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Arc’teryx Beta AR Jacket Review Facts

The Arc’teryx Men’s Beta AR Jacket has been a continued product for Arc’teryx since 2000. They make improvements to the model based on the desires and needs of their customers. Several new features can be enjoyed this latest version of this highly-versatile garment. It is waterproof and windproof, which is ideal for mountain environments and activities. This excellent jacket gives much comfort when skiing, climbing, backpacking, hiking, or camping. Use it as an outer shell layer over a light shirt or sweater when the temperatures and conditions are milder. As a mid-layer, it will help retain body heat and be the layer of weather protection under a more durable outer layer. The Gore-Tex material that it is made of makes it breathable, lightweight, and very protective against the weather elements. A Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating gives it added durability and barrier qualities. The seams are taped, the external zippers are watertight, and the cuffs have Velcro for fastening. There are pit zippers for venting, a hood that is great with a helmet, and a chin collar. The drawstrings on the pull cords are easy to grasp, even with gloves on, because they are corded. The seams and the hems are laminated for added durability and longevity, plus the arms and shoulders are strongly reinforced with sturdy stitching. The online customer reviews for this Beta AR Jacket are overwhelmingly positive because of the many appealing characteristics of this newer Arc’teryx model. Now, we will discuss some of these terrific features and qualities in greater detail.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Has pit laminated zippers for fast venting
  • Coated with Durable Water Repellent (DWR)
  • Arms and shoulders are reinforced
  • Hood has an interior collar and taped seams
  • Waterproof perfect for mountain environment activities
  • Windproof, breathable, and lightweight
  • Made of Gore-Tex materials for weather protection
  • All external zippers are watertight
  • Features tapered Velcro sleeve cuffs
  • The DropHood is suitable with wearing sports helmets
  • Drawstring on the hood may be hard to locate with gloves on
  • Sleeves are too long when a larger size is purchased for layering


The Beta AR Jacket for men has been a mainstay product for Arc’teryx since the year 2000. Each new version, such as this one, features improvements on the original design that best suits its wide customer base. This latest model includes a dropped back hem, a microsuede chin guard, micro-seams, laminated zippers and seams, tapered cuffs, taped seams, and armpit zippers. The Arc’teryx logo is embroidered on the front chest, as usual, with a non-chafing label to proudly display the company’s excellence. This brand is known for its outstanding craftsmanship, materials used, and impressive product performance. Many buyers are highly satisfied with this incredible jacket that has so many possibilities with layers and wearing alone.


Protection and comfort are the main themes of this jacket for men. This superior product has a regular fit that is lightweight and breathable with elbows that are articulated for the best flexibility. The weight and bulk are reduced with the minimal use of fabric allowance of the micro-seams, plus the comfort and fit are anatomically shaped. This is most important when using this garment as a mid-layer for the colder areas and months. The chin guard has micro-suede brushed facing for additional comfort and protection. With the pit laminated zippers, this terrific item permits faster venting for cooling down fast and less moisture buildup. This new feature drew plenty of positive praise from customers, as they used the vents when they became overheated and needed some air quick. You will not have to remove the jacket or even unzip the front zipper to get the added aeration needed.


The Beta AR Jacket will last you for many years because of the built-in durability and ruggedness of the impressive material. it is made of Gore-Tex fabric and coated on the exterior with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) to repel moisture. The strong seams of the splendid garment are taped for additional weather protection, and the hem is laminated and fixed with a drawcord. This prevents cold winds, precipitation, and the cold temperatures from having access to your upper body skin. The brim of the hood is also laminated for increased durability and protection. Lightweight and durable, this incredible garment has arms and shoulders that are reinforced to withstand the most rigorous activities and sports. Sports enthusiast know for a fact that Arc’teryx outerwear lasts for many years of durable wear because they still have and use the same items that they bought years ago. They are not fast to show signs of wear and remain effective and comfortable long after they are purchased.


As many satisfied online customers state about this jacket model, it is the most versatile jacket that is great for anywhere and any activity. They use this well-made outerwear for everything from work, casual wear, and outdoor sports and tasks. The materials and weather protection are high performance for various conditions. With the full-frontal zipper, it is easy to ventilate, put on, and remove quickly. The pit zippers also make it easy to ventilate when it becomes warm on the inside, but not so warm to allow taking the jacket off. The hood has an interior collar that is soft on the skin and can be used for increased warmth and wind protection if needed. The sturdy hood has plenty of flexibility, as it can be used in coordination with sports helmets, used just as a regular hood for general wear to protect the head and neck, or not worn at all when the weather is mild. There are drawcords in the hems to customize the fit in the hood and at the bottom of the jacket, plus the Velcro straps on the sleeve cuffs give you added flexibility in preventing cold drafts.


Made of Gore-Tex materials, this the jacket you want to have when the weather elements can be harsh and uncomfortable for the body. Gore-Tex offers complete protective shelter from the environment, whether you want to avoid the cold, snow, rain, wind, or sleet. This ideal jacket is windproof and waterproof, making it perfect for mountain environment activities and events. Not only is the fabric of the jacket highly protective, but the manufacturer has made the features of the garment weather-resistant as well. The insulated interior offers some body heat retention, although it is not considered a base-layer. It has external zippers that are watertight, and the pocket zippers include rain shield sliders. The chin guard protects the neck from the wind and moisture, and the sleeve cuff Velcro closures keep out drafts that could enter the sleeves. For such a sleek jacket, the Beta AR offers environmental shelter in a fully protective form that is highly functional and long-lasting.


Several of the incredible features of this garment make it stable and dependable. It has the highest level of breathability and waterproofness performance of almost any similar jacket being offered competitively on the market currently. Online buyers repeatedly remark about how the hood design is smart and the overall design is stylish with a excellent build quality. The newly updated length of the jacket will accommodate layers much better, especially with the dropped back hem. It is even stable as far as the necessary care. Part of the durability of the Beta AR Jacket is caring for it properly to not damage the Gore-Tex material or the DWR protective layer on the exterior. It can be machine washed with warm water and machine-dried with medium heat, but never iron this garment or treat with fabric softener when cleaning or drying. It will last a long time in great condition if these precautions are heeded.


Offered in six wonderful bold colors, the style of the Beta AR is a modern one that is suitable for many types of conditions. Although it is best for mountain-wear, it is stylish enough to wear in almost any setting where a lightweight jacket would be needed. It is available in six sizes from extra-small to extra-extra-large and has some features that are new to this Beta AR version. The back hem is longer than the front in a dropped position for added protection and layering capabilities. Tapered cuffs with Velcro straps are die-cut to reduce bulk and not tear off or catch. These will reduce the amount of air that can enter the sleeves also. Besides the two exterior zippered hand pockets, there is a chest pocket on the interior with a laminated zipper too. Due to its layering capabilities, this great garment can be used as a shell jacket in mild conditions and climates or as a mid-layer in more harsh environments.


The Beta AR Jacket gives comfort in climbing, storms, skiing, and outdoor enjoyment. It is versatile for diverse conditions and activities and is high performance. Because it is All Round (AR), the weather materials and protection are high performance and versatile for many kinds of activities. Use this superb jacket as a protective shell when you just need an outer layer over a sweater or long-sleeved shirt, or let it be your mid-layer that goes over your base-layer to retain warmth and be a barrier against the wind and moisture. The zipper-pulls fixed in the seams are corded, easy to grasp, and less noisy than most other models. Even with gloves or mitten on, you should be able to operate these with ease. The watertight zippered hand pockets are high-volume to hold a number of items that you may want to carry with you. It is important to note that these zippers are not waterproof but are water-resistant. Items should not be kept in the pockets that would be harmed by wetness or moisture you may encounter. For trips, such as mountain climbing, backpacking, camping, and hiking, this fantastic jacket packs well because of its highly-compressible form.

Ease of Use

Not only is this excellent jacket from Arc’teryx protective, comfortable, and durable, but it is also adjustable and flexible, making it easy to use. The DropHood is compatible with helmets, so you can be warm and protected when participating in sports activities. This wonderful hood provides the fastest storm protection and is now updated with Cohaesive cord adjusters that lock. Adjusting the hood can be done with gloves or mittens on because of the Cohaesive adjustments that are simple to manipulate. Mobility and comfort are enhanced with the 3-dimensional ergonomic patterning of the jacket. The underarms are gusseted for venting purposes when you get overheated. Use this garment in layering as a shell jacket over a mid-layer and fleece or as insulation in a combination of a mid-layer, fleece, and a thicker outer shell.

The Bottom Line

Everyone agrees that the products of Arc’teryx are some of the best protective garments that you can currently find on the market. Just the brand name speaks volumes about the quality, durability, and comfort of anything they make and put their name on. This excellent AR jacket is no exception. It has very high ratings and positive feedback from buyers online that would purchase this product again. the company has managed to take an already fantastic model of a jacket and make it better with the added features of this improved version. The Gore-Tex material combined with the DWR coating gives an amazing weather barrier for the upper body. This product is windproof, waterproof, breathable, lightweight, and packable because of its design. If you are into exploring mountain areas or performing activities in them, then this is the mid-layer jacket for you. It is quite versatile for many kinds of sports and activities with the DropHood, pit zippers, interior collar, and watertight zippers. The taped seams, tapered cuffs, and laminated zippers provide the user with added protection against the cold, wind, and precipitation they could encounter. If you love Arc’teryx items or just want to own one of the best AR jackets currently being offered for weather protection, versatility, and style, then you will certainly want to get one of these Arc’teryx Men’s Beta AR Jackets for yourself or a loved one this year.