many external and internal pockets, you get one mesh hydration sleeve, one on the shoulder strap, two in the hip belt, one with a zipper on the front, one that is non-scratch for glasses, and three of mesh on the exterior. There is a zippered divider in the bottom, an attach system for a helmet, a rain cover with its own pocket, and even a safety light attached that blinks. Compression straps on the inside and outside hold your pack contents secure and stable as you move and walk in your travels. For daily use of a pack with a small size and good hold area, the Escapist is one of the best available. We give you all of the vital details of our research on this excellent Osprey backpack in our full informative review below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Very comfortable even when packed fully
  • Hydration sleeve in the external back
  • Non-scratch pocket for glasses
  • Safety light attachment that blinks
  • Is rugged, dependable, lightweight, and durable
  • Compression straps to stabilize and secure the pack
  • Ten compartments and the main interior section
  • Is adjustable to fit various torso lengths with the harness
  • A helmet can be attached when it is not being used
  • Good for cycling, commuting, backpacking, traveling, and hiking
  • Rain cover is snug, highly visible, and covers entire pack
  • Easily holds plenty of clothes or gear items
  • Shoulder strap pocket will not fit modern phones well and is not flexible
  • External water bottle pockets began to tear for some users


The back-mesh panel of the Escapist 25 that covers a foam ridge provides needed comfort and ventilation while worn. It is great when climbing and toting heavy loads and also aids with preventing a sweaty back. There are many technologies that manufacturers’ use to keep the users of backpacks from having an unnecessary back strain and heat buildup from the pack being in direct contact with the back. This one uses a strong internal frame, padded shoulder straps, and a sturdy hip belt to help divide the weight of the pack over these three areas. We could not stand the weight of the backpack for long directly on the back if these advances were not incorporated into packs such as the Escapist 25 for comfort and breathability.


Lightweight and easy to organize, this terrific Osprey backpack is comfortable for all day use at school or work. Ideal for commuting because of its smaller size and large content capacity, it can hold plenty of supplies and gear and still be trouble-free to tote. It is very comfortable even when packed full as the weight is distributed on the shoulders, back, and hips. Several online buyers commented on how surprised they were of the weight load that was not uncomfortable for them to carry for long periods. No matter what you are hauling or where you use this pack, it will help make the load easier to carry because of the wonderful integrated features and capabilities.


With a hydration sleeve in the external back panel to make refilling the container easier, this feature of the Escapist 25 will also keep the inner contents of the pack from being damaged by spills. You can reach this area for water quickly when you need it without even putting the pack down. There is a zippered divider in the bottom of the pack for separated storage that is ideal for a sleeping bag, some shoes, or some dirty clothes. By having this section separate, you will not affect the other contents of the pack with the issues of these problematic items. The most flexible aspect of the Escapist 25 is the many pockets it has. Ten pockets and compartments plus the main large section in the middle is a lot of organizational places for your items. Not many backpacks have these many compartments, so this is a major positive factor for those that must have plenty of pockets. Included are three external pockets of mesh material, a shoulder strap has a pocket that is ideal for a phone, two pockets great for snacks and small items on the hip belt, a front pocket with a zipper closure for valuables on the exterior, a non-scratch pocket for glasses, and a pocket on the shoulder strap for a smartphone. While most other packs have five or six pockets, this one is incredibly sectioned with ten wonderful places to put your gear and supplies. We noticed a few comments online about the size of the shoulder strap pocket in that it is not flexible and might not be large enough for modern smartphones. If this is the case, then it is possible that you can fit the phone in another larger pocket on the outside.


One unique addition to this excellent Osprey backpack model is the inclusion of a safety light attachment that blinks, so you are visible to others in the dark. This is a fantastic feature that could help save lives if you happen to be out on a trail or road at night or early in the morning before sunrise. You may never need this light, but it is always good to have. We really like this addition because we are happy to see manufacturers put details on their products to aid their customers. There is a harness that is adjustable for size and fit on this rugged, dependable, and durable pack that can withstand plenty of use for a long time. Some negative comments from buyers about the dependability of the Escapists 25 need to be mentioned here. The external water bottle pocket began to tear for some people because it is a mesh material. no circumstances or details were given about this lesser-mentioned problem. If wet or damp clothes are stored in the pack for long periods, the lamination may start to peel off according to a few people. This complaint was answered by a supplier that stated they do not cover this kind of damage. To be fair, in the product descriptions of the backpack, nowhere does it say that “wet” clothes may be stored in this product. It only says “dirty” clothes. The moisture in the close pack for a long period will have a negative reaction to the fabrics and the durability of the pack.


The Escapist 25 has compression straps on the inside and outside to stabilize and secure the contents. This is essential, especially for bulky loads, to keep you balanced when walking and moving in your travels. You do not want the items in your pack to be moving and jostling around inside while you are trying to maintain your own balance in possibly some dangerous or precarious environments. The ten compartments on the inside and outside plus the main interior compartment presents the majority of the stability of this pack. It is with these varied sections that you can place things just where you want them and be able to find them easily and quickly again when needed. Among people who regularly use backpacks, the number and placement of the compartments and pockets is a gigantic concern. You certainly do not want everything thrown together in the large center compartment because you will not be able to access or find anything that way.


Made of durable and strong nylon material, the Osprey Escapist 25 weighs just 2.1 pounds when empty. It comes in the solid bold colors of red, blue, and black and can hold a surprising number of items for your trips, travel, and daily usage. It is one of the outstanding packs in the Escapist series from Osprey that can hold 25 liters of contents in such a way that you would not believe it could be so comfortable. The marvelous design, internal frame, rugged materials, and superb construction all combine to result in one of the best backpacks for travel or daily use on the market.


The torso harness of the Escapist 25 is adjustable to fit various torso lengths. Getting this correct is one of the most important aspects of fitting the pack correctly to your unique body frame. Having the pack too long or too short will certainly be most uncomfortable for you and almost unbearable for you to carry. This wonderful harness will keep your load in balance when you are covering rough terrain. An incorporated Lidlock system allows a helmet to be attached to the pack when it is not being used. This comes in handy, especially for those riding bikes or even motorcycles when they commute in the city or ride out of town for adventures.


Great for commuting, day hikes, cycling, or long rides, this fabulous Osprey backpack is just the right size to carry all of your needed gear and supplies and still be super-comfortable. It is also ideal for rock climbing, camping, traveling, backpacking, work, and school among many other activities and sports. Camera equipment fits in this pack nicely for outdoor photographers, including the camera, lenses, tripods, plus clothing and a water bottle. For travel purposes, it can hold electronics, shoes, a laptop, clothes, souvenirs, and toiletries that are needed. The uses are almost endless for this great pack that you can incorporate into your life and activities.


Gear in this Osprey pack is protected well from the rain with the integrated rain cover that has its own bottom pocket. This built-in cover fits snug and is highly visible by others with its bright yellow color. It keeps the entire pack dry, so you do not have to worry about anything on the inside or outside getting ruined with precipitation. Even small items can be placed with it in this special pocket, especially when the rain cover is being used. This is making the most use of your valuable space in the pack.


When compared to the Escapist 32, the Escapist 25 has all the same features but with lesser capacity. Compared to the Escapist 18, it has the adjustable harness, hip belt pockets, lower compartment divider, and lower compression straps that the Escapist 18 does not have. other than these features, the packs of this series are pretty much the same except for the load capacities that they can support. Trying to decide on a pack between these amazing products will be hard because they are all great with many ideal features and qualities.

Ease of Use

There are several compartments for clothes and shoes contained in the Escapist 25, as it can hold a week’s worth of clothing and accessories for travel easily. Depending on your function for it and its use, it will support plenty of gear including harnesses, ropes, and even a helmet for rock climbing enthusiasts. Many books, notebooks, folders, and small supplies for school and college students will fit nicely into this Osprey pack for daily commutes and classroom use. the large main compartment opening makes it easy to use as well because you can see everything in this large section from the top when it is opened. Combined with the many pockets and other sections, it is one of the best access packs on the market currently.

The Bottom Line

Daypacks have become a vital piece of gear for people in all walks of life. Students, office workers, teachers, commuters, outdoor adventurists, and sports enthusiasts use them all the time to carry their supplies and gear. The Escapist is such a pack that can be used for many types of activities and sports. The major complaints from customers online are the size of the shoulder strap pocket for a smartphone, the delamination of the fabric when wet clothes are placed in the pack for an extended period of time, and the exterior water bottle mesh pocket that could tear easily. When all of the exciting characteristics of this outstanding Osprey backpack are considered with these few negative remarks, you can easily see that the Escapist 25 is one of the best backpacks that is being offered currently that is ideal for daily use.