Saucony Peregrine 6 Trail Running Shoe

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Saucony Peregrine 6 Trail Running Shoe Review Facts

The Saucony Peregrine 6 Trail Running Shoe is an award-winning model that is ideal for off-trail environments. It has excellent traction, ground feel, cushioning, and responsiveness for runners and racers of all kinds. Runners can adjust and conform to any terrain type with these shoes. They are comfortable to wear for long periods, as they protect the feet well on various terrain surfaces. The Everun feature provides exceptional cushioning to decrease shock, and the FlexFilm technology gives remarkable support in the lightweight upper. The Peregrine 6 has a larger toe box than competitor offerings for extra comfort and flexibility. The soles bottoms are heavily grooved and curved for the best traction and grip on a number of outdoor landscapes. Many professional runners confirm the superior performance from this impressive running shoe. Let’s take a look at what else the Saucony Men’s Peregrine 6 has to offer.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Is adaptable to multiple outdoor terrains

Has a wider toe box than other models

The comfort level is very high and appreciated

Features the FlexFilm, Everrun, and PWRTRAC technologies

Includes terrific cushioning and shock absorption


Users said to size up - may run small

Wider toe box allows the foot to slide forward on downhill runs that are steep


Saucony is a well-respected brand name in the walking and running shoe world. They are known for superior products that active runners, walkers, and racers can depend on for reliable durability, support, and flexibility. The Peregrine 6 is an award-winning design that has received many positive comments online from satisfied consumers who love these running shoes. They would purchase them again because they are so happy with them. It is clear from the performance and comfort of the shoes that Saucony cares about the customer’s experience with their product and their contentment in using it.


Running shoes must be many things, but comfortable is the number one concern for shoes that must take you a long way in your running regimen. When you consider that most people who have a running routine do so for miles at a time and usually three to five times a week, their shoes are the most important thing they wear. The Peregrin 6 has the technology of EVERUN in the heel, which gives cushioning that dampens shock. Every step during the run will benefit from this feature as it absorbs the blow from the foot hitting the ground. These shoes are extremely comfortable for long wear and are ideal for jogging, running, walking, and racing because of the high comfort level. Professional longtime runners claim these are the most comfortable durable shoes they have ever worn. Some of them have even bought second and third pairs of this model right away because they love them so much.


There are several features that make it so great. It has a low heel to toe drop of 4mm, which helps in difficult terrains. When the drop is not much, the foot will land on the mid-foot or forefoot because the incline from toe to heel is not that high. This is just what you want when the surface you will be covering is not stable and possibly rocky or soft. The sock liner is another fantastic feature of the Peregrine 6 because it is anti-microbial and anti-odor. Bacteria and germs will not get a chance to survive in these because of this aspect. The many layers of this outstanding running shoe are multifunctional and advantageous to the runner. They consist of the sock liner, an extra cushion layer near the foot, structural boards for stability, the heel pad with the Everun expertise, and the cushioning of the midsole. Each section does its part to protect the feet and make the user comfortable.


Runners can adapt and manipulate any terrain with these shoes, which gives them extraordinary flexibility in the places they can go. There is also lots of flexibility in the shoe itself because of the engineered outsole and midsole that allows foot movement. Flexibility also is apparent in the laces of this shoe in how they can be laced up and not be a hindrance in the longevity of use. The shoelaces are brightly multi-colored and durable, so they should last just as long as the shoes. There are no eyelets for them to lace through on the shoes, but the holes will not tear or rip because of the tough construction and strong materials. Customers commented online about the strength of the lacing holes because they tied their shoes quite tight. In an answered question, a reviewer said that he laced his shoes very tight and the shoes did not show any signs of wear from this even after long-term use. whether they are tied tight or loose, the Peregrine 6 has the flexibility you want and deserve.

Ground Feel

This Saucony model includes a rock plate of EBO on the forefoot and heel to give adaptability and protection on uneven surfaces. That is the main responsibility of shoes is to protect our feet, so in rough, uncertain terrains, you want this kind of protection. There is great traction, responsiveness, ground feel, and cushioning felt when these shoes are worn and used time and time again. the performance level is high even after many months of wear and tear. Perfect for off-trail conditions, the Peregrine 6 will not disappoint even the most professional or experienced runner with its excellence.


Saucony incorporated the Everun feature in the heel of this running shoe to make it one of the best offerings on the market today. This addition will absorb the shock that runners encounter on all types of surfaces and in varied environments. Because of this insert in the heel, the comfort intensity in greatly increased. For runners, this is needed for endurance to go the long distances and perform well on the feet. On the heel, Saucony placed reflective materials on the outside, so the shoes can be seen in darker areas and at night. other reflective materials should be worn as well for the best safety, but with these shoe reflectors, others can see the movement of the feet well.


The midsole of the Peregrine 6 permits quick responses to uneven surfaces. It is quite flexible to allow free movement of the foot. This is necessary especially in varied terrains, where the runner could go from rocky to soft exteriors in just one run. The protective plate in the sole protects the forefoot from anything unexpected or rocky the runner may step on. Protection of the feet during running is always a top priority. The midsole construction goes far in doing its part to guard the foot.


The bottom of the rubber soles of this Saucony model is contoured and grooved for maximum traction. Flexibility is apparent in every step and foot bounce taken during the run. This sturdy section will cushion each landing continuously with every run and each stride. It is super tacky with the PWRTRAC technology that gives better than three times the traction of regular standard rubber on most shoes. This is certainly a treasured quality in running shoes for various surfaces and environments. On multiple terrain exteriors, this is ideal for the runner who loves to go off the trail for an interesting workout. Even the outer rim of the soles is curved and grooved for muddy or sandy areas, so the feet will not bog down in these soft surfaces. These are truly the dream shoes for the outdoor runner who loves to take in nature and all it encompasses.


While there aren’t many colors available for this model, it is offered in two color combinations of blue/citron/black and gray/red/blue. It is a running shoe with modern styling and seamless logos on the side and tongue. The Peregrine 6 will maximize performance and allow the user to focus on the task at hand and not the equipment. When you have the best tools for a job, you do not have to be concerned about performance. The Peregrine 6 is one of the best pieces of running equipment that you can buy. Many buyers were highly pleased with how well these shoes were constructed and the sophisticated manufacturing that went into the incredible design.


Lightweight support is provided with these grand running shoes because of the no-sew FlexFilm upper. A flexible upper allows more movement in the shoe when the foot must make quick adjustments because of difficult terrain. It has a wider toe section or box than most other running shoes, which gives the toes room to move freely in the shoe. For people who have feet that swell during running, this is a positive aspect of the Peregrine 6. You do not want running shoes that are tight or inflexible in the toe box.
The arch support is tighter and higher than some competitor brands according to buyers, and it has incredible shock absorption and cushioning that runners need and appreciate.


This Saucony shoe can handle many terrain types from soft sand and mud to rocky and stony areas. Performing well on roads and gravel surfaces, the Peregrine 6 is perfect for racing because they hold up well for long distances. Customers stated that they are resistant to mud and water on hikes, but they are not waterproof. Long-time users say that this impressive shoe model keeps out debris and dirt well when out on the trail. If you are traversing through tough territory off the trail, then this is the shoe model you will enjoy having on your feet.


The traction is outstanding for the Peregrine 6 because of the contoured flexible outsole that is built for the trail. It is well grooved to handle slick spots as well as marshy places. This great model performs well on any terrain and can adapt well to multiple surfaces. Whether you normally run in places where there is soft mud, grassy areas, or rocky terrain, these great shoes can handle it well. Not only will they manage in these environments, but they will excel and outperform almost any other type of running shoe because of the excellent traction.


We already mention the upper of the Peregrine 6 and how flexible it is for the foot and multiple terrains. Comfort is also incorporated into the upper with the padded collar and tongue. You cannot get enough cushioning and shock absorbency in a running shoe that must take quite a bit of punishment from enduring long runs and many surface kinds. The mesh upper has better breathability than previous versions of this model, and it works well with many thicknesses of socks, according to buyers. The strong mesh material of the upper is non-irritating and comfortable to the skin. This is important to runners who usually suffer from blisters around the ankles and the top of the foot from inferior shoes.

The Bottom Line

Running shoes are in a class of their own when it comes to footwear. These shoes must endure the harshest elements that the great outdoors can muster up. Runners who love to off-trail can encounter multiple terrains that can punish the feet, ankles, and knees greatly. A pair of excellent running shoes is the key to doing well during a run and performing terribly. The Peregrine 6 running shoe has what it takes for runners that like to take their sport to the next level. It can handle rocky, muddy, or soft surfaces equally well, and not affect the comfort level of the feet. The traction, durability, and flexibility are superb for this outstanding model that impresses long-time veteran runners with its remarkable features. It is one of the top brands and styles that is available from manufacturers currently. The Saucony Men’s Peregrine 6 Trail Running Shoe is a trailblazer in the world of athletic footwear that will amaze runners with its endurance and comfort.