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Editor’s Conclusion
Danner combines legendary style with crafty technology in another revolutionary hiking boot. Heading out into the sun and out of their mountain archives, the Mountain 600 is newly engineered with Vibram technology for optimal performance, support, and comfort. Achieving your hiking dreams is easy with this modern version of the Danner original mountain light boot.

Exploring a variety of unknown landscapes is possible with the agile and lightweight engineering of the Mountain 600. Combining the features of a trail shoe and walking boot allows for versatility as wearers get all the protection they need without the extra weight.

No matter how I plan my journey, I'm always surprised by some unexpected boggy land or rocky terrain, but this isn't an issue with the new Performance Heritage. Instead, combining classic style with distinctive design means Danner customers benefit from durability, versatility, and responsiveness.
Danner Mountain 600 Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons



Great traction

Superior comfort

Vibram technology

Plenty of cushioning

Classic Mountain look


Not suitable for hefty backpacks

Key Features

Ease of Use

Some seriously clever design work has gone into this sturdy boot, with performance clearly at the forefoot (pun intended). Treat your feet to support and cushioning with the Vibram SPE midsole as your feet ricochet off large rocks and slide safely down slopes.

Increased grip and adaptability come easily from the self-adapting lugs. The efficient Danner Dry waterproof barrier also allows the wearer to tackle the countryside no matter the weather.

In addition, the Mountain 600 packs a mega punch with the Vibram Fuga outsole plus MegaGrip, resulting in a perfect balance between excellent traction and responsiveness. The truly unique combination of malleable SPE midsole and flex lines of the Fuga outsole also means your feet can expand to a broader surface.

Traveling with ultimate stability difficult and mean terrain of either the dry or wet variety is easy with the rare self-adaptive lug pattern, gripping like a fist at multiple angles. This super-soft yet super-grippy Vibram rubber tread also creates extra support for wet and arid landscapes.

Although many customers seem to find choosing the right fit easy, with the Mountain 600 being true to fit, a handful of customers find it a little on the large size and suggest sizing down half a length. As Danner offers half sizes, this isn't an issue. If you're not sure, you can email Danner with your foot measurements, and they will provide you with a recommendation that is usually accurate.


Looking after your feet is easy with the off-the-charts level of comfort and cushioning the Vibram SPE midsole (Specialized Performance Elastomer) brings, allowing for enhanced springiness and ample cushioning.

Just look at the mountainous number of reviews online; you'll find that these hiking boots can take you the distance. Long journeys aren't a problem with the Vibram midsole plush cushioning of the open-cell OrthoLite footbed and the Danner Dry waterproof protection.

When spending this much on a hiking boot, you expect to be able to wear them in all kinds of weather and terrain. Splashing through deep puddles, trudging through heavy snow, and even hiking through heavy rain shouldn't be a problem.

A blister-free boot is always worth the extra money, and this boot is exactly that. So don't worry about taking your plasters; you'll be covered from the off with this shoe. What's more, the lightweight design, comfortable ankle height and plush Vibram midsole mean you can do some serious mileage with minor issues.

Lastly, this Danner Mountain range allows you to keep water and dirt out of your boot as the tongue is attached to the outer portion.


Choosing the suitable materials and fabric is essential to create a boot that takes care of your feet. Danner chooses correctly with the Vibram SPE midsole, combining an exclusive co-polymer blend of synthetic natural rubber and EVA. Allows for extra cushioning, durability, resistance, but remaining lightweight. This is a mastermind blend.

Danner is most definitely a fan of excellent materials. Customers can choose from either waterproof suede or leather, both of which are good choices due to their sturdy, durable and stylish nature. Leather is naturally waterproof, but the waterproof suede means that you've well protected no matter the style you choose.


Choosing superior materials goes a long way in creating a shoe that lasts the test of time. Naturally sturdy and water-resistant leather and suede allow Danner to create a shoe that's not short of compliments. You only need to look online to find a mirage of people who've had these shoes for a long time with hardly any impact. Even with heavy, daily use, the Mountain 600 will last you years before it needs replacing.

Its sturdy and durable nature also comes from the Fuga outsole and Vibram's Megagrip rubber technology injected into the whole outer sole. Not only do you get the ultimate hold on wet and dry landscapes, but these superior materials will allow the shoe to last long term.

Comparison to Similar Hiking Boots

As this is the lighter version of the traditional Danner boot, you might have trouble with stability and balance when carrying a hefty load. These boots are brilliant for carrying packs of around 30lbs, but you may need to consider a heavier boot if you plan to make multiple-day camping trips.

I like the protection of the ankle-high boot, but this isn't for everyone. In hotter, dry weather, I prefer a lower-fitting shoe. If you'd get relatively a low to mid-top boot, you can also try out the Hoka One One Kaha Low Gore-Tex shoe. It is very similar and even slightly lighter, but the low top design is perfect for people who need freedom for their ankles. However, the Mountain 600 boot provides better support for treacherous terrains.

I'm aware that this boot is a little on the expensive side. Although they are entirely valued for money, if your budget requires something on the cheaper side, the Keen Targhee III Mid can be a worthwhile option. At about $50 more affordable, they are potentially not as suitably waterproof as the Mountain 600 but are comfortable, breathable, durable, and stylish.


The Mountain 600 can seem to do no wrong as hordes of customers rave about its lightweight innovation, supreme comfort, steadfast durability, and trendy design. With excellent fit comes excellent comfort, and there's no shortage of comfort with this Danner range. However, don't be fooled by the traditional mountain design; it's like you're walking on air.

You're getting incredible value for money even though the Mountain 600 are at the higher end of the price bracket. These are possibly the best all-around performance shoes you'll ever own, with easy all-day comfortable wear, super grippy design, and long-lasting nature. So whether you're into rocking those challenging hills or need some extra support for those long country hikes, your feet will be well protected.