JBL Inspire 700 Wireless Headphones

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JBL Inspire 700 Wireless Headphones Review Facts

The JBL Inspire 700 Wireless  Headphones were created by athletes using the TwistLock Technology that ensures a secure fit in the outer ear. They will never fall out accidentally or hurt the ears for the duration of wearing them for sports, exercise, and activities. This is because this device is constructed with flexible ultra-soft silicone for ergonomic comfort that is long-lasting. It comes with an excellent charging case and cable for the accessories and has a built-in microphone. Compatible with nearly any smartphone model and brand, you can connect two devices at once. The push-button controls help you navigate the volume, call, and track selection. The microphone has three-button control and is water-resistant. Enjoy a high-quality audio experience with convenient wireless Bluetooth technology. You can control music tracks and phone calls by easily clicking the button. With stereo sound mode, eight-hour talk time, and a wireless range of 33 feet, the Inspire 700 provides eight playback hours and a battery life of sixteen hours. Although all of the customer response has not been the best, this is still a device worth looking into. We provide you with all of the details of the features in our full review below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Will not accidentally fall out with the secure fit
  • Ergonomic comfort will never hurt the ears
  • Controls consist of volume, call, and track selection
  • For exercise and sports and created by athletes
  • Controls volume, call, and track selection
  • Gives a high-quality audio experience
  • Control music tracks and phone calls with a button
  • Can connect two devices at the same time
  • Compatible with almost any smartphone
  • Several complaints of hurting the ears and not fitting correctly
  • Comes out of ears even during walking stated some buyers


Made for comfort and flexibility, this set of headphones uses the latest technology and modes of comfort for great user experience. The Inspire 700 has TwistLock Technology that ensures a secure fit. Even while performing activities that are highly physical in nature, they will not accidentally fall out. Made with flexible ultra-soft silicone for ergonomic comfort that is long-lasting, it will never hurt the ears. Many online customers confirm the excellent comfort and secure fit of the Inspire 700, but there are enough complaints in the feedback of these two features for us to mention them. Many complaints of hurting the ears and not fitting correctly are online from unhappy buyers who are not satisfied with the fit of this product. They say that only after a few minutes of wearing these, their ears hurt them painfully. One person said that even for the exercise of walking, the earbuds had to be replaced often, which aggravated the user. Some people with positive remarks stated to not pay attention to the negative reviews because the earbuds are fine. This product does not have a high review in total from customers, so the view is shared by enough people to affect the overall rating online in a negative way.

Key Features

-Uses the TwistLock technology for a secure fit
-Made with flexible ultra-soft silicone
-Ear cushions for in-ear headphone fit
-Controls consist of volume, call, and track selection
-A cable and durable carrying case
-Convenient wireless Bluetooth
-Built-in microphone and stereo sound mode
-Extended life of the battery is sixteen hours
-Provides eight playback hours
-Wireless range of 33 feet
-Battery charge time is two hours


Responsiveness concerns the way a product behaves or reacts to the user in providing the intended purpose of the item. The JBL Inspire 700 does not have the best rating from buyers that it could have, meaning that enough people thought badly of it to effectively alter the good rating of the ones that think it is great. The negative aspects concern the whole product including the quality of the sound, the fit of the earbuds, the feel of the earbuds, the battery life, and the overall quality of the product. Considering that these are not cheap headphones in the least, the negative reviews must be considered by potential buyers who want to invest in a product that will be enjoyable and not problematic for them. No one wants to purchase something that is not worth what they paid for it, especially if it does not work as the manufacturer promised. Several people stated that the sound is not adequate for the price paid, as they have the same quality as ones of lesser quality that are given out by the airlines. The battery life is another concern as it does not last the amount of time stated by the maker. This may have something to do with how the people were using the device because someone using the features more will burn up the battery charge quick. The fit of the earbuds in the ears was quite painful for several people, while others thought they were exceptionally comfortable. Now, everyone has different sizes and shapes of inner and outer ears, so this is just a sizing problem for some users. The fact that they would come off several people’s ears during their activities would also be a sizing issue. They are intended to stay in the ears until physically removed by the user. The manufacturer seems to be okay with returns if you care to try these out for yourself. If they were horrible, then you would not have online comments from satisfied customers saying to disregard the negative reviews because the Inspire 700 is an excellent product.


Made for exercise and sports, the Inspire 700 has push-button controls for volume, calls, and track selection. This makes your gym or workout experience much more relaxed and enjoyable. You will not have to adjust any of the features with dials or levers that are usually on most devices of this nature. It has an eight-hour maximum talk time, in-ear headphone fit, and ear cushions. The fit of the earbuds is supposed to be ultra-comfortable because of the ergonomic design. They have been created to not fall out accidentally when you are participating in sports or activities. Created by athletes, the earpiece design is an earbud that is behind the neck, and the type of earpiece is binaural. With several features, easy controls, a custom snug fit, and long battery life, the Inspire 700 is a modern trendy design worth investigating.


If you are lucky enough to have an occupation that allows you to have earbuds in while you work, then this may be just the device you are looking for. You can listen to your calls and music discreetly and enjoy your day more than your coworkers. While participating in sports and exercise, this terrific product will help keep your mind occupied during the mundane and monotonous movements of your workout or routine. Especially in the gym, the Inspire 700 will be prized as you move from machine to machine or activity to activity. Without the wires, it lets you be free and flexible to move as versatile as you need to for the best performance and physical control.


When compared to other JBL models, the Inspire 700 is better in some respects and worse in others. It is the same price as the JBL E25BT but has a lower satisfaction rating and has fewer models sold. The Inspire 700 weighs less than all three comparison models and has more features of water-resistance, wireless, sweat-proof, exercise and sports, and microphone. It has the same satisfaction rating as the JBL Reflect Mini but fewer buyers recorded. The Inspire 700 weighs far less than the JBL Reflect Mini and is much more economical. Compared to the JBL J22a, the Inspire 700 has fewer buyers, a poorer rating, and a higher cost. so, in total, the Inspire 700 weighs less and has more features than the other three JBL models, but also has a lower satisfaction rating and fewer sales.


You get two accessories with the Inspire 700 that helps you in using the device. It includes a charging case that provides a secure and rugged place to put this item when you are not using it and a cable. We found no negative remarks concerning these accessories, so that tells us that they are nice or exceptional, as some buyers claimed. Even a few unhappy people went so far to say that the price was for the charging case and the headphones were the free item. In any case, the charging case is a nice item to have to hold the device in when you are not in need of them.


With a high-quality audio experience, convenient wireless Bluetooth, and a perfect fit, the Inspire 700 is a decent product. It includes a microphone with track and music control that has three-button controls and is water-resistant. You control music tracks and phone calls by simply clicking the button. Besides these incredible features is the fact that these are wireless. You can do your activities and sports without the worry of being tangled in wires or having to secure the wires in your clothing to keep them out of the way. It is a luxury afforded by the outstanding technology of the manufacturer to make your life less stressed and more enjoyable.


With the Bluetooth wireless connectivity that is compatible with almost any smartphone, you can connect two devices at the same time. Enjoy the built-in microphone and stereo sound mode during any type of activity or sport you like to do. The connection is constant and will not become disconnected as it is dependable Bluetooth technology. The fact that this device is wireless just adds to the pleasure of owning one.

Power Source

The Inspire 700 provides eight playback hours and has a battery charge time of two hours. The extended life of the battery for sixteen hours is guaranteed. Rechargeable with a micro USB charging interface, the battery is lithium-polymer, and the wireless range is 33 feet. As we stated above, the device comes with a convenient charging case that everyone agrees is an excellent accessory. For such a wireless device with a dependable Bluetooth connection, the battery is long-lasting and long-lived. The Inspire 700 gives you the freedom and flexibility in a wireless device for all of your activities, sports, and activities to be free from wires and enjoy the music and features.

Bottom Line

It is not often that we come across a product that has many negative reviews concerning so many aspects of the item from buyers. The JBL Inspire 700 seems to have some dissatisfied customers that did not like one or two of its features. The design of the earbuds is supposed to be a comfortable fit that will keep them in the outer ear until they are removed by you. Most people agree that this is what they experienced. Some, however, state that the earbuds are painful and fall out even during a simple exercise as walking. The length of the battery life is an individual aspect that really depends on how the device is used and for how long. the quality of the sound is another issue that displeased some users. When you consider that this device is for use during exercise, activities, and sports and is a wireless device for flexibility and comfort, then you should realize that the sound quality is not going to be the same as your excellent stereo at home or in the car. The sound can be controlled with many custom options for adjustments. These are headphones for entertainment purposes for your activities. It really cannot be compared or held to the high standard of the best stereo sound you have ever heard. Considering all of these qualities, both good and bad, we think that the JBL Inspire 700 is worth a try. It may not be the best, but then everything we own, or purchase is not the best. It only has to satisfy the user, which it has done for plenty of people so far.