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Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch Review Facts

The Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch is compatible with iOS smartphones and Android devices with its round case, strap band, and buckle clasp. The face is large with a trendy, modern, and sleek design plus a storage capacity of 4GB. You use a bezel to navigate the watch features easily and the charging dock that is wireless to power it up. The long-lasting lithium battery that it comes with will run nonstop on a single charge for four to five days, depending on the features you have operating. It is water-resistant to 50 meters of 164 feet, so you do not have to remove it for swimming, heavy rain, or showering.

This excellent smartwatch features a gyroscope, monitor for the heart, a light sensor, and a barometer. You can make payments right on your wrist with Samsung Pay NFC and remain current with social apps, email, SMA, and notifications of calls. Choose from many bands that are compatible with this outstanding product plus hundreds of apps and watch faces that are provided for you on the company’s site. We provide you with the full details of these features and much more in the full review of the Gear Sport below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Makes payments on your wrist Samsung Pay NFC
  • Bezel makes navigating the features very easy
  • Barometer, gyro sensor, altimeter, and accelerometer
  • Modern, sleek, and trendy design
  • Stay current with social apps, email, SMA, and calls daily
  • Water-resistant and swim-ready to 50 meters or 164 feet
  • Compatible with iOS smartphones and Android
  • Choose from many faces, apps, and bands available
  • Comes with a charging dock that is wireless
  • Old messages from apps such as Whatsapp and Telegram cannot be viewed
  • Battery charge could shorten with age and number of active features
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  • This is a good option for someone wanting a bit more than a fitness tracker but not needing all of the functions of a phone.
  • Buyers have used it to track walking, jogging, and cycling.
  • You can customize the notification settings to only get push notifications for what you need.
  • Buyers say it is able to track steps whether your hands are by your side, in your pockets, or pushing a cart.
  • When synced with your phone, you can view all data points of activity tracking.
  • The calendar can be synced with the Samsung Calendar app and Google Calendar.
  • For extra convenience, it can send you reminders 15 minutes before events on your calendar.
  • Standard messages can be programmed for fast replies.
  • Most buyers like the voice-to-text function.
  • With moderate use, the battery can last for more than a day.
  • It's possible to send messages via SMS or popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp.
  • There is an extensive array of watch faces to choose from.
  • It is styled to look more like a traditional watch than some other smartwatches.
  • The rotating bezel control is user friendly.
  • Having a touch screen, it is also easy to control apps with taps and swipes.
  • The display is vivid and easy to read.
  • Premium Spotify users can download music for offline listening.
  • The band is comfortable and able to be changed with the other watch bands that Samsung offers.
  • There is no speaker so you cannot make phone calls or get sound alerts.
  • Although you can control music and volume with this watch, you will need another device to actually hear the music.
  • There are mixed reviews on the water resistance rating.
  • Problems with GPS and heart monitoring inaccuracy are reported.
  • Buyers note possible firmware bugs which lead to problems with the voice-to-text function.
  • Many reviewers complain of unhelpful experiences with Samsung customer service.
  • There are a few reports of display and charging issues within the first year.
  • Apps for this watch are available through Tizen which has fewer options than Google Play.
  • The band material can get caught or pull on some fabrics.
  • There are mixed reviews on the overall user experience with the Gear Sport.
  • This works best with the latest Samsung phones. Users have had some issues or lost functionality with other phones.
  • For the limited amount of apps available to use on this watch, some buyers say it is overpriced.
  • If you are not already actively using other Samsung devices or apps, it will take some time and effort to set up this watch for the best functionality.
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The bezel feature on the Gear Sport makes navigating the watch aspects very easy. Using it to flip to various screens is quicker than swiping the screen on a regular watch. You can turn the bezel to reply and receive texts and calls or check updates. It makes the Gear Sport easy to operate and be flexible to your needs and time. Another versatile part of this incredible smartwatch is all the things you can do and alter to make it truly unique to your needs and desires. As you will see in our sections on bands and faces, there are many selections for changing the characteristics to exactly what you like. The Gear Sport adds flexibility to your life with it many capabilities such as sensors of the barometer, gyro sensor, altimeter, ambient light, and accelerometer. You can also make payments on your wrist with the compatible Samsung Pay NFC. This gives you more time away from a computer or your phone to pay bills. The Gear Sport is very flexible to your needs and gives you the freedom to enjoy your life on the go.


With a sleek, more, and trendy design and a large face, this amazing Samsung product has a case shape that is round and a buckle clasp with a strap band. It is adjustable for brightness, and the band is so comfortable that you will forget you have it on. Featuring a gyroscope, monitor for heart rate, light sensor, barometer, and is water-resistant, the storage capacity is 4GB. The Gear Sport is a wonderful smartwatch that will aid you with keeping track of everything while you are busy with work, sports, events, and other activities. It has the features you want and needs to remain connected and be active.


The Gear Sport supports you by giving you accurate fitness tracking all day, personal coaching, and simple calorie entry. It has activity tracking with GPS and heart rate mapping and will measure progress during the day and calorie balance. For workouts and daily runs try the personal coaching aspect. The functioning and operating system are much better than Android according to buyers who love this new smartwatch and are happy with their purchase. It will keep you current with social apps, email, SMA, and notifications of calls daily, so you remain in the loop of what is happening in your world.


When compared to other Samsung smartwatch models, the Gear Sport is better in some respects but not in others. It is not as popular as the Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch but is more popular with customers than the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch. More people bought the Gear S2 than the Gear Sport so far, and both have outsold the Gear S3 Frontier currently. The Gear Sport has the same satisfactory rate from customers as both of the other mentioned models. It is also smaller than both of them and weighs more than both. The Gear Sport is slightly more expensive than the Gear 3 and much more expensive than the Gear S2. If you have these other models and are interested in the Gear Sport, then these aspects may sway you one way or another according to what is most important to you. It is a popular item that plenty of people have already purchased and love, and it is slightly smaller and heavier than they are.


For those of you who want a smartwatch that can take the water, this just may be the model you are seeking. Plenty of people must deal with water on their jobs or for recreational purposes and do not want to take their watches off every time they are near or have their hands and arms submerged in water. Occupations such as hospital caregivers, home care providers, swim instructors, and tour guides all have the need for a watch that can take rain and water usage. The Gear Sport is water-resistant and swim-ready to 50 meters or 164 feet. It can be worn while showering, during rain, or while swimming and still function without a glitch. You may be in a job or love an activity that requires water usage and need such a water-friendly product. Having to remove a device from your wrist takes away all of the flexibility and positive aspects of owning it in the first place. It is also resistant to dust too.


With the many items that the Gear Sport monitors and tracks for you each day, it is very accurate in its data collection. For example, for the counting steps feature, it knows when you are taking steps and when you are just active. You cannot shake it like a Fitbit tracker to get steps recorded. It is very accurate for this characteristic. One online customer noted the difference between these two smartwatches because they had previously owned a Fitbit model that would count steps with just the shake of the wrist. You will not have this problem with the spot-on Gear Sport. It accurately monitors sleep types and coffee and water intake without using a smartphone. You will know what kind of sleep you are receiving each night to see what your sleep health is. There is also a vibrate mode to alert you quietly of calendar events, messages, calls, emails, and notifications. Even things you may not be monitoring now with a current watch are possible with the Gear Sport.


Many apps are there for you on the Gear Sport site, such as several GPS downloads. Play and download Spotify music, check scores or get a ride. For nearly everything you need, there is an app and even more than one for a certain task. It is all part of the flexibility and personalization that the Gear Sport affords the user. One satisfied customer did state a negative comment about the app feature of this watch although they are satisfied with the item overall. It seems that old messages from apps such as Whatsapp and Telegram cannot be viewed on this watch face, as only the current ones are visible. No one else commented about this, but we thought it was worth mentioning to potential buyers.


According to the manufacturer and happy online customers, there are tons of watch bands that are available for this incredible watch if you prefer a different one. sometimes buyers like to have multiple bands for a watch they like just to have a different style sometimes. You may prefer one band for work, while yet another one for your sports and activities. Changing the bands is good to keep it fresh and new in your eyes. The durable band that comes with the purchase of the Gear Sport is made of rubber and 20mm silicone and is adjustable and comfortable for an active lifestyle, just like the one on Casio G-Shock Rangeman.


Compatible with iOS smartphones and Android devices, the Bluetooth connection is solid without losing service. As the maker states and customers confirm, if you are out of range for connection, then the watch will instantly switch over to Wi-Fi using the Internet for phone notifications and such. The setup of the watch is easy and fast in just minutes. Once you go through the initial installation and setup, you pick your apps and watch face, then you are ready to go. Another aspect that is unique to the Gear Sport is the ability to control other items with the bezel. With Samsung Connect you can control appliances and smart devices with just turning the bezel such as door locks, lights, or a TV. It is a remarkable feature that will take some getting used to because it is so awesome but well worth having this device.


With hundreds of faces to choose from using the downloaded app, you will have much fun picking new ones to alter the look of your smartwatch. Plenty of them are free, while others can charge a small fee. You will love the hundreds of choices available to alter your Gear Sport even daily if you want. It has clear visuals and simple navigation with a display of 360 x 360 resolution. The specifics of the touchscreen are Super AMOLED 1.2”. this is a durable, dependable, and highly versatile smartwatch model that you will love owning.

Power Source

The topic of the battery and its lasting power are highly talked about features with online buyers. The news is not all bad, as the battery life depends greatly on how you use the watch in your daily life. The manufacturer states that it will run nonstop with a single charge for four to five days. It comes with a charging dock that is wireless for powering up, and charging will not slow you down. This fabulous model requires and includes one Lithium battery. The battery will run down quicker than seven days to maybe just three, if the heart rate monitor is left on constantly or when notifications are activated and on. You choose between three modes for the heart rate feature of frequent, off, or on always. Of course, if this is running constantly, it will use up more battery than without it on. Some people that have been using the Gear Sport for several months now have noticed that as the watch get older, the battery charge is only lasting them one day and not the four or five as stated by the manufacturer. Because of the many characteristics of the watch that can use up plenty of the battery, it is hard to give potential buyers a hard number for battery life in days. It greatly depends on how you use it for yourself.

Bottom Line

The best way to judge a product is to hear directly from the people who buy and use it regularly. We read the comments carefully of the many customers who purchased the Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch and agree with them that it is an excellent watch with many fabulous features and great Bluetooth connectivity. The only negative aspect that seems to be an issue is the battery life and charge time. The more features that you have running constantly or some of the time drains the charge of the battery, which may then only last for one day. This should be expected because this would be an accurate assumption about anything electronic. The more you use it, the more power it takes. We did find a comment that the battery life declines in several months, but this was not noted by anyone else. When you consider all that this smartwatch is capable of doing for you during your busy day, it is a superb watch that is worth serious consideration.