Patagonia Women’s Down Sweater

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Patagonia Women’s Down Sweater Review Facts

The Patagonia Down Sweater for Women is a revised version of this model with a contoured fit, longer hemline, and narrow baffles on the sides. The shapelier design is to give this sweater a slimmer and more feminine look and feel. Previous models were deemed as a bit boxy and bulky, so the company made these improvements for a more modern and stylish look. With the durable polyester material, compressible goose down fill of 800-fill, and DWR (durable water repellent), this excellent sweater is insulated, windproof, and water-resistant. Offered in six beautiful solid colors, it is perfect for the many activities and sports that occur outdoors, such as climbing, hiking, hunting, camping, fishing, backpacking, and snowshoeing. Use it alone as the durable outer layer over a few thinner garments or as a mid-layer under a weatherproof shell for extreme weather climates. Three added features to make this jacket warmer for the user are the storm flap on the front zipper, the drawcord in the bottom hem, and the nylon elastic on the cuffs. The hem drawcord is operated from inside the hand pockets to limit the exposure of the hands in cold weather. There are two zippered exterior hand pockets and one zippered internal chest pocket. The entire sweater can be compressed easily and folded into this one inside pocket for storing and carrying. The horizontal baffles keep the fluffy goose down in place, as it is quilted to prevent it from shifting. These lines are narrower in the sides where active arms would create an additional shifting of the loft. To make this outstanding sweater even more form-fitting, there are fabric straps inside the hip area to tighten the jacket closer to the body. All of these interesting qualities and features of the Patagonia Down Sweater are explored fully in our complete review below

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Hem is longer; fit is more contoured
  • Quilt lines are narrow to keep the fill in place
  • Warmth is sealed in at the cuffs with elastic
  • Includes two exterior pockets and one internal pocket
  • Entire garment fits inside the chest pocket easily
  • Is windproof and insulated against snow and rain
  • Goose down is compressible and lightweight
  • Offered in six wonderful solid colors
  • Wear alone as a shell layer or as a mid-layer
  • Ideal for many outdoor sports and activities
  • Material was too thin for some people who had the same model before
  • Feathers were coming from the seams for a few buyers
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  • This jacket works great as a warm top layer as well as an insulating mid-layer.
  • The material is soft and doesn't restrict movement.
  • The rich colors and stylish patterns get a lot of praise.
  • Decent breathability prevents you from overheating.
  • This jacket is versatile enough for active wear, running errands, and casual social events.
  • Positive reviews come from a range of ages.
  • The inner pocket is convenient.
  • The updated fit doesn't expose your midriff when your arms are raised.
  • According to some buyers, this jacket outperforms similar ones from other top brands.
  • The high-quality construction lives up to Patagonia standards.
  • The pockets are warm.
  • This jacket packs down well making it great for travel.
  • The sizing and shape allows this to fit well under an outer shell.
  • The smooth liner doesn't catch on or pill materials when worn over layers.
  • The outer material doesn't generate as much static as some other jackets.
  • There is some inconsistency in sizing from other Patagonia clothes.
  • Buyers give mixed reviews on the fit. Some say it is slimming and others say it is a little boxy.
  • The sleeves are longer than some reviewers would like.
  • There is only a single front zipper not a double.
  • Buyers report some problems with the stitching.
  • Some reviewers say you may need to size up if you want to layer this over anything more than a t-shirt.
  • The wrist closures are a little loose.
  • This jacket is not significantly wind resistant.
  • There are some complaints about the sleeve stitching easily getting caught on the pocket zippers.
  • The material is not water resistant enough to wear in rain or snow.
  • The main pockets are a bit small.
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The hem of the Patagonia Sweater is longer in the length than some other popular models, plus the fit is more contoured. This gives the user added comfort when reaching for items in that the waist area is not exposed in such instances. The contoured fit in the waist and hip sections was intended to provide a more feminine fit. It prevents the garment from looking too bulky and boxy like a model more suitable for men. The quilt lines on the side panel are narrower than the front or back to keep the fill in place better in these high-usage areas. It is usually on the sides and in the shoulder areas that the fill of warm goose down can shift if not properly controlled. With the smaller baffles, this is contained much better. The zipper area of the chin has an added zipper garage for extra comfort. This is the part of the fabric that would be against the skin of the neck and face. These several comfort measures make the Patagonia Sweater one of the most desirable on the market today.


The front center zipper of this revised model has an interior wicking storm flap. It will not only prevent cold air and precipitation from entering the garment but will also wick away any interior moisture that may occur from the body overheating. Warmth is sealed in at the cuffs with the nylon-bound comfortable elastic material. These added features can make the difference in a body being warm and not so cold from air entering the garment. This product works well under a snow jacket or raincoat as a mid-layer to contain body heat in extreme and harsh weather conditions. It does not have a hood but is well combined with a hoodie underneath. Patagonia does offer the same sweater jacket in a hooded version if that is what you prefer. The durability of this item is quite good and does live up to the high-quality one would expect from such a reputable company.


The high flexibility of this Patagonia revised model comes from the various ways it can be used, how well it compresses, the several useful pockets, the unique hem drawcord, and the tightening straps in the hips. There are two handwarmer pockets with garages and zipper closures on the outside and an internal chest pocket that is zippered. This inside pocket can concert into a sack with the included clip-in carabiner loop. Because of this incredible feature, the whole sweater can be compressed and folded into this one packet for storing and carrying. The wonderful fluffy goose down is what makes this possible. It is compressible and lightweight enough to take with you anywhere you want to go and can fit easily into any backpack, bag, or duffel for on the go travel. The drawcord for the bottom hem is operable from inside the exterior handwarmer pockets, so you do not even have to remove your hands from their warm hiding places to tighten the jacket bottom. This is one quality that you will certainly appreciate out in the bitter cold. The inside hip section has straps to tighten the fit in this area to make the sweater more fit to the individual body shape and form. Unused, these added features will give the user a loose-fitting sweater that is ideal for layering with plenty of flexibility.

Key Features

-The fit is more contoured with a longer hem
-Zipper area of the chin has a zipper garage
-The front center zipper has an interior wicking storm flap
-Goose down is compressible, lightweight, and 800-fill
-The drawcord at bottom hem is operable from pockets
-The inside hip section has straps for tightening
-Has a DWR (durable water repellent) finish
-Baffles are horizontal to keep down from shifting
-Fabric shell is polyester recycled ripstop


Besides being super warm with the high fill of goose down in the entire garment, the Patagonia Sweater is windproof and water-repellent. It repels snow and rain easily because it has an outer covering of DWR (durable water repellent) finish. Used as the main outer layer, rain will run right off the fabric and not be absorbed into it. however, it is not waterproof in heavier showers or heavy snow. You will want to add an additional outer shell for that purpose, leaving this item to be the mid-layer for holding in your body heat. In normal winter weather conditions, this is one vital piece of gear that you can count on for warmth and body heat retention in several types of weather climates.


The goose down used in this revised item is compressible and lightweight of 800-fill. The animals it comes from are treated humanely and never mistreated by live plucking or force-feeding. The down is traceable, so the company can track where it can from and how it was used if it needs to know that for any reason. More and more companies like Patagonia are becoming more responsible for the products they produce in being aware of the source of the materials they use. it is better for the animals, the industry, and the loyal buyers who trust their sounds processes. The baffles of this incredible sweater are horizontally formed to keep the goose down from shifting in the jacket. This ensures that the shoulders, sides, and arms keep the loft that was placed in them. These are the first places of any down-filled item that would ordinarily lose the down to lower areas because of usage and gravity. With the baffles constructed in this way, the fill will stay in place securely.


The sizes may run big for this Patagonia Sweater, plus some of the proportions were off for a few people. This is to be expected since not everyone has the same shape and size. certain body areas may be out of proportion on some women who have larger busts, hips, or arms. Jackets, such as this one, will either be too tight in the regular size the person wears, or too large in some places when a bigger size is purchased. It must be understood that not everyone will be fitted perfectly with any garment. A few women did not like the change of going with a fit for fashion instead of a basic fit that the company has chosen. It makes some of the jacket areas smaller than previous models that were ideal for some buyers. The more contoured and form-fitted design takes away some of the comfort and flexibility of the item in order for it to be more stylish and feminine for those that want it for fashion purposes. The ones that use such jackets as part of their gear in the outdoors for sports, activities, and duties seem to prefer the boxier and roomier previous version of this sweater.


The Patagonia Down Sweater has a durable fabric shell of polyester that is recycled ripstop and form-flattering. As a revised model, it has more robust fabrics and a sleeker shape with a longer hem than previous versions. It is curvy in the waist and hips to make the model not boxy-looking but is not overdone to look too feminine either, according to the majority of buyers. Happily, this terrific product does not create static problems as some similar models do that have the same type of fabrics. This item is offered in six solid colors for you to find your perfect hue that fits your winter wardrobe best. This model does not have a hood but ends in a zipped collar that protects the neck and chin area of the face. The company does offer this same sweater jacket in a model that does have the hood.


Because this ideal sweater is so versatile in how it can be worn in combination with other garments, it is flexible in how it can be used. Wear it alone as a shell layer over a few base layers or as a mid-layer under a heavier shell in harsh weather. When used alone, it is the outermost protection that the user will have for milder weather conditions that are not extreme. This item will ward off light rain, wind, and snow and hold in the user’s body heat extremely well. When the rain and snow are heavy, a more substantial weatherproof covering will be needed. You can put it over this jacket that will then be your sturdy mid-layer over the base layers you have on. The Patagonia Sweater is ideal for the many sports and activities that attract you outdoors, such as snowshoeing, fly fishing, camping, backpacking, hiking, hunting, and climbing, just to name a few. Basically, any type of outdoor activity that you can get involved in will be better enjoyed with the Patagonia Sweater either alone or in layers.

The Bottom Line

The new changes to the Patagonia Down Sweater for Women are accepted with mixed reviews from customers. Some like the trimmer and longer-waisted model that is more feminine and less boxy. Others do not like the material used that seems to them to be thinner than the previous versions of this same model. Some people experienced the goose down feathers coming from the seams, as theirs was not sewn to the high-quality that this reputable company is known to possess. Of the many comments from buyers that we research, the majority of customers love this new version because of the changes. It is a great jacket for an outer shell in mild winter weather or used as a mid-layer in more extreme conditions. When it comes to clothing and the many different body types of people, it is hard to please all buyers, so when the majority of customers are pleased, then the product can be deemed as one that is a success. Patagonia has a terrific version on their hands with this latest model of the Down Sweater that is warm, comfortable, durable, flexible, and water-resistant.