Marmot Montreaux Down Coat

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Marmot Montreaux Down Coat Review Facts

The Marmot Women’s Montreaux Down Coat is available in eight wonderful solid colors and is recommended for casual everyday use. This goose-down coat is knee-length, lightweight, and fleece-lined. It can keep the user dry and warm in rain, sleet, and light snow flurries in short-term weather elements. The outer shell and inner lining are both created of durable polyester fabric, and there is a DWR finish on the exterior. The fill for this excellent garment is light goose down that will keep you warm even when it is damp. It is also treated with a protector to keep it in a prime condition known as Down Defender. There is a detachable hood that has a fur ruff of synthetic material. you can customize your look by either wearing the coat with or without this lovely hood. It will further protect your head and face from precipitation, such as snow blowing in the face. It detaches and connects with a zipper closure. Several pockets on the inside and the outside of this wonderful coat keep the hands warm and hold things you want to carry with you. These pockets are fleece-lined with zipper closures. All of these terrific features will ensure that you stay comfortable and warm when you are wearing the Montreaux Coat outdoors. There are a couple of concerns with the garment that we discuss below. They are comments and observances from online customers who found this Marmot product to be not the best coat they could have bought. We touch on these issues as well as the other splendid qualities of the Montreaux Down Coat below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Available in eight wonderful solid colors
  • Has internal cuffs and microfleece-lined pockets
  • Goose down is treated with Down Defender
  • Has a DWR finish for durability and longevity
  • Hood has a fur ruff and detaches
  • Is knee-length with a regular fit
  • Is very warm considering the weight is light
  • Some people had trouble with the zippers getting stuck
  • Trouble with sizes being too small – sizes may be Asian and not American
  • Sleeves can be bulky depending on body type and size


Available in eight wonderful solid colors of an urban army, port royal, artic navy, midnight navy, berry wine, jet black, dark purple, and black, you will surely find a color that is your favorite. Many women were pleased with the colors and hues that they received. Sometimes coats can be shiny, or the color can be off from what the manufacturer has in the photo, but these colors are true to what you see. The midnight navy is exceptionally nice according to a few buyers.


With internal cuffs and microfleece-lined pockets with zippers, your arms, hands, and fingers will be quite comfortable and warm in this lovely down coat. The torso is fleece-lined plush, and the interior is fleece-lined with a feeling of plush. It is amazing how warm this coat is when you consider that it does not weight much at all. Many online buyers were shocked at the weight and how warm they are with this remarkable coat on. Even in the coldest temperatures, you will be comfortable and toasty. Part of the comfort is the detachable hood with the fur edging. You can remove this hood in milder weather but be sure to zip it back on when the conditions get to be extreme. Your head and face will be protected and comfortable in the warmth of this hood.


Having the Down Defender treatment in this terrific coat preserves the loft, prevents clumping, and increases the comfort. Even if the down gets moist or damp, you will not feel it because of this added protection. Both the outer shell and the lining are made of long-lasting polyester material. It also has a DWR finish on the exterior of the product for durability and weather protection. All of these layers combine to give you great protection from the wind and precipitation that is regular and not adverse. You will have many years to enjoy and use this coat because of the added protectors the maker has added into its processing.

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The hood that comes on the Montreaux Coat detaches to give you some flexibility in your everyday look. It has a zipper closure and a synthetic ruff of soft fur around the edges. Customize your style by wearing the hood, having the hood attached and draped on the back, or detached for a more sleek and simple appearance. Depending on where you wear the coat and what you are combining with it, the Montreaux can offer several versatile fashion styles to make it look as though you have several outer garments. You also have the choice of layering or not under this coat, as it should fit loose enough to wear a couple of layers underneath. Most people are just fine with a simple layer under it, even in the coldest of weather.


This Marmot product can withstand rain and sleet for exposure that is short-term and will ensure that you stay warm even on the coldest days in winter. It keeps the wearer comfortable and toasty in wet environments and inclement weather. The fluffy down fill is treated with Down Defender that is moisture-resistant, so you stay warm when the conditions are wet. This goose down insulation is hydrophobic and reliably warm. It is surprising how warm this coat really is said some of the buyers online. A few of them tested it to see just how much protection it gives in really cold weather. One buyer wore just a t-shirt and this coat, and she was warm in snow blizzard weather. When you get the correct size, you can layer underneath for even more warmth.


Although there are several sizes offered for this incredible coat, according to the online comments from customers, in general, it does not seem to accommodate women with large hips or bottoms. This is because the coat is knee-length and would have to be too large in the top to fit a larger bottom torso. In addition, the sizes run small. We noticed several comments from normal-sized women who ordered their regular size of the coat with this item but had to return it for a larger size. A few comments were made that the sizes are not true, but others said the size they ordered was just right. The hip and bottom sizes are important in considering the size of this coat because it is so long. It is possible that the sizes are Asian and not American, which would account for them not being very large. If you do order a larger size to help fit a larger bottom torso, then be aware that the sleeves and shoulders may then be out of proportion and bulky.


The Women’s Montreaux is a down, full-length, puff coat for women for wearing every day in casual use. It is knee-length and filled with goose down. With the hood and the fur-lining around the rim, it is a stylish coat that would look wonderful anywhere. Since the hood is removable, you can wear this coat in weather that is mild or harsh. In weather of snow flurries, you will be protected with the durable outer shell, plus the fur lining on the hood will keep the snow away from your face. Some women who had not owned a long coat before were surprised about the long length. They eventually became accustomed to it and were glad they had it to cover the majority of their body in cold and extreme conditions.


The terrific support of this ideal coat is the protective outer layer and the magnificent warm goose down fill. The fill has a power rating of 700, which means that the down in this coat displaces per ounce 700 cubic inches. This indicates that the loft is high with the least amount of weight. The loft is the softness and quality of the down as it is measured. The warmth of the coat is remarkable for the light weight of it. You would expect such a long, thick outer garment to be heavy and bulky, but this one is not.


The Montreaux Coat will keep you warm even when the wind chill drops down below zero. It is long to cover more of your body to retain your body heat. Some customers said that it is warmer than the North Face Metropolitan coat of which they owned previously. We all know that The North Face makes high-quality products, so for the Montreaux to be warmer, in their opinion, than that is incredible. The only use for this great coat is as an outer covering over a light shirt or sweater, or you can have a few layers underneath. With its protective outer covering of DWR, it is meant to be the outermost part of your clothing outdoors. You have the choice of wearing it with or without the detachable hood with the fur lining.

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Even with the durable polyester fabric on the inside for the comfortable lining and the outside for the shell, this coat is not completely waterproof. It is resistant to regular wind and snow flurries that are light. The DWR helps with this and the longevity of the fabric. The goose down fill is protective of the weather also if it should get damp or wet. It has a protective coating too that will still keep you warm when it is wet. It would take a good bit of precipitation to get through the DWR layer, the polyester shell, the treated goose down layer, and the polyester lining to get to your clothing or skin underneath. Its weather-resistant nature is quite protective.

Ease of Use

The Montreaux Coat for women has a regular fit, which is a straight waist, dropped shoulders, and a loose hem. This is not a fit that is accommodating to everyone, so the comfort level and fit will depend greatly on your individual body type. (We discuss more of this issue in the Size section.) It is very warm for the weight and the zippered pockets on the exterior help with this. There are zippered internal pockets that can hold accessories close, plus drop pockets on the inside give extra storage capabilities. The coat has a full-frontal zipper to put it on and take it off. These zippers were an issue for a few online buyers. They had trouble with the zipper getting stuck quite often and felt that a better zipper of higher quality should have been used on such an expensive and well-featured coat. We did not see mention of the zippers being YKK zipper, which are used on most coats and jackets of high-quality.

The Bottom Line

Marmot has made an excellent coat for women with the creation of the Montreaux Down Coat. It is goose-down filled, knee-length, and has a detachable hood with a fur ruff. This is a lightweight garment that is used as an outer shell to protect the user in winter conditions of light precipitation and wind. It is fleece-lined on the interior and in the zippered pockets to add to the comfort of wearing it. there is a DWR coating on the exterior to add to its longevity and durability, plus a Down Defender treatment on the goose down fill to help preserve it and keep it from clumping. The regular fit of this long coat has caused some complaints and concern over the sizing. Although several sizes are offered, it has been suggested that the sizes are Asian and not American. Therefore, women should order a size up from their regular coat size. Those with bigger lower torsos will find that this long coat may be too tight around that body section. The regular fit does not accommodate for a body that is larger in the hips or rear. Another concern from a few people were the zippers that snag often. These are not YKK zippers to our knowledge from our research of the coat, as those are excellent zippers for outer garments. Overall, we think that the Montreaux Down Coat is the perfect product for those with the body type that it is made to fit. Women who do not have a slim, trim, and well-proportioned body may do better to look at other coat items for the best fit and comfort.