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Plantronics BackBeat Fit Review Facts

The Plantronics BackBeat FIT Wireless Headphones have a behind-the-ear design that is so comfortable that you will forget you have them on. The rugged build is sweat-proof and water-resistant with a P2i coating that is strong and long-lasting. They will remain in place for all of your sports, workouts, and activities with the ear tip construction that is safety-oriented. Enjoy the powerful audio for the best music sound with noise cancellation that is passive. This means that surrounding noises are not completely blocked out, so you can be aware of what is happening around you. The wireless Bluetooth connection has a range of 33 feet along with one-ear controls and a built-in microphone for calls. Paired with the company’s mobile BackBeat FIT Companion app, you can access interactive workouts and audio coaching for improved performance. Included with the product is an armband of neoprene to keep the headphones in place during activities and to store the item when you are not using it. The online reviews are over 2,000 from customers, and the approval rating is good but not great. Find out why below as we tell you what buyers did and did not like about this wireless headphone set from Plantronics.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Sweat-proof, water-resistant, and rugged
  • Has P2i coating that is strong and long-lasting
  • Flexible, comfortable, and stays in place well
  • Armband stores the headphones when not in use
  • Powerful audio for the best music sound
  • Noise cancellation is passive
  • Ear tip construction is safety-oriented
  • Comes with BackBeat FIT Companion app access
  • Helps with interactive workouts and audio coaching
  • Battery life is eight hours; battery voice alerts
  • Earbuds were uncomfortable and hard for some users
  • Music not loud enough over interfering sounds said a few people



The back-of-the-head and behind-the-ear design of this set of headphones are what makes it a cut above the rest of the models that are similar in performance. It is also what makes this device so comfortable and exciting to wear. We did find in our research though that everyone that purchases these are not completely happy with this format. The silicone part for the inner ear was not comfortable for some people. These are the tips of the earpieces that actually go in the inner part of the ear to hold them securely in place and give the best sound quality. It can be too hard for some users, even though the material is quite soft and flexible. The majority of buyers felt so comfortable with these on during activities, sports, and workouts that they even forgot that they had them on. There are other tips that could be more comforting, so the good news is that a couple of customers discovered they can be changed easily. The design also allows the ear tips to be taken out of the inner ear and placed over the ear. Music can still be heard this way, and it gives the ears a break from the tips.


The design of this BackBeat model is sweat-proof, water-resistant, and rugged, so it can take any amount of perspiration or rain but cannot be submerged in water. It has a P2i coating that is strong and long-lasting for the best comfort and stability you could expect from such a device. Even after continuous daily use, you should be able to enjoy these incredible headphones for a long time. There were some complaints online that this product stopped working for a couple of people after many months of use, the battery life was terrible making the item not useable any longer.


The ear tips and the included armband add some nice flexible aspects to this Plantronics device for variability in your workouts and activities. The unique design is flexible and fits comfortably, plus it will remain in place for any kind of exercise or activity. One user found out by experimenting with the product that the tips can be removed to repair and clean them. (This information is not from the manufacturer, but a customer online as a tip.) they removed the filter screens with tweezers by loosening the edges. Then they cleaned them gently and put the pieces back together. This can improve the sound quality after much use and allow the user to remove any dirt or grime that could clog up the system. The terrific armband of neoprene stabilizes the headphones in place and transforms to be a place to store the headphones when not in use. This water-resistant, IPX5-rated, charging pouch of mesh material also gives you an added 16 hours of listening time. It stores and aerates the headphones even when they are wet with perspiration.

Key Features

-P2i coating that is strong and long-lasting
-Armband of neoprene for stabilizing and storage
-Stereo sound mode and on-ear controls
-Wireless range of 33 feet maximum
-Microphone is built in
-Ear tip construction is safety-oriented
-Reflective finishes
-Bluetooth wireless connection
-BackBeat FIT Companion app
-Battery voice alerts for the battery life


The most exciting characteristic of this product is the outstanding sound quality that everyone raves about. It has most of the competition beaten with this one aspect because it is so great. Custom codec and powerful speakers provide high notes that are crisp and bass that is terrifically heart-pumping. You can count on the high-quality to last for a long time uninterrupted, except for you to receive phone calls when they come in via a cellphone. If the eye-popping behind-the-ear design does not grab you, then the sound quality certainly will.


The BackBeat FIT has powerful audio for the best music sound, yet it allows the person to still hear the background and surrounding noises around them. This quality is good for runners, in particular, in the city that must be on the lookout for cars, dogs, footsteps, and cyclists that could interfere with their path. For those that do not want to hear other sounds, this may not be a good choice for headphones. Phone conversations are very clear both ways for buyers when calls are received through the device. We found a few unhappy customers who found that the music sound was not loud enough or louder than other interfering sounds. we can see where this would be a problem for those doing activities where the other sounds should be silenced, such as in a gym or while cutting grass.


The noise cancellation is considered passive for these headphones since all surrounding sounds are still audible, plus it is not a true wireless device. The BackBeat Fit has a wireless range of 33 feet maximum because a smartphone must be in the proximity. The microphone is built in, and the item has a stereo sound mode. it comes with one lithium polymer battery and has a weight of 0.8 ounces to be very lightweight. As you will see in the Version section when compared to other headphone models, this set is a bit larger in size with the dimensions of 24 x 0.5 x 1.2 inches. We must say that the overall approval rating could be much higher for this product, as it is alright but not great.


Even though a few people could not see it on their particular headphones, this model does have a safety-oriented build for the ear tip construction. It has reflective finishes, so you can be detected by others safely at night or in low light areas. The paint coating is a neon color that while not a flashing reflector will be seen in the dark by others. this is a really nice addition for those that train or exercise outdoors on trails or roads when it is not daylight hours.


Using the BackBeat Fit could not be easier as it has simple controls buttons right on the sides of the device for easy maneuvering and fast set-up. The on-ear controls make it one of the most pleasant devices to use for all sports, workouts, training, and activities. Both music and calls can be controlled with the easy to operate buttons, so you do not have to stop what you are doing to customize the sound. One issue that a few people noticed is that you cannot go back to a playlist of songs. There is only fast-forward and next for the control options.


Compared to other company brands, this BackBeat Fit model is slightly different. The weight is similar to other brands, but the number of reviews easily dwarfs the other models. The rating is better than the BackBeat Bluetooth Headphones of the same product name and the BackBeat FIT 2100 Wireless Headphone, but they are not as good as the FIT Training Edition Sport Earbuds. The headphone fit of this version is in-the-ear like the Sport Earbuds and the FIT 2100 but unlike the Bluetooth model that is over-the-ear. This model has the additional feature of stereo like the Bluetooth model, and also a microphone.


The BackBeat FIT works great even when the connected cellphone is a good distance away since it is a Bluetooth wireless connection type. The firmware updates automatically with the company’s mobile app of BackBeat FIT Companion. With the BackBeat FIT Boost Edition and the BackBeat FIT Training Edition, you get unlimited access for workouts with the 12 PEAR Personal Coach app and membership for six months to PEAR+ for audio coaching. It is wonderfully interactive for training motivation and guidance plus interactive workouts and audio coaching.

Ease of Use

The physical build of these headphones makes them so interesting, eye-pleasing, and easy to use for all sorts of sports and activities. Since they are behind-the-ear in design, they can be tucked away safely during workouts and makes your activities tangle-free. The durable piece that fits around the back of the neck is flexible and rubber-like to be soft and enjoyable to wear. The outer components of this device are sweat-proof and can be rinsed off when they become dirty. They cannot be submerged in water but can take any amount of sweat that you expel during your activities. Unfortunately, you cannot change the style or the size of the earbuds since they are one-size-fits-all, but we did not find hardly any complaints about the size or the fit of the device in our search.

Power Source

Just like most other devices of this type that are to entertain us while we participate in other activities and sports, battery life is always one of the greatest concerns. It is always a short time before the batteries need recharging causing us upset and problems of going without the device because of a low or drained battery. The BackBeat FIT will give you voice alerts each time you turn the product on, so you know at all times just how much juice you have left to keep going. The manufacturer states that the battery life is eight hours, which was consistent with what most users stated in their feedback. Charging to the full extent takes just two hours of plug-in time, plus there is a quick-charge option too. Charging for just 15 minutes will get you one hour of music listening time when you need it most. We did find some remarks about the battery life becoming less and less as the product became older, but this is true of all kinds of items such as these headphones. The extended and continued use wears out the battery eventually until it cannot hold a decent charge. We are all very familiar with this problem.

Bottom Line

The ear tips can be uncomfortable for some people, especially if the device is worn for long periods. Surrounding sounds can be heard when the headphones are on, which was not ideal for several buyers. These are the main complaints of the Plantronics BackBeat FIT Wireless Headphones and the reason it has a less than stellar rating online from users. The most appealing aspects are the high-quality of sound and the interesting and clever design that fits behind the ears. Being that the manufacturer clearly states that other sounds can be heard while wearing this device, it should not be considered a negative characteristic of the product. Also, wearing anything in the ears for long periods will be uncomfortable at some point because that is a tender part of the body not used to having such objects pressed in. This item is easy to use, durable, long-lasting, comfortable, and trendy in its design to be a headphone product worth recommending to others for purchase.