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Marmot Minimalist Jacket Review Facts

Have you always been scared of packing that "just in case- the weather gets worse" jacket because it is so heavy and takes so much space?    If your answer is positive, then this review is for you. Wondering why?! Today we are taking a closer look at Marmot Minimalist Jacket, which weighs only 15 oz.

The Marmot Minimalist features several technologies that make it one of the most protective lightweight jackets on the market currently. It is constructed of the popular and strong Gore-Tex material, has a Paclite layer for temperature regulating, PitZips under the arms for ventilation, and Angel-Wing Movement for more arm mobility. Without an inner lining, it is compact and light, making it perfect for casual use and many activities and sports. The length is short, and the fit is regular, so a base layer fits underneath comfortably.

Offered in nine basic solid colors, the Marmot Minimalist jacket is highly packable, breathable, waterproof, and windproof. There are two hand pockets, one chest pocket, a chin guard, and a protective hood. The pockets are zippered and so is the front closure that has a storm flap over it for added protection. The seams are taped and the allowances for them are micro small to increase the lightness and breathability of the jacket. Other protective aspects are the bottom hem drawcord and the Velcro sleeve closures.

Interested? Let's take a closer look!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Packable, breathable, windproof, and waterproof
  • Compact and light with no inner lining
  • Seam allowances are micro for breathability
  • Range of motion in enhanced under the arms
  • Length is short and the fit is regular
  • Comes in nine solid vibrant colors
  • Weighs just fifteen ounces and is compressible
  • Best for casual use, work, sports, and activities
  • Not waterproof according to some buyers
  • Too short in the back or tight overall for a few people

Key Features

-A 2.5 layer of lightweight Gore-Tex shell
-Lightweight Paclite layer to regulate temperature
-Chin guard to protect the face from the zipper
-Zippered hand pockets and chest pocket
-Hem has a drawcord for flexible adjustments
-Seams are 100% taped for weather protection
-Storm flap over zipper; Velcro straps on cuffs
-Zipper on the chest pocket is water-resistant
-Features Angel-Wing Movement for added flexibility
-Adjustable hood that tucks into the back
-PitZips under the arms for ventilation


Packable, breathable, windproof, and waterproof are the fantastic qualities of the Marmot Minimalist Jacket that is so versatile and comfortable. It has a 2.5 layer of Gore-Tex that has greater breathability than other Gore-Tex garments that are 2 or 3 layers of fabric. The Gore-Tex membrane is hydrophobic and has more than nine billion breathable pores in the fabric that reduces the moisture internally.

If that is not enough ventilation for the user, then there are PitZips under the arms for extra ventilation. These can be opened when the body becomes overheated from performing activities or duties and the jacket is not taken off.

Although some customers found this garment to be not as breathable as they would have liked, the technology to make it not induce or trap perspiration or body heat inside has been incorporated into this garment well. With no lining on the inside, it is not heat-retaining at all.


The lightweight Paclite layer of the Marmot Minimalist garment has the job of regulating the internal temperature to make the wearer the most comfortable. It is the lightness of the shell of this incredible jacket that makes it so packable into small spaces, bags, and backpacks.

It has PitZips in the armpits, as we mentioned above, to release body heat and increase the flow of air inside the jacket. This Marmot item is compact and light also because there is no inner lining. It is perfect for ultralight backpacking. If you are interested in ultralight backpacking, here is our suggestion for a list of gear to be included.

Therefore, it is not meant to be warm or a means of retaining body heat. It is a protective garment that guards against wind and rain the best. Being lightweight and waterproof were the two main goals of this product for Marmot as you can see by the features they incorporated into the jacket and its build. Also included is a chin guard for comfort and to protect the face from the front zipper when it is zipped all the way.


There are several versatile aspects of this excellent piece of outdoor gear that the user can manipulate for their own comfort and weather protection. An adjustable hood is attached to the Marmot Minimalist Jacket that can be used or not. When it is not used, it tucks easily into the back of the jacket to be out of the way. There are two hand pockets that are zippered and one vertical chest pocket with a zippered closure.

The seam allowances are micro small to improve suppleness and breathability, not to mention to also decrease the overall weight of the jacket. This is yet another way that Marmot made this garment as light as possible. A drawcord in the bottom hem and Velcro straps on the sleeve cuffs add other ways that the wearer can close off those body areas to the cold and rain. This durable garment can be machine washed for the best care.


Many characteristics were added to this product to make it very protective of your upper body and your base layer of clothing. The seams are 100% taped, so no cold air or rain can blow through or soak through them. This may seem like a small thing, but taped seams actually make quite a difference in retained body temperature when the garment is worn. We talk more about this in our guide on the best-insulated jackets.

Included is a storm flap covering the full front zipper that has a Velcro closure and a snap at the bottom. This feature prevents moisture and wind from penetrating through the metal teeth of the zipper.

It has Velcro straps on the sleeve cuffs to close out wind and precipitation, and the zipper on the chest pocket is water-resistant to keep the contents dry. This pocket is ideal to keep anything small such as a phone, money, cards, or keys that must remain dry. When is use, the hood covers the head and protects the face during rain and wind.The experiences of customers with this jacket for waterproofness are mixed.

Some say that it keeps them dry no matter how hard it is raining, while others who tried it in the shower said that it is not protective at all against water. It is hard to see how this well-made garment could give the best waterproof protection possible.


The length of the Minimalist Jacket is short with a regular fit. A regular fit is going to be very forgiving for wearing a base layer underneath, as it is not very form-fitting at all. Therein lies a problem that many buyers had with getting the correct size of this product.

Expecting it to be tight or snug, some ordered a larger size than their regular one. They were disappointed that it was then too big for them even with a thick layer underneath. A regular fit should fit you just like your normal size of jacket would, so be sure to order your normal size for the best fit.

The short length is not going to give you plenty of overhang in the back for activities such as riding a bike or a task where plenty of bending over is done. The Minimalist features Angel-Wing Movement technology to keep the full mobility of the arms. This means that the range of motion is enhanced with added material under the arms to be more comfortable for you to wear during plenty of activity.


Available in nine solid vibrant colors such as Macaw Green, Blue Sapphire, Dark Cerulean, jet black, team red, surf, and brick, this wonderful jacket is best for casual use. You will surely find a favorite hue in this lineup or at least one that will go well with the majority of your wardrobe for the best benefit.

It can be worn for any type of outdoor activity, sport, chore, task, or job where you will be enduring the weather elements and need protection. It weighs just fifteen ounces and has a 4.3 rating online from buyers who are mostly satisfied with their purchase.

The Paclite technology is used to make it lighter than normal, and it is made of Gore-Tex material to be the most waterproof possible. The Marmot brand name is proudly displayed on the chest over the top pocket and on the sleeve cuff.


The manufacturer recommends this superb outdoor garment for casual use, but it is suitable for almost any situation where you need to protect your upper body and clothing from precipitation and/or wind.

As a windbreaker, it is ideal to prevent draughts from affecting you. Since it is a minimalist jacket as the name states, there is not a lining, so body heat retention must come from another garment if the weather is cold. It is meant to be an outer shell over a base layer of clothing but will also suffice to be a mid-layer under a more protective outer shell too.

Be sure to see the discussion and size suggestions in the size section for layering with this jacket. The features that allow customization when it is worn are the bottom drawcord in the hem, the Velcro straps on the sleeve endings, the adjustable hood, and the zippers in the armpits for ventilation. Using these aspects will increase your comfort level when you do not want to or cannot take off the jacket.


The wonderful Gore-Tex material and the storm flap covering the front zipper make this terrific jacket waterproof for any type of weather environment. Makers put storm flaps on outerwear to help keep you dry and comfortable in the most undesirable weather conditions. The wind and water will not be able to enter through the zipper teeth and the seams there are covered as well.

Whether you get caught in the rain or sleet, even if it is a downpour, you and your clothing will remain dry underneath. Some buyers even tested out the water-resistant abilities of the Marmot Minimalist in the shower. This is a good way to try out something that claims to be waterproof. Then, you will know if it can handle it before you really need to depend on the garment to keep you dry and comfortable.

Ease of Use

The Marmot Minimalist is used just like any other jacket you own, except that it has several incorporated protective features to keep you dry and out of the wind in rainy and windy environments. You can put to use the storm flap to cover the front full zipper or use the hood to protect the head and face. When the front zipper is used all the way to the chin, the chin flap will keep the zipper teeth from harming the skin on the face.

To close out the weather even more, the wearer can draw closed the bottom hem drawstring and seal off the sleeve cuffs with the Velcro straps on the ends. The manufacturer specifically states to not have this garment dry cleaned because it would be harmed in the process. Just simple washing in a machine at home is the best care which is easy and simple.

Bottom Line

Manufacturers do what they can to make clothing and outerwear as suitable for the general public as possible trying to please the majority of folks. They will not please everyone because we all have very different body shapes, sizes, and builds.

The Marmot Minimalist has a regular fit with a short form, so it will not hang low in the back to cover you when in a bend or stooping position. Some jackets are made longer in the back to help with coverage when doing work duties or chores, but this one does not.

The sizes can be either too small or too big depending on how you order. You can get your regular jacket size and be comfortable or choose a larger or smaller size and be disappointed maybe. Just know that a regular fit means that it is not form-fitting and will allow a good thick layer underneath for warmth.

As far as some people claiming that this jacket is not waterproof, well, that opinion is of the minority. Considering the exceptional Gore-Tex material is the fabric it is made of its waterproofness should not be in question at all. For a very lightweight, compressible, protective, durable, and comfortable garment, the Minimalist is one of the best.