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Editor’s Conclusion
Swinging back into force is an '80s Danner Original. Thirty years after the debut of this lightweight alternative to Danner's classic, heavy-duty hiking boots, these hikers are out of retirement in a more updated fashion. Now more versatile, this new version gives excess comfort regardless of whether you're pavement pounding or trekking the trail.

I can see why Danner is so proud to introduce their updated version, which provides an overall feel of durability, cushioning EVA midsole, a new waffle outsole and a lightweight feel. In addition, you will most definitely be complimented on the excellent design of the vintage and retro look, with a striking distressed brown and deep teal color.

Since appearing in the 2014 film Wild, the Danner boot range has gathered quite the fan club. The Danner Jag combines fabric and leather for durability but the boot is also all-around lightweight, waterproof, and breathable.

Carry on reading to find out if the Danner Jag is suitable for you.
Danner Jag Hiking Boot Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons




Vintage look

365-day warranty

Plenty of cushioning

Variety of striking colors


Limited terrain

Not enough insulation for winter

Key Features

Ease of Use

Not only does the Danner Jag look great, but it also fits great. With a low profile, it's suitable for everyday wear, urban adventuring or trail trekking. In addition, the Jag continues to look trendy, with a slim profile while allowing for a sleek profile.

The Danner Jag is notably lighter and less stiff than many other boots I've tried. However, with the look of a trendy boot, it's surprising to find the Jag has the standard feel of a traditional hiker.

The three-season Danner boot is best suited for low to moderately demanding trails, city travel, or just wearing around town. They are reliably waterproof, so luckily, treading through water wasn't an issue. In addition, the responsiveness you get with this shoe means that even long hikes are comfortable.

Despite not possessing the standard Gore-Tex waterproof membrane, I was surprised to find the Jag relatively breathable due to the practical mesh lining. Your feet should stay cool in most weathers. However, some did seem to find the shoe a bit warm when wearing thick or wool socks, so perhaps be careful with the type of socks you wear with them.

Gripping most moderate trails with loose dirt was pretty easy with the Jag hikers, but arduous downhill descents might result in a toe smash due to the lack of padding in the front. However, some reviews have used the Jag for much more adventurous hikes and have been very happy. Tackling mountains and navigating steep, rocky slopes appeared to be slip-free and without issue. Perhaps that's a personal issue.


With no wear in the time needed, these boots are comfortable from the get-go. Further comfort comes from the lightweight feel and waterproof liner suitable for three out of four seasons. The Jag hiker is most certainly weatherproof enough for the rain that comes with spring, summer and autumn, but I'm not sure it's efficient enough for the harsh realities of winter.

I was also pleased to find that these shoes are pretty breathable in the heat of spring, summer and autumn, especially off-trail. For a shoe that looks so stylish, it's surprising to find them so comfortable underfoot due to the removable OrthoLite footbed. Made up of three layers of differing densities, the Jag provides maximum padding and support.

Unfortunately, there appears to be a trend that Danner Jag wearers find the size of the Jag a bit off, so it's worth trying on a few sizes before buying. However, it seems to be the consensus that buying a half size down would have been an idea.


The thing that stands out about the Danner Jag is the quality materials used. Leather and a breathable Denier nylon upper create a durable shoe that's also stylish, looks good, and feels good. Leather is naturally waterproof, so it's a great choice.

However, extra watertight security comes from the Danny Dry 100% waterproof protection. Better traction, safety and durability also come from the clever use of a Danner Waffle rubber outsole plus a classic hiking tread pattern.


The choice of leather for the upper sole is an excellent choice for durability. Leather is naturally hardy and sturdy, with good leather shoes usually lasting for years and years. Another good option for its solid and resilient nature comes from the use of rubber soles.

However, some parts of the Jag are made up of fabric panels, not as hardy as the rest of the shoes - with rain and mud making the shoe look dirty quickly. If you're only using the Jag for its hiking ability, then this probably won't bother you too much. But if you care about style and looks, then you'll want to clean them often.

Comparison to Similar Hiking Shoes

As mentioned before, the Danner Jag is potentially not suitable for extremely wet weather. If you needed something with a more waterproof design, I recommend the Hoka Acacapa Mid Gore-Tex walking boots.

It's worth remembering that the style is different, with the Danner Jog reminding me more of a 90's sneaker boot. Although a bit pricier at around $206, you're getting an incredible shoe with superb traction, comfort, supportive and that well-needed waterproof membrane.


With these boots, you get a bit of a stiff price tag. But you're not just getting the substance with a shoe that looks and feels this good. So I think they're worth the price. In case you're still unsure, Danner also provides a 365-day warranty.

The lightweight feel, cushioning in the sole, supportive design and attractive style make it an easy choice for anyone after a good hiker. Although perhaps not suitable for very difficult or technical terrains, these are most definitely suitable for any beginner hikers or anyone more interested in light to moderate hikes. The vintage and retro look is a massive bonus. When you wear them, you will most definitely get compliments.