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Rab Gilet Electron Vest Review Facts

The Rab Gilet Electron Vest for women is ideal for mountain use and climbing year-round. It is a technical mid-weight gilet of hip length with a regular fit that is water-resistant. Being much warmer than the microlight model, it is filled with European goose down. This filler is valued for its lightness and warmth qualities and is used in higher-prices outerwear garments, such as this excellent vest. Gear that is used for outdoor activities must be compressible to fit into carried packs and bags, especially when mountain climbing, backpacking, trekking, hiking, hunting, fishing, and camping. Goose down-filled vests, jackets, and coats are remarkably compressible into very small spaces. This vest can fit into a small area of your pack when you are not wearing it. The down was purposely placed heavier in some areas of the vest baffles and lighter in others to aid the user in movement and be less bulky. This is body-mapping, as it keeps the areas warm that is most vulnerable. When used for layers, it will compress to provide the warmth and body heat retention, but not be cumbersome when used under and over other layers. The form-fitting neck guard, elastic armholes, and pullcord in the bottom hem all work together to prevent cold drafts from entering under the vest. Included are three YKK-zippered pockets. One is on the inside and two on the outside for the hands. If you perform plenty of tasks, chores, sports, or activities outdoors in winter and need a super warm covering that will not limit your range of motion, then this just may be the vest for you. We will now look at some of these features and characteristics in more detail.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Warmer than the similar microlight model
  • Has a durable and comfortable nylon exterior and lining
  • Is water-resistant and hip-length
  • Includes front and pocket YKK zippers
  • Compresses well into small spaces
  • Filler is warm and light European goose down
  • Baffling is body-mapped to decrease bulk
  • Not many colors available to choose from for women
  • Can be a bit snug on some body builds


The comfort for this incredible vest comes from the weather protection it offers, the flexibility of the movement range it allows the arms, and the zippered pockets it has for holding small items. The channels of the vest are stitched to give the warmth that is body-mapped for comfort. The warm goose down is placed strategically in the places where it is needed most to retain the most body heat. In the areas where it would be in the way and prohibit motion, it is in lighter proportions. Customers noted that this superb vest is much warmer than the microlight model to their satisfaction. It features one interior zippered pocket and two zippered exterior hand pockets for added flexibility and comfort. The durable material is soft, and with it being insulated with warm goose down, it is like a miniature comfy sleeping bag hugging you all day long.


Made of a nylon Pertex Endurance shell and a nylon lining, the Electron Vest is long-lasting and durable for many years of continued use. Whether you use it mostly for work, play, or tasks outdoors, it will withstand the rough wear and still be in great condition. It is water-resistant, but not water-proof. You will be protected in a light rain or snow, but it will not be able to keep you dry in downpours or heavy snow. When you are using it for layers, a more substantial outer shell can give you the waterproof quality you need when used on top of this heat-retaining vest. Another durable feature of this vest is the front and pocket zippers that are YKK. These are the best rugged and long-lasting zippers that are used on outerwear for sports and activities. They do not rip or tear easily and will not snag to cause problems when putting the vest on and taking it off.


The full front zipper goes all the way to the chin area to help shield the neck from precipitation, wind, and cold. It makes a nice opened collar when not zipped or zipped just part of the way. The Electron Vest is perfect for layering because it is a slim and sleek garment used as cold-weather gear. Worn over a long-sleeved sweater or shirt, it can be covered with a more substantial outer shell that would cover the arms and possibly the head with a hood. This is where the greatest flexibility lies with this incredible vest because it can be used just as a protective layer over a long-sleeved shirt when the weather is sunny and not extremely cold. The flexibility of this vest extends to the packing of it as well because it does pack well in small spaces. The Electron Vest compresses well because of the soft fluffy goose down in the baffles. Although this filling is super warm, it is one of the lightest fillers that is used inside cold weather gear. Many happy consumers were surprised to see how little space this highly beneficial vest takes up in a pack or duffel.

Key Features

-Features three YKK-zippered pockets
-Is warmer than the microlight model that is very similar
-Channels are body-mapped for flexibility, less bulk, and warmth
-Is water-resistant and wind-resistant
-Perfect for a mid-layer or an outer shell
-Compresses and packs well in small areas
-Insulation is 800-down filling of European goose
-Is a technical down mid-weight gilet
-Has a hip length for aiding with layering
-Created for mountain use and climbing year-round
-Armholes are made of elastic material that stretches


The incredible protection from the winter weather elements comes from the durable fabric and the insulation of soft European goose down fill. Because the garment is so light, you would not think that it could be warm at all, but you would be wrong. Goose down is used in the more expensive and more pieces of outerwear you will find for winter. It is used because it is not only warm but highly compressible to fit into packs and bags easily. It is also compressible on the body as well. Used as a mid-layer, it will not be bulky or prohibit movement of the torso or arms. The Electron Vest gives plenty of emergency protection and warmth for mountain environments because of this magnificent filler. Even when it is just worn as an outer shell over a shirt or thin base layer, it will provide the body core with the most warmth for the surface area because of this remarkable filler.


The goose down that this vest is filled with for the insulation is purposely controlled in the sectioned baffles of the garment. The down migration is controlled in the vest with the combination of various sizes of baffles. This is called body-mapped. Baffling is body-mapped to provide warmth where is most needed and decrease bulk where you don’t need it. This provides flexibility of movement for any activities, tasks, or sports you are involved in. many people wear an insulated vest for this very reason. They do not want to be confined in a jacket or coat that would prohibit their range of arm motion. You must keep your core safely protected from the cold, but you can free your arms with such a vest. With less down in the areas of the vest where warmth is not necessary, the bulk is decreased for enhanced comfort and mobility.


This is a regular fit vest that is classified as a technical down mid-weight gilet. It has a hip length for layers and weather protection. Because it is a down product, it is certified responsible and ethically sourced. It is offered in a few bold solid colors but could use some improvement in this area. A few comments online were made by women who would like to see some more colors offered for their garment styles. This one had most colors that are feminine and not a lot of darker colors that is usually available for men. The company responded to one of the buyer’s comments concerning this issue and noted the color selection offered for this woman’s vest. They said that they do offer a good choice of colors, but that they could not offer a huge selection for every garment they sell. Regardless of the color choices, the Electron Vest is one that is stylish, versatile, comfortable, and very warm.


When you purchase and wear the Electron Vest you will be supported with a warm and comfortable outer garment that is very breathable and insulated according to satisfied customers. It will give you the freedom to do what you like to do outdoors without restricting your movements in the process of protecting and insulating your body core. You will have a snug fit around the neck with the high collar when it is zipped all the way to the top. This will give you the wind and cold protection needed in this area. With the arm holes being fitted with an elastic material, you not only get the flexibility needed for movement, but it creates a seal around the armpits and shoulders to prevent cold air from getting in the vest. You will have the support you need outdoors in keeping warm when wearing this superb vest.


Created for mountain use and climbing year-round, the Rab Electron Vest for women has the reaching and movement freedom you desire with the armholes of woven elastic. This vest is stylish to wear as casual wear in almost any climate or environment. Several online customers commented that they love this vest, but said they are not athletic at all. They just loved the vest for their activities and tasks they perform outdoors. It can be used for work, school, or play when you need great protection from the weather, but do not want to be held back with sleeves or a loose fit around the body of a coat or jacket. Used as part of a layering system, it still offers great flexibility, as its compressible form can be covered with a heavier layer with sleeves for the best protection. It includes a drawcord in the hem to eliminate drafts from entering there too. You will have all-around protection with this impressive vest that seals out the cold and retains the warmth.

The Bottom Line

The Rab Electron Vest for women is a down-filled mid-weight gilet that has customers pleased with their purchase. Of all the feedback we read online, the only negative aspect that buyers complained about was the color choice. Some said it fit them snugger than they had expected, but in truth, a vest is supposed to fit snug. You must take into consideration your intentions of layering or not when ordering the size for yourself. If you intend to wear it more as a protective shell over a light shirt or sweater, then you can purchase the size you would normally buy. If you will be doing lots of layering, then you may want to go up a size for comfort. A down-filled outer garment is one that must be experienced to be believed. It is hard to imagine that something so light could indeed be so warm and comfortable. The built-in features of the drawcord in the hem, the elastic around the armholes, and the zippered chin guard will keep the wind and cold from touching your body core, as you are sealed off inside. You will keep the range of movement you would have as if you were not wearing any sort of outer shell because of the strategically-filled baffles. The Electron Vest is slim and sleek with a regular fit and of hip length. Because of the soft, light goose down filler, it is highly-compressible to fit into packs and bags on the go. The demands of many activities demand that an outer garment be lightweight and compressible, such as this amazing vest. We recommend the warm and comfortable Rab Electron Vest for those who like to wear vests and love the freedom of movement that this one offers.