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The Osprey line of bags was awarded first place in the Best Travel Luggage category in 2018 for its superior craftsmanship. It is an adaptable brand that fits an assortment of missions and areas of your life. It transforms into a comfortable backpack when the two strong shoulder straps are placed over each shoulder. The Transporter 40 stores an abundant number of items without the sturdy bag seeming too bulky. It will stow several days’ worth of equipment, shoes, clothes, food, water, and supplies, so you can get where you are going with everything you need. Duffel bags are used as the workhorses that we depend on to haul all sorts of necessities for sports, work, vacation, outdoor activities, and travel purposes. We always seem to pack duffel bags with more than we should, but the excellent ones such as the Asprey Transporter 40 can take everything we throw at it. This is a long-lasting bag that will perform reliably for you for many years. Let us now take a look at the many features of this incredible bag.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Constructed of lightweight mesh materials

Has plenty of internal and external pockets

Includes zipper flaps to keep out weather moisture

Can be carried in the hand, over the shoulder, or as a backpack

Has the capacity to hold three to five days of clothing and supplies


Some customers were expecting a larger item

The lining was thin according to a few buyers


The Osprey brand is a well-known favorite among those who travel plenty and use backpacks for sports, travel, and outdoor activities. It is a name that signifies trust, excellence, and durability because of their superior quality in creating their products. It is a versatile brand that suits a multitude of tasks and areas of your life. Most of their outstanding items, such as the Transporter 40 bag, have a contact surface that is breathable, soft, and comfortable. It is this same material that makes this item lightweight and easy to carry. The weight of the durable fabric does not add to the weight of the bag, which is important, especially for heavy loads. This brand of duffel bag includes a 3-D suspension that maps and contours the areas of the body that it contacts for a terrific fit. The load in the bag is evenly distributed and balanced as it is carried on the shoulders like a backpack. When trekking, hiking, camping, and mountain climbing, this will be much appreciated, as the bag will not throw you off balance while moving.


The Transporter 40 is water-resistant but not waterproof. It can withstand a rain shower, but it is not a good dry bag for water sports such as kayaking. It cannot be submerged in water without the contents getting wet inside. The flexible breathable mesh material that makes the bag so lightweight prevents it from being waterproof. This great product has an opening zipper and pocket zippers that include rain flaps over them to protect your gear inside. Because of these, the interior is safe from adverse weather such as sun, hail, snow, and rain. You would not think that much moisture could get into the tiny grooves of a zipper, but it can, especially in humid or wet conditions. These flaps will not allow sharp points from internal items to stab through the bag either. Things such as spiky shoes, mountain climbing gear, or handles on equipment will not puncture the bag because of these durable exterior flaps on the zippers.


Offered in black, blue, and red colors, the wonderful Transporter 40 bag has one inside pocket with a zipper and three pockets with zippers on the outside. It includes four durable adjustable webbing carry straps and includes a sturdy shoulder strap. The end pockets are 3-D and dual-zippered for easy access to necessary small items, plus the main compartment is lockable, large, and has a U-zip access. It is this large top flap that is the most talked about online from customers. This wide top flap gives access and visibility to the whole interior of the bag at once. Other bags do not offer this kind of usage. Duffel bags that usually hold as much as the Transporter 40 normally have just a simple zippered section where everything cannot be seen or retrieved. With this section open, you only need to remove the items that you need and leave the rest of the bag unpacked. This trusted bag has an ID pocket for driver’s license or ID cards right on the front, so you can get to it quickly and easily.


One of the best things about the Transporter 40 is its flexibility. It converts to a backpack with the included two strong shoulder straps. This exceptional product holds plenty of things without feeling too bulky according to customers. It will store up to three to five days of clothes or supplies. That is just what the interior can hold. There are outer pockets that can hold plenty of little extras that you need to carry too. To secure the bag or attach additional gear, this item includes eight side lashing points of web material. For extra securing, there are four more lashing points in the lower area. These come in handy when the bag is being transported and needs to be secured in transport. The Transporter 40 has a contoured yoke and harness for backpack carry that is comfortable and will stow away when not in use.


When comparing the Osprey Transporter 40 to other popular duffel bag brands on the market currently, it is way ahead of the competition in customer satisfaction ratings. Although it is more expensive than the others, it is well worth the extra cost for the added features and expert craftsmanship that the bag exhibits. The Osprey name carries plenty of weight in the duffel bag category, as they are known for the exquisite value that you can depend on. Other brands such as Adidas, Ledmark, and Under Armour cannot compare to the superb high-quality of this product in the areas of flexibility, comfort, and durability. They simply do not have all of the possibilities in using the bag that this product allows. The Transporter 40 includes more roomy pockets and durable straps for carrying it in several positions. The structure of this bag is different in that it has the weight distribution qualities that permits it to carry well. It also has the zipper flap protectors that the others do not to prevent rain, snow, sleet, and the sun from affecting the internal items in the bag.


Weighing just over one pound when it is empty, this terrific duffel bag is extremely lightweight and will not add much volume to the total load when it is packed full. Duffel designs should be constructed of the strongest most lightweight fabrics to be supportive enough to hold the contents, yet not heavy to add extra weight for the user to lug. Its dimensions are 22 x 14 x 9 inches, so this bag can hold a huge amount of belongings in an open large space. The top flap design adds to the flexibility and usefulness of this bag. Most bags have just a zipper to open the bag, but this one has a U-shaped top that opens wide for larger items and ease in getting things in and out of the bag. This zippered top opening gives great access to all corners of the bag when opened, unlike other duffel bags with a narrower opening. The Transporter 40 is coated with a dual-sided strong TPU to add to the toughness of the exterior and longevity of the product. This flexible bag includes tough hardware that supports the framework of the body, so it holds its shape. The body fabric is reinforced with durable accent ribs for protection and support when the bag is carried as a backpack.


This is one duffel bag that is easy to carry and handle because of the multiple ways it can be toted. With the dual shoulder straps, you can carry it on the back to be hands-free for hiking, walking, climbing, and trekking. The weight is evenly distributed in this position on the back because of the unique design. Using just one shoulder straps, it can be slung over one shoulder as a carry-all for sports, activities, work, or travel. This longer strap can be tucked away when it is not being used, so it does not get in the way of using the bag. The favorite way to carry the Transporter 40 is by hand with any of the four webbed tough handles on the top. Heavier loads can be carried better in this position if the bag cannot be worn on the back. It is perfect for even a carry-on during trips and flights that stows away in tight spaces. This duffel is consistent with the company’s brand in that the lightweight mesh materials are breathable to allow the most airflow. When clothing, shoes, or sports equipment is stored in this bag, the breathability of the material becomes quite important in keeping down moisture inside. The superb quality puts their products way ahead of other similar, less effective designs.


Duffel bags are used as workhorses for sports and travel purposes because they can hold so many things and countless types of items. Whether you desire this bag for work, play, sports, outdoor activities, or just travel purposes, it will become a necessity that you will not be able to live without. It is perfect for hiking, trekking, mountain climbing, backpacking, hunting, fishing, biking, and boating. These are just a few of the sports and activities for which this bag is ideal. Even if you just need a carry-on bag for airport or train travel, this is the one to depend on for your needs. We always pack duffel bags with more than we should because they have the capacity to grab it all in. even the Transporter 40 can hold more than you think, as one customer’s comments can attest. When this online customer received her bag, her older daughter playfully placed the four-year-old brother inside the bag with the top open, and he fit inside of it perfectly. Yes, this is an extreme instance, but it just goes to show how much room is really inside this bag. The Transporter 40 will not bog you down when carrying it because it is lightweight and designed to distribute the weight in it well.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a high-quality duffel bag that will hold all of your gear and last for years of rugged use, then look no further than the Osprey Transporter 40 Travel Duffel Bag. It comes from a manufacturer that is well-known for its excellent products and trusted craftsmanship, and it is well ahead of its competition in flexibility, durability, and fabulous features. This ideal duffel is loaded with pockets inside and outside that have protection flaps from the weather. Several types of straps are included for a number of ways to carry the bag in varying circumstances. Use it as a backpack, a shoulder bag, or a hand-held tote. It is specially designed to distribute the internal weight according to how it is carried. This outstanding bag is unique because of the top U-shaped opening that allows you to see every inch inside with just a simple glance. Best of all, it is constructed of the toughest mesh material for a breathable, lightweight bag that can be used for almost anything you need to tote. Give the Osprey Transporter 40 Travel Duffel Bag a try if you are looking for a dependable long-lasting bag that is versatile and tough.