The North Face Hedgehog Fastpack GTX

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The North Face Hedgehog Fastpack GTX Review Facts

The North Face Women’s Hedgehog Fastpack GTX Hiker is, of course, made for hiking but is ideal for many other uses and activities. Almost any outdoor excursion can be enjoyed better with this incredible shoe with the fantastic traction. It is a breathable, comfortable, waterproof, and rugged shoe that is also attractive and stylish enough for city wear. It is terrific for all-day wear, plus it feels and looks like a regular sneaker. The main appeal to these shoes is the durability, longevity, and waterproof characteristics. It is constructed with Gore-Tex material which allows it to withstand even the heaviest rainfall and keep your foot dry inside. Since this improved model is lightweight with excellent traction, you can move swiftly and confidently along rugged terrain. This latest version has suede inner soles, durable Vibram rubber outsoles, supportive EVA midsoles, and strong leather uppers. The inner lining is of a breathable mesh material, the sizing is consistent, and the closure is sturdy laces. This is one model of shoe that is made to last as many buyers have this model of shoe still in use many years later in great condition. The Hedgehog can take much abuse from rugged and normal wear and tear and still look great. The overall satisfaction rate from online customers is large with just a few mentioned issues. Now we will take a closer look at these features and qualities in greater detail for a comprehensive review of this impressive footwear.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Breaks in quickly and easily
  • Has supportive midsoles and tough outsoles
  • Sizing is consistent and true
  • Attractive, lightweight, and comfortable
  • Breathable, flexible, and waterproof
  • Good to wear all day on your feet
  • Feels and looks like a normal sneaker
  • Gives great traction over rugged terrains
  • Withstands heavy rain well and moves quickly
  • Cumbersome and heavy for some people
  • Not comfortable for those with high arches or wide feet


Because the lining is made of a durable mesh material, the Hedgehog Fastpack are breathable shoes that will deter moisture buildup inside. Even the leather upper is permeable to some extent to keep your feet dry but still aerated. The closure for this model is lacing for a stronger hold and adjustable fit than Velcro closures can usually provide. For whatever use you purchase these great shoes for, your feet should remain cool and comfortable with the chosen breathable materials used in their construction.


Offered in several bold colors, the usual theme hues of this North Face model are a mixture of brown tones with a bright color added in for contrast. Popular colors chosen by customers were a light blue with the brown and a raspberry with the brown combo. This gives the user a regular-colored hiking shoe that will not show dirt or wear and tear as easy as a lighter-colored shoe, plus adds a bit of femininity in for a nice touch. Other basic colors are available in blue and black combinations, as well.


For women who have a narrow or regular-shaped foot with a normal arch, this Hedgehog version is a very comfortable shoe to wear all day long. because they are waterproof, they are valued not only for sports and outdoor activities but also for a number of professions. Some buyers who have high arches or wide feet were not pleased with this model of Hedgehog because of the form. In a few online comments from consumers who were pleased with this shoe, we noted that insoles were added to them for added arch support. Others found this supposedly lightweight shoe to be cumbersome and heavy. Thus, depending on foot type, size, and arch level, your comfort with this version of Hedgehog may differ from others.


Built strong and durable as a hiking shoe, the Hedgehog Fastpack does live up to its name. it is a sturdy shoe that can take plenty of punishment and not show signs of wear. This is one of the reasons this model is so popular and why North Face keeps improving it. It is one of their star models that is long-lasting and tough. Some online customers stated that they still have versions of the Hedgehog that they purchased over ten years ago that are still going strong. They remain waterproof after all that time and are still in great shape to wear in public. Part of the reason for the wonderful durability of this shoe is that the hardware is rust-proof. This also adds to their waterproof capabilities. Buyers also noted that these shoes are very quick and easy to break in, so you can wear them for the first time wherever you intended to wear them when they were purchased.

Ground Feel

When compared to other North Face models of the past, these were not liked by all current buyers. Some women could feel the rocks more when hiking, and their feet became tired faster with this newer model. This was not a common complaint among customers, but it was noted by a few that are very familiar with the excellence of the North Face brand and the Hedgehog model. The sturdy rubber sole should give you the all-day comfort and support that you desire.

Key Features

-Has a lace-up closure for an adjustable fit
-Lining is made of a breathable mesh material
-Has supportive EVA midsoles for comfort
-Features a suede inner sole
-Outsole is Vibram rubber with good traction
-Sizing is consistent and true
-Attractive, rugged, and comfortable
-Ankle height and lightweight model
-Waterproof with the durable Gore-Tex material


With EVA midsoles, the Hedgehog Fastpack will support your feet in all that you do. Whether you use this footwear for hiking or other outdoor activities, it provides the arch support and comfort that you would expect from such a rugged shoe. We noted many women who purchased this North Face model for work because it is waterproof, stylish, and was available in suitable colors that would blend in nicely for their occupations. If you are on your feet all day long and need a supportive shoe to pamper your feet, then the Hedgehog Fastpack may be just for you.


While the inner sole of the Hedgehog is made of a comfortable and soft suede material, the durable outsoles are comprised of a strong Vibram rubber substance. They are tough and will not mark up floors, for those who purchase them for their occupations. Their strength in being able to withstand the tough outdoor elements and roughness of the trail has its benefits when used as a regular everyday shoe. This is why this Hedgehog version is not quick to deteriorate or show wear. You can count on this superb footwear to last for many years of dependable use.


The sizing of this North Face model is fairly consistent and true. Most of the women who purchased their regular size were satisfied with how this Hedgehog model fit their feet. Even after a full day of walking in them, the size and room in the toe box should be adequate for most women. Again, this depends highly on the shape and type of foot you have. Those with wider feet may not be as comfortable with this latest model. It is best to order the regular size of shoe that you normally wear with this Hedgehog version to avoid it being long in the toe. This could cause tripping and discomfort with the foot sliding forward in the toe box. For outdoor activities and adventures, this could be most uncomfortable and hazardous.


Made of rubber and leather materials, the style and design of the Hedgehog Fastpack is a durable outdoor shoe. Built tough for protecting the feet on the hiking trail, it can take the punishment of any outdoor activity you enjoy, such as trekking, climbing, camping, and backpacking. It is attractive, rugged, comfortable, and waterproof in an ankle height form that is flexible and versatile to your needs. With a stylish design, the Hedgehog is perfect for wearing in the city too, as many women use them for everyday and casual wear to protect their feet and be comfortable throughout their day.


Good to wear all day long on your feet, this footwear feels and looks like a normal sneaker. They are lightweight and supportive of your feet throughout the day. Used on the trail, they should allow you to traverse over rocks, twigs, and other obstacles with ease. Because of the highly supportive outer and inner soles, your feet will be padded and protected to comfortably and swiftly move along. Buyers who purchased the Hedgehog Fastpack for their occupations noted that their feet were not tired or hurting after their work shifts, as the materials used for their construction were highly comfortable for them.


Made for being a woman’s hiking shoe for traveling fast over rugged terrain, the Hedgehog Fastpack is one of the most ankle-high shoes from The North Face. It is made lightweight to give the user a shoe that is capable of swift walking and quick movements. This is why the shoe is prized for occupations that require standing all day long or being in a rough demanding environment. Those who work with animals for their jobs noted that these shoes are perfect for their occupations. They are attracted to this model because of the waterproofness of the shoes also. The Hedgehog can withstand almost any terrain that occupations or the rugged wilderness can throw at them.


This North Face model gives great traction both on and off the trail. The tough rubber soles are grooved to hold on smooth and rough surfaces equally well. Even in wet environments, this footwear will grip and give terrific traction for the wearer. Covering the many obstacles and surface areas of the trail requires such a shoe as the Hedgehog Fastpack, which is capable of gripping to almost any surface type.


The upper is made of leather on this North Face model to be breathable, but also waterproof. It is tough to keep out the moisture you may encounter on the trail with puddles and streams. Crossing these obstacles is not a problem with the Hedgehog hiking shoe. The durable leather upper also gives this footwear its strength and longevity. As online customers have attested to, the Hedgehog is a long-lived shoe that looks great even years down the road of hard and normal wear. The North Face uses some of the best materials to manufacture their products, so they are built to last.


Although the best use for these hiking shoes is indeed the adventure of hiking the trails, they can be and are used for many different purposes. Almost any outdoor activity can be enhanced with the use of these shoes. Because they have great traction, can cover varied terrains, are waterproof, and can be very comfortable, many women wear them for work, school, and everyday wear. They were made to move quickly with the use of lightweight materials, thus making them the ideal hiking shoe for both rain and sunshine. For whatever purpose you may need a waterproof, durable, lightweight, and comfortable shoe with great traction, the Hedgehog Fastpack may be just the footwear you need.


Part of the draw for these North Face shoes is the fact that they are waterproof. Hiking shoes need to be waterproof because hikers are often caught in the rain during their excursions. Wet feet are not only uncomfortable, but they cause many problems too. The Hedgehog can withstand heavy rain, puddles, and streams very well to keep your feet dry and comfortable. Their outstanding protection comes from the Gore-Tex material used in their construction. Almost any type of outdoor gear that is waterproof has Gore-Tex substances incorporated. It also accounts for and adds to the durability and long-lasting qualities of this remarkable footwear. If you require a waterproof shoe for our job or outdoor adventures, the Hedgehog Fastpack is ideal.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the North Face Women’s Hedgehog fastpack GTX Hiker is a remarkable shoe that pleases many wearers and buyers. It is breathable, waterproof, durable, and has great traction. Those who have regular arches and normal width feet will be pleased with this model that will be quite comfortable for them. The main drawback to this shoe is according to customers, it does not fit well for those with wide feet or high arches. Corrective inner soles can be added to improve the comfort level for the arch issues. A few buyers commented that this is a heavy shoe for them but judging from the many customer comments that we researched, it is indeed a lightweight shoe made for fast travel and quick movements in rugged environments. Its main draw is the fact that it is waterproof even in heavy rains, making it ideal for those with occupations dealing with water and slick surfaces, especially outdoors. The Hedgehog is an amazing shoe that is worthy of a great rating and your serious consideration. You should also consider investing in high-quality boots for hiking if you are planning to go hiking on rough terrain.