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Marmot Yukon Jr Classic Parka Review Facts

The Marmot Men’s Yukon Jr Classic Parka is terrific for sleet, snow, rain, and cold air of freezing temperatures. It can be used for many types of sports and activities that require a person to be outdoors for extended periods of time. This parka is made for young men that are thirteen or older with a back length that reaches the thighs. Both the jacket and the hood are down-filled, lightweight, and warm. The hood is detachable with a zipper and has two drawcords to seal off the open material around the head and face. The Yukon Parka is made of a waterproof laminate and a lining of strong taffeta that is breathable and dries quickly when it gets wet. Even if it does get wet, you will stay dry since it wicks away the moisture and aids in regulating your body temperature. A few of the weatherproof measures that the manufacturer has installed in this parka are the draft tube that backs the front zipper that is filled with down and the exterior storm flap. The cold wind and precipitation will not get by these precautions. The many drawcords that are incorporated in this wonderful item also close off the body to retain warmth and ward off the weather elements. There are five adjustable cords throughout the jacket and a sum of nine pockets for your hands and possessions. The snow skirt has a pocket, the exterior has six, and the interior has two for your convenience. All of the pockets have flap and zip closures to make sure they are not infiltrated with precipitation or left open for the cold air to enter. With the feature of Angle-Wing Movement, you will have great flexibility and free range of movement in all that you do. The Yukon Parka does have a couple of faults, which we discuss in our full review below. Now we will explore the many features and qualities of this superb Marmot product in further detail.


Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Cold will not penetrate with the exterior storm flap
  • Hood detaches with a zipper
  • Chest pockets have flap and zipper closures
  • Has a waterproof membrane with breathable fabric
  • Hood is down-filled and zips off
  • Length of the back is thigh-length
  • Ideal for sleet, snow, and freezing rain conditions
  • Best used for multi-sport
  • The lining of taffeta keeps moisture away
  • Material dries fast when it is damp
  • Hood only tightens vertically, is quite large, and might not seal out the cold temperatures
  • The shoulders do not have as much down fill in them as the rest of the coat


Being very lightweight and compressible, this Marmot product tucks easily into a pack or bag for use later on. It is ideal for an outer shell when you are outdoors for long periods, such as camping and backpacking in unpredictable weather. This is a very warm jacket that the cold will not penetrate because of the exterior storm flaps. The hand warmer pockets have flap and zip closures also making them virtually impossible for snow, sleet, rain, cold, and wind to enter the jacket. The front zipper is backed by a draft tube that is down-filled to keep you warm and comfortable. The down-filled hood is a luxury on its own that deserves praise for its ability to keep the head and neck warm with its terrific materials. A few buyers said that they noticed the shoulders of this jacket were not particularly as stuffed with fill as the other parts of the parka. They were colder in those areas of the body when outside because of the decreased down filling there. It is possible to work some of the down from the baffles to these spots, but it should be unnecessary to do so.


Flexible would be one of the best words to describe this Yukon Parka for young men because of the several versatile features that it affords the user. The durable hood detaches with a zipper and has two drawcord adjustment you can make for comfort and keeping out the elements. The chest and hand pockets have flap and zipper closures to seal them off from anything entering that you do not want in the pockets. Protective wear must accommodate and prevent the person from having it in their clothes and outer garments. This is the job of the flap closures, the skirt guard, and the neck guards. The sleeves of this Marmot design are Angle-Wing Movement for great comfort and unlimited motion range. Just because you have to dress warmly for the weather does not mean that you must give up your mobility for the things you need to do outdoors. It is important that outer gear permits you to keep your mobility and flexibility in your work and activities.

Key Features

-Handwarmer and chest pockets have flap and zip closures
-Front zipper is backed by a draft tube that is down-filled
-Cold and moisture are kept out with the storm flap and lining
-Down-filled hood detaches with an easy and quick zipper
-Features sleeves that are Angle-Wing Movement
-Has a waterproof membrane with breathable fabric
-Five drawcords seal out the weather elements
-Includes a total of nine internal and external pockets
-Has a MemBrain waterproof, two-layer laminate


The protection of the Yukon Parka is excellent because it is completely waterproof and warm with drawcords to seal off the open ends of the jacket from the weather and air. The waterproof membrane is made of a breathable fabric that keeps you warm, even when the weather is wet and cold. Insulated and windproof, it is one of the best jackets available currently. The hood is down-filled and zips off when you do not need it for protection. Your head, neck, and top body core will be so warm and snug as the weather whips up forcefully. The hood provides immediate shelter from adverse weather for the head and is large with two drawcords for creating a custom fit. A few online customers commented about the hood is quite large and not fitting their heads tightly enough to keep out the cold and wind. This is because the drawcords for it fasten and tighten vertically and not horizontally. This may be the one major disappointment in this parka that turns off potential buyers or makes customers return the item.


The Spindrift is sealed out with the durable powder skirt on this Marmot Parka to keep the snow from entering the interior. Even the hood has a double lining that acts as a barrier against snow and rain from coming inside. It includes elastic adjustable cuffs that are rip-and-stick and waist and hem drawcords to keep you comfortable. These may seem like small features that are not that important, but when it really counts in the weather elements, you will appreciate these simple and small features to seal your body off from the harmful weather. The soft and light down in the hood and the jacket ensure that you stay the warmest you possibly can in many conditions.


Made for a young man that is aged thirteen and older, the Yukon Jr will protect even in the wettest and coldest of environments. The length of this terrific parka is to the thigh in the back. This gives great protection for clothing on the top of the body core. Sizes are true, according to online buyers who are satisfied with the sizing of this garment.


The many drawcords on this Marmot item give it the stability you need to control the open edges of this product. Cold air, wind, and precipitation can enter if the garment is loose, so the manufacturer installed drawcords for the flexibility in closing these open spaces. There is one in the waist, the bottom hem, the inner collar, and two on the hood. When these are tightened, no cold air, snow, or rain is getting into your body. Drawcords make this terrific parka so adjustable to body shape and size to create a snug fit that is comfortable just for you. It is also lightweight, so it is not too heavy to wear or carry in a pack or bag.


Made of durable and long-lasting nylon and polyester taffeta material, the style of this great parka is that of an outer layer to protect you and your clothes from the weather elements. It is filled with 650 geese down to give you excellent warmth while being lightweight and soft.


The many exterior and interior pockets make this one incredibly supportive jacket for all of your needs of warming the hands and carrying items with you. There are nine pockets altogether with six of them being on the outside, two on the inside, and one on the snow skirt. One compartment on the inside is a security pocket for small valuables, such as keys, money, credit and debit cards, or a cell phone. There are two chest angled pockets and two pockets to warm the hands on the exterior. All of these have zipper closures, even the hand pockets. this was commented on by one customer who loved the jacket but was puzzled by the fact that the hand-warming pockets had zippers. It really does not make sense why they are zippered. If you love to have plenty of pockets and compartments in your outerwear, then you will love this wonderful parka with all of its sectioned places.


Ideal for sleet, snow, and freezing rain conditions, this Marmot product will keep you warm, comfortable, and dry. Best used for multi-sports, it is also useful for all sorts of outdoor activities, chores, and tasks that you need to perform in adverse weather conditions. Use it while backpacking, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, or trail riding to protect your body. Whatever finds you outside dealing with all that Mother Nature offers, you can be well-armed with this Yukon Parka.


With a MemBrain waterproof two-layer laminate that is breathable, this incredible parka is weather-resistant. The lining of durable taffeta keeps moisture away from the body to aid with regulating body temperature, so you stay dry and warm. The material dries fast when it is damp for your continued use. it will protect you and your clothes from all forms of precipitation whether it is rain, sleet, or snow, even in heavy amounts.

The Bottom Line

As we all know no clothing item is going to be ideal for every person who wants to wear it. this is the case with the Marmot Men’s Yukon Jr Classic Parka. The two main flaws that we have discovered after searching and reading plenty of reviews and online feedback from customers are not that major when you consider the many features it has for comfort and warmth. The hood can be large for some people and may not fasten perfectly with the drawcords that are attached to it. Only a couple of people made comments about the hood being large and over-filled with down, so it is not a widespread issue among buyers. The shoulders possibly not being filled as much as the other sections of the parka were the other concern we found among consumers. If the baffles are not designed properly to keep them down in these most top areas, then it is possible that because of gravity, the down does tend to drift to the bottom of the jacket. When you realize the many other positive characteristics of this outer garment and how comfortable it can keep the user in adverse weather conditions, these issues are minimal, in our opinion. Plenty of customers had nothing but positive remarks about the Yukon Parka, and it has a great rating. The many drawcords and pockets allow you to customize the jacket to your liking, as does the removable down-filled hood. The flexible and durable materials ensure that this jacket will last for many years of rugged use in some of the toughest environments possible. It is durable, flexible, comfortable, waterproof, weatherproof, and warm.