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Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta 4.0 Rated & Reviewed Review Facts

The Ultimate Direction Women’s’ Vesta 4.0 is an improved updated version of the Vesta 3.0. This model is lighter and has more pocket space to fit all of your essential gear. It is great for long runs and hikes, weather-resistant, and can be fastened taut to the body. It is constructed of lightweight fabrics, so it does not hold in or take on water. This excellent vest for women will not slacken your speed or impede your moves, plus it has hardly any bounce when running or moving fast. It is very lightweight to tote or wear and permits you to transport all of the basics that you require. There are six zippered pockets of various sizes on the front and the back of this incredible vest. They will hold plenty of items from a phone to rain gear to snacks. There is even an attachment for a trekking pole on the exterior. The best feature is the two front compartments for the included water bottles. These are easy to drink from while in motion and can hold all of the hydration you need for all day long. everyone seems to love the Vesta 4.0, so let’s take a closer look at its marvelous qualities in greater detail.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Is weather-resistant and very durable
  • Has Comfort Cinch dynamics for the ideal fit
  • Includes two water bladders for the front sections
  • Contains six zippered pockets of various sizes
  • Is made of lightweight, non-absorbent mesh materials
  • Might be difficult to get filled water bottles in the pockets for big-chested women Some bounce may be experienced when running with half-empty water bottles


The Vesta 4.0 is comfortable for any activity you choose to do in it from trail running to participating in marathons. Its lightweight form will not hinder your movements, even if you bend, stoop, sit, or squat. It just keeps everything you need within reach, so you do not have to stop going or even break your stride. As some customers have posted, you will forget you even have it on until you need to get something from it. The water bottles are so easy to access, it is as if someone is running alongside you holding it for you. The lightweight, durable mesh material of the vest is also very flexible and stretchy. It will move as you do and hold everything in place. Because it can be adjusted to fit in the waist, you can make it as tight as you want without losing any of the comforts of the vest. It is designed to fit your body snug but not tight. The best comfort of the Vesta 4.0 is in knowing that you own a piece of outdoor equipment that can safely hold everything you need while your mind and body are busy doing what you like most. It is the peace of mind that you get in trusting your gear to one of the best items on the market.


A vest to be used for outdoor activities and sports must be durable to wear and the weather elements. The Vesta 4.0 is durable in several ways. The lightweight mesh materials will not absorb much moisture to weight the user down because they are very breathable. The mesh fabrics were chosen to be light yet strong enough to be long-lasting and tough to hold all of your necessary gear. Being breathable and airy, the material will allow you plenty of ventilation to help your perspiration level. The material is chafe-free, seamless, and has four-way mesh stretch. Several users were very happy that the material did not chafe or bind in any way to cause them problems during runs and hikes. An exterior polyurethane coating on the Vesta 4.0 enhances durability and weather resistance, so you can stay as dry as possible. This protection will keep your gear in the compartments dry, as long as the vest is not submerged in water.


The Vesta 4.0 could not be more flexible if it tried. It is so simple to use, wear, and fit to your shape that there aren’t many improvements that could be made to it. It features Comfort Cinch dynamics with the easy adjustments and custom fit, so you can make the vest as tight or as loose as you want it on you. Included are waist straps and a rail sternum that slides for a great fit. There is no reason to be uncomfortable with this vest on because of these customizing features built into the vest. It adjusts laterally over the small portion of the back to give you the best feel and usage while you are on the go. Then there are the many zippered pockets that can be filled with what you deem as necessary for your adventure or run. Once you see all of the space that is available in this vest, you will realize that you do not have to go without anything while you are using it.

Key Features

-Very lightweight to carry or wear
-Hold two water bottles on the front
-Includes six zippered pockets of various sizes
-Will not slow you down or inhibit your moves
-Allows you to carry the essentials you need
-Made of lightweight materials that will not absorb water
-Can be fitted tight to the body
-Does not have much bounce
-Weather resistant
-Invaluable on long runs and marathons


The style of the Vesta 4.0 is an essential piece of equipment that is used for long runs, training, and marathons to provide what the user feels as necessary for the duration. Even though its main purpose is to carry hydration in the form of the two front water bladders, it is capable of holding so much more. The lightweight style allows the user much flexibility in movements and duration of activity. It can be tightened to prevent bounce and sliding on the body frame while running or moving fast. The main complaint of such vests, especially for women is the bounce factor of water bottles that are only half-full. The sloshing of the water can create an uncomfortable imbalance and motion to make you sorry that you are carrying any water at all. The Vesta 4.0 eliminates sliding and bounce with the Comfort Cinch waist straps and rail sternum. These can be tightened for a custom fit to your body frame quickly and easily. This vest style allows the space for an exterior holder for a trekking pole, plus six pockets for storing the essentials such as trail bars, a phone, a camera, lip balm, keys, credit cards and money, and sunglasses. The trekking pole holder can be tucked away inside when it is not being used. This vest style even accommodates you having rain gear, or a light jacket tucked into the larger back pocket. The Vesta 4.0 is the perfect style for all of your outdoor activities that take you away from home for the day.


The many uses of this vest for women are too numerous to list in this short review, but we will mention a few of them. Most of the online buyers who bought this vest are using it for running marathons, hiking, trekking, and long runs for exercise and stamina. Any activity, sport, or event that requires your hands and arms to be free and your body to be in motion is perfect for the use of this terrific vest. When you need to bring along supplies and gear to make you comfortable and be able to endure the experience, this vest is for you. Some customers said once they had it and used it, they could not see how they ever lived without it. it was too hard and uncomfortable to go back to not having it for their trips and adventures. It is the many features of the vest that makes it so appealing. The water bottle holsters on the front are beneficial for anyone exerting energy, as they provide a quick drink without even stopping. These sections can also hold a camera or a phone too. These two soft flasks that fit ideally into these areas come with the Vesta 4.0, as they are so easy to use for sipping as you go. The stash pocket on the exterior that will secure layers with compression cords when on the run is another feature that makes this a highly usable vest for your outdoor interests. Anything you need on the go can be accessed from this pocket in seconds. As we stated, the uses for the Vesta 4.0 are endless and so are the possibilities.


One thing that will surprise you about such a vest that can hold so much is the weight of the item. It will not add much bulk to your load because it just weighs over ten ounces. That is pretty incredible for such a tailored vest. It is twenty percent lighter than the Vesta 3.0, which was fairly light to begin with. The credit goes to the super-light materials with which the company chose to construct it. Made of flexible nylon and mesh materials that are extra-lightweight is one of the most lightweight vests you will ever see and use. Each fabric that went into this vest was analyzed and tested for durability and heaviness because the lightest possible vest was the goal. The gear you carry should be the only added weight you must bear in your activities. The vest must be just the form that holds them in place until you want them.

Ease of Use

This splendid vest for women has plenty of storage with six zippered pockets that can hold many things you need to bring with you for maximum comfort during runs. The two front pockets can be used for small essentials or fuel that you need to grab quick, and the three back compartments are ideal for items that you do not need while in motion. There is one main large back pocket that has a bladder sleeve for extra water if needed and two smaller pockets in the rear for anything additional. As you can see, this vest has ample spaces for you to put absolutely anything you could possibly need. The larger back pocket can be used for rain gear in the unpredictable mountain areas or a light jacket in the cooler climates. The Vesta 4.0 was designed to give you easy access to the many things that can become wearable thanks to its construction. Some advanced runner and joggers said they could run and get to the back sections at the same time. This would take great balance and coordination, but with the easy-opening pockets, it is certainly doable.

The Bottom Line

After studying the Ultimate Direction Women's Vesta 4.0 in great detail and reading all of the feedback from online customers, we are quite pleased with this item. It is an essential piece of equipment that runners, hikers, and climbers require to hold their indispensable gear and water bottles close by. It is lightweight, weather-resistant, and non-absorbent, making it a valued necessity on the trail. Even though the mesh materials are light and will not hinder your moves, they are still durable enough to take the wear and tear punishment from outdoor damages. You can customize your fit of this beneficial vest to your body form with the Comfort Cinch waist straps and rail sternum features. It should always fit you so well that you will forget you are wearing it. the added zippered pockets in various sizes and placements on the vest make it one incredible piece of gear for the outdoors. For those that go on long runs for exercise or sport and the women who run marathons, such a vest is an invaluable tool that provides much comfort. We think it is a great vest, and we hope you do too.