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Editor’s Conclusion
Adventure can happen in any season, in any weather, and on any terrain. If you are partial to warm-weather exploration, a traditional hiking boot can feel suffocating. The Hopara sandal from Hoka One One functions as an everyday sandal that can stand up to the difficulties of a (moderate) trail.

Obviously, your foot will not be as protected in this sandal as it would be in a hiking shoe but in the right environments, it’s perfect. I recommend it for camping, boating, everyday use, and more. Continue reading to find out more about the features and see how it stacks up against similar styles.
Hoka one One Hopara Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons


Good traction

Quick break-in period

Non-marking outsole

Good for wet and dry environments



Doesn’t work well with orthotics

Strap is not adjustable

Arches are too high for some people

Key Features


First of all, these sandals offer great breathability. The strategic cutouts allow for great airflow while still feeling secure. However, one downside to these breezy cutouts is that debris can enter. If the shoe fits securely, this is less likely but still possible. The toe area is enclosed and the rubber outsole extends over the toe cap, providing extra protection.

The EVA midsole is lightly cushioned. It can not be removed and becomes too tight on the instep if you add your own. There is a gusseted tongue that is comfortable and doesn’t bunch up. At the top of the tongue and heel are two pull tabs that make the sandals easy to put on and take off.

The heel-to-toe drop is 5mm. This is quite minimal and ideal for a sandal. It will make you feel like you are almost walking barefoot. It will not exactly guide you to your next step but that’s not necessary for light hiking anyways.

In terms of breaking in the sandals, the process is fairly quick for most people. They may feel slightly stiff at first but the materials will quickly loosen up and conform to your feet.


If you have ordered any Hoka One One shoes before, you may remember that they tend to fit true to size. This sandal is no exception. For some people, the arches are uncomfortably high. If you have a particularly flat foot, you may want to look elsewhere. Additionally, the Hopara is not available in different widths.

To dial in the fit, there is a quick lace drawcord. While it doesn’t provide as personalized of a fit as traditional laces, the sandal stays in place well. It would be even better if the back strap of the shoe were adjustable.

Depending on the shape and size of your foot and toes, it is possible that the cutouts could land so imperfectly in a spot that allows your pinky toe to fall out of the sandal. While this isn’t a common complaint, it is possible.


The Hopara sandal can be used in many different ways. They are great water shoes, good for moderate hikes, and also function well as boat shoes. If you were considering buying more than one of the three, you might as well buy these and get the whole package! They are non-marking, and quick drying.

In general, they are available in two different color schemes- ombre blue/provincial blue or black/dark shadow. However, if you do some site searching, you can find them in a few other color combinations also.


With such a good reputation and great materials, there’s no doubt that these shoes will last you for many years. They feature neoprene and synthetic materials with a responsive rubber EVA midsole. The neoprene offers great flexibility without causing blisters.

These sandals come with Hoka’s 30-day guarantee. If you try them out and realize they aren’t a good fit for your lifestyle, you can return them with no questions asked within 30 days of your authorized purchase.

Of course, they will do some investigation to make sure your claims are real and that you’re not abusing the system, but that shouldn’t be an issue.

Stability and Traction

In terms of stability - it’s a sandal. The materials used to make it ensure that your foot doesn’t slide around inside the shoe when it gets wet. The stability is nothing to write home about but it’s as good as you can expect for this style of shoe.

The rubber outsole has wide 4mm multidirectional lugs. This allows you to get a good grip on multiple terrains. Obviously, it doesn’t compare to a traditional hiking shoe and shouldn’t be treated as one. However, it’s a great option for camping trips, the beach, or mild summer hikes.

Comparison to Similar Shoes

Can one even talk about hiking sandals without thinking about Tevas? The Hurricane XLT2 is Teva’s most popular sandal. It is available in over ten color combinations. They weigh slightly less at 10.25 ounces each, which makes sense because there is less material.

Your foot is not as protected in this shoe, especially your toes. However, it has a great rubber outsole with good traction and an EVA foam midsole that provides adequate cushioning. In terms of price, the Hurricane is approximately half the price of the Hopara.

Another incredibly popular brand is Keen. Keen makes many different styles of hiking sandals. One of the most similar styles is the Clearwater CNX. Each shoe weighs only 9 ounces, making it the lightest option mentioned here. It is flexible, yet durable, and offers great traction.

Similar to the Hopara, the rubber outsole extends over the toe area for extra protection and the cutouts provide great ventilation. To be honest, besides the weight difference, these are very similar to the Hopara shoe.

I suppose it comes down to ultimate comfort and the shape of your foot. If one doesn’t work for you, I encourage you to try the other. Additionally, the Hopara is slightly more expensive than the Keen Clearwater CNX.


Overall, the Hopara is a great option for a hiking sandal. There are many on the market and there isn’t one thing that makes it especially stand out from the others. It weighs slightly more than other options and is also more expensive.

I like the versatility of this sandal and the protection it offers. If you are flat-footed, the Hopara will likely not be comfortable for you. If you have already tested out other options that didn’t work for you, this one is worth a try. However, to be honest, I would wait until it goes on sale.