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The North Face Osito 2 Jacket Review Facts

Offered in a large assortment of bright and bold solid colors, the North Face Women’s Osito 2 Jacket was created for hiking and skiing environments. However, it is being used mostly for casual use in the city by students and professionals that love and wear this jacket every day. It is made of polyester and elastane materials, including a Raschel fleece that is high-pile and soft silken. With a relaxed fit that is neither heavy or bulky, this midweight jacket features a tailored waist, large cozy collar, and YKK zippers. It has a slim build to flatter your shape and fit your form well. There are stretch cuffs and a hem for flexibility in wearing it and two hand pockets with zippers. The front zipper closure extends to the top creating the collar that will protect the neck in colder conditions. The softness of the fleece makes this one incredible jacket that must be felt to believe. This is the most commented feature of the Osito 2 from women online because it is equally as warm as it is appealing to the eye and touch. The one issue that was mentioned by more than just a few people was a shedding problem. Some women received jackets that shed, while others had no problem at all after wearing extensively. Overall, the Women’s Osito 2 is an outstanding jacket used to keep warm in mild and cold climates and is quite stylish. We will now take a closer look at these mentioned features and qualities of this jacket for women.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Has a relaxed fit that is not bulky
  • Has strong and durable YKK zippers
  • Raschel fleece is high-pile and soft silken
  • Has a form-fitting waist and oversized soft collar
  • Includes a stretch hem and cuffs for flexibility
  • Is a high-pile, warm fleece jacket
  • Ideal for casual wear, cold weather, skiing, and hiking
  • Offered in many bright and gorgeous solid colors
  • Shedding of the fleece can be a problem
  • Some buyers apparently received a knock-off or interior product


Due to the excellent North Face brand, many buyers already know without even seeing this jacket that it is of high-quality and built with durable, long-lasting materials. The North Face manufacturers outstanding products that loyal customers have come to depend on for their trusted outdoor gear. The Women’s Osito 2 is such an item. It is worthy of the North Face logo and is a fine example of their magnificent craftsmanship.


The Osito 2 is offered in over twenty-five bright and bold solid colors that are sure to please any taste and preference. Being that it is used mostly for casual wear according to the feedback from buyers, it can be seen in some of the most gorgeous colors of pink, gray, black, plum, white, blue, green, peach, and red. When purchased for hiking and skiing, it is mostly bought in the darker neutral colors to blend in with the surroundings and purpose better. Judging from the feedback online, it was mostly sought for casual wear during fall for the colder climates and for winter in the milder areas.


The North Face Osito 2 has a relaxed fit and is not considered heavy or bulky. It is a mid-weight jacket that is mostly used as an outer layer for a thin shirt or sweater underneath. This is not the model that has a hood, as The North Face does make the same jacket with a hood too. What makes this garment so extraordinarily comfortable is the super soft fleece material on the inside and the outside. almost every online buyer had positive remarks about how pleased they were with the softness of this jacket. It baffled some as to how this lightweight jacket could be so warm. The cut and design of the product make it form-fitting and flattering to your shape. Most women bought it in the size they normally wear to have it fit them snug. The hem and the cuffs are elastic to be flexible to your size.


There is stretch hard face fabric at the cuff and the hem of the Osito 2 to be flexible to your form. There is also a waist adjustment on the inside to help you gain a better fit. This can come in handy when you want to layer clothes or wear a bulky sweater underneath the jacket. You can also layer with this jacket being a mid-layer piece under a heavier jacket or coat. One consumer that had a job working in refrigeration used the Osito 2 in this way. it kept them warm every day while on the job under a heavy coat. The exterior hand pockets and the full-frontal closure have secure durable YKK zippers. These are top-quality zippers that are sought on outerwear garments by those who have experienced their excellence. These zippers will not snag, tear, or show signs of wear even after years of usage. As you see, the Osito 2 is a very flexible jacket that can be used in many environment types and in varying combinations of clothes layering.

Key Features

-Offered in over fifteen bright and bold solid colors
-Is not heavy or bulky and has a relaxed fit
-Features YKK zippers on the front closure and hand pockets
-Made of Raschel fleece that is high-pile and soft silken
-Has a tailored waist for a slimming effect
-Over-sized comfy collar keeps the neck warm
-Stretch hem and cuffs are form-fitting and flexible


As a midweight jacket, the Osito 2 is not meant to be the main protector in extremely cold weather or adverse weather conditions of snow and rain. It is not waterproof and has low resistance to wind. It is, however, quite warm for its weight and slim form because of the Raschel fleece that is high-pile and soft silken. This material is on the interior and exterior to create a solid warmth even with just a thin shirt underneath. In milder zones, it can be worn alone without an outer layer. For the colder regions, it can aid the body with heat retention under an outer layer that would be more waterproof and windproof than the Osito 2. It is a very warm jacket according to buyers who are quite happy with its protection level from the cold. The neckline will cover the mouth if you zip the front closure all the way to the top. This gives the user a barrier to cold from entering the top of the garment. The main protection with the Osito 2 is from the cold and not precipitation or wind.


Sizes are true and regular claim online customers who were satisfied with the fit of the Osito 2. It is meant to be a snug-fitting jacket with a cut and design to match your shape. It is best worn over a light shirt or sweater but can accommodate a thicker base layer if you order a size larger. When you do this, however, be aware that a larger size will make the sleeves be possibly too long for you. It will also most likely be too long as well in the waist. This is not meant to be a loose-fitting jacket used mainly for layering. It should be worn with just a light layer underneath for the best fit and comfort level. The Osito 2 also has a tailored waist, oversized comfy collar, and stretch hem and cuffs to flatter your shape. We recommend, based on the many customer comments that we have read, that you purchase the normal size of jacket that you usually wear to have the best fit.


The style of the Women’s Osito 2 is a cool condition jacket of classic fleece for warmth. It is made of 100% polyester material with a full front zipper closure for ease in getting it on and off and for venting quickly. The slim fit gives a flattering silhouette and the high-pile fleece makes it so very comfortable and soft. The durable and cozy polyester and elastane materials add to the feel of this incredible jacket that has women praising its material and fit. From the reviews by buyers, we can see that this jacket is mostly being used for casual use by students, professionals in the workplace, and everyday people who want a stylish soft jacket to wear when it is cold. Although it was designed to be used for skiing and hiking, it is so good-looking that the majority of buyers are using it as an everyday jacket to wear in the city. The many beautiful colors available add to the flexibility of using it almost anywhere because it looks so great.


Created for hiking and skiing, the Osito 2 can be used anywhere. The intended use from the manufacturer was to create a warm soft jacket for the fall in cold climates or as a mid-layer in these areas when the weather became extreme. In the milder regions, it can be worn all winter season as an outer layer without the need to put on a more durable outer shell. It is warm but is not weatherproof in the sense of strong wind or precipitation. Since it is so stylish, many women are wearing these in a professional environment to go to work and school. It is lightweight enough to be worn indoors in buildings that are kept cold. The Osito 2 is stylish and modern enough to be an everyday jacket that you can count on to give you warmth when the weather is not too harsh.

Ease of Use

You would not think to look at it, but this jacket can be machine washed. Because of the fleece material, it would seem to be a problem. We did notice in our research of this product the several buyer comments of possibly receiving a knock-off or fake jacket that is not of the same quality that The North Face is known for producing. The problem with these inferior jackets is that they wear and tear quite quickly and easily, plus they tend to shed plenty. Some customers that have used similar North Face jackets have done so for years without them becoming worn. A few people noticed with this version that they had tears at the elbows after just a few months of wearing it. the shedding was the more common problem that we mention as one of the cons of the Osito 2. Some women experienced heavy shedding of the fleece, even before trying to wash the jacket. It seems like washing it only made the problem worse. Judging by the high ratings of this item online, the majority of people did not have this problem. Somehow a number of people did receive such jackets and are not satisfied with their purchases of the Osito 2.

The Bottom Line

As the majority of buyers are highly satisfied with the North Face Women’s Osito 2 Jacket, it is an impressive garment for its warmth, style, comfort, and softness. It protects against the cold as an outer shell over a light base layer or can be used as a mid-layer under a heavy jacket or coat as an outer shell. It is perfect for both warm and mild climates in the winter with the various layering options. The many offered colors of the jacket make it so appealing the eye to be used in the city for every day wear at school and on the job. The soft Raschel fleece on the inside and outside gives it the warmth level it has and the look of elegance and style in a form-fitting jacket. It is not heavy or bulky and is ideal for skiing and hiking for which it was created. The relaxed fit makes it perfect for wearing every day in so many different environments. The issue of the shedding of the fleece material for some women customers is the only major drawback and consideration of this incredible garment. It is not clear if these were knock-offs or fakes that the women received, as no explanations were given online in our research. Because the buyer ratings reflect mostly satisfied consumers with no shedding issues at all, we believe the North Face Women’s Osito 2 Jacket to be of impressive quality and substance that is befitting the North Face brand name.