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Montane Minimus Jacket Review Facts

Do you need a breathable rain jacket that is so comfortable, even when the weather changes? Then, consider giving the Montane Minimus Jacket a try.

The jacket is from breathable Pertex shield. Also, the chest pocket is mesh-ventilated to be light and aerated. You can use this rain shell for hiking, running, and everyday use in town or the city. If interested in other jackets for hiking, check this guide.

The Montane Minimus has a regular fit and an adjustable hood compatible for helmets. It is entirely reflective to make your presence known to others. That's great for those who run in morning or night. Comfort features include a beard guard, articulated arms, adjustable bottom hem, and Velcro cuffs.

People seem to love the durability and longevity of the YKK zippers on the front closure and chest pocket. It has a D-ring attachment inside for keys and an included stuff sack. This rounds out the outstanding qualities of the Montane Minimus product.

If you are interested in learning more about this jacket, all you have to do is keep reading! Our detailed review will tell you all you need to know in order to make your decision. Is it a great jacket for everyday use for all three seasons? Is it the right one for you? Find the answers below.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Good for ultra-running, hiking, running, and around town

Style is a rain shell for everyday use

Ideal for use in the three best seasons

Waterproof and ultra-lightweight

Packs to the size of a person’s fist or a big apple

Breathable, durable, and protective

Hood can be tucked in the jacket when not using

Has a regular fit

Whole garment is reflective for visibility


Can be too thin for some activities such as skiing

Male European jacket - zipper operates from the other side

No handwarmer pockets

Key Features

-Made of Pertex shield fabric and a mesh lining
-Keys attach internally with the D-ring
-Cuffs are shaped for simple mitt or glove use
-Hem on the bottom is adjustable
-Seams are micro taped for breathability
-Velcro straps on the cuffs
-Adjustable hood works with helmets anwireds a wire peak
-Compression drawcord and hook to tuck the hood in
-Mesh-ventilated chest pocket
-YKK zippers on front and chest pocket
-Rain drain and storm flap on front zipper
-Articulated arms for flexibility of movement
-Has a beard guard to protect the mouth or chin
-Stuff sac for transport and portability


Made of Pertex shield, which is a very breathable fabric, The Montane Minimus Jacket for men is one of the coolest (literally and figuratively) garments for rain protection that you will find. The emphasis on the construction was based on the lightness of the jacket and the breathability of the material. It can be used in many types of environments when a heavier jacket would be too uncomfortable or in a situation.

That includes running when it would not be feasible to remove the jacket if the weather conditions changed. You can keep it on and still be quite comfortable. The fabric has exceptional performance characteristics and breathability levels. Plus the mesh lining helps with the aeration of this product too.


For the comfort of the user, the Montane Minimus has a few small features to make it more cozy and enjoyable to wear. The hem on the bottom is adjustable to prevent heat loss and weather entry. Even though this is a light jacket not capable of retaining body heat or having any insulation, it will keep you warm to a certain extent.

The terrific cuffs are shaped specially to make mitt or glove use easy. Using the Velcro straps will also increase the usability of the sleeve ends. Keys can even be securely stored internally with the D-ring attachment. Being that there are no hand pockets to put such item in, you can hook them on easily on the inside. Not many characteristics are added to this garment because the intent of its build was to make it as light as possible.


The well-made Minimus Jacket has a 4.0 rating out of 5 from buyers who believe it is a great jacket for rainy environments. It is especially durable in the adjustable aspects and the seams. There are Velcro straps on the cuffs, and the bottom hem is adjustable.

Both of these qualities allow the user to adjust the garment to their needs and make it protect them better. The strong seams are micro taped in the clothing to enhance the breathability of the surface area and the strength of the construction.This feature not only helps with keeping the jacket light but also rainproof and sturdy for years of dependable use.


The excellent hood is the most adjustable and versatile part of the Montane Minimus. It is fully adjustable, compatible for helmets, has a wired peak, and has three points of adjustment. This hood has a compression drawcord in the back with a hook on it that when used with the inside elastic loop can hide the shade when it is windy or not in use.

If you wear a helmet for an activity or sport, then this hood will fit over it. Several people commented in their online feedback of how much they really liked the hood. They also commented on how it could be stored away in the back when they did not want to wear it.


We all know that for outdoor gear, YKK zippers are the best because they are durable, tough, and long-lasting. Usually, any clothing or equipment that has them can be automatically deemed as a top-quality item. This rainproof jacket has them on the mesh-ventilated chest pocket and the full front closure.

The one on the front to close the jacket is a unique Aquaguard zipper with a rain drain and a storm flap on the inside. The storm flap protects you and your clothing from the water that could enter through the metal teeth of the zipper. The wind is also prevented from affecting you too.


For guys that have a beard or a sensitive chin, you will appreciate the added beard guard near the top of the zipper. It does not contact the mouth or the chin. Another fabulous quality of the Minimus is the articulated arms. Movements of high reach are possible with the articulated arms.

This reduces the lifting of the hem when stretching for things or activities. It can be very annoying or uncomfortable when performing tasks to have the bottom back of the jacket rise each time you must reach or stretch for something. This problem is eliminated with this unique feature. It could mean the difference between you staying dry in the rain or having a wet bum.


You can enjoy a regular fit with this superb Montane jacket for men that has layering possibilities in colder weather. Buyers suggest that if you are indeed going to layer clothing under it, especially heavier sweaters or shirts, then you may need to order a size or two larger for a good fit. Wearing just a thin t-shirt or long-sleeve shirt under it should not be a problem for your regular size of the jacket. The weight of the garment itself is just a mere 7.6 ounces because it is so lightweight and compressible. Read a little further down to know the size it can become for travel purposes. You won’t believe it!


You have guessed correctly if you are thinking that the Minimus is basically for raining weather. It is not an outer shell that will keep you toasty in cold conditions, but it can help retain some warmth if needed. This garment is terrific for the three best seasons of the year and any time you need emergency protection when outdoors from precipitation. It is available in three bold color schemes with the Montane logo over the chest pocket. You can machine wash it for simple cleaning practice too.


Since plenty of people use this jacket for running in the outside in the dark, it is terrific that the manufacturer made it 360 degrees reflective with “dusk till dawn” protection.

This means that no matter where others are around you (in front, back, or on the sides), they can see you very well in poorly lit or dark conditions. Runners are often in these circumstances since they run at night or in the early hours of the morning to take advantage of the cooler weather before the sun comes up or after it has gone down. Drivers, bikers, and other runners will see you clearly with this reflective garment on.

Customers have noticed and remarked about a couple of things that they would change about the Montane Minimus if they could. It has no handwarmer pockets, which on an outer shell garment can be quite a hassle. Not only are the places to put your hands not there, but you don’t have anywhere to put small items you want to bring along.

There is a roomy chest pocket, but it does not double as a hand pocket. The extra pockets would add unnecessary weight to this product, and buyers understand that. It could use some pit zips to keep the ventilation at its best, especially when you can't remove the jacket when you become warm.

Also, just a small detail worth mentioning is that this is a male European jacket in which the front sipper operates from the opposite side that American male garments do. It may take some getting used to but is not a huge issue.


You will find yourself grabbing for this lightweight and versatile jacket more and more when you get one. It is ideal for so many instances in your life that it is hard to name them all. The best uses are running, hiking, and around town for everyday use in the three best seasons of the year. You could use it in winter where the season is mild.

However, without any insulation, it is not the best option for colder weather (and not made for that either). This excellent rain shell was tested during an ultra-running event that lasted for twenty hours in a steady rain.
A person never got wet at all where the Montane Minimus covered them for the whole time. That is hard to beat!


As you can see from the above example, the Montane Minimus is waterproof and ultra-lightweight. As a rain-resistant jacket, it is used as a hiking rain shell for emergencies or in rainy conditions with a lightweight pack. When the goal is to stay dry and not really warm, then this is the jacket to reach for each time. Even with a thick layer underneath and moving constantly, it has the ventilation of the fabric to ensure that you do not become soaked inside with perspiration.

Ease of Use

How small does the Montane Minimus compress? Customers say that it stuffs in its own included stuff sac to the size of a big apple or your fist!This is fairly small for an entire rain jacket. Therefore, you can certainly transport it and travel with it in a backpack or bag really well. You will not even notice that it is there at this size. If you do not want to use the stuff sac to save on weight in a backpack, then you can stuff it in the chest pocket too. How incredible is that?

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a light rain shell for your outdoor sports, chores, activities, tasks, work, or everyday use, then the Montane Minimus is a marvelous choice.

The Montane Minimus is lightweight; it has no hand pockets and can be too thin to keep you warm in the winter. As a European garment, its zipper operates the opposite that American jackets do.

On the other hand, this breathable jacket is highly versatile, rainproof, comfortable, compressible, and durable. Its miniature compressed size makes it perfect for travel, camping, hiking, backpacking, and any other activity that could catch you outdoors in the rain unprotected. Plenty of buyers are already using it and loving its many beautiful qualities. How about you?