Mammut Kento HS Hooded Jacket

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Mammut Kento HS Hooded Jacket Review Facts

The Mammut Men’s Kento HS Hooded Jacket is best used for high-alpine terrain, backpacking, camping, hiking, trekking, running, and urban use. It has a regular fit and sports the well-known features that are common to Mammut outerwear items such as a regular fit, breathable fabric, and underarm ventilation. With easy to access zippered vents under the arms, you can cool off the body quickly when it becomes overheated. The fit is athletic or trim and true to size and offered in the bold vibrant colors of magma, jay, and black. Made of DRYtech premium fabric, it has a low pack volume and is waterproof and windproof.

Ideal for sudden weather changes giving the user lightweight protection from the weather elements, it features a strong hood that defends the head and neck against strong gusts of wind and rain. This hood is helmet-compatible and tailored with a back drawcord that adjusts easily. To make the garment weatherproof even further than the durable long-lasting material, Mammut sealed all of the seams and put Velcro cuffs on the sleeves. Three pockets adorn this weather jacket with one on the inside for valuables and two on the exterior for the hands or other items you want to carry. They all have zipper closures just like the front access to the jacket that is also used for quick ventilation. Mammut makes sturdy products that are valued and usable by the majority of customers. The fit and shape of the Kento could be problematic for some buyers, however.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Has a low pack volume
  • Zippers are splash-proof
  • Hem is adjustable with the drawstring
  • Seams are fully sealed
  • Windproof, waterproof, and breathable
  • Hood is adjustable and helmet-compatible
  • Regular fit is true to size and athletic
  • For urban use, running, camping, alpine terrain, and travel
  • Collar might be too high; arms can be slender and long
  • With a base layer might be too snug or tight in the chest
  • Zippers stuck for a few people


Having good ventilation is a vital part of a rain jacket, as moisture from condensation, precipitation, and sweat can build up quickly in hot and humid environments. The Mammut Kento has a high breathability rating of 20,000/m2 and the underarm ventilation system that is popular on Mammut outer garments. Wearers will love the zippered vents that are so easy to access and operate just under the arms. Moisture from rain will not enter in this area under the arm, but much body heat can escape from this section to cool the body. It is a feature that will be well used and appreciated if the need and situation arise.


This hooded garment has an athletic/trim regular fit that can be snugger than some people prefer. There is not much additional material than to just cover the body with the protective fabric, so it is close to the body. It is not as form-fitting as a slim fit would be, so it does have additional room for several undergarments. The sleeves are pre-shaped with Velcro strips on the sleeves. This conformity prevents extra material from blowing in the wind or causing the user problems with the garment moving on the body. We address the sizing concerns in detail that some people had in the Size section of this review. A few buyers noted that the collar might be too high to be completely comfortable for some wearers. When the front is zipped all the way, the top of the jacket can be very close to the face and neck. This is to prevent rain, wind, and drafts from entering the top of the product to make the user damp and cold. Available colors to choose from are magma (red), jay (blue), and black for you to choose your favorite.


Made of 100% polyamide DRYtech premium fabric, the Kento is waterproof and windproof to protect the body well and be long-lasting and durable for years of continued use. this material is also thinner than regular raingear fabric, so it packs well and compresses great. In rainy areas, it may be necessary to have your raingear handy at all times to use often. This rain item is perfect for heavy use in those types of areas. It is built tough to withstand the roughest of wet weather surroundings and keep the body warm and dry.


With several pockets, a flexible hood, and the drawstring bottom, the Kento is a highly-adjustable product to wear. There are three pockets in all on this garment with two on the exterior and one on the interior. The inside pocket is in the chest and zippered for holding your valuables, such as money or ID. The two outside pockets are for the hands or other items such as a phone, keys, or snacks. These pockets also have zippers, but these are splash-proof to withstand the precipitation that could enter the jacket otherwise. You can adjust the drawstring on the hem of this great jacket to fit tightly or loose to your preference. It helps prevent the wind and rain from entering in the bottom. The hood can be worn or secured to the back of the jacket when not in use. there are special drawstrings on the rear to make the hood form-fitting, so it will not move around in strong winds. The Kento has these several flexible characteristics to make wearing it pleasurable and versatile to your ever-changing needs.

Key Features

-Underarm zippered ventilation systems
-Made of 100% polyamide DRYtech fabric
-Two zippered pockets are splash-proof
-One zippered chest pocket
-Special hooks for securing the hood
-Hood peak is reinforced
-Pre-shaped sleeves
-Velcro cuffs on the sleeves


With a waterproof rating of 20,000mm, this Mammut product is windproof to protect you even in the most adverse wind and rain events. Even in downpours of rain with heavy winds, the Kento conforms to the upper body core so well that the weather elements cannot penetrate or work under the material. you will remain dry and warm under its protective layer. The seams are fully sealed to further help with staying dry and warm, making it perfect for sudden weather changes in unpredictable surroundings. It is lightweight protection from the weather in a terrific form. Because it packs well and is so lightweight, you should never be without it, so you are always protected from extreme weather.


Plenty of ingenuity and work went into creating and perfecting the hood for this garment. Mammut likes to make its products unique with qualities that cannot be found on other brands and models. The hood peak is reinforced on this strong hood that defends against strong wind gusts for you. It includes special hooks for securing to the jacket when not in use, so it does not flop around and be problematic when you are not wearing it. adjustable, it is tailored and compatible for use with helmets. It fits nicely underneath the helmet to ensure rain and wind protection for the head and neck areas.


The size and fit of the Kento are the most talked about aspect of this product online. Almost every review has some comment concerning the size or how it fit on the user’s body. Not all of them are negative, but the majority of customers thought that the fit or sizing options could be improved greatly. You must realize that this garment has an athletic fit that is trim. This means that it has motion-friendly aspects and is created with a lower material volume for less bulk. The reason for this is to make it as lightweight as possible, so it can be toted and carried on long trips and excursions outdoors. The fit is true to size according to buyers, but some feel that this item is thin, tight, and not good for layering. With a base layer, it may be too snug for a few people to wear comfortably and still have a good range of motion. The arms were too slender for several customers, especially under the arms where the material was binding on them. others found that the chest was too tight, and the arms were too long. we all know that clothing products have issues with being able to accommodate every person’s body type and shape, but the numerous negative comments concerning the fit and comfort level of the Kento are too many to ignore. If you do not have a slender body type and build, then chances are, you will not be completely satisfied with this rain garment.


A hooded rain jacket is a welcome item anywhere there is a rain shower or storm brewing, so the Kento is perfect for any rainy weather conditions. It is ideal for travelers because of its highly compatible form and ability to handle extreme rain events with high gusts of wind. Its unique features and fit are tailored for this type of weather environment, which is usually encountered during hikes, on trails, or while climbing in the mountains. This is why it is perfect for high-alpine terrain, camping, and backpacking. It is also useful for any sort of travel, running, and urban use when rain gear is needed to remain dry. This terrific garment packs down easily to fit into packs or gear without adding much weight to be carried.

Ease of Use

Just as easy to operate and put on as any other type of rain jacket, the Kento for men gives you several added qualities to help you endure rainy outdoor conditions better and longer. The adjustable hood is simple to operate once you understand how the drawstring in the back works to make it conform to the head. It adjusts easily and is comfortable to wear when you need it. if you need to wear a helmet for activities or sports, then it will easily fit underneath to shelter your head and neck from the rain and wind. You may think that because it is compatible with a helmet that it would be floppy without a helmet, but this is not so. It fits perfectly with the option to make it fit around the head and face with the drawstring feature. Some buyers commented that they had trouble with the zippers when they tried to use them. these are not YKK zippers, so the quality might not be the best. Along with the sizing issues experienced by some people, the problem of being able to fit clothes layers underneath was mentioned. The Kento does not fit like a regular rain jacket or coat that has plenty of room underneath for several layers. You can try to size up when purchasing, but this may make some of the sections out of proportion with your body shape. It was suggested that this should be used for a windbreaker mainly because of the inability for some buyers to close the jacket completely. This item would be too expensive to be just a windbreaker in our opinion, so it is best to get one that fits well for your needs.

Bottom Line

Any type of clothing item that has a special fit, shape, or form is going to be an issue for plenty of people. We are all varied in our body shapes and types, so it is to be expected that there will be negative comments online for such garments that do have a certain form. The Mammut Kento has an athletic slim build that conforms to the slender build type for the best use of the materials it possesses. It is made to not blow in the wind or have additional fabric to be problematic to the user. Body types other than slender will have issues with different areas of this jacket as it could be a bit long in the arms, tight in the chest or waist, not long enough in the length, or too snug to comfortably fit in a base layer underneath. If the style and fit of the Kento is not a problem for you, then this is a wonderful piece of rain gear that you can depend on for comfort, durability, flexibility, and great protection. Its construction, craftsmanship, and materials are superb according to buyers.