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Leatherman Surge Multitool Review Facts

Anyone who finds themselves a fan of outdoor activities whether it be fishing, camping, hunting, or even hiking understands the need to have only best gear with you when you are facing off against the wilderness. It's also crucial to conserve space in your pack or tackle box. This is where something handy like the perfect multi-tool can come into play. These lifesavers combine several of the tools you may find yourself in need of while out and about. They can also be used in everyday life like work and at home, the possibilities are endless.

The key to choosing the right multi-tool for you is knowing what you’re looking for in one. Are you in search of a tool that offers a multitude of uses? Is the weight and feel more important? Once you answer these questions, then durability is the next thing to take into consideration. Spending money on a multi-tool that won’t last more than a few trips outdoors is basically worthless. If you are in search of a tool that will stand up to everything you dish at it and are willing to forego your concerns with weight, then perhaps the Leatherman Surge is the one you’ve been looking for.

The Leatherman Surge offers users 21 included tools and is 100% stainless steel. This means this tool will not rust and can last you for years to come. In this review, we will discuss both the good and the bad of investing in the Leatherman Surge. This will give you the heads up you need before making such an important purchase and depending on your multi-tool when you are enjoying your time in the great outdoors.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 21 separate tools
  • Stainless Steel design fights rusting
  • Several accessories available
  • Warranty
  • Heavy
  • Bulky
  • Expensive
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  • This multi-tool can be used for a wide variety of tasks.
  • The design and materials are strong and solid.
  • This tool is built with an excellent level of craftsmanship.
  • It lives up to the Leatherman standard of quality.
  • This tool is durable, and Leatherman stands by the quality of their tools.
  • Although expensive for a multi-tool, reviewers say it is worth the price.
  • The knives are decently sized and razor sharp.
  • It's easy to quickly access the knife in an emergency.
  • Most say it's easy to take each tool out and lock it back into place.
  • There are locks on the knives for safety.
  • The most often used tools are on the outside for easier access.
  • The size of the handles allows for good leverage and a sturdy grip.
  • The curve of the handle fits comfortably in your hand.
  • It comes with a detached knife sharpener.
  • A sheath for attaching it to a belt is included.
  • With so many tools packed into one package, this is great to have for household tasks, hunting and fishing, camping, and on the job.
  • Most buyers trust the durability.
  • It's heavier than similar multi-tools on the market.
  • Due to the size and weight, it is not ideal for minimal backpacking.
  • This tool can meet the needs of a variety of tasks, but it doesn't excel as a single-use tool would.
  • It can be a bit stiff and rigid to open when new.
  • Sometimes the tools come out together instead of individually.
  • Some reviewers think it could be improved if there were an option other than just needle nose pliers.
  • The quality of the sheath is questionable.
  • It does not have an eyeglass screwdriver like some other Leatherman multi-tools.
  • If a lot of pressure is needed for a task, the metal of the handles can dig into the palm if you are not wearing gloves.
  • There are quality control issues reported from people who bought through third party sellers.
  • The location of the bottle opener makes it a little awkward to use.
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When talking about the Leatherman Surge, the first that should be mentioned is this tool’s durability. The Surge is constructed from 100% stainless steel. This means you will never have to worry about issues with rust. Crafted by the team at Leatherman, a company that knows and understands their way around multi-tools leaves you with peace of mind in knowing this tool is designed to last. It is also helpful to know that Leatherman backs this product to the point of offering an amazing warranty in which they will replace the Surge if problems arise. When hearing a company is willing to back the durability of their product to this kind of point, how could a person not see the strength included in the product.


Yes, when it comes to choosing a multi-tool some people may feel that size does matter. If you are looking for a small tool that can easily fit anywhere, the Surge may not appeal to your tastes. This tool is a bit robust in size due to all it offers. If this is an issue or you simply need a multi-tool for short hikes, fishing trips, or are just a fan of multi-tools in general perhaps the Surge is a bit much. If you are one of those who needs a dependable, sturdy, multi-tool for both work and play that can handle whatever your day may throw at you, the size of the Surge will be of little issue. Having this tool at your side will offer you a great deal of ease as you go throughout your daily activities.


One of the issues many reviewers noted when discussing the Leatherman Surge was the weight of the tool. This weight comes to the size and number of tools the Surge offers those who carry it. With 21 fully functioning tools enclosed, of course, the tool is going to be a bit heavy. If you are not a fan of carrying weightier objects with you on your hikes or climbs, perhaps looking into a smaller, lightweight tool is in your best interests. This will keep you from feeling overburdened with the Surge and limited on space in your backpack.

Key Features

As mentioned above, the Leatherman Surge comes with 21 separate tools you will have access to if you add this piece of equipment to your survival and everyday living gear. In this section, we will discuss each of these featured tools to help you better understand what the Surge has to offer and how you can benefit from it.

The first tool we will talk about is the main blade. This blade is made of 420 high carbon steel and measures three inches long. This blade also incorporates a liner lock and must be pushed in to release for folding.

Scissors are popular in any model of multi-tool. This is why the Leatherman Surge made sure they incorporated it into their gear. These scissors use a leaf-spring that must be pulled down to lock the tool in a place where the spring engages with the handles of the scissors. These scissors are quite sharp and can be used for a large range of things. If you find yourself in need of cutting cordage, small rope, or even simpler things like thread, these scissors can easily handle the job. When not in use, this tool folds easily thanks in part to the disengagement of the spring and tucks away with no issue.

Most outdoorsmen or those who find themselves working in some of the more active fields such as police officers, firefighters, or even those on a farm or ranch can find daily uses of a serrated blade. This is why the Surge made sure to include one in this multi-tool. This blade is also 420 high carbon and offers a sheep-foot design. By offering a full-length serration, this tool is great at slicing through rope and other tough material. Like the main blade, pushing in allows you to release and fold down.

The Surge multi-tool also comes with a blade exchanger. The first blade is of course the saw blade. This blade offers you the opportunity to cut things such as wood, etc. It is also interchangeable with Bosch jigsaw blades, that can fit somewhat loose but can be used. The next blade used in the blade exchanger is the file blade which is cross cut and diamond-coated fine. This blade is great when you need to file down the hard edges of whatever you are working on.

The bit extension is a great way to make your Surge a full-size standard Phillips screwdriver. This extension fits into the Surge’s bit holder easily. Once you open the multi-tools handle you have better access to the leverage needed to loosen or tighten things easily.

The bit holder of the Surge incorporates Leatherman’s Proprietary bits. These thin bits are double-ended and come in quite handy. You’ll also find the bit holder uses the lock lever feature other tools of the Surge make use of.

Two built-in flat blade screwdrivers are also included with the Surge. One of these screwdrivers is a smaller, 1/8 inch flat. The other is the larger 5/16 inch flat. These screwdrivers are great to have handy when at work or play. You never know when you may find yourself needing to fix something quickly so you can continue your day.

One blade of the Surge offers three different tools to work with. A can opener, bottle opener, and wire stripper are situated on the same blade to offer the compactness you need while still ensuring you have the tools you need. When hunting, fishing, or even camping you’ll find having these three tools comes in quite handy when it comes to ensuring you stay fed.

The Surge also features an AWL that offers both a sharp end for scraping and a threaded hole that will allow you to sew heavy materials like canvas or leather. This comes in quite handy if your shelter or clothing becomes damaged and must be repaired quickly.

A lanyard ring also comes included with the Surge. When first purchasing your Surge, you will find you need to pull it out for use.

The pliers head offers several tools for anyone who chooses to purchase a Leatherman Surge. At the tapered tip, you’ll find a pair of needle nose pliers that can be used just as you would any pair of pliers in your toolbox. This plier’s head also offers a pair of regular pliers many people will find themselves needing to use regularly. Also, part of the plier’s head are replaceable hard and standard wire cutters. These cutters are amazing when you are working and need to quickly strip or cut wire. No one wants to stop the job they are doing to run down the cutters they need.

When opening the Surge Leatherman flat, you’ll find they have also added a ruler for your needs. This ruler reads in both inches and metric, aiding you when you find yourself in need of small, quick, measurements.


The Leatherman Surge comes with several accessories that make this multi-tool even more usable. The first and possibly most important accessory is the leather sheath that easily allows the Surge to fit inside. This sheath comes with three pockets to hold all the bits and extensions that come with the Surge. The main pocket is sized for the Surge itself to fit into. Another pocket is added for the bit accessories and finally a third for the interchangeable saw and file blades.

The Ferrocerium Rod is another accessory to the Surge. O ring packaging protects from weather to keep moisture and other issues at bay. Besides the Ferrocerium Rod, you’ll also find a small compass, striker, and storage for tinder.


One of the biggest draws of the Leatherman Surge is the amazing warranty offered for this multi-tool. Leatherman is willing to cover the Surge against issues for up to 25 years. If you break it they will fix or replace your Surge with no questions asked. It is important to keep in mind however that this warranty does not cover the accessories of the Surge, just the multi-tool itself.

Ease of Use

The Surge may be quite hefty for a multi-tool, but it makes up by being easy to use. Most of the tools included are easily accessible and sturdy enough to be worked toughly. Whether you are in need of a screwdriver or set of wire cutters, you’ll find each tool opens easily and then closes up completely to be packed away.


Those reviewers who had purchased the older version of the Surge have made mention of sending it in to have the upgrades that have been added by Leatherman. One reviewer also sent his Surge in for a repair only to receive a fully updated version when it was sent back. Whether Leatherman offers this to everyone who has purchased an older version of the Surge or not is unknown but for those who need repairs, new updates may be possible.

Best Applications

The applications for the Leatherman Surge are limitless. This tool can be used almost every day and in almost all walks of life. If you are an outdoors lover, you’ll find the Surge is the perfect tool to take whether you are going fishing, hiking, camping, climbing, or biking. With this multi-tool you can easily fix your bike if issues arise, open a can of food to cook on the fire, and cut the wood for the fire as well. Your work and daily life can also benefit from the great tool. No matter what kind of job you have, you may find yourself in need of a multi-tool like the Surge. When doing things around the house, having the ability to reach to your side and snatch the Surge to save time running to the toolbox is a great time saver.

Bottom Line

When discussing the Leatherman Surge, the bottom line is simple, it’s a great tool to have. Yes, you will find yourself paying a bit of money to call one of these multi-tools your own but the benefits and uses will far outweigh the price you pay. It is important to keep in mind when snatching yourself a Surge, that it is a beast of a tool. It weighs more and is bigger than your average multi-tool. The tools it offers, however, make purchasing one for yourself a great idea.