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Patagonia R2 Fleece Jacket Review Facts

The Patagonia R2 Fleece Jacket for Men is perfect for many sports, tasks, and activities such as mountain skiing and snowboarding, hiking, trekking, climbing, and casual use. it is made of Thermal Pro polyester and spandex that is soft, high-loft, stretchy, light, and partially recycled. Best used as a mid-layer to retain body heat when exposed to outdoor winter conditions for extended periods of time, it can also serve as a good outer shell alone over a thin base layer. Incorporated into the design of this incredible jacket are R1 Polartec Power Dry grid panels under the arms and on the sides of the torso. These maintain the shape and fit of the garment, aid with abrasions, and extend the durability and longevity of the item. As a new version of the popular R2 Fleece, this model is more compressible, lighter in weight, and has a sleeker build. The arms and torso length are longer to better suit taller people. There are two external hand pockets, an external chest pocket, and a full-frontal zipper for comfort and flexibility of use. The major changes and feature details of this terrific Patagonia item are discussed fully in our complete review below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Range, mobility, and fit are ideal with the grid panels
  • Side panels retain the shape and resist abrasions
  • Zipper bulk is decreased with the seam construction
  • Used as a very warm mid-layer that is breathable
  • Made for people with a tall and slim build
  • Is soft, stretchy, super light, and compressible
  • Backpack straps will not be near the shoulder seams
  • Has wicking properties to decrease drying times
  • Best used for snowboarding and skiing, casual use, and hiking
  • Zipper closures on the external chest and hand pockets
  • Chest pocket is not where a harness would go
  • Compressible and lighter than previous versions
  • Made for people with a narrow and slim build – tall and slim build
  • Has longer than normal sleeves
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  • As a thin mid-layer fleece, this performs very well.
  • The fleece is comfortable and soft.
  • The wrists and waist have tension to keep warmth in.
  • This fleece is slim fitted to keep warmth close to the body.
  • The cut is great for tall, slim builds.
  • The tail is longer than some other jackets which adds to the performance and style.
  • It packs down well for travel or backpacking.
  • This performs excellently as a mid-layer for skiing or snowboarding.
  • It's breathable for comfortable active use.
  • Although expensive for a mid-layer, most buyers agree that it is worth the price.
  • It has great moisture wicking performance.
  • Reviewers say it performs well and looks good on the slopes, trails, and around town.
  • The material and stitching are durable and can last years of wear.
  • The chest pocket is convenient.
  • The colors are rich and attractive.
  • Easy wash care extends the life of the jacket.
  • This is a slim fit jacket. The design does not work well on all body types.
  • The fleece is not as thick as expected.
  • There are significant changes from earlier versions that have disappointed some buyers.
  • Sizes run small.
  • On its own, this fleece does not give much warmth.
  • Some buyers have had bad experiences with Patagonia customer service concerning repairs of this jacket.
  • Some reviewers say the sleeves are too long.
  • This jacket is no longer available from some sellers.
  • The collar is designed to stay up, and it doesn't easily lay flat.
  • There are some complaints that the zippers are flimsy.
  • When out on the trails, burs can easily attach to the material.
  • The pocket zippers can rub or scratch on hands and wrists.
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The chin and neck of the R2 Fleece are comfortable with the kissing-welt garage on the zipper and the inner collar that is softly lined. When the garment is fully-zipped, you will experience this fabric and features on the chin, neck, and lower face. Often times, winter garments scratch the face and chin in this area when they are zipped all the way, making them uncomfortable at times. The high-loft Thermal Pro fabric is very soft with more stretch than previous versions of this popular jacket. This gives the user a higher range of motion without constrictions or tears in the seams. This is most effective when it is used as a mid-layer under a protective outer shell and over a thin base-layer. The R2 has a slim fit and is hip length. The conversion of this well-liked jacket to the slimmer build has caused quite a stir among loyal Patagonia customers online. It seems that only the tall and slender man will be comfortable in this garment and be the only one who would have enough extra room underneath for even a thin base layer. We discuss the issue of size later, although the construction changes of the R2 Fleece have a large effect on the comfort of this product.


The range, mobility, and fit of this Patagonia item are enhanced with the R1 Polartec Power Dry grid panels that are on the arm undersides and the sides of the body. These sections retain the shape and fit of the garment and resist abrasions in these high-impact areas. This is where most of the wear-and-tear happen with jackets and garments with long sleeves. Especially when used as a mid-layer, this great jacket could receive wear from not only the user but the other clothes layers too. Because spandex is incorporated in the fabric of the R2 Fleece, it will stretch with you rather than tear at the seams, making it more durable and long-lasting for all of your sport and activity needs.


Several ideal features give the R2 Fleece its great flexibility. With thumb on-seam loops on the cuffs, the user can dress easily in this jacket as a mid-layer. By putting the thumbs in these loops, you keep the sleeves in position to layer on top. Otherwise, you would have to hold the end of the sleeves to put on another layer and keep the sleeves pulled down. Zipper bulk is decreased with the seam construction of Sonic/Stitch. This eliminates the sometimes-puffy bulge you see around the zipper on some garments. This is important in layering clothes because you want the least amount of bulk and the closeness of the layers together to be the best. There is easy access in putting this jacket on and taking it off with the full-frontal zipper. It can also aid with ventilation if the wearer becomes overheated with activities and tasks. This terrific product includes two drop-in internal mesh pockets in the zippered hand pockets in the front for small items. You can use the storage possibilities of the chest and hand pockets when not being used as a mid-layer. These would not be easily accessible when a protective outer shell is in place. There is also the flexibility to use this fleece jacket as a mid-layer or an outer shell in mild weather. It is highly flexible and versatile for those body types that can fit a base layer underneath it comfortably.


The main protection of this Patagonia Fleece comes as a mid-layer under a more protective weather-resistant shell. It is used to trap body heat when you must be outdoors in prolonged cold weather conditions. Used alone over a base layer, it will provide some protection from wind and precipitation, but is not waterproof or water-resistant. The soft durable fabric has a great warmth-to-weight ratio because it is lightweight. This means that when the weight is considered, it is exceptionally warm for the little weight that it has. The entire garment only weighs 13.4 ounces, which is not even a full pound. Used as a very warm mid-layer that is breathable, it is very effective for exposure to cold temperatures for long hours. The stretchable panels on the sides and arms allow the garment to breathe and maintain the warmth that the body generates.


This version of the R2 Fleece has changes to the construction that determine the size and shape of the person that can wear it. previous models were suitable for many body types because they were not sleek and form-fitting. Base-layers could be worn underneath easily and comfortably because there was plenty of room for them. However, judging from the many negative comments online from loyal Patagonia customers who love the previous R2 models, this version of the jacket is completely different. It is designed with a narrow and slim build that is suitable for tall and slim people. The sleeves are longer, and the torso is longer, which indicates that is was specifically made for slender and tall people. Nothing in the product description or garment name from the manufacturer indicates that this is a special model for this body type, which is misleading for those who know and love the R2 previous model. Plenty of buyers purchased this jacket based on previous model experience only to get garments that were much too small and long for their bodies. Had the maker given this version a name or description that would indicate the major changes to the build of the jacket, then buyers would have known in advance that it would not fit them as their older versions do so well. if you have a body type other than slim, tall, and sleek, then this R2 version is not for you.


Consisting of 3% spandex and Thermal Pro polyester fabric that is recycled and high-loft, the R2 Fleece is soft, stretchy, super light, and compressible. It weighs only 13.4 ounces and has wicking properties to benefit the user when the body becomes hot and overheated. This newer model of the R2 is more compressible and lighter than previous versions to be more suitable for carrying and wearing when weight is a factor. This makes it a great choice for backpacking, camping, trekking, mountain climbing, and hiking because it can be packed into a small space and does not add much weight to a duffel or backpack when on foot.


Backpack straps will not conflict with the shoulder seams of this garment because the manufacturer strategically placed them offset where they will be out of the way. this adds comfort when wearing a backpack or messenger bag, as the weight of the pack will not be pressing down on the seams of the jacket and into your skin. Seams in this position also get much wear from the backpack rubbing on them and also cause uncomfortable problems. The high-loft material that comprises this jacket has wicking properties to decrease drying times. Even if it does become moist from body temperatures rising, you will not feel the wetness as much because the high-loft material will absorb it and dry fast. In these two ways, the R2 Fleece is very supportive of the user in the activities, tasks, and sports that are enjoyed and performed.


Best used for all-mountain snowboarding and skiing, casual use, and hiking, this Patagonia garment can be used for many other types of activities also. Whatever interests have you outdoors for long periods of time in winter or the cooler months of the year, the R2 is ideal to wear. It is a necessary and vital part of the layering system if you will be active outdoors for hours at a time. Mid-layers must be of this type that is thicker and more heat-conductive than a thin base-layer, but at the same time are not as protective against the weather as an outer shell. It can be used as an outer garment, but not when there is strong wind or precipitation in the area. Tucked in-between layers, the R2 will do its job of trapping body heat and absorbing moisture if overheating should occur.

Ease of Use

This Patagonia Fleece Jacket is just as easy to use as any other type of jacket that has a full zipper in the front. It goes on easy and comes off just as well. there are zipper closures on the two hand warmer pockets and the external chest pocket. Any contents will be safeguarded with this type of closure. During winter activities that involve much exertion and speed, such as snowboarding and skiing, pocket contents can be dislodged very easily if the pockets do not have sturdy and strong closures. Just like the shoulder seams, the chest pocket is above the line where a harness would go. This decreases the bulk in this area of the straps and gives you better usage of the pocket that it is not in the way. this is only relevant if the R2 Fleece is being used as an outer shell. When it is a mid-layer, the placement of the pockets is not as important. The incorporated side panels on the body core and the arms aid the areas that take a lot of wear and usage. This increases the durability and longevity of the garment for the user.

The Bottom Line

Manufacturers make new versions of products that have received largely positive responses from customers in the past. The changes that the new model's sport should serve the majority of the buyer population if it goes under the same name. Without any indication of the much slimmer and longer build of the new R2 Fleece from Patagonia, many loyal fans purchased this jacket only to find that their usual size is much too small for them with this one. Besides this change, the R2 is more compressible and lighter for the outdoor winter activities and sports that it best suits. It is flexible to use as a mid-layer or alone in milder weather. For the tall and slender man, it is a highly recommended purchase for retaining body heat in the cold months. For the more robustly-built person, you may want to keep shopping.